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U.S. Practices Double Standards on Human Rights
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With thousands of black “squatters” seizing every acre of white-owned land they can squat on, with at least five white farmers butchered by black terrorists since February, with most of the white population seriously thinking about or actually trying to flee the country, and with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe doing nothing whatsoever to curtail the racist terrorism he helped set in motion and denouncing whites as the “enemies” of him and his government, the United States — that guardian of global democracy and champion of human rights everywhere — is beating a hasty advance to the rear. But never fear. The New York Times reported last week, “U.S. patience with President Robert Mugabe is fast running out.”

Is it indeed? When Serbians started picking on Kosovars last year, the United States dispatched its bombers to launch an almost genocidal air war against Serbs who had never even thought about harming the United States or any American, and President Clinton declared that “the principle we and our allies have been fighting for in the Balkans is the principle of multi-ethnic, tolerant, inclusive democracy.”

It is a principle we fight for, apparently, only in some instances. It’s OK to blow white Serbians to splinters in the name of “multi-ethnic democracy,” “tolerance” and “inclusion,” especially when their government is portrayed as a right-wing dictatorship rather than the communist regime it really is. But it’s definitely not cool to bomb or even publicly denounce the black-majority utopia of Zimbabwe, where, after all, the white minority probably has no business owning land anyway or even being.

Earlier this year, when a right-of-center party that opposes immigration was about to enter a government coalition in Austria after winning sufficient votes in democratic elections, the European Union screeched and screamed about sanctions on Austria and denounced the party’s leader as a “fascist,” a “Nazi,” a “racist,” and 60 other epithets. Israel withdrew its ambassador, and the United States called its own ambassador home for “consultations” about the precipice over which civilization so dangerously teetered because a democratically elected party of the right might actually take office legally and peacefully.

But so far, both the European Union and its members, always eager to lavish support on the enemies of apartheid in South Africa, are strangely silent about the genocide being prepared against whites in Zimbabwe. President Clinton is silent about sending troops, let alone bombers, to protect human rights there. The administration, the New York Times reports, “has shown scant interest in the showdown (Mugabe) was building between Zimbabwe’s white farmers and state-sponsored black squatters.” The most the Clinton gang has done so far to keep Mugabe and his hordes from slaughtering every white man and woman they can round up is to have a couple of flunkies in the State Department take tea with the leader of the Zimbabwean opposition party.

Of course, there is no good reason why the administration should go to war with Zimbabwe over the treatment of whites by the black regime that holds power there, any more than there was any good reason to bomb Serbia or condemn Austria. But the double standard is transparent: We condemn or punish regimes if they enforce “ethnic purity” for the wrong groups (namely, whites); we ignore or minimize similar enforcement of ethnic purity against the right groups (namely, whites again).

The reason for the double standard is equally obvious. It is not just a case of ideological lopsidedness, but far more deliberate. It is a clear if not explicitly stated policy of the New World Order that white ethnic purity and hegemony are illegitimate, while non-white purity and hegemony are permissible if not mandated.

That is why we condemn white-majority nations if they even think about restricting non-white immigration that would alter their demographic balance but not non-white nations for actually persecuting whatever white minorities live in them. That is why Confederate flags are now forbidden, while Malcolm X t-shirts are permissible. That is why hate crimes against blacks or other non-whites gain presidential denunciations and headlines for weeks, while those against whites are consigned to oblivion.

What is happening is the deliberate erasure of whites — not only as the dominant ethnic group in the lands where they have historically been both dominant and the majority, but also even as tolerated minorities in places like Zimbabwe. Sooner or later, as white cultural symbols are forbidden, anti-white racial violence is ignored, and the white majority ceases to be a majority, what is happening today in Zimbabwe will begin happening here — unless white patience with their own extermination runs out a lot faster than that of the Clinton administration runs out with Mugabe.

(Republished from TownHall by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Zimbabwe 
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