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Yes Virginia, It Was a White Backlash: Representing 73% of Voters in the 2021 Governor's Race, 62% of Whites Cast Their Vote for the Republican Candidate, Glenn Youngkin
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Exit polls provided by the Washington Post from the 2021 election for Virginia’s governo r make clear: this was totally a white backlash, largely centered around the anti-white racist hate spewed via Critical Race Theory that more and more noticed being promulgated by teachers as they watched their children’s Zoom broadcasts during the pandemic.

Whites were 73% of voters in this election and:

  • 62% of whites voted for the Republican, Glenn Youngkin (vs. 86% of blacks and 66% of Hispanics who voted for the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe)
  • 66% of white men and 57% of white women voted for Youngkin
  • Whites with some college or less voted for 76% for Youngkin, compared to white college graduates who voted 47 percent for the Republican

It’s not hard: in a state where nearly 3/4ths of the votes cast are by whites, all you have to do is increase the white turnout, because trying to increase the Hispanic share (representing only five percent of votes cast) will only bring negligible increases. And blacks, who voted 86% for the Democrat, represent only 16 percent of the voters in 2021.

White people are the reason Youngkin is the governor-elect in Virginia. And here’s the white pill: there’s room to grow the white percentage of the vote as well. This is why Alabama and Mississippi are so solidly red, because of the incredibly high percentage of whites who vote for the GOP. Virginia in 2021 shows the blueprint moving forward.


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  1. Again, stupid white women, talk about hopeless cases. They are right up there with conservatives that coddle negroes.
    After this election, I wonder if we will see less negroes in ads. Whites better wake the hell up.

  2. Before we get too giddy over the outcome of the Governor’s race in Virginia, let’s remember what the Lt. Governor laid on us from the get-go:

    Almost immediately, Winsome Sears felt the need to point out the obvious, “I’ve been Black my whole Life!” Were we to believe that she was dyed Black at some point, or that they put her in Black Face to appeal to the minority vote? I’ve been White my whole Life, but I don’t think it’s necessary to reassure anyone, as it is readily apparent… I think…

    Next, she gave the conscientious Immigrant works hard and makes good spiel, and reminded us that she was a Marine; which only served to further diminish my respect for The Corps. I started to question The Few and The Proud back when a fresh out of boot camp Marine jokingly swung a bat at me when I was Nineteen, and I dumped him on his rear, relieving him of his bat on his way down, and had the butt of it thrust within an inch of his face the moment he hit the ground. Astonished, he sputtered out, “how did you do that?” I was wondering the same thing. I’ve known quite a few Marines, and, overall, I’m just not that impressed. Regardless, she is using the “thank you for your service” crap to try to demonstrate that she’s a benefit to us and insinuate that we should be glad that she’s here.

    Finally, and most telling, she continued the racial preference politics by making sure that we knew she would go out of her way to continue to fund traditionally Historic Black Universities. How is that any different that what we’ve been hearing? And, why were a bunch of White people cheering for that?

  3. usNthem says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    Yep, just what every state needs: a female negro AG – and an import to boot. I’m happy that dirt bag McAuliffe lost but am under no illusions that Youngkin and winsome will do anything substantive for the regular White folk in VA. It’s my understanding he supported the removal of the Lee statue – yeah, he’s got their back all right…

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Thanks: Cowtown Rebel
  4. USA1943 says:

    62% is NOT good, compared to how Monolithic most groups are.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  5. I noticed whites cheering about funding HBCUs too. There may have been a reason for the HBCUs 100 years ago. Today any Negro who should go to college can go to: Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, etc. What is left for the HBCUs? Illiterate high school grads. Absurd.

  6. ‘Before we get too giddy over the outcome of the Governor’s race in Virginia, let’s remember what the Lt. Governor laid on us from the get-go:..’

    Looking at the above, it’s pointless to attempt to court blacks.

    Pick a Hispanic running mate, and tell Asians you’ll fight crime.


  7. Wokechoke says:

    A close analysis of Loudoun would be most useful. The Asian population there is 20%. The Hispanic 25% and the whites a mere 46%. The blacks are 7%. Obviously something happened in this DC burb that the press are trying to digest and bury in a pit. Would like to know if the rapist kid is also black. final bit of demographic puzzle.

  8. @Female in FL

    I highly doubt it. I was traveling this past weekend and the weather was nasty, so I was pretty much stuck at an Air BnB watching tv most of the time. EVERY commercial had groids in it. Groids driving luxury cars, selling insurance, fat groid women being sassy & fabulous, gay groid & white BF making a bed with a Christmas themed comforter, groid child telling a white man he was buying the wrong kind of fake milk, female groids in charge of boardrooms, fat groids playing video games on tablets, Kevin Hart talking about getting cash back on his Chase card, Jamie Foxx & his daughter doing work on an Intel tablet, white family gathered around a Christmas tree and a groid is with them. Those were just some of the commercials for products that I noticed, I didn’t include the ones for upcoming/existing tv shows, or the new western movie they’re advertising where all the heroes are black outlaws.

    I’ve known about them crowbarring blacks into commercials for years now, but the commercials today are completely over saturated with them and other woke scenarios. Many people are not aware of this and these commercials act as subliminal messages that soak into and get absorbed by their shrinking brains.

    Kill Your TV

  9. Stogumber says:

    Was it a white backlash against CRT?
    I suppose that we can see it more cautiously: The turn from liberal colourblindness to woke/radical race-consiousness is not as easy and smooth as its authors have assumed. Parents have for a generation been told that even their babies must be drilled to be colorblind. And that dividing children into groups by physical attributes is a path to horror (the Jane Elliott experiment). And now they should learn within weeks that it is positively a good thing when teachers divide children into blacks and whites!
    It was an U-turn, and it got more difficult by the fact that Leftists never signalized that their attitude had changed. In fact they did everything to pretend that all that was a simple coninuation of liberal policies since the Civil Rights Movement.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Adolph 2nd
  10. Wkr says:

    The sad part is 27 percent of whites voted Democrat.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  11. @Cowtown Rebel

    “And, why were a bunch of White people cheering for that?”

    Rinos gotta pander, it makes them feel superior to the deplorables.

  12. @George Weinbaum

    I have a book titled, “The Negro: The Southerner’s Problem.” It was published in 1904, and even then, the author, Thomas Nelson Page, was lamenting the millions of dollars that Southern people had wasted trying to educate Negroes to the point of self sufficiency. This seemed to be the reason for funding the Black Colleges; so that they could prosper on their own in a segregated society.

    As I recall, Thomas Page seemed to have a somewhat sympathetic view of the plight of the African in America, but had concluded that they were generally only suited for the trades. It has been quite awhile since I read it, and it would probably be worth perusing again.

  13. @Female in FL

    Less blacks!! Yeah right, they’ll just ramp it up even more. Never take the under on the insanity of liberals; the left has no introspection.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @James J O'Meara
  14. @George Weinbaum

    Illiterates who default on their loans (which you and I subsidize) at an astronomical rate.

  15. @Cowtown Rebel

    “I’ve known quite a few Marines, and, overall, I’m just not that impressed. ”

    It didn’t start with Woke. I lost respect for the Marines when I learned that Ed McMahon, that fat drunk sidekick of Johnny Carson, had been a Marine. Semper Fi? More like High — OOOO!

    • LOL: Cowtown Rebel
  16. @Rooster111

    “Negroes in ads hasn’t been really tried!”

  17. Lol. A millionaire will save us from the billionaire and millionaire madness.

    Stop participating. It’s what gives this system legitimacy. I teach my kids how much the system hates them, why shouldn’t the public schools be honest and use crt to consolidate all the anti white hatred they’re already doing?

  18. Whites who graduated from State U tend to vote DEM. In fairness to the college, they were stupid before they arrived; as were their GOP-voting counterparts.

    I know nothing about the new guy, though my gut tells me that other commenters here have nailed him: He’s a Romney-esque, big government, pro- public education, empty suit. His only appeal is that he’s not a (registered) DEM.


    A SC high school expelled several students for making a [tasteless?] TikTok home-video. The Loudoun tranny who raped a girl in the ladies room was given a transfer.

  19. loren says:

    o m g
    “For the first time, APA and American psychology are systematically and intentionally examining, acknowledging and charting a path forward to address their roles in perpetuating racism,” APA President Jennifer F. Kelly said in a statement.

    The association called past attempts to apologize for its responsibility in upholding racism “unsuccessful.”

    The resolution was adopted by APA’s legislative body, which is made up of its board of directors, APA members representing various states and members who represent ethnic psychological associations.

    “The governing body within APA should have apologized to people of color before…etc

    A N D

    This is the mixed race gal, killed her mum, mum was named Sheila, so mum was a jew.

    Heather Mack spent seven years in an Indonesian prison for killing her mother after flying abroad with her then-boyfriend. She landed at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday, her first time in the U.S. since 2014, where she was immediately arrested, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago.


  20. @George Weinbaum

    There may have been a reason for the HBCUs 100 years ago.

    Maybe, but I’m not so sure. If they shipped their graduates back to lift their dusky brethren from the slime, I would agree with the need for HBCUs wholeheartedly.


    Darn, doesn’t the bad in life hit the wrong people? I don’t remembah Davey Kaufman evah doin’ wrong ta nobody. A real mensch, that man. G-D bless his sportsball booking sideline. Oy vey! Don’t plotz, ya Schmendrick! Ya know the shiskas gonna shiska!

    Born to Jewish parents Michael and Linda (née Kaufman), Portnoy grew up in Swampscott, Massachusetts, where he attended Swampscott High School. One of his classmates was ESPN’s Todd McShay.Portnoy began attending the University of Michigan in 1995, graduating with a degree in education.

  22. @Wokechoke

    Would like to know if the rapist kid is also black. final bit of demographic puzzle.

    Funny how there is absolutely no information available along those lines. If the enemedia does not say “white guy” , you can probably make a damned good guess.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  23. Like I said before. All this is …White Repub-Rhinos vying against the Demtards for the most magical kneegrow in all the land. See were not the racists , the Dems are the real racists. Bah…who gives a rat’s A. All of politics now is just about groid approval. Sick of all of it. Don’t bother voting. There is nothing in it for anyone. It’s all bread and circuses. And the clown car is full of kneegrows and White cucks, left and right,and we are stuck here in the middle with you.

    • Agree: usNthem, Female in FL
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  24. @Sick 'n Tired

    When I do watch TV its usually Tucker Carlson. Any and all commercials are muted. My blood pressures high enough.

  25. AnalogMan says:

    they did everything to pretend that all that was a simple continuation of liberal policies since the Civil Rights Movement.

    That’s what it was. You never really believed that they intended to be satisfied with equality, did you?

  26. loren says:

    Henry Ruggs III Police say Ruggs was going 156 mph prior to crash

    will be charged with DUI resulting in death and reckless driving resulting in death or serious bodily harm after being involved in the fatal car accident Tuesday in Las Vegas around 3:40 a.m., according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and court records obtained by The Athletic.
    The Raiders announced they had released the receiver late Tuesday night. If Ruggs is convicted, the first charge has a sentence ranging from two to 20 years while the second charge ranges from one to six years, per The Athletic.

    Upon arriving at the scene, fire department personnel discovered a deceased victim, a 23-year-old woman, inside the car that was not being driven by Ruggs. Ruggs and his girlfriend, Kiara Kilgo-Washington, were transported to the University Medical Center for “serious,” injuries.

    In the police statement, Ruggs was said to have non-life-threatening injuries, and has since been released from the hospital.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  27. …compared to white college graduates who voted 47 percent for the Republican

    Sickening. How many whites go into these colleges as relatively normal people, and then come out as liberal pod people?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  28. AceDeuce says:
    @Cowtown Rebel

    I was a Marine. You’d have a little harder job dumping me on my ass than when you did it to your boyfriend who was joking around with you (honeymoon?), I daresay.

    But that aside, I agree with you–this groid lt. gov. is no doubt just another groid, suckering the Hank Hill White cucks. The first dirtbag that OD’s and dies while fighting a cop will bring out her inner sistah.

    Never vote for a non-White. Ever.

    And I wouldn’t vote for 99.995% of women on this planet (no offense, ladies–at least it leaves a few maybes in the bunch).

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  29. CRT and BLM are patently FALSE. All based on the racism taboo.
    Misinformed brainwashed people vote for democrats. If the truth could be spoken, if police, teachers, spoke the truth about black under-performance, even Blacks would vote for ” white supremacist” law and order.
    White women are controlled by feelings and more easily manipulated by the lying media. There are serious people who think it was a mistake to give women the vote.
    In all of primate and human history, women were selected for keeping the peace in the village. In millions of primate history, women never had the task of defending borders against other tribes.

    On the opposite, even female lions were selected to sexually yield to the new rulers who evicted their old mates.

  30. On VDare, they call the Demon Crap’s the “Silly Party” and the GOP the “Stupid Party.” Turning a blind eye to mass immigration is stupid, yet we constantly hear Useful Idiots like Sean Hannity scream “I support legal immigration.” Well, since “legal” is whatever the Elite’s say it is, they’re unwittingly supporting mass border jumping. There were already 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 illegals at large in the nation. What are the odds of any of the current crop of two million – and counting – ever being given their just deserts which is rapid repatriation?

  31. @John Johnson

    Terrible story. What really gets me is the fact he shot her 7 times and left her for dead, and is only getting charged with aggravated assault, instead of attempted murder. His intent was to kill her, not rough her up.

  32. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Saw a picture of the mother. Looks like a dyke, wore a BLM sticker, peace earrings, tats, fat slob, and a rainbow mask.

    • Replies: @Female in FL
  33. @dindunuffins

    100% spot on. As I’ve said before, work for cash, barter, claim every deduction/child credit you can, and pay as little into the system as possible. Our tax dollars are being squandered on every losing failure investment there possibly is, so why continue to let these elected morons waste our money. I’d be better off putting the 35% of my salary the government takes by putting it in a slot machine or betting it on red, than letting politicians in DC decide how it should be spent.

  34. @Female in FL

    She is white, but that doesn’t mean her effed up spawn is all white, could be a mulatto.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  35. Bite Moi says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Patrick in SC———-Don’t just blame the colleges and universities.Too much soy in the diets.Too much estrogenic chemicals in plastics.We are raising generations of male sopranos.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  36. usNthem says:
    @Bite Moi

    Yeah, and not the Tony Soprano kind of sopranos.

  37. AnalogMan says:

    To paraphrase Napoleon, never interrupt your enemies while they are killing one another.

  38. Trevor says:

    Take a negro…

    … and give it too much testosterone, too much money, too much car, too much alcohol, and too litte IQ and the results are not surprising.

  39. AnalogMan says:
    @Female in FL

    From the description, practically guaranteed.

  40. @AceDeuce

    As I said, overall, I’m just not that impressed. I’ve known quite a few ex-servicemen from all of the armed forces. When I was in the S.C.V. in particular, but before that as well. When I was fifteen, I arm wrestled a couple of former Marines who became Hippies, I didn’t beat them, but I gave them quite a struggle. I don’t have any Boyfriends, did you do any spooning while you were in the field? If you gave me cause, win, lose or draw, I will go Gung Ho.

    All of the funsies aside, didn’t you take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? While Armypeople are bringing Democracy to people who don’t have any concept of it, or use for it, entire city blocks are being incinerated, Senior Citizens and Women are being assaulted coming out of campaign rallies, and statues of Real Heroes are being destroyed… Where the Hell is Uncle Scam’s Mean Green Machines? Boldly facing off against the mentally challenged and doddering members of the Westboro Baptist Church? Riding their motorscooters and wearing their MIA/POW patches on their leather jackets in a toy drive for the inhabitants of the ghettos and the barrios?

    South Korea has a secure border but the U. S. doesn’t. My rights and freedoms, that Armypeople claim to be protecting, are whittled away daily. Every time a C-141 lands and the soldiers disembark, a horde of potential terrorists boards the plane headed for the United States. And, yet, I’m supposed to Thank YOU for Your Service? Armypeople are always bragging about their service and sacrifice, and are quick to get their military discounts for meals and hotel rooms, but they’ve done absolutely NOTHING to defend the Homeland.

    And, then, the ZOG doesn’t even come through for them. At least to hear a bunch of actors and musicians tell it. A slew of celebrities, Toby Keith, Mark Wahlberg, Gary Sinise, and Joe Matagna, who were never in the military, are constantly telling me that, on top of the billions of tax dollars that go to prop up the armed forces, injured Veterans need my \$11 a month.

    I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. You may be quite formidable, but I am awfully mean. I think that we would probably get along. There’s not a single thing that I type, that I won’t say aloud. I can assure you that I have raised plenty of eyebrows in crowded rooms. And, I’ve stood alone in the midst of hostile crowds (with no one to watch my rear or guard my flanks). So, for me, I guess it all boils down to: What are you doing to defend this Country, not Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc…?

  41. @Female in FL

    They are right up there with conservatives that coddle negroes.

    We’ve been coddling Negroes for 400 years. They never could pull their weight. Their employers had to buy equipment from Europe because their own “workforce” was too stupid and lazy to build it. Hence the hatred of tariffs– tariffs to protect white men’s livelihoods.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  42. JimDandy says:

    Yeah, and I’m not convinced the suspicion that this was all a “head fake” is really that crazy.

  43. Paul:

    “Yes Virginia,”


  44. @Stogumber

    If schools want to teach the CRT propaganda that whites are evil, they should also teach about negroe primate cannibalisim that continues to this day in parts of Africa. Also they should cover the negroe cultural norms in Africa, like female genital mutilatation, slavery between negroes, the inability of negroes to create a written language, discover the wheel. Is should be mentioned that many tribes would go to war to secure other negroe primates to eat. Then things about the negroe like the Masi milkshake,( thats cows blood and milk), should be presented. Not to leave out things like negroes building mud huts, but in thousands of years never discovering doors, windows, running water, indoor plumbing, shoes……It should also be mentiond about muti or witch doctor medicine that values negroe body parts for spiritual magic,one example I recall is that albino negroe primates are considered powerful in making magic, burying the hand of an albino negroe at your business is supposed to make your business prosperous. So do teach CRT, but also teach the truth about the negroe primate as well. BOOGA BUNGA my negroe primates!

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