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Why Not Just Make It Legal for Blacks to Steal, as Atonement for White Privilege? Luxury Retailers in New York City Tolerate Black Shoplifting Mobs for Fear of Being Called "Racist"
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A nation held hostage by the word “racist.”

Every action to benefit civilization is held in a vise, because of the power this word (and accusation behind any move to retard the degradation of standards safeguarding polite society) carries to automatically neuter even the most thoughtful, airtight argument on behalf of the continuity of law and order.

In a world where St. George Floyd is a Patron Saint, ordaining every act of civil disobedience against the white patriarchy/systemic racist/implicit bias/structural inequalities created by evil colonizers (h/t Black Panther) to unfairly benefit their posterity at the expense of People of Color, it only makes sense some of the best high-end boutiques in New York City render unto the new Caesar lording over increasingly explicit Black-Run America. [Stealing Soho: Luxury retailers terrorized by shoplifting mobs, New York Post, October 10, 2020]:

Bands of shoplifters are terrorizing Soho’s high-end boutiques, lifting hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of designer merchandise, and in some cases, threatening security guards to keep quiet — or be labeled racist, The Post has learned.

The disturbing pattern began in late May during the riots that rocked the city in the wake of the George Floyd police custody death. High-end Celine was looted of $1.5 million in merchandise then, and the blatant thievery continues “every week” in ritzy stores such as Prada, Moncler, Dior and Balenciaga, one plugged-in local said.

“This is happening every week. Walk around Soho on Wooster Street and Greene Street, Mercer Street. … You have huge bouncers out there trying to deter hit-and-run activity,” the source, a restaurateur, said.

But in some cases, the thieves are given carte blanche to steal.

“If they [store personnel] stop them and say anything in the store before they’ve left the building then it often gets turned into a racial accusation,” the source said.

“The brands … tell their employees to walk away,” the insider added. “They don’t want to be the next Instagram video claiming they are a racist brand.”

Soho store managers, especially those employed by national retailers, remain tightlipped for fear of ‘R-word’ reprisal, bad publicity or tarnishing their brand, the source said.

NYPD Sgt. Joseph Imperatrice, founder of Blue Lives Matter NYC, told The Post that investigators are aware that “mobs of young, transient groups” have “bulldozed through aisles grabbing as much as their arms can hold.”

A law enforcement source confirmed that “dozens of larcenies have occurred in recent months in high-end establishments in the neighborhood.” The source said the victimized stores include Adidas, Fendi and Burberry.

The suspects create a stir and grab as much merchandise as they can, confident they’re not going to face resistance or consequences, the same source said, adding “it’s a lucrative business.”


Why not just make it legal for blacks to procure any item they want in any store in America? That way, corporate America can truly embrace being financially in the black. As standards protecting civilization melt away due to the coercive power of the the word “racist,” we’ll find out the truth of the term the Visible Black Hand of Economics, as more and more stores close up shop and retail deserts bloom where once commerce thrived.

A nation held hostage by the word “racist.” Our future is in jeopardy as our past is rewritten because we can’t muster the courage to end this insanity.

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  1. Epictetus says:

    I know I wasn’t racist before, but this kind of stuff and the black AND white enablers make me wonder at how I am slowly beginning to really dislike the presence of a particular type of black person in America. I suspect even good blacks agree with me so I can’t agree with anybody who would call me racist. For the blacks who hate America and Non-black Americans, why don’t we give them some money and a one way ticket to Liberia? I think the country would come out ahead financially, morally, and culturally.

  2. ‘…As standards protecting civilization melt away due to the coercive power of the the word “racist,” we’ll find out the truth of the term the Visible Black Hand of Economics, as more and more stores close up shop and retail deserts bloom where once commerce thrived.

    A nation held hostage by the word “racist.” Our future is in jeopardy as our past is rewritten because we can’t muster the courage to end this insanity.’

    You nailed it.

    • Agree: jacobs-adder
    • Replies: @Richard B

    Hard to plead with parents when many children have no idea who daddy is. Willfully arrogant, ignorant and idiotic Black “culcha”. If this nation perpetrates violent white supremacy against people of color I’d love to actually witness its hoary head from time to time and the stark fist of removal do its damndest against “teens” and those that jog alongside them.

  4. Wyatt says:

    Simple solution: hire a black “manager” paid an outrageous sum to manhandle the joggers and hire another black PR manager paid likewise to tell these coons to fuck off publicly. Despite the jogger obsession, blacks still hold some sway over the minds of “good” whites.

    Though that won’t last much longer. Remember to check your ammo.

    • Replies: @jogga
  5. Cliff says:

    We used to call these thieves wolfpacks now we call them wokepacks

  6. usNthem says:

    “Investigators are aware that mobs of young, transient groups have bulldozed through…”. No, that’s mobs of young, transient negros. What a pitiful piece of s*** former country this has become.

  7. Piglet says:

    OT: A study says black kids are fat kids. Surely this must be whitey’s fault!/sarc

    Study: Community factors lead to some kids being disproportionately affected by obesity

    Excerpt: Bussel believes everyone has a role to play in something that could shape the nation’s next generation.

    Translation: “Ev-body poda hep!”

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
  8. Bite Moi says:

    It is more profitable to allow the government to steal the money to give to the blacks.Legal,government pay check theft generates votes and campaign contributions.

  9. Wake up says:

    And guess who pays for the shoplifters? That’s right, the PAYING CUSTOMERS. I call it the Black Tax.

    • Agree: usNthem
    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  10. kikz says:

    yet to notice the phenomenon is ‘raycissssssssss’..
    math is raycissssssss
    grammar is raycissssssss
    time itself is raycisssssssssss

    last time i checked.. BIPOC are ‘free at lasssssss’ to divest themselves of all Whiteness and all ‘oh-preshun’ from Whiteness;

    they are ‘free at lasssssss’ to DIVEST! DO IT TODAY! DIVEST YOSELF!

    how does one divest themselves of the horror that is ‘Whiteness’ ‘White Supremacy’ ‘Systematik Instatushunul Raycizum’ which pervades and permeates the very air they ‘breath’?

    very simple……..
    strip down to their underwear, don’t forget those bifocals and the fone, exit their domicile, sit down in the dirt and await inevitable darkness and starvation. problem solved. no mo Eeeeeevil Whitnessssss.

    if one still feels the sting of breathing air contaminated by Whiteness; feel free to catch one of Whitey’s jets, hop a flight back to Africa’s greater metro Wakanda or wherever no Whites live, which is most of the planet. there are lovely places on the planet where no Whiteness exists. go find one. can we help you pack?

    to ‘Whitesplain’ the great musical styling of Funkadelic ” Free ya ass, and ya mind will follow.” ;D

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
    , @loren
  11. @kikz

    BTW, it’s free your mind and your ass will follow.

    • Replies: @kikz
  12. When Obama was elected all I got to see was how racist blacks and browns really are. That’s the only racism I see everyday, all the time , everywhere. Amazin’

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @brandybranch
  13. The other downsize to this is the discriminating paying customers don’t want to be seen wearing the same high end clothing being worn by the naggers.
    They ruined Michael Kors.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
    , @Piglet
  14. HT says:

    When are white people finally going to figure out that Negroes, and not themselves, are the problem in America?

    • Agree: Colin Wright, AceDeuce
    • Replies: @usNthem
  15. loren says:

    art is racist.

    An art teacher at TOPS at Seward School in Seattle, Washington, told her eighth-grade students that the concept of peace is “racist,” and that President Donald Trump is divisive, adding that some of her own art projects are “racist” and derived from “white privilege.”

    The teacher added that art history comes from a “European, euro-centric ‘white supremacist’ point of view.” Her rambling monologue was captured by a student who recorded the class Zoom session.

    After tasking her students with creating a pen and ink drawing that incorporates the theme of peace, art teacher Suzanne Wakefield began talking about how she believes President Trump is standing in the way of world peace etc.

  16. What the New York Post article fails to mention is that these luxury retailers flaunted their support for the Black Lives Matter.

    Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada and others make a stand against racial injustice
    (the article also mentions woke signaling by others such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, Dior; check it out so that you know whom to avoid)

    Gucci, Prada, L’Oreal face backlash

    Serves them right.
    They should restructure and start selling “I supported Black Lives Matter and all I got was this lousy shoplifting” t-shirts.

  17. usNthem says:

    Hopefully at some point, but currently it’s like sunlight to a vampire.

  18. usNthem says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    LOL. These dumbs**** must really think genuflecting to the sacred negro will confer some sort of immunity to TNB – just like the idiot Whites who plant blm signs in the front yard. Get woke, go broke – or worse…

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  19. @loren

    I think her name is misspelled….I think it’s supposed to be “Wokefield” lol

  20. @usNthem

    Soon it might be “get woke – get killed”. If sh#@ hits the fan, those morons will be the first ones eaten by their pets. Heathens such as us with all our guns and ammo can at least fight back.

  21. Whatever the common term for gradualism is I happen to find it simply astounding now that at about 1975 Blazing Saddles was shown in major theaters all over North America. It was a hoot and a holler’ and nobody hated anyone any more or less because of it. Don’t forget that despite the infamous ‘n’ word, it basically made whitey look foolish. But it was comedy and that is what comedy is all about.

    I recently read a bona fide transcript from a criminal case where two hood rats had their phones bugged and they were discussing business. It looked like a record that some AI program would have produced if it was able to translate the screeching at each other of two chimps on different branches. The repetitive use of the ‘n’ word would have made Mark Fuhrman cover his ears.

    This double standard has to be some kind of gorilla in the room for normies. But again you cannot broach this subject in mixed company because this word has achieved such an unhealthy fear that any discussion however politely nuanced causes noticeably contorted faces, especially among the fairer sex that it is best dropped because the atmosphere will be ruined and in the end nothing would be accomplished save for the initiator being considered to be a (gasp) racist!

    I recall some administrator getting into trouble when using the word ‘niggardly’ in a staff meeting about company policies. After the immediate furor died down he produced the dictionary definition but according to the report he was terminated in the end anyway. This supposed incident happened over two decades ago.

    If as the saying goes that “words are deadlier than bullets”, this one is surely the most lethal one pointed at whitey’s head. That is for the battle for the mind. On the streets the free range “teens” surely know in their primitive comprehension that this fear is a green light for lots of goodies and according to this article it inevitably leads to goodies with more bang for the buck.

    ” If the normies can’t be turned, the cities will be burned” (posthumous inspirational credit to Johnny Cochrane).


  22. @Lancelot_Link

    Alsobrooks says she knows young people are tired of being stuck at home. She is suggesting activities offered in parks that can be found at She has also ordered outdoor basketball hoops be reinstalled in parks

    Why not outdoor chess tables?

    • Replies: @bruce county
  23. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Why not outdoor chess tables?

    Why not explosive ordinance disposal practice with live charges?

    Gun cleaning 101?
    Carjacking in 3 easy steps?
    English as a second language.

    • LOL: Trevor
  24. Punisher says:


    There are several countries that are better than the United States and not as divided. Fred Reed lives in Mexico and he is happy and lots of Americans who left this country and will continue to leave this country are happier in their new country and never come back. The United States is not that great of a country to live in anymore.

    • Agree: Lace
  25. @Epictetus

    Joke rumored to be from the Dark Continent:

    Q:  What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist?

    A:  About two weeks.

  26. Shoplifting equals reparations

  27. @loren

    ‘art is racist.’

    Of course art is racist. 80% of what’s worth keeping is Western, and most of the rest is either Japanese or in the form of mosques in Iran.

    …but — just to make it sporting — we’ve stopped making anything worthy of the name. It’ll give everyone else a chance to catch up.

  28. @Wake up

    Well don’t you find it comforting that most likely the majority of these people paying the niggra sur tax are down with BLM (or at least say they are)?

  29. With Trump there was always the possibility he might step up and quash the riots, though he never did.

    If biden “wins” the election, the odds of help arriving drop to zero. It will be final exam time for normies.

    I look forward to secession and you should too. A fresh start!

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Rooster12
  30. MarkU says:

    I don’t see the problem. If those overpriced, ostentatiously ‘woke’ boutiques are too afraid of being called racist to deter shoplifting, they deserve everything they get. To paraphrase the old saying, virtue (signalling) is its own reward.

    If blacks are going to punish people for supporting BLM what is there not to like? As Napoleon once said “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”.

  31. Rooster12 says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I think that Trump played the riots perfectly. They were anticipating him coming down with a heavy-handed approach, possibly resulting in the deaths of numerous agitators. That would have given them the optics they wanted, painting Trump as a tyrannical dictator.

    However, for the most part, Trump sat back and let the whole world witness Democrat Mayors telling Democrat Police Chiefs to stand down, while Democrat rioters destroyed Democrat Cities…

    If Trump wins, I expect him to crush these domestic terrorists with extreme prejudice, as he no longer needs to worry about getting re-elected.

  32. MarkU says:

    I agree that Trump did the right thing about the riots, he steered clear of the obvious elephant trap. As for expecting him to “crush these domestic terrorists with extreme prejudice”, I think the same logic applies to some extent. Outright civil war is likely to ensue if he does that and that might lead to him being removed by other means. Going after the treasonous ‘Russiagate’ conspirators and the more egregiously violent ‘demonstrators’ is the most he will safely be able to do.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  33. Lace says:

    To think that I cannot find this information elsewhere, I who live maybe 15 blocks above those SoHo stores–the luxury stores in my immediate neighborhood are by the riverfront and they are quite extravagant places, but maybe furniture is not so easy to just pick up and go out with (there seem to be more big furniture stores by the celeb district which was begun about 30 years ago).

    But the late May-early June lootings in SoHo WERE reported, even by WaPo and NYT. They are not reporting riots and looting anywhere for about 2 months, I estimate. Reports on continued protests and crime in Portland and Seattle seemed to stop. I cancelled WaPo, but kept the NYT because I seem to be able to get only this kind of info here (as well as the Columbus GA freak who ‘wanted to kill a white man’ and then did beat his cellmate to death), but need the headlines since I won’t watch TV (by that I mean I wouldn’t even know there were the 2 town halls tonight without disgusting NYT–I tried with Reuters and BBC but it didn’t work). But the NYT did NOT report that Columbus GA freak and neither did the WaPo. NYT did give a brief mention to Cannon Hinnant and his murderer Sessoms, but apparently his father was so freaked out as well as grief-stricken he said it ‘had nothing to do with race’. Maybe he had other people to protect, but what if not race? WaPo did not even mention either of these stories you’ve put here. About 2 weeks ago there was ‘peaceful protest’ on a minimum of 4000 bikes going west on 14th St., and it had just gotten dark. I learned my lesson, and it’s like a fucking prison here. I haven’t even been able to take the subway for 6 months. Or rather I won’t for all the reasons. The bikers were all screaming BREONNA TAYLOR! and was I ever thankful I didn’t run into anybody on foot. But there’s no going out at night, even for a stroll–nevermind there’s nothing to go to.

    I appreciate this article, and it’s wearying to know I can hardly even find out info about my own Whitopia. Although I do know that living in a real Whitopia is better than the other, even if the vandals are getting away with things–and they have on a smaller scale in my own building. I’m afraid that does include the ‘white allies’, but I haven’t yet seen large-scale rioting and looting when I go out during the day–not yet. But always the sirens and I can always here protests from my window, right now I can.

    I really appreciate this article. All I can try to do is be slyer and slyer. But that we are not getting the news of looting from our own paper is shocking, even though everything is shocking now. I do not agree with the commenters that it’s good to have the retailers robbed like this even if they are cowards and are saying they’re ‘worried about racial injustice’–although I do agree that, when it happens, they have asked for it and do deserve it. I’ve become more rigorously strict about everything, since I’m not going to pander to any of it.

    Somebody mentioned what Trump may do if he wins. He’ll do something, I don’t know what. I do know I don’t have enough protection on my individual apartment, and I may need to invest.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Rooster10
  34. @Timur The Lame

    I remember when a Senator used the word niggardly in a speech in 2012 and, in the news report/video, a few black people and others in the audience reacted severely to the word due to their ignorance and there were subsequently large protests against the Senator demanding he resign. I can’t find the video anywhere but here’s an article on that incident and a few other similar incidents:

    Some people are so hyper-sensitive that any word that sounds even remotely like the N word will cause them to spazz out. Additionally, they’re so ignorant that they should be in ESL (English as a second language) classes.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Lace
    , @Alden
  35. @Timur The Lame

    The repetitive use of the ‘n’ word would have made Mark Fuhrman cover his ears.

    This double standard has to be some kind of gorilla in the room for normies. But again you cannot broach this subject in mixed company because this word has achieved such an unhealthy fear…

    The news has become a medium of thought and behavior reform. Locally someone arrested for child pornography or child abuse will be allotted top billing in the headlines followed closely by anyone accused of using a racial slur. How a racial slur has been elevated to the crime of the century speaks to the brain washing we have all been subjected to the past 60+ years.

  36. @Rooster12

    That would have given them the optics they wanted, painting Trump as a tyrannical dictator.

    It was the wrong call.

    Scum and (((fakenews))) already call him a tyrannical dictator and worse.

    The correct response to violent mobs:

    (1) fire one volley of rubber bullets along with megaphone warnings to disperse

    (2) for those still deciding to attack, switch to real bullets

    It would be most beneficial if (((fakenews))) then played and replayed such footage.

    Trump isn’t going to do jack if he wins. Had two years when congress and he were unbeatable majorities and nothing got done. Vote for him anyway as seat filler, with zero expectations.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Augustus
  37. usNthem says:

    I saw a video where a White guy was walking thru a hood. He’d go up to various joggers and say “ hi neighbor”. It was hilarious how many thought he was saying the dreaded n word. He was kind of taking his life in his hands, but it was pretty funny.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @WSG
  38. @Female in FL

    Hennessy and Tommy Hilfiger have also had their brand’s reputations destroyed through association with blacks.

    • Agree: HT
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  39. @Rooster12

    Yes I agree but of course the Dems and blacks are using it to their advantage by saying it was all really White supremacist and militias doing it all and not blacks and their moron White lib allies. You have black Police chiefs and black cops having vids posted on YT saying that’s it’s Whites that are causing the riots and violence. LOL…..I remember when the black gangbangers with their leader RAZ took over Chaz/Chop….RAZ was even handing out AK47’s from the trunk of his car.But of course the news never talks about that.Or the fact the 100% of all the shootings,rapes and killings that happened in Caz/Chop were blacks,blacks raping all the White girls but no one said a damn thing about it. Everyone walks around thinking blacks had nothing to do with all the riots everywhere…all Whites do is attack and blame other Whites….all over black worship. How pathetic we have become.

  40. By the way…At her confirmation hearings, Amy “Coney Island” Barrett talked about systemic racism and how she and her daughter cried over the death of George Floyd.

    As they cried, Amy Coney Island Barrett explained to her children that some day, they or their children just might get the same kind of racist treatment from the same kind of racist police.

    See none of it matters anymore. Too many of these damn White Women betraying our people.

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
    , @WSG
  41. HT says:

    Probably would make more sense for these stores to just allow Negros to come in to the store and pick out what they want to steal and then just deliver it to their crib to avoid any safety concerns or accusations about racism.

  42. @dindunuffins

    …At her confirmation hearings, Amy “Coney Island” Barrett talked about systemic racism and how she and her daughter cried over the death of George Floyd.

    Heaven help us. A dozen or more years ago when DNA genealogy was just taking off a prime time story aired about a White woman who was the descendant of a slaveholder. Also on the show was a black ‘celebrity’ descended from one of the slaves owned by her ancestor. The woman wept because her ancestor was a slaveholder. What sort of brainwashing has this woman endured that she would break into tears over something that occurred a hundred or more years before she was born?

  43. Piglet says:
    @Female in FL

    I know you meant to type “downside,” not “downsize.”

    • Thanks: Female in FL
  44. Bite Moi says:

    loren—–I hope President Trump continues standing in the way of world peace.The best one can do in this world is choose and oppose the right enemies.

  45. Bite Moi says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Johnny Smoggins——Only a black person would by a shirt that said Tommy Hilfiger in 2 inch high letters.

    • Agree: HT
  46. Bite Moi says:

    usNthem——–This sounds like something one of my college buddy’s would do.He was a real “Hold my beer and watch this kind of guy.” Probably dead by now.

  47. See if you can spot the SubGenius in the comment section!

    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  48. WSG says:

    He also has another video where he points at the ground and shouts “A Nickle!!!” You can imagine how well that went over with the proto-humans. The guy isn’t particularly bright to put his life at risk for some idiotic YouTube channel, but his videos illustrate quite clearly that these things aren’t human.

  49. WSG says:

    That orc-whispering piece of shit is beyond repulsive.

  50. Bite Moi says:

    Feedsackroad——It’s not brainwashing.”It’s LOOK AT ME!!!!!” female virtue signaling. Her 15 minutes of fame as a Good Person. she would have literally shown her azz for that opportunity.

  51. RickTen99 says:

    It’s a shame that 95% of negroes give the rest a bad name. So sad.

    • Agree: Rich
    • LOL: Gunga Din
  52. usNthem says:

    Or over the self induced death of a drug addled ex-con who had spent time in the big house for threatening to kill a pregnant woman during a home invasion…

  53. @Feedsackroad

    “systemic racism and how she and her daughter cried over the death of George Floyd”.

    Yes, heaven help us if this is what we are getting for Supreme court justice and they are claiming she is conservative Republican. It looks like she is BS us or she really didn’t read everything about saint Floyd. I wonder what she thinks about the “Gentle Giant of Ferguson” and “Altar Boy Trayvon Martin”. Holy shit we are in trouble. There is no voting out of this.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  54. Richard B says:

    You get what you put up with.

    As the real Epictetus once put it, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

    Whites aren’t reacting because they’re willing to put with it.

    So, you get what you put up with.

  55. Richard B says:
    @Colin Wright

    ‘…As standards protecting civilization melt away due to the coercive power of the the word “racist,”

    And not just the word “racist.” In fact, it all started with another word with even more “coercive power.” As to what that word is, I’ll give you a hint. If we were to arrange the now very long list of words with “coercive power” alphabetically, it’d top the list.

  56. AnalogMan says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    The correct response to violent mobs:

    (1) fire one volley of rubber bullets along with megaphone warnings to disperse

    (2) for those still deciding to attack, switch to real bullets

    That’s how Napoleon got his start in the aftermath of the French Revolution: “a taste of grapeshot” into the mob. Nobody ever accused Napoleon of half-measures. It’s effective, but excessive.

    When I was in basic training, we got a lecture and film on riot control. The trick is, after warning the crowd to disperse, you watch for the rabble rouser who inevitably tries to stoke them up, and you shoot him dead. No volley, one shot. Repeat as necessary.

    It’s like a description I read once of a buffalo hunt in the old west. The bison will follow any leader who steps up and makes a move to run. The hunters watch for the volunteers, and shoot them. When the bison are leaderless, they just mill around in confusion and the hunters pick them off at leisure. They are “buffaloed”.

    That’s what these rioters need. Orderly, disciplined, clinical and ruthless violence.

    • Agree: usNthem, Father O'Hara, Lace
    • Thanks: Sick of Orcs
  57. Augustus says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    “…….nothing got done.”

    Energy independence. Kinda freeing from Mideast entanglements with military lives saved, ya think?

    Three hundred judges. They aren’t all activists.

    Then there’s avoidance. No Paris agreement on “climate change” to cost American jobs, while favoring China and India. No acceptance of UN Treaty to take our guns.

    As soon as the reviled Trump is gone, and Kamala is in office being fawned over by the pretend (((media))), several amendments will be swept aside, and America will sink for at least 50 years. Minimum,

    • Disagree: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  58. Piglet says:

    OT: An update on a past story by PK.

    Sheriff’s office IDs suspect in fatal shooting of Waldorf 7-Eleven clerk

    The article includes a previous mug shot of Gregory DeShawn Collins, 22, who is still on the loose.

    I’ve seen some mug shots of people who looked both stupid and ugly but this one might set a new record.

    A reward of $42,500 is being offered for information leading to the perp’s arrest. Let’s see if his homies go for the money or racial solidarity.

  59. Piglet says:

    OT: Orcs will truly steal anything!

    Woman arrested for stealing mail truck in Northwest DC

  60. loren says:

    via drudge, of all places,

    LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A rapper who bragged in a YouTube music video about getting rich from an unemployment scam was arrested Friday on federal charges of fraudulently applying for more than $1.2 million in jobless benefits, the Department Of Justice officials said.

    Fontrell Antonio Baines, 31, of Memphis, Tenn., is known online as Nuke Bizzle.

    Federal officials say he is currently a resident in the Hollywood Hills and is expected to make his first court appearance Friday afternoon in U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  61. @Piglet

    You know I am getting sick and tired of this lie. “disproportionately affected” just so sick and tired.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  62. Johniboz says:

    I live in a very Republican area and predominately white. We have one black family who have a beautiful house and both husband and wife are educated. As I drove down their street in a sea of Trump/Pence signs one Biden/Harris sign stood out. It was on their front lawn and my wife looks at me and says “amazing”

    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
    , @AceDeuce
  63. MarkU says:

    To be fair to Amy Barrett, she was probably just lying.

  64. loren says:

    The perp in this instance explicitly states that he was looking for a white person to stab.

    Will the FBI record this as an act of black supremacist terror?

    Note that you have to read non-USA media to get this story.

  65. @Epictetus

    It is easy for people in underdeveloped nations to come to a developed nation and be comfortable but very, very difficult to go the other way. I’ve been away from this site for a couple days because once again the power in California has been turned off by the state run utility PG&E. I’m reasonably well prepared for living in modern California. I have a lot of batteries in D, AA, AAA and other sizes. Boxes and boxes of them. I have three butane stoves and one propane. I have a stovetop expresso maker. I have great big water containers, lots of canned food. I don’t have a big diesel generator but maybe I’ll get one of those too. You can’t be to careful in Democrat run California.

    So I’m about as prepared as one can be for the third world living conditions that we have here periodically every couple months. But even though I’m prepared I’m not happy. I’m used to electric lights. For the first six hours or so of every blackout I go around flipping on the light switches and only then remember that the lights aren’t working once again.

    Black people in America can flip on the lights. Black people in Liberia can’t. No reliable lights much of the time (like California). This alone would keep blacks from ever voluntarily consenting to go to Liberia. But there is also the issue of government.

    Africa like California has bad government. Theirs’s however is much worse. Gavin Newsom is a bumbling fool but at least he doesn’t eat the populace. The three worst heads of state in recent African history were Bokassa, Amin, and Taylor. Jean-Bedel Bokassa and Idi Amin were cannibals. Bokassa had a special kitchen built for the cooking of his political rivals. Idi Amin also ate his opponents. But Charles Taylor of Liberia was probably the worst of them all. No one wants to go to Liberia. In is the epitome of the tropical hell hole.

    American blacks understand that they are an inferior people who cannot maintain a civilization with just black people. They need one of the advanced races (Caucasians or East Asians) that means mostly European descendants or Chinese. The Chinese may be playing a long game here. In the next century Africa may very well be Chinese. China is still absorbing Tibet but they may soon be ready for further expansion. In classical times China looked inward. In the fifteenth century when Europeans went around the world. China pulled back on its exploratory voyages. China seems to be looking outward once again.

    But as it is now, no one will willingly go to Africa. Blacks don’t want to live in a country which is built and maintained by blacks. No reliable lights. And Africa, if the Chinese don’t take over and run things, is headed for a gigantic famine. The population is exploding and Africa while very large, has no huge fertile areas comparable to the American and Canadian Great Plains, the vast steppes of Russia, The California Central Valley, or the huge rice paddies of China and South East Asia. Africa has serious water problems. Too few navigable rivers, too much rain in most places leading to lateritic soils and too little water along the whole lower fringe of the Sahara.

    Move to Africa and starve to death.

    Sending them back to Africa isn’t the solution.

  66. @Patrick Boyle

    Sending them back to Africa isn’t the solution.

    C’mon man…

    • Agree: Raccoon
  67. @Augustus

    Energy independence. Kinda freeing from Mideast entanglements with military lives saved, ya think?

    The USA has several CENTURIES of energy literally lying around in tanks and barrels… if it allows itself to use the uranium it has already mined and employ it in fast breeder reactors.

    Look up “Integral Fast Reactor” for a peek at what should have been.

  68. @dindunuffins

    “Disproportionately stupid” needs to become a thing.  Because they are.

  69. @Patrick Boyle

    Move to Africa and starve to death.

    Sending them back to Africa isn’t the solution.

    I dunno, sounds like a solution to me.  They stop being ANYONE’s problem.

    • Agree: WSG, Cauchemar du Singe
  70. @Rooster12

    Trump didn’t do anything because he was scared of the further major riots that would have occurred. In other words, he was useless so don’t make out like he’s a chess player.

  71. jogga says:

    That would be disastrous. Black “management” and security would end up beating a teen to death, maybe even doing it over hood-rat crap unrelated to shoplifting, and you’d be sued into the ground.

    More importantly, black incompetence would cost you more than letting your 1000% mark-up Chinese crap walk out the door. And black employee shrinkage would likely result in much more merchandise being stolen than you’d ever lose to shoplifting.

    There are no simple solutions, I’m afraid, in 2020 America. Either leave a market where you make a killing selling expensive junk to high-impulse idiots, or stay but live with periodic raids.

  72. CDebussey says:

    I agree with your assessment on his handling of the heathens to this point, and anyone that can rationalize understands it was for political expediency. I also agree that the “handling” of these mongrels will be significantly different after he’s reelected.

  73. CDebussey says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    Someone here (smarter than me) said a while back something along the lines of, “your garden variety, whitey hating negro doesn’t give a damn about white people “down with da cauz” because in the end all you can hope for is that they’ll either kill you last, or simply let you live horribly in their world.” South Africa is but a message that no one seems to be paying attention to.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  74. @Patrick Boyle

    “Sending them back to Africa isn’t the solution”

    Well if sending them back to Africa isn’t the solution maybe sending them to South America is the solution. Problem is that nobody wants them.

    “The population is exploding and Africa while very large, has no huge fertile areas comparable to the American and Canadian Great Plains, the vast steppes of Russia, The California Central Valley, or the huge rice paddies of China and South East Asia. Africa has serious water problems. Too few navigable rivers”

    If sure that they would be able to overcome these obstacles if they had more brain power as a whole. Africa is the richest continent in the world. They are jungle people and as such should live in the jungle.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  75. CDebussey says: • Website

    Hmm.. SRS database to be replaced by this. I’m wondering how this is going to affect the accuracy information will be relayed to the masses.. No way they’d try and pull the wool over our eyes. I also heard on the idiot box that the old database will be made unavailable after a period of time.

  76. Jameson says:

    In order for businesses to continue to function in areas with large numbers of blacks perhaps some sort of insurance will need to be constructed that would spread the risk across the entire pool of businesses. It could be called a Black Privilege Rider and would cover losses due to black riots and looting. Additional coverage could add coverage for standard day to day shoplifting by blacks but that would be more expensive since that occurs with such regularity.

  77. @loren

    This is right up there with the dumdasses filming themselves or each other committing violent crimes and then posting it (sometimes live) on social media. That poor future time orientation sure does the rest of civilized society a solid sometimes.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  78. @Johniboz

    Amazing but NOT surprising to those of us here. The racial solidarity of groids overcomes anything good the white man does for them.

    • Agree: AceDeuce, europeasant
  79. Lace says:

    Most of my family is not proud of our great-great-grandfather owning 500 slaves (I thought that wasn’t that many, but it turns out to be more than Washington or Jefferson.) My brother–big academic and even did fucking BLM marches at a major Southern university where he was dean for many years, says “our ancestors weren’t too hard on the slaves”.

    My older sister and I are the only ones proud of it. I used to tell people once in a while, but I certainly never would now.

  80. Lace says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    This business with ‘niggardly’ came up as far back as the 90s (at least.) They were talking about it on ‘This Week’, and Stephanopoulous was defending its use, while Sam Donaldson disapproved (you’d have thought it would be the other way around, wouldn’t you? Reminds me of another ‘This Week’, when Cokie Roberts said “Doesn’t that say something about how white people in the South aren’t so bad?” Cornell West was on, and said some impolite thing about “I love when white people…” and Cokie gave him a nasty look, which was good.


    Perhaps sharing the secrets of home brewed malt liquor will dramatically change the craft brewing landscape.

  82. kikz says:

    thx lancelot.. i do realize that, hon :D… the reverse was to correct their inability to free ‘they’ minds…their assess are too free.

    hence, inducing such ‘freedom’ via divestiture of any EEEEvil Whiteness… by either method i mentioned………at some point the ‘light’ no matter how dim in their minds.. will go on.

  83. usNthem says:

    It may ultimately come down to giving them a couple of states down south – maybe AL & GA – they all have to go and the walling the whole damn thing off. Toss all the shitlibs in with them. Let them make of it what they will.

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Alden
  84. @Piglet

    I’ve seen some mug shots of people who looked both stupid and ugly but this one might set a new record

    How many times in any given day do you think that he says “duh”?

  85. @Lace

    Most of my family is not proud of our great-great-grandfather owning 500 slaves…

    You can take pride in the fact that your great great grandfather did more to fight black unemployment than Joe Biden, BHO, etc. ever did.

    • Thanks: Lace
    • LOL: bruce county
  86. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    I read Colin Flaherty’s books years ago. Back then, he kept using the phrase ‘crime is the new black entitlement’. I admit I never really understood what he meant at the time, after all, who could see criminality as something good or desirable?

    Now, 4 years later, I finally understand what he was talking about.

  87. Alden says:

    Don’t forget that many black kids don’t live with their mothers either. The 14 & 16 year old brothers shot after carjacking in the CHAZ camp in Seattle were foster home runaways. One of the 8th graders who murdered Tessa Majors lived with a great uncle.

    Grand mother’s great grandmothers aunts older siblings cousins foster homes group homes Youth Criminal facilities. That’s where many black kids live. Because their mothers either throw them away, CPS takes them away or the relatives battle for custody for the welfare the kids bring with them.

    Worst parents and parent substitutes in the world. Both nature and nurture score about 10 on a scale of 1 to 100.

  88. Alden says:

    I recommend sites like American Renaissance CofC vdare. They all have links to other pro White sites. But there’s not much New York and other big city black crime on those sites because it’s not reported in the news and so many N East big city Whites refuse to acknowledge black crime.

    There’s a fellow New Yorker Nicholas Stix on the Internet. We used to email back and forth. He posts both articles and comments here and on. American Renaissance and other pro White sites. I think he lives in Brooklyn or Queens.

    • Thanks: Lace
    • Replies: @Lace
  89. Alden says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Many teachers report the 300 pound vicious black mammas chimping out when they see maps on grade school classroom walls with country’s like Nigeria and the Niger River.

  90. Trevor says:

    Might as well throw in Mississippi, too. Do we really want to keep that?

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @usNthem
  91. Rooster10 says:

    I peruse roughly 50-60 news stories a day, from various sites, both right and left; I’ve done this for about the past 7 years. However, the latest news of Hunter Biden’s emails detailing the “pay for play” schemes among other things… I’m shocked by the MSM not reporting it at all… I mean not at all, no spin, no excuse, nothing.

    I’m among the most cynical of anyone, so to say the MSM isn’t reporting on something that hurts their candidate seems like “no s*** Sherlock”. But this level of silence is deafening!

    You go to any of the regular righty sites and it’s headline news, however, the MSM lefty sites it’s not mentioned anywhere. That’s what I admire, and drew me to the right was even though there’s negative news about their candidate… at least they address it!

    I’ve been saying for a while now to prepare, but even for me it’s still shocking to see things like this happen in real time. I’ve only heard stories of the USSR Pravada censoring all information, so literally the only thing that people see is what they want them to see. But to see it play out in front of my own eyes is eery, it’s almost like the tide being pulled out to sea before a massive tsunami hits…

    • Thanks: Lace
    • Replies: @CDebussey
  92. @Alden

    Sheeit dat be RAAAAAAAAYCISS!!

  93. Anon[577] • Disclaimer says:

    My Southern ancestors owned a few slaves, not enough to be a big deal, but it’s still enough to get you in trouble with today’s libtard crazies. Libtards believe in punishing you for original sin!

    • Replies: @Lace
  94. Lace says:

    They want to punish us because life wouldn’t be worth living without *Original Sin*. So you never say anything about it unless you know it’s safe. Cheers!

  95. @Alden

    Lol! And I have no doubt at all how the fat black ghettopotami think those names are pronounced! Nword ria and N word river! I’m sure they chimp out when a teacher tries to explain how the names are actually pronounced and start denying that the real pronunciation is accurate as well as accusing the teachers of being racists. “Aw hell naw! You be lyin’! Dat’s where da N word come from! I know how dose names really be pronounciated! Mmm hmm! You a lyin’ white cracker bitch!”

    The only surprise in this scenario would be if they didn’t try to sue the schools, the teachers and the map makers too.

  96. @Alden

    This comment led me to look up the etymology of Niger on Wikipedia, where the name (along with the name of Nigeria) is said to come from the Niger River; and regarding the river we are told ‘The name may come from Berber phrase ger-n-ger meaning “river of rivers”‘.

    Wiktionary at least acknowledges ‘Commonly linked by folk etymology to Latin niger (“black”)’, and says this ‘likely influenced the modern spelling’, but then reverts to the Berber theory, or an older theory that it comes from ‘Ni-Gir’, ‘Lower Gir’, the Gir being a usually-dry river in Algeria.

    Looking for older studies, in an effort to see if these explanations are a modern concoction, I found a 1964 article by anthropologist Mervyn Jeffreys, which calls the belief that Niger is the river of the Negroes an erroneous modern supposition, before setting out on an inconclusive etymological trek via Turkish ‘giaour’ (infidel), to the Nile, and Arab and Jewish morphemes.

    I don’t know anything about Jeffreys’s affiliations. But in TIME magazine for 1952, Jeffreys is quoted as proposing the theory that early humans were black, whites are a “bleached” version of the ancient blacks, and modern blacks are a more evolved version. (At least as far as Africa is concerned, this is the reverse of my understanding – that African humans were mostly not black until the Bantu expansion.)

  97. Alden says:

    I wonder how much money he got. 7-11 has drop safes and only keeps a small amount of money in the cash register. Between covid hoax squeamishness and lack of coins for change few use money any more, even for small purchases of coffee and snacks.

    I’ve seen far, far, uglier.

  98. I am not racist. I hate everybody equally. George Floyd was a Patron Thug, and that is being kind.

  99. @dindunuffins

    indeed the election of hussein obama was when they started showing their “true colors”. not that some of us didn’t know already what they were all along.

    • Agree: CDebussey
  100. Augustus says:

    Whatever they are given, they did not earn. So shortly after they are rewarded with a section of OUR country, we need to start a dispute, blame it on them, and take back OUR land. Then they can slink off to somewhere else (Africa, Europe, China), anywhere but here. This mongrel, social experiment should end. It has been a massive failure, and has inflicted untold crime upon our White race.

  101. usNthem says:

    I left off Mississippi so they wouldn’t have access to the country’s primary waterway.

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @PO'd in PG County
  102. Trevor says:

    I get that. We could carve off a vertical strip of it on the West side.

    I think we would also need a vertical strip on the East side of Georgia to avoid cutting off Florida from the rest of the country.

  103. @usNthem

    Eh, let ’em have Mississippi as well. Most of them can’t swim, but with luck, that won’t stop some of them from trying…

  104. Lace says:

    Very helpful. Will look into all of that.

  105. @AR in Illinois

    It should be regular practice for the Feds to monitor the social media of felons and associates to look for possession (even handling) of firearms, and put them away for full terms when discovered.  That’s one way to put a price on stupidity.

    • Agree: bruce county
  106. Trevor says:

    Here is another video. The negro is beating up the cop while being arrested.

    Another negro is making the video and doing a commentary. His speech including the frequent use of variations of f*¢k and sheeit [sic] is interesting and revealing.

    • Replies: @George Rockwell
  107. Bite Moi says:

    europeasant——-Females,including Supreme Court Justices,are always going to emote their way through life.However,if while emoting,she actually follows the Constitution; we will be OK. After all.the Constitution was written by White men. Those White men used reason,logic,and yes prayer.Can’t picture any of ’em crying and wiping snot on their sleeves.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  108. @Trevor

    That was just sad. That officer has no business being in law enforcement if he isn’t willing to use enough force to enforce the law.

  109. Bite Moi says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    Patrick Boyle———If the Chinese will keep the Africans,i say let ’em have Africa. As for blacks being unable to run their own civilization,you are of course correct.I have a former college friend that works for a major Atlanta bank.He had a black “work buddy” that stuck like a tick.Bobby moved from one close in neighborhood to one with better schools.Work buddy moved to new neighborhood,and wanted to car pool.Repeat. Bobby has now moved to within spitting distance of the SC line. 2 hour commute each way.Good news is so far ” work buddy” hasn’t caught up with him. YET.

  110. The politicians have been stealing for years.

    For what are we atoning?

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  111. Ugetit says:

    The politicians have been stealing for years.

    Since the beginning, actually.

    Corporations and the international mafia posing a shitty little country, too.

    Blacks ripping off money laundering rip offs posing as “luxury” retailers are pissant-grade small potatoes. A laughable diversion at best.

  112. Ugetit says:
    @Bite Moi

    After all.the Constitution was written by White men. Those White men used reason,logic,and yes prayer.

    And just look at the result. They must have been either duplicitous while claiming, or dreaming while believing, that any good could ever come from it.

    The “anti-Federalists” were correct.

    • Replies: @Alden
  113. Alden says:

    I’ve posted this a million times and I’ll post it again. The founders wrote the constitution for judicial supremacy over the legislative and executive branch.

    It became precedent and law Marbury vs Madison 1804. The founders were followers of both French attorney, judge, legal scholar and aristocrat Montesquieu and even more the old British Germanic tribal common law.

    British common law doesn’t mean helping the common people or even laws passed by town councils. It means the biggest baddest family in the tribe gets to be the judges and make all the decisions for their and their allies benefit. These decisions became precedent and subsequent judicial decisions became laws.

    Perfect example of common law is school desegregation and bussing. 1953 constitution and 14th amendment compels all children to attend the nearest public school to benefit the black savage retards.

    1960s to very recently Common law judges decreed that the constitution requires all children get up at 5AM, get on a bus at 6/30AM and rude a bus to a school 30 miles away.

    That’s a perfect example of the English common law so revered by the founders and LOL conservatives.

    When Montesquieu was writing, the French judges law professors and attorney associations were trying to get a law passed that every law from national decrees to a city council dealing with mundane issues such as toll roads would be subject to judicial and law professor review.

    At the time, there were law schools in France. But the only way to become a lawyer was to be sponsored by a relative, father uncle whatever. Judges weren’t appointed by the King but elected by the lawyers associations. So it was a very very closed profession.

    Montesquieu, like America’s founding fathers was a Platonist. The world should be ruled by a superior caste of natural born intellectual aristocrats who would rise to the top with no opposition through sheer in born merit.

    That’s what the founders intended; rule by appointed for life judges who could order the elected president and every other official down to small town school boards to follow judiciar orders.

    Only 2 presidents every did not obey a Supreme Court order. Andrew Jackson vs Cherokee tribe and Lincoln suspending habeas corpus during the civil war and keeping about 40,000 dissidents in jails and prisons without benefit of habeas corpus or any kind of hearings during the civil war.

    Jackson vs Cherokee Tribe was a a very minor part of the Indian wars. Lincoln’s abolishing habeas corpus was a very big deal. But it’s only been done once by a president who had enormous backing for the measure.

    The Supreme Court isn’t out of control. It’s doing exactly what the Platoist Masonic aristocrat founders intended.

  114. Alden says:

    Not GA. Don’t we need the major city of Atlanta? Especially if Chicago becomes Detroit and NYC becomes Camden NJ.

    • Replies: @usNthem
  115. usNthem says:

    I don’t know Alden, Atlanta is pretty much lost, isn’t it? And remember, once the deal is made, all the joggers everywhere have to go, period. So Chicago, Detroit & NYC can be returned to their former glory.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  116. CDebussey says:

    You go to any of the regular righty sites and it’s headline news, however, the MSM lefty sites it’s not mentioned anywhere.

    Been saying pretty much since the galloping Muslim prince got elected in 08 that the left leaning or MSM is nothing less than the propaganda arm for the DNC now. The protection of Obama and his corruption, and this obvious story of criminal activity involving Biden and his worthless kid are but two examples of this. The fawning over the “Squad” is another..

  117. Bite Moi says:

    usNthem———-There are still plenty of nice White people in nice White neighborhoods with good schools in Atlanta———but it does take a 2 hour commute from the neighborhoods to downtown.

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