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You Can Have Nice Things or You Can Have Diversity: Because Blacks Can't Stop Shooting Each Other in Atlanta and Throughout Georgia, White People Shouldn't Get to Conceal Carry Without a License...
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Because almost all gun crime (fatal and nonfatal) in Georgia – and specifically Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Augusta, and Columbus – is committed by black people against other black people, white people shouldn’t have the right to conceal carry without a license.

In essence, the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t exist because blacks can’t stop shooting each other in Georgia. [Gov. Brian Kemp Pushing For Looser Gun Laws As Data Shows Black People Are Shot The Most,, January 27, 2022]

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp pushed for a new state gun law during a press conference on Wednesday at the Adventure Outdoors, an outdoor sports store located about 15 miles Northwest of Atlanta.

The new law would do away with the license needed to carry a handgun in public, openly or concealed on one’s body.

During the press conference Kemp, who spoke to a nearly all-white audience, plugged right-ring talking points and claimed that Georgians needs looser gun laws to feel safer in their communities.

“Building a safer, stronger Georgia starts with hardworking Georgians having the ability to protect themselves and their families, said Kemp. “In the face of rising violent crime across the country, law-abiding citizens should have their constitutional rights protected.”

Kemp, like many Republicans, have used fear to create a false narrative that your family isn’t safe because you need a license to open carry.

They also never address the real issues facing Black Americans.

According to data from the Atlanta Police Department, by May 2021 there had been a reported 311 shooting victims for the year; 291 of them were Black and 252 of them were Black men.

Gun violence is a serious problem in the black community and a solution was never mentioned by Gov. Kemp as he touted the 2nd amendment in front of his NRA buddies.

GA Rep. Lucy McBath expressed her frustrations with Kemp’s new gun law saying his proposal is outrageous and endangers Georgia families.

Georgia’s laws currently require residents to obtain a license to carry a loaded handgun in public. This includes outside of their homes, in their cars, and at businesses. Georgians are allowed to carry rifles and shotguns in some places, as well as carry unloaded guns in cases.

Many Black people don’t oppose gun laws and gun ownership among black Americans is at an all-time high.

But why should Black Americans support laws that do nothing to benefit their communities, which bear most of the brunt from gun violence?

As the election season in Georgia begins to hit its stride, Kemp and the Republicans will continue to promote the 2nd Amendment just as they did during his first campaign for governor. Only this time he will have to deal with a stronger, more polished Stacey Abrams, who has spent the last three years preparing to defeat him.


Again, who is committing the gun crime in Georgia? Every newspaper in every city could compile the data of those arrested for fatal and nonfatal shootings and break it down by race. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) could also compile this data easily and make it readily available to the general public.

The answer is simple: Atlanta has a gun problem because of black people collectively committing the bulk of the fatal and nonfatal gun violence. Same with Savannah. Same with Augusta. Same with Columbus and Macon.

Because of this, white people shouldn’t get to conceal carry without a license.

You can have nice things or you can have diversity.

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  1. Bite Moi says:

    What i consider worse than africans in America violence is their sheer levels of dysfunction and dependence.White families can’t fight the undertow forever.Separation is the only answer.For that you have to move beyond city water/sewer and public transportation.Probably the exact reason Democrats want electric cars or 10 bucks a gallon gas.Saves chasing those White tax dollars.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  2. PaceLaw says:

    Geesh!!! Atlanta is one of the few cities (San Francisco is another one, but for other reasons) in this country that I actively resist visiting. There is nothing there for me. The “ATL” has become the Mecca for black folks in this country and that alone should tell you that it is worth avoiding at all costs.

    • Agree: DMZABO
    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
    , @Trinity
  3. Georgia State Constitution
    Article 1 § 1.7

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, but the General Assembly shall have power to prescribe the manner in which arms may be borne.

    Georgia politicians (always crooked) can tell their constituents how to carry their weapons, e.g. concealed or side-holstered, but they’re NOT allowed to make them acquire a permit. may be borne does not mean “No, you may not.”

    Get the licensed-lawyers OUT of the legislature.

    Btw, kids don’t lose their self-defense rights just because they’re drafted into crappy, often physically dangerous public schools. When all kids who want to carry actually do so, we won’t see any more slaughters like what did in Parkland.

  4. Black people already ignore the gun laws, so why should they care if this one is repealed?

    To ask the question is to answer it:  they want YT disarmed so the criminals in their fambly can rob and asssault without fear of being ventilated.

  5. Augustus says:

    If the black community is worried about being shot, then allow constitutional carry. Make it easier for citizens to carry, not harder. Then some of the criminals will start to be killed off. That means fewer black criminals to kill law abiding blacks.

    If that is too hard for black political types to understand, how about just passing a law that NO BLACKS can EVER carry or possess a gun? See if fewer blacks are then killed by other blacks.

    Maybe alternative 3 is more easily understand. Whine for Whitey to give you “mo’ money
    on accounta evabody poda hep.”

    • Agree: Adolph 2nd
    • Replies: @magilla
  6. Unit472 says:

    I suspect the data doesn’t change much if you toss in carjackings, armed robbery, aggravated battery and rapes. Even if the criminal does not use or discharge a gun he is far more likely to be a negro and thus contributing to the overall problem of violent crime. Being set upon by a group of feral hoodrats and beaten senseless is psychologically traumatizing. Remember Berhard Goetz deciding he had had enough of negro brutality on the New York Subway and when he saw it happening again put an end to the activity of one pod of feral hoodrats.

    • Agree: diva
  7. Trevor says:

    You Can Have Nice Things or You Can Have Diversity

    This is demonstrated all over the world.

    The safest cleanest and best-run (no drama) cities have no diversity. They are cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, etc. They have many newer buildings and infrastructure and everything is well-maintained.

    Other safe and clean cities are those in Eastern Europe. They are probably the only white cities with no diversity left in the world.

    The cities in the US were routinely clean and safe before the 1960s except for some of the black areas until the blacks were unleashed with “civil rights” and the Great Society welfare programs fed them and bred them. Then the 1965 Immigration Act brought in millions of primitive third world BIPOCS that could not make a living in a modern civilization but could reproduce like rats and make their progeny nominal US citizens that are mostly a drain on the country. In addition to 5hem, we probably have about 40 million illegal aliens in the country with 2 million more currently coming in each year.

    The African population in the US is increasing like the African population in Africa. It is probably about 25% or more now. The government is lying to us. How can there be anywhere from 20% to 90% groids in most cities now that weren’t there in the sixties? I read recently that there are more black African immigrants than negro births in the US. Other primitive BIPOCs are flown in by mass government and Lutheran church programs like Afghans most recently and Somalians, Sudanese, etc.

    So guess what? Our cities are dirty, dangerous, badly run with lots of drama (see NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. – you know the list) and falling apart.

    Our civilization including law enforcement and judicial system was designed by and for whites. Negroes and BIPOCs are genetically and culturally incompatible with it. So they bring us many problems, but we are criticized for “structural racism” and “white supremacy”. Negroes have it better here than anywhere in the world, that is why they stay and more keep coming.

    Europe and Scandinavia used to have nice clean safe cities when they had no diversity. Unlike us, they had no negroes to start with. But for some reason they began importing primitive third world BIPOCs. They also brought in negroes from Africa and the Caribbean. One can see what diversity has done to their cities.

    They no longer have nice cities because they have diversity.

  8. Atlanta has a gun problem

    Atlanta has a black problem


    • Thanks: DMZABO
    • LOL: PaceLaw
  9. Hitmarck says:

    We (you) have so many old retired people, lonely old people, why not just say okay Jlæwks, write it on our tab, we’ll organize it – white people style! And then we send some retired whiteys, old ones, those that must by traditional logic haven been the most structured and racist. We do even double the time blacks do, because reason, good (very).
    Make it only a 8 week reparation vacation.
    So we can rotate in many of those 80+ year old whiteys.
    Sexually they’ll identify as criminals, so we can use them as unisex. My pity it’ll be a lot of those formerly known as well of femoids, often Hillaryists.
    But since we (you) gotta pay that pill, I allow you to use *my* idea for only 47 Bitcoins or round about 3 Trillion Dollars, and i dont even care if it’s am Trilions or eu Trillions, dafuq, we do generous generational guilt shizzls here.

  10. You can have nice things or you can have diversity.

    But you can’t have both.

  11. “a stronger, more polished Stacey Abrams.” What a laugh. Talk about polishing a turd, that’s Exhibit A. I would submit that after getting caught and exposed in the MSM maskless in front of a group of masked schoolchildren, she may not be as “polished” as you think.


  12. Jameson says:

    If he had brought up the fact that it is almost entirely blacks doing the shooting the Democrats, MSM and liberals in general would have had a nationwide mental breakdown proclaiming him to be some sort of unregenerate racist who needs to be recalled. But nevertheless, it must be brought up and repeated over and over again. Many people, generally incurious and gullible to MSM pablum, won’t even believe the statistics until they hear them many times.

  13. Piglet says:

    Liberal/leftist columnists always write with the same slant: (1) blacks are overwhelmingly victimized by “gun violence” and (2) white people love their guns. The implication is that those dastardly, racist white people (remember, if you say you’re not racist, that proves you’re racist), who are clearly over-armed, are shooting poor, innocent black people. Only occasionally is it mentioned that blacks are the most violent group in the country and are overwhelmingly responsible for the violence among themselves and against others. The “cure” is always the same: disarm everyone, especially the racist white people.

    Even if we lived in completely segregated lands, somehow orcs killing each other, using and dealing drugs, living in squalor, pumping out babies out of wedlock, having low IQs, etc., would be Whitey’s fault.

    • Thanks: Augustus
    • Replies: @Pepe the Frog
  14. Gunny says:

    Never ever, EVER give up your firearms.

    It’s the only thing standing between us and complete subjugation. Not Law Enforcement, not the Constitution, not some judge in a black robe, not the woke military.
    Just a man, a rifle and the sheer will to be left alone.

    Have enough ammo too. 500 rounds isn’t even close to enough.

  15. usNthem says:

    “They also never address the real issues facing black Americans.”

    What, like appliance bulb brain power, uncontrollable impulsivity and extreme tendency towards violence? Nothing can “solve” the negro problem and for Whites, the negro is THE problem. The only possibility that has the faintest chance of working is complete and utter separation – preferably by an ocean, but in a pinch, massive walls, razor wire, mine fields, alligator filled moats and machine gun towers will do…

    • Agree: Adolph 2nd
    • Thanks: magilla
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  16. @PaceLaw

    Is Fergadishu the new Mecca? 😉

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  17. loren says:

    off topic

    I saw an ad for ‘Mercado’. The ad is of a black family while the music is a beatles song.

  18. @Gunny

    500 rounds can be burned thru in about an hour or less at the range, especially if you’re using 30 round magazines. My friends and I always laugh when there’s some news story about people being found with “an arsenal” of guns and ammo, then they show a table with 4-10 guns and a few hundred rounds of ammo.

  19. Alrenous says: • Website

    Circa 1910 the Bantu bastardy rate was 10%, around 1/8th of the current rate. The crime rate was likewise dramatically lower – among both ninja and honkies.

    The problem isn’t race. It doesn’t help, sure, but the primary problem is Progressivism. The DNC wants as many Bantu as possible to descend to ninjahood, and the Bantu, being extremely obedient, are picking up on this backhand message and happily obeying.

    Meanwhile Singapore is also extremely diverse – admittedly very few Bantu, which does make things easier – and their shopkeepers are getting out of the habit of locking up. Turns out if you enforce the law you get a lawful city. Mind blown yet?

    The slaves were never freed. They’re now DNC voting bots and paramilitary. They exist so the DNC can hold riots (protesting the people) on demand.

  20. Piglet says:

    OT: From today:

    US Government spending \$30 million to help make smoking crack ‘safer’

    The Department of Health and Human Services will spend up to \$30 million on grants to local governments and non-profit organizations who are seeking to make drug use safer.

    Recipients of the grants are allowed to spend the money on supplies for doing illegal drugs, including syringes, and “safe smoking kits/supplies.”

    These kits sometimes include pipes or other accessories which help users “more safely” smoke crack and methamphetamine.

    Grant recipients can even spend the money to place vending machines in vulnerable neighborhoods, and fill them with “smoking kits” i.e. crack pipes and needles.

    Click here to read the full Grant Program:
    (Downloads a 75-page PDF from Dept. of HHS. Also, how long will any vending machine survive in duh hood before being smashed open, especially if it contains doper supplies?)

    Media: “Why the word ‘freedom’ is such a useful rallying cry for protesters”

    A Canadian media outlet finds the ‘freedom’ rallying cry of the Freedom Convoy protesters problematic.

    An article claims the word freedom “has become common among far-right groups, experts say.”

    Ah yes, those ‘experts’. The ‘experts’ say freedom is a rallying cry among extremists, so it must be true.

    The article goes on to claim that the protesters are “pushing individual freedom over social good” which “could potentially have a negative impact on others.”

    But just in case readers weren’t convinced of the dangers of freedom, the article also adds that the “concept of freedom can be used to reject equality” because “the word has been used by far-right groups as part of push-back against efforts to remedy inequality.”

    That’s interesting, because I thought the Freedom Convoy protesters we demanding equality for the unvaxxed.

    And in response, the government, tech companies, and banks have colluded to discriminate against anyone who believes in freedom, by freezing donated funds and recipient bank accounts.

    Hackers even stole data from the alternative fundraising platform Give Send Go, and leaked the personal information of Freedom Convoy donors to “dox” them.

    But sure, let’s keep pretending that the freedom lovers are the bad guys.

    Click here to read the full story.

    (Maybe being called “racist” isn’t enough anymore, and now they’ll accuse us of being “freedom lovers,” as if that’s a bad thing.)

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  21. Diversity is over rated. Minority population responsible for majority gun crime.
    Such insights require a long time to come in to focus, let alone “ Report”/ Media.
    Finally, it’s happening.

  22. Bite Moi says:

    Lancelot————-No Fergadishu is just a shrine. D.C., is from where the sacred CARGO is distributed.

  23. The Second Amendment is the only thing that will save civilization from full scale cultural enrichment.

  24. HT says:

    Gun control laws aren’t about stopping Negro crime and violence. Their only purpose is to disarm law abiding white people.

  25. Jameson says:

    One of the most insane actions by a people, short of America allowing the spread of Islam within our borders, is European cities, LONG AFTER SEEING THE PROBLEMS IN AMERICA due to the black population, deciding to bring millions of blacks AND MUSLIMS on top of that, into their previously largely homogenous lands. It is unbelievable, but perhaps just one more example of the left destroying everything they meddle with. I believe they had previously brought many Indians, not sure if just Hindus, in, but even with that they likely went way too far.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @WSG
  26. Trevor says:

    In addition to shootings, negroes and BIPOCs are mostly responsible for traffic accidents and problems.

    Or deliberately or grossly negligently using a motor vehicle to kill people like the Waukesha murderer and the double drunk NFL player in Las Vegas who ran his Corvette into the rear end of another car while he was doing 158mph.

    Negroes should be forbidden access to both firearms and motor vehicles. They misuse and abuse both, and are barely more competent and responsible in their use than a chimpanzee.

    However, the chimpanzees do make good “trunk monkeys”.

  27. A bit off topic, but not really… An IKAGO acquaintance recently had to go to a family funeral, down in North Carolina. He went down with his Mother. It was a cousin who had died. I forget all the details, but the cousin was in his mid 40’s, had diabetes, already had one leg amputated and I think needed the other one done. Had a list of other ailments longer than a CVS receipt, but I think COVID ended up being the final nail in the coffin.

    Anyway, I found out that this cousin had been involved in some kind of gang activity, further South, and had been involved in a murder. Apparently, he ratted the others out and got some kind of plea deal, and was supposed to get some kind of government protection deal. However, it wasn’t so great.

    Well, the IKAGO told me that they actually had police at the funeral, just to make sure that nobody tried to stage an attack. And, he and his Mom ended up skipping the repast afterwards, for fear that someone might try to shoot up the place!

    It really is sad, how all the cliches end up falling into place. And it’s so true what’s been said here before that, even with the IKAGOs, it’s not THEM that’s the problem so much, but their troublemaking friends and relatives that are just waiting for the perfect moment to spread their dysfunction.

    • Replies: @WSG
  28. If US were sane, gun laws would be simple?


    And anyone selling guns to blacks shall be executed by firing squad immediately.

    Then, 90% of gun violence will go away.

  29. @tractorguy

    LOL. That would be one helluva big crew to do the polishing.

  30. @usNthem

    Nothing can “solve” the negro problem

    Think outside the box. If we solve the pet food shortage problem with Knee-grows, the problem will resolve itself.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  31. Raccoon says:

    “Gun violence is a serious problem in the black community and a solution was never mentioned by Gov. Kemp as he touted the 2nd amendment in front of his NRA buddies.”

    That WAS the solution, you klutz!

    • LOL: Great White
  32. DMZABO says:

    Land Whale Abrams .
    Black Buffalo Abrams

    that’s one person who shouldn’t be running any State., let alone a dog catchers office!

  33. Trinity says:

    Albany, Georgia is a peach of a city.

  34. SafeNow says:

    It’s almost impossible to be licensed for concealed-carry in my California. So I carry a “tactical pen.” I am pretty good with it, but if you don”t see my postings around Unz for a while, you”ll know what happened to me.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  35. If there is a single demographic that benefits the most from legal concealed carry, it’s blacks. They’re the most likely to be murdered by blacks after all.

  36. Pirate999 says:

    “The cities in the US were routinely clean and safe before the 1960s” if you want to know how and why the anti-christian American ruling class destroyed all the big cities in the USA read ‘Slaughter of cities urban renewal as ethnic cleansing’ by e michael jones. The MSM will never discuss it.

  37. Anon[228] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature.

    • Thanks: Great White
    • LOL: Augustus
    • Troll: AnalogMan
  38. But why should Black [sic…should be small “b”] Americans support laws that do nothing to benefit their communities, which bear most of the brunt from gun violence?

    Once again, note the lack of agency. Africans-in-America perpetrate most of the “gun violence” but through the alchemy of the Regime disinformation service they magically transform into the victims.

    One must add “bear the brunt” of gun violence to such word salad as:
    * streets gone wrong
    * shots ringing out
    * black bodies

    The inability to understand cause and effect is one more characteristic of the African-in-America. Which is why their communities of color are shooting galleries in more than one meaning of the term.

    Meantime, if you are in Atlanta: stay armed, stay alert and check your six.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  39. magilla says:

    I got dragged into the other Alabama constitutional carry thread and made this point.

    I don’t care if it makes it easier for blacks. Truth is, most of them carry anyway. Permit or no permit, legal or illegal, they don’t care. And they never have–see terms like “Saturday Night Special” and the Croce song about “Leroy Brown”.

    Go into any gas station in African America and the amount of (barely) concealed guns you’ll see might amaze you. Every black male over the age of 8 and under 90 is packing.

    Constitutional carry should exist to allow us to protect ourselves without a permission slip from whatever grifter managed to win/steal the latest election.

    In the end, though, if you need to carry, carry. I do. So do the Africans.

    • Agree: Augustus
  40. loren says:

    earth to africa, blacks hate blacks,

    MSNBC regular and The Nation’s justice correspondent Elie Mystal said Friday on “The ReidOut” that former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter being sentenced to two years for the Daunte Wright’s manslaughter conviction showed that America hates black people.

    Addressing host Joy Reid, Mystal said, “Joy, this country hates us. This country hates black people, and we know it. We talk about it. We joke about it. We know what we’re up against. But sometimes that hatred that this country has for us really comes out and just takes your breath away, just grabs you by the neck and takes your breath away.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  41. Her name is Christina Spicuzza,

    Criminal complaint details what led to arrest of Penn Hills man in death of Uber driver

    Twenty-two-year-old Calvin Crew has been charged with homicide in the death of 38-year-old Christina Spicuzza of Turtle Creek.

    Updated: 8:01 PM EST Feb 18, 2022

    A criminal complaint details what led to the arrest of a Penn Hills man accused of shooting and killing an Uber driver in Monroeville.

    Calvin Crew, 22, has been charged with homicide in the death of 38-year-old Christina Spicuzza of Turtle Creek.

    Spicuzza was reported missing by family members after they didn’t hear from her while she was working as an Uber driver.

    Police found her body in a wooded area in Monroeville on Saturday afternoon. On Feb. 13, police said an autopsy was performed on Spicuzza and it was determined that Spicuzza died from a single gunshot wound that entered her head on the back left side. The cause of death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was homicide.

    According to the criminal complaint, she was found lying face down and was wearing a COVID-19 face mask. Police said one 9mm casing was found behind her.

    While on the scene, investigators learned that she was reported missing by her boyfriend on Feb. 11. She was working as an Uber driver on Feb. 10 when he had last heard from her.

    Investigators also learned that her car was found earlier that day in Pitcairn.

    While interviewing Spicuzza’s boyfriend, the criminal complaint said he told officers that he had purchased a dash camera for Spicuzza and it is normally inside her vehicle.

    Police said when they searched her vehicle, the camera was not in its usual place.

    Police then contacted Uber to obtain trip information for Spicuzza. It was learned that her last completed trip began at 9 p.m. Feb. 10 from Brinton Road.

    On Feb. 12, police said they were contacted by a person who was working along the railroad tracks beneath the TriBoro Expressway. The person found a pink cellphone with a cracked screen. The phone was determined to be Spicuzza’s.

    Police then checked license plate readers for Spicuzza’s license plate numbers and found several “hits,” with someone along the TriBoro Expressway.

    Detectives were then able to download Spicuzza’s cellphone and learn the locations she traveled. They also were able to find out when her phone stopped tracking new locations.

    On Feb. 14, detectives in Penn Hills contacted a woman, later identified as Crew’s girlfriend, and asked to speak with her. When she arrived at the Penn Hills police station, she was with her boyfriend Calvin Crew.

    The criminal complaint said Crew’s girlfriend told detectives that she was in Swissvale on Feb. 10 when she got a call from Crew asking her to order an Uber for him. She said Crew gave her an address to enter into the ride request.

    In another interview with Crew’s girlfriend, police said she told them she purchased a 9mm gun at a store in McKeesport and it went missing. She said she never reported the gun missing/stolen.

    The criminal complaint also said she told investigators that she had a feeling that Crew had her gun because he was the only person around her. When police went to retrieve the gun box and paperwork from her home, both were missing.

    During an interview with Crew, police said he told them he got out of the Uber after the trip was completed then walked to the bus station in Wilkinsburg and took the Trafford bus to Pitcairn.

    Police later reviewed the surveillance camera from the bus station and did not see anyone matching Crew’s description.

    On Feb. 17, detectives were canvassing an area in Penn Hills when a detective found the dash camera that was missing from Spicuzza’s vehicle.

    The camera was found one-tenth of a mile from where Crew requested the Uber, police said.

    A mini-SD card was found inside the camera and police were able to view the footage from the card.

    The video recorded from the front and rear of the camera and also records audio from inside of the vehicle.

    While reviewing the video, police observed the following at the listed times:

    21:14:32: Person with hood up in dark clothing emerges from between 139 Brinton Ave. and 201 Brinton Ave.

    21:14:42: Crew enters car, Spicuzza turns and states, “For Tanaya”; Crew does not respond.

    21:33:28: We are able to hear the Uber application announcing, “Drop off Tanaya”

    21:33:45: Crew produces a firearm from his right side and leans forward toward Spicuzza

    21:33:47: Crew places his left hand on Spicuzza’s left shoulder

    21:33:49: Crew states, “Keep driving”; Crew then places the firearm at the back of Spicuzza’s head, with the firearm being in his right hand

    21:33:51: Spicuzza reaches up with her right hand and touches the gun. Spicuzza then says, “You’ve got to be joking”

    21:33:55: Crew states, “It’s a gun”

    21:33:57: Spicuzza states “Come on, I have a family”

    21:33:58: Crew states, “I got a family, too, now drive”

    21:34:10: Crew says to Spicuzza, “Complete the trip”; He repeats this statement numerous times to her

    21:34:20: Crew using his left hand, grabbed Spicuzza’s ponytail and controlled her head

    21:34:23: Spicuzza says, “Please take that off of me”

    21:34:42: Crew reaches forward with his right hand and grabs Spicuzza’s cellphone off of the front dashboard

    21:34:45: Crew says, “Do what I say and everything will be alright”

    21:34:48: Crew reaches forward with his right hand and grabs the dash camera. The video then ends.

    An arrest warrant was then issued for Crew.

    Crew is charged with criminal homicide, robbery and tampering with evidence.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  42. Blacks, the most sacred race.

    • Replies: @loren
  43. SMK says: • Website

    “Black people”? What percentage of gun crimes (murders, shootings, armed robberies) are committed by black women and what percentage are committed by black men, including “minors” ages 13-17 who are absurdly defined as “children.”

    But the solution to gun violence is not to sentence far more black males to prison for far longer periods of time but to limit and rescind the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding whites so they can’t defend themselves against the gun violence of blacks.

  44. usNthem says:

    If I’m hiring a ride and the driver is a jogger, it’s canceled.

  45. AnalogMan says:

    blacks hate blacks

    Doesn’t everybody?

    Why should we care what some muntu said on another munt’s TV show about the rest of the babuntus? I don’t get the point of your comment.

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
  46. @Sick 'n Tired

    500 rounds can be burned thru in about an hour or less at the range…

    Around 30 years ago, I burned through 500 rounds of .50 in an hour or less. I don’t hear very well.

  47. @Curmudgeon

    Would you feed your dogs or cats meat from a carcass that was full of drugs, booze, grizzle, diabetes, STDs, HIV/AIDs, coco butter, and grease? You’d end up in prison for animal cruelty, serving a longer sentence than the violent sheboon in Las Vegas that killed the old white man by pushing him off a bus. Sentenced 8-20 years which means she’ll be back on the streets in less than 5.

  48. @Californian_21

    * streets gone wrong
    * shots ringing out
    * black bodies

    This story hits the trifecta, a black body arrested for shots ringing out while he was driving on the streets, during 5 SEPARATE INCIDENTS! Proving commenter @Trevor correct that blacks shouldn’t be allowed to have guns or car keys.

  49. Bite Moi says:

    Piglet———Blacks haven’t been slaves for 150 years.Africans in America can best be described as high maintenance exotic pets that have escaped into the wild.

    • LOL: AR in Illinois
  50. Bite Moi says:

    SafeNow———-I always hold a tactical pen when i am pumping gas.If i have to walk at the mall with wifey,who doesn’t like guns,i listen to her lecture.Then i quietly slip a light weight Ruger .38 in my vest.P.S. If she got assaulted,she would blame me for listening to her stupid prattle and not protecting her.

    • Thanks: SafeNow
  51. 1John says:

    Watch Canada’s Tiananmen Square moment.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  52. Howa.308 says: • Website

    I’ve always told people that gun control has absolutely nothing to do with lowering crime rates. Proponents of any type of gun legislation have one goal: disarm whites. That’s it. That is the end game. They will start small and work up to completely disarming conservative whites. People think immigration is bad now. What happens when there is no threat of armed whites pushing back? They will be loading c 130s full of inbred Africans and dropping them off in every state in the union. Anybody counting on Republicans actually doing something to stop itbor even slow it down is whacked out of their fucking mind. We are on our own. If you’ve got an ar with 500 rounds you might as well throw it in the trash. You should have 4k rounds minimum, a \$1k bolt gun with \$1k glass on it and at least 2k rounds for that. Have a gunsmith boresight and zero your scopes and practice practice practice. Best get your mind around the thought that someday the targets won’t be made of paper and if given the chance, what you’re shooting at wants to kill you and everybody you care about. Be safe.

  53. WSG says:

    The same group of disgusting pricks are behind this initiative in both parts of the world. Oy vey!!!

    • Thanks: Trinity
  54. WSG says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    Let’s not forget that there would be no IKAGOs without Affirmative Action. They are all plague bearers.

  55. Trinity says:

    The greater metro Atlanta area is a “mecca” for backstabbing two face hillbilly crooks as well. Oh these White hicks ( Southern born and bred) do not look like the (((Hollywood))) version of “hillbillies”, not at all. These silver tongue creeps look more like Bill Clinton and Lindsey Graham.

    Oh, and Atlanta ( greater Atlanta that is because ” Atlanta ” doesn’t even have 600,000 people) is also home to every kind of weirdo, Yankee reject who fled the “North.” We get all kinds down here. We get losers from places like Indiana, bumpkinville Ohio, etc., as well as the usual suspects from the northeast, making fun of “rednecks. You cannot make this shit up, man. Peep this, the fleeing, granola eating fruits, nuts and flakes from California have even began to flock to the overgrown cow town known as Atlanta.

    Atlanta is the most pretentious town ( town and not city) in America. Atlanta earned the nickname, ” Loserville USA. ”

  56. Bite Moi says:

    Trinity————-You just don’t properly appreciate Atlanta.I live in Upstate SC. I am always telling Yankees and negroes how wonderful and exciting Atlanta is. ALWAYS. Just take I-85. Please.

    • LOL: Trinity, Great White
    • Replies: @Trinity
  57. Trinity says:
    @Bite Moi

    They can’t cook for shit in north Georgia either. I lived in south Georgia for years and the cooking was excellent, and the people were great as well. Also lived in South Carolina, great cooking and the people were genuinely nice, not phony nice. Atlanta and north Georgia are trash and the trash is multi-colored. People in Ass-lanta are wannabe goobers. Psst, Flakelanta is the bush league and as lame as their overgrown ugly skyline. Lololol.

  58. Bite Moi says:

    Trinity————” They can’t cook for shit in north Georgia either.” Could be worse.I once stopped at a home cooking diner in New Jersey. The waitress was a cute SC girl. Having my expectations raised,i took a big bite of that cornbread muffin.The waitress lost it upon seeing my expression. Who Puts Chocolate Chips In Cornbread Even In New Jersey????? Turned out it was the owner’s wife’s family receipe.

    • LOL: Trinity
  59. usNthem says:

    We live out west. For one reason or another (probably partying) one of our sons decided to attend Ole Miss. We’d never spent anytime down south, other than connecting through Atlanta headed somewhere else. I have to say, the politeness and friendliness of the locals was something that impressed. The students at the university with the “yes sir, yes ma’am” – never heard anything like it. In a little out of the way cafe, we explained our situation to the waitress, who was an older woman, and she said something along the lines that they’d always be a place our son could come to it need be, and it sounded (and most likely was) sincere. Always enjoyed our visits down there.

    I meant this to be a somewhat off topic reply to Trinity and Bite Moi…

  60. Henry Lee says:

    It’s been legal for a long time in Georgia, even before permits, when no one could carry concealed, that anyone who could legally own a gun could carry in their car. Years ago, you could carry in your car but not concealed. A friend’s father-in-law was police chief in a mid-sized Georgia town. He said he’d rather stop a car with a gun illegally in the glove compartment than on the seat beside the driver. Still, now, you don’t need a permit to carry in your car. I’ve been stopped for traffic violations a couple of times and told the officer that I had a gun in the glove compartment. There was no reaction beyond a small nod and I wasn’t asked to see my permit.

  61. @Piglet

    (3) “De bilence” in “de community” is utterly inexplicable, but has something to do with huh-WITE! people who own guns, but don’t live in the city or go near it. Why these wypipo, who own far more guns and ammunition than the dindus, aren’t constantly killing and eating one another even more often than the dindus, is a question you’re not allowed to ask.

    They tried spending billions of Whitey’s money for decades on “yoof centers” with midnight baxitball and it didn’t work. Clearly, the problem is that outdated, unfashionable, RAYCISS! Constitution, which was written by huh-WITE! males. We took this picture of a crying orphaned IQ-55 howler monkey at the funeral after Shantreeka did a drive-by on Latreena to settle the question of which one was creepin round wif which one’s babydaddy. It certainly isn’t a file photo from the Watts riots of 1965 or a publicity still from “Roots.” And that’s all the justification we need to discard the Constitution altogether, and good riddance to bad rubbish. The Movement has spoken. The Constitution will be replaced with a new and modern social contract that gives proper weight to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and, of course, Social Justice. It will be relevant and in touch with the times: a scrap of brown paper grocery bag with “Trust us. This is for your own good” scribbled on it in crayon, with each “n” and “s” charmingly written backwards.

    Any huh-WITE! man who questions any aspect of this is RAYCISS! and will be made unemployable and put on the No Fly List because that’s “terrorism,” then arrested for “hatespeech.” Once this is accomplished, there will be no legal obstacle to sending every local police department door to door to seize guns from Whitey, and only from Whitey. Oh, and Judge Shekelberg has already released Shantreeka on bail, to keep her out of the School-to-Prison Pipeline(tm).

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