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Virginia's Compromises on Confederate Issues Not Enough for NAACP
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Despite Virginia Gov. James Gilmore’s bleating about the joys of “diversity,” the race warriors of the NAACP in the Old Dominion are doing all they can to bring to Virginia the same racial bitterness they’ve already injected into South Carolina. Virginia has been more accommodating to black “sensitivities” about its Confederate heritage than any other Southern state, but no matter how fast it retreats or how loudly it apologizes, it’s never enough.

This year the state repealed its official celebration of “Lee-Jackson-King Day,” in honor of Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson together with Martin Luther King, Jr., and established separate holidays for King and the Confederates. In Richmond, a statue of black tennis star Arthur Ashe now adorns Monument Avenue, a kind of public shrine to the Confederacy where statues of Confederate leaders preside. The Ashe statue was intended as a deliberate disruption of the Confederate symbolism. Richmond also removed the names of two Confederate leaders from local bridges and renamed them after civil rights leaders.

Yet none of these retreats from the Confederate past could quell the racial hatred that targets any and all Confederate memorials as symbols of “racism” and “slavery.” This year, blacks observed Lee-Jackson-King Day by firebombing a public mural of Robert E. Lee and scrawling anti-white racial invectives all over it.

Gov. Gilmore, trying to balance the state’s new age of “diversity” with a past that refuses to crawl under a rock and die, has also proclaimed April to be “Confederate History Month.” Since February is already Black History Month and the legislature at the governor’s request has coughed up some three million dollars to observe black historical sites and programs, you might think the NAACP would be content. If you thought so, you missed the point. What the black leadership wants is not equality, let alone respect for its own race and heritage, but racial and cultural domination pure and simple.

The NAACP response has been to threaten a boycott of Virginia similar to the one they’ve declared against South Carolina for refusing to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state capitol. Gilmore actually thought he could placate the race warriors by compromise. “Our history and our diversity should not build a wall of division between us. We must meet each other halfway,” he whimpers.

No. You go the whole way. You abolish every single symbol, song, hero, statue and memorial to your own heritage and admit it was never anything more than a mask for racial tyranny. You celebrate our heritage, pay us reparations for enslaving us and make the myth of our past the official and dominant myth of the state.

“Monument Avenue is on my list of targets,” boasts Richmond city councilman Sa’ad El-Amin, who led the crusade against the Lee mural. “We have to dismantle this whole Confederate infrastructure because it glorifies slavery.” Comrade El-Amin is not alone in his determination to wipe every trace of the Confederacy off the map. Salim Khalfani, state NAACP executive director, insists that the governor must never again issue a proclamation of Confederate History Month. “Anything less is unacceptable,” he vows.

Nor is the racial-cultural war confined to Southern and Confederate symbols. Randall Robinson, who crusaded against South African apartheid, has now discovered a new vocation as the author of a new book demanding reparations for slavery. It doesn’t occur to Robinson and his Afro-racist allies that the energy they brought to the crusade against apartheid might now be directed against present-day slavery, mainly headquartered in black Africa itself. Their concern is not with freedom any more than with equality, but with power.

America, Robinson insists, “must dramatically reconfigure its symbolized picture of itself to itself. Its national parks, museums, monuments, statues, artworks must be recast in a way to include … African-Americans.” We know now what “include” really means.

It doesn’t mean add blacks into the picture; it means take out Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Bedford Forrest, the Confederate flag, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, the Declaration of Independence, and no doubt the U.S. Constitution as well, because all of them are complicit in the crime of slavery and cannot be tolerated in the “diversity” of the New Reconstruction. If whites don’t pay up what they owe now, Robinson warns, “Those others, who fifty years from now will form the majority of America’s citizens, will be inspired to punish them for it.”

It’s well-meaning saps like Gov. Gilmore who don’t understand what real “diversity” means. To Comrades El-Amin, Khalfani and Robinson and those who march behind them, the real meaning is clear — and it doesn’t have much room for whites at all, let alone for their heritage.

(Republished from TownHall by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Confederate Flag 
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