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Why Not Just Make It Illegal to Cast Whites in Scripted or Unscripted Shows? CBS Promises 'Survivor' and 'Big Brother' Casts Will be at Least 50% People of Color
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Why not just stop casting white people in scripted and unscripted (reality) programming? Wouldn’t this immediately introduce all of the diversity necessary to overcome decade after unfortunate decade of whiteness on network television? [CBS pledges Survivor, Big Brothercasts will now be 50 percent people of color, Entertainment Weekly, November 10, 2020]:

Following criticism from past contestants, shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and Love Islandwill include at least 50 percent people of color in their casts moving forward.

CBS announced a new diversity pledge Monday that will have a visible impact on its staple of reality shows: All future casts will contain at least 50 percent Black, indigenous and people of color.

That means hits like Survivor, Big Brother,and Love Island will be far more diverse starting with the 2021-2022 season.

“The reality TV genre is an area that’s especially underrepresented, and needs to be more inclusive across development, casting, production and all phases of storytelling,” said George Cheeks, president and chief executive officer for the CBS Entertainment Group. “As we strive to improve all of these creative aspects, the commitments announced today are important first steps in sourcing new voices to create content and further expanding the diversity in our unscripted programming, as well as on our network.”

The move follows several Survivorcontestants speaking out about the lack of diversity in the long-running show’s cast.

Over the summer, contestants including Sean Rector (season 4, Survivor: Marquesas) and Jolanda Jones (season 10, Survivor: Palau) formed a group called The Black Survivor Alliance with the goal of “bringing light to our collective experience with implicit bias and racism on and off the show” and had a series of meetings with CBS executives and host and executive producer Jeff Probst about the show being more equitable and inclusive. The BSA was one of two groups of former Black contestants to hold meetings with the network and producers.

In an interview with EW, Rector suggested his outspoken criticism of the show’s diversity issues was one reason he never appeared on the show again for one of its All-Starsseasons. “If you don’t think racism and implicit bias exists, tell me why [Survivor: Marquesaswinner Vecepia Robinson] has been completely ignored and has NEVER received an inquiry call or invite to even play in a season with all previous winners?,” Rector wrote. “(Please miss me with the ‘she was boring or not great TV’ BS). Subsequently, ten seasons later, Earl Cole, a Black man, finally won and like my sis Vecepia and Marquesas, was largely ignored by showrunners … Television, specifically the Survivorfranchise, has a responsibility and the power to represent a more just and equitable playing field as a benchmark of real progress for ALL people, and not some concession of perceived power or standing that had to be compromised by one group to another.”

Other contestants like Survivor: Edge of Extinction’s Julia Carter (season 38), Survivor: Cagayan’sJ’Tia Taylor (season 28) and Jones have likewise recently spoken out in Ross’ Quarantine Questionnaire series of interviews with past contestants. (Below, the cast of 2017’s Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers).

“My edit, and that of so many other Black people, caused me to organize the BSA and move to end systematic racism on Survivor,” Jones says. “Of the seasons I watched, the one that makes me the saddest, makes me cry and breaks my heart, is season 14, where there were three Black players, Earl Cole, Cassandra Franklin, and Dreamz Herd, as the finalists. The systematic/systemic racism, implicit bias, and microaggressions shown throughout the editing but especially during the final Tribal were so hard to watch. The thickness of the racism could be cut with a knife … ‘diverse’ does not mean the majority of the cast is white with a mixture of other races.”

Added Carter: “Many people do not realize the impacts that [diversity] has on the game. When you truly diversify the cast (and I don’t mean just a sprinkle of each race in every season), you even the playing field and allow every castaway a real opportunity to connect with more individuals, find allies, and win the game. Seasons like Cook Islands and Fiji, in which there was racially equal casting, should be the norm, not the exceptions.”

Agreed Taylor: “Lazy, crazy, workhorse, and sidekick are the typical ways that Survivor portrays African Americans, which is disproportionally negative. We are heroes, nerds, beauties, and so much more in real life. And I’d like to see that on Survivor.”

Big Brotherhas likewise had controversies over racial issues over the years, particularly in 2019, due to remarks made by white contestants on the show.


Also, just in general, more than any other broadcaster CBS has come under fire in recent years for a lack of diversity. In 2017, for example, the network’s entire new fall lineup consisted of six scripted shows all staring men – five of which were white men.

Since then, the network has announced a series of changes both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, with this reality TV casting goal as the latest move. Over the summer, for example, CBS announced it will allocate a minimum of 25 percent of its future script development budgets to projects created or co-created by Black, indigenous and people of color (a goal that will also now apply to unscripted shows), and also set a target for its writers’ rooms to be staffed with a minimum of 40 percent of same (a goal which increases to 50 percent in 2022). The network’s scripted cast diversity has also improved with series such as Bob Hearts Abishola, The Neighborhood, All Rise, SWAT and FBI.

Cord cutting for streaming services is at record highs. What percentage of people cutting cable and abandoning network television for streaming services (and watching lily white reruns of their favorite shows from decades ago) are doing so because of intense diversity mandates across not just CBS, but every channel?

Diversity just means limiting white people’s access to a vocation or an avocation.

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  1. Ultimately these producers´responsibility is not to BLM but their shareholders who may or may not be wokies but worship the bottom line above all else, and they are not going to look benevolently on financial seppuku like that; “get woke, go broke” is fast becoming a nursery rhyme.
    Who in hell wants to PAY for watching joggers work up an attitude (except those already hooked on WorldStarHipHop and HeyJackass)?

    And what´s with “racially equal”?
    Should I (fat chance) audition for the up-and-coming Survivor:Detroit
    (but I hereby copyright the idea 😛 )
    can I request a sufficient number of Aryan Nation minorities runningbacks to network with?

    • Replies: @Rooster10
    , @bruce county
  2. RVBlake says:

    Black Survivors Matter

  3. TV is bad and the commercials even worse.
    Read a good book instead and learn something intelligent.

  4. Diversity just means limiting white people’s access to a vocation or an avocation.

    D is to Deceive you
    I is to Inure you
    V is to Vilify you
    E is to Erase you
    R is to Repudiate you
    S is to Subdue you
    I is to Invest you
    T is to Trample You
    You will be no more

    • Thanks: Jim in Jersey
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  5. Negroes and coddlers are complaining about The Andy Griffith show because only one negro appeared in one episode.
    Why do you think I watch? It is so refreshing to watch well written non pc programming. I wish they would bring back the old commercials as well!
    You could see negroes creeping in tv series around 1969. It is obvious the writers got their marching orders.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @CCZ
  6. RickTen99 says:

    Another alphabet business getting over “woke” and hopefully will suffer the consequences of diminished returns as in revenue. NFL “woke up” and the ratings for its product tanked. NBA same situation, MLB as well. The executives who run these entities dont live with or near and have absolutely no idea of what the vast majority of citizens around the world experience in dealing with or having to work, live, or be forced due to circumstances, the negro. Most mainly negro shows have failed miserably and have been propped up by the networks so they can stay on the air. The statement is correct that “unwoke” whites will seek out the great TV shows and movies from the past. Complete Bull Sh_t (CBS).

  7. Hans says:

    Could it be we are at the stage where the parasite has grown so large that it emerges from the national rectum into full view? Might our people finally realize the truth that Fr. Feeney spoke so many decades ago? Might we finally wake up and turn the infernal box off? I think we might just seize the moment.

  8. Gunga Din says:

    Once again you have blacks taking over something that was invented/created by White people. With the help of White (race traitors) people.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  9. First, trying to find negroes willing to give up crack and cell phones long enough to be on ‘Survivor’ is hard.

    Finding those looking to dip their wick into a white woman on ‘Bachelor’ is much easier.

    Either way, this will likely tank the ratings as the shows turn black and the viewership remains mostly white.

    Maybe foolish white people will find something more productive to do with their time…

  10. Wyatt says:

    Reality TV taught us that women are too incompetent to survive on their own and would be the first casualties of Mother Nature. Likewise, reality taught us some folks whose darkness translates to a stealth bonus at night are too incompetent to survive in large numbers.

    You really have to question the intelligence of jewish executives who put their anti-white sentiment ahead of their natural lust for profit. 108 average IQ my ass.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  11. This is exactly why I don’t watch much TV. Read a book. Have a conversation with someone. At least you can still choose what book to read or whom you speak with.

    • Replies: @The OverSeer
  12. m. says:

    why would u watch dindu-bs or have a talmud-vision?

  13. At the very end of Mr. Kabir´s transcript is found this little nugget:

    “We just talked about how hard sometimes it might´ve been to bond with some of these people, or how they wouldn´t allow us or give us a chance to bond in certain ways.”

    [evil scientist´s laughter, long and hard]

  14. loren says:

    Tavis Smiley Ordered to Pay PBS $2.6 Million for Workplace …

    A judge has ordered TV host Tavis Smiley to pay $2.6 million to the Public Broadcasting Service for having multiple affairs with his subordinates. A Washington, D.C., jury found in March that Smile…

    • Replies: @Hangnail Hans
  15. HT says:

    We all know who controls network television programming and subject matter. Some sites allow you to say it and others don’t so I will just leave it at that.

  16. This doesn’t make much sense. Negroes are not the largest minority in America. There are more Hispanics. So why all the blacks in movies and films?

    If having TV polluted with omnipresent darkies is some sort of reparations, don’t we owe the Amerindian-white mixed people at least as much consideration? A lot of people think that blacks are amusing and if you like to see blacks in comedy roles that’s fine with me. But personally I always remember the two great black comedians of recent years – Bill Cosby and O.J. Simpson. They were amusing to many but one was a serial rapist and the other a serial murderer. That sort of fact makes them a little less jolly for me to watch.

    Based on the record of the past I might predict the two biggest black movie stars today – Denzel Washington and Dwayne Johnson will soon be revealed to have been typical black criminals – we can speculate as to what vile perversion they have been practicing. Morgan Freeman looks bent to me too.

    Martin Luther King hired white prostitutes and whipped them raw. Nice guy. Another black role model.

    Based on history a more enlightened policy would be to ban all black’s from the silver screen and the airwaves.

  17. 90 percent of those who audition for Survivor are White. But never mind that, we have to pretend that all races like the outdoors and roughing it equally. Why not get it over with and cast all non-whites for these shows? That’s where it’s headed anyway. For Survivor, let’s begin by replacing the host, White guy Jeff Probst, with a black host. Do the same thing with the Amazing Race host. Everything’s about race now. Race, race, race.

  18. @Feedsackroad

    Oh, I’m so gonna steal that.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @bruce county
  19. @Female in FL

    It´s older than that …
    the figure of the chauffeur Birmingham in those ancient Charly Chan episodes was the director´s protest against having to include blacks 😀

  20. @Patrick Boyle

    I keep hearing small pieces of MLK shenanigans…is there a GOOD book that explains this guy for what he really was? Probably not allowed to sell it anymore if so.

    • Replies: @CCZ
    , @SoWe
    , @WSG
    , @D-FENS
  21. Speaking of unscripted roles, look at the gleesome threesome who broke the neck of an elderly white man who died 10 months later from complications. Do not leave anyone under the ministrations of “caregivers”.

    I saw this on

  22. You should not be excessively watching The Electric Nose, White Man, White Woman. There’s good books to read about every subject imaginable, there’s an infinite (apolitical) youtube library to learn new skills. There are a thousand ways you could be improving your life condition every hour of every day!

    That time you think you have? You don’t! Get to it!

  23. What is 32 minus 16? The result of dating outside of your race.

    Her name is Cypress Noonan.

    Man charged in shooting of 16-year-old girlfriend in Ridgeland motel. He called 911

    The 32-year-old Ridgeland man who called 911 saying he found his teenage girlfriend shot dead in a Jasper County motel room on Labor Day weekend was charged Tuesday with her killing.

    Brian Jemal Redding faces one count of murder, one count of possession of a weapon in a violent crime and one count of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, according to a S.C. Law Enforcement Division news release.

    Redding is accused of killing “his girlfriend, Cypress Noonan, by shooting her in the forehead, with a SCCY 9 mm handgun,” according to arrest warrants issued Monday.

    Noonan, 16, of Ridgeland was found dead in a room at the Forest Motel near downtown Ridgeland on Sept. 6, the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
    , @Augustus
  24. @RickTen99

    Complete Bull Sh_t (CBS).

    Back when I lived in Boston, we used to say ” If you turn on channel 4, you will see B. S.”. That was a long time ago.

    • Agree: RickTen99
  25. @Jim in Jersey

    First, trying to find negroes willing to give up crack and cell phones long enough to be on ‘Survivor’ is hard.

    Is anyone going to be willing to search their prison wallet prior to the ride out to the set?

  26. CCZ says:
    @Female in FL

    I substantially lowered my cable television bill by dropping all sports, mainstream cable news, and music video and Disney type entertainment channels and subscribing primarily to the nostalgia, “retro,” “memorable,” and “family” entertainment channels. Lots of Andy of Mayberry, Leave It To Beaver, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Ozzie and Harriet, Perry Mason (the early black and white years), The Naked City (good gritty detective work, even if in somewhat “diverse” 1960 New York City), and even the Life of Riley!! Plus, that line-up gave me the “expertise” to score 100% correct on a 110 question identify the 1950s television shows test!!

    • Agree: Female in FL
  27. @Mr. Rational

    For sure… it’s going out in my weekly email.

  28. CCZ says:

    David Garrow’s Martin Luther King biography discussed Dr. King’s infidelities, long known, in broad outline, but his latest essay about the civil rights leader includes some “explosive allegations” about Dr. King’s sexual behavior.

    Essay seems available at:

    • Replies: @BanditOfBlithe
  29. Its only a matter of time that the orcs will demand partial ownership of the tv franchises they are ruining.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  30. Rooster10 says:

    In Old America, you’d be exactly right about these companies worrying what shareholders thought about sacrificing revenue for “wokeness”. However, in the new USSA these corporations no longer care about revenue generation, they only care about pushing the Marxist agenda. What they lose in customers, they make up in additional ad revenue from other large “woke” companies.

    We’re now living in a quasi-communist country, where actions have no consequences to those on the left. If they can fudge numbers on a National election… I imagine they can make the numbers look like whatever they want for cooperating corporations.


    Or how about whites make their own studios and make their own shows?

    Now, everyone has a camera and access to editing technology.

    Write and produce your own shows. Stop looking to Hollywood to give you stuff.

    Don’t give money to Jewish globalists.

    And whites should create their own sports and own sports culture.

    Instead of Alt-Right, how about Alt-Write? Write your own material.

    And Alt-Creativity. Who says all the creative stuff must come out of Hollywood?

    It’s like we can have country music without Nashville. These days, we can have shows without Jewish control.

    An Alt-Write community. That would change things.

    A race-ist FATHER KNOWS BEST with neo-fascist family.

    Typical dialogue in FASCIST FATHER KNOWS BEST.

    “Dad, how come all the people in football are black?”

    “Because blacks evolved to be faster, more aggressive, and tougher. That is why blacks commit so much crime and terrorize whites. That’s why we need separation from blacks. Otherwise, you will grow up to be a cuck maggot, son.”

    Imagine a TV show like that. I’d watch it.

    • LOL: europeasant
    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  32. CBS (any network r business, for that matter) is free to cater to any audience they like. I am free to not watch. I do not and have not watched “reality” tv shows, and I am not going to start, negroes or not. I do watch some Hallmark, and less as an increasing number of negroes are cast in lead roles that are as white as chalk. Hard to see that casting protocol being very popular with the 50 (plus) something Hallmark watcher. Black girls, maybe. Men?? Not so much, I think. Maybe I am way wrong??

    In any case, private organizations d what they like, and I adjust my consumption as I like.

  33. Raccoon says:

    I’m thinking that limiting “diversity” purely to skin color is pretty much raaciss – what on Earth are these whitebreads at CBS possibly thinking?

    Diversity needs to be a broad church, and as we have 87 different genders, these too need equality of representation.

    We need far more disabled folk to feature in shows like Survivor, and having so many young, healthy, nubile people cavorting around in all of these shows is distressing to our Elders and those of limited bodily function through no fault of their own.

  34. @bruce county

    Majority, not “partial” (as they create all the value).
    In South Africa it´s called BEE, “black economic empowerment” … and the methods and results are something to behold 😀
    The terminal stupidity and shamelessness …
    Were it not for what the Red Tails did on April 21st, 1945 I might almost pity you.

    • Replies: @Rich
  35. @nokangaroos

    (but I hereby copyright the idea 😛 )

    That script pretty much writes itself.
    They wouldn’t have to worry about diversity.

    The show Naked and Afraid had a white woman black man duo ..the black man was booted from the show for stealing food from the camera crew. The only time electronics were not looted!!!!.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @HT
  36. @Lancelot_Link

    And nothing of value was lost.

    It’s possible family members did try to shield her from orcs. Without proper values instilled early, it’s nigh impossible.

    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  37. Rich says:

    You’d think there has to be a market for shows, books, magazines, etc. that cater to White folks. There’s got to be some smart young entrepreneur out there about to make a bundle.

  38. SoWe says:

    Years ago Alan Stang, now deceased, wrote some informative articles on MLK. You might be able to find these running a search on line. Stang also wrote the book “It’s Very Simple : True Story of Civil Rights”. Surprisingly Amazon has the book listed.

    • Agree: europeasant
  39. Bite Moi says:

    Wyatt——–Perky tits are an excellent survival tool. Some prince will rescue you.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  40. WSG says:

    The fact that his FBI file is sealed by judge’s order until 2027 should give some indication of the level of TNB involved there.

    • Replies: @BanditOfBlithe
  41. DMZABO says:

    black losers never ….even when they are. Or at least the broke woke CEO of Marxist media will tell the millennials watching that garbage.

    They could come up with a crack cocaine selling contest . They can call it.. “cookie slinging survivors” in Camden, NJ.

  42. @Priss Factor

    That is awesome. I’d watch it too. Here’s a little scenario that’d fit in with FATHER/SON searching out a diner; “Hey Dad”, why can’t we stop at that one?
    It looks flashy and exciting.

    “No way Son”. That place is frequented by blacks, and all their lil nignog sprogs lick the Ketchup bottle with the cap off.

    This warning is based in fact and reality. My brother and I heard it throughout our childhood when eating in Detroit. Request a new bottle or do without.

  43. @SoWe

    Thank you for your post, I ordered this book on Amazon.

  44. @CCZ

    Thanks I’ll be reading those! Appreciate it!

  45. @SoWe

    Thanks I downloaded the sample…will buy it soon!

  46. @WSG

    The way things are now it will never be unsealed. Probably lost in the filing system by now.

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  47. @Rooster10

    Thank you, important comment.

    Unfortunately many older white people still don’t (or can’t) understand this.

  48. Augustus says:

    What color was the SCCY? Orange, or purple?

  49. @Bite Moi

    Perky tits are an excellent survival tool.

    Sure worked for Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts.

  50. loren says:

    Obama says diversity is out greatest strength, and has a mansion on the water.

    Via Breitbart,

    Terrorists tied to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) hacked “likely hundreds” of people to death in Ethiopia on November 9, Amnesty International reported on Thursday.

    “Amnesty International can today confirm that scores, and likely hundreds, of people were stabbed or hacked to death in Mai-Kadra (May Cadera) town in the South West Zone of Ethiopia’s Tigray Region on the night of 9 November,” the human rights organization revealed on November 12.

  51. HT says:
    @bruce county

    A wise and true saying worth repeating. The Negro will steal the cream from your coffee.

  52. D-FENS says:

    Here’s a Wikipedia entry on MLK’s plagiarism in his writing and speeches. Read it before it’s scrubbed.

    Every MLK day, I post in the comment sections on blogs and social media site about how he was a communist, adulterer, misogynist, and plagiarizer.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  53. D-FENS says:

    We know the files existed as of a few years ago as the author David Garrow used them to write the book referenced above. Jackie Kennedy heard or was told about the FBI files as she remarked that “he was a horrible man” when the subject of MLK came up in a 1964 interview.

    I am hoping that if Trump is not re-elected, he starts declassifying papers regarding JFK assassination, USS Liberty, 9/11, all the election interference we sponsored in other countries, financial system bailouts and whatever else he can. I don’t care if it gets spies killed.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @BanditOfBlithe
    , @El Dato
  54. @D-FENS

    Yes I will read it before its scrubbed. I’m surprised anything truthful is still available.
    Maybe they will reveal the files in the future. At least here we can still call the mutts out though.

  55. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing. I can’t think of a better way to redpill someone than to make them watch how “real people” behave. And there’s probably no saving the trash that enjoys those kinds of shows anyway.

  56. El Dato says:

    ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother’ Casts

    To paraphrase Rage against the Machine, who told us to “turn that shit (i.e. Mumia broadcasts) up”:

    Turn that shit off!

  57. El Dato says:

    Administrative lackeys will drag their feet on the way to the files until Avuncular Uncle Biden (AUB) rescinds the order.

  58. Rich says:

    All right, I give up, what happened on April 21st, 1945? I can’t find anything of major historical importance, except for a treaty signed between the Soviets and the Poles.

    • Replies: @Patrick Boyle
  59. m. says:

    off-topic: hey georgia “rev.” whore-nock, when your pimp-ass mofos stop attacking YT, i’ll listen 2u. until then, FOAD

  60. @Rich

    Was it something to do with the Tuskegee Airmen (Red Tails)? If so what?

    • Replies: @Rich
  61. I ditched TV years ago in the sense that I dumped cable. Now, all I have is a Roku box that allows me to access free channels that show old movies and tv series. That being said, when the cable company wanted to know the reason for the cancellation, I simply told them the truth- that all the shows were chock full of blacks and that I live in Knoxville, Tennessee- not Nairobi, Kenya. In that regard, I remember sitting at a friend’s house as he grew increasingly angry as he flipped through the channels and saw nothing but blacks in every show. By the amount of cussing that erupted from him, you’d have thought the 7th Fleet had sailed into port. Didn’t blame him one bit!

    On another note, I once had an Indian friend (dot, not feather) who also complained about the vast over-representation of blacks on TV in America. As he said, “Who wants to watch them?!?” Even he pointed out that there was no justification for the over-representation.

  62. loren says:


    Antifa were there and beating up attendees, like seriously beating up men, women, and children!

    Also read that Air B N B we’re denying people places to stay if they were there for the rally!

    Some beatings were caught on camera and were particularly disturbing! You’ll have to look the videos for yourself as I need to get ready for work right now otherwise I’d link some videos

    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  63. Rooster10 says:

    Well known staple companies like Coke and Pepsi, only advertise to stay “top of mind” meaning they don’t need to show anything new, they know there’s only limited choices in soda, so there commercials are just there to keep them relevant in your mind when you go shopping. For companies like this, they know no matter what they say or do on their commercials, people will still buy their products.

    So the corporate boards, bow down to and hire SJW professionals, who then use their companies platform to push their Marxist narratives. They know now that the customers they lose aren’t impactful enough to reverse course, and they gain more loyal leftist followers; see Nike for an example. This is a sad state of affairs we’re in, that’s why I say Old America is dead and we’re now in the USSA.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @loren
  64. OT: “Da King is dead, long live da king!”

    cRapper King Von gunned down in Atlanta by Quando Rondo’s crew.

    The nonchalance of the article, and the recounting of the details are laughable.

  65. Off topic, but I thought y’all would get a kick out of this. Further evidence that even when Whitey is gone, they’ll still blame us for their dysfunction.

    I’m on one of those “” sites, or whatever they call it. I no longer live in Prince George’s County, MD, but I’m still close enough to deal with their monkeyshines. And, well, their drama is more interesting than what goes on in my new neighborhood! Well, someone posted about calling the police on their neighbor because of barking dogs, and it created a big, long list of responses, with people falling on both sides of the debate. It didn’t take long before someone commented about how there are white people called “Karens” who like to cause trouble by calling the police on black people.

    That caused some argument, with some people saying “don’t play the race card” and others saying “but it happens” and so on. I simply responded with “Please, you’re in PG County. There aren’t enough WiPiPo left to be calling the cops!”

    The most recent stats I can find for Prince George’s County put the non-hispanic White population around 12.3%. So yeah, by and large it’s not Whitey calling the cops. Yet long after we have abandoned an area, we will still be blamed. Just like they use the Klan as a bogeyman for everything white and evil, yet when was the last time the Klan even did anything bad?

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  66. OT: Where’s our gibs?!

    “After Biden accepted the presidency, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors wrote an open letter to Biden and Harris saying “we want something for our vote” and asked for an immediate meeting.”

    As I have said many times before, barter services, give discounts for getting paid in cash, trade goods, and pay as little into the system as possible, because our taxes are funding this shit. Starve the beast.

  67. @Sick 'n Tired

    Lol, thanks for posting this, it’s hilarious!
    Lurkers and posters, this is mandatory reading, don’t pass it up.

  68. D-FENS says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    I once looked at the list of “Top 10 Wealthiest Black Communities”. What I found was that most were unincorporated areas that served as bedroom communities for negro athletes and entertainers. They don’t run their own school systems, police etc. – these are all farmed out to neighboring cities or the county. This is particularly true for those in southern California.

    One apparent exception (Prince Georges County MD) proves the rule. Here you have large numbers of negroes that either work for the federal government or one of the numerous federal contractors. Even here, there are only a handful of the public schools in the entire county that are ranked by at 9 or 10.

  69. EdKPyros says:

    The best line: ” ‘diverse’ does not mean the majority of the cast is white with a mixture of other races.”

    That describes America—so I guess we’re not a “diverse” country after all…

  70. Rich says:
    @Patrick Boyle

    Can’t find a thing. I have no idea what he’s referring to. The “Tuskegee airmen” were an insignificant asterisk in the history of the war. They barely contributed to the war effort but were mainly used as propaganda to keep the American Negroes sedated.

  71. @D-FENS

    After reading the reviews of the schools, it appears that the parents are as dumb as their niglets.
    I remember reading an article several years ago. It did not matter if the negro parents earned, and I use that term loosely, a top salary. Their niglets were still stupid and violent.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  72. Bite Moi says:

    D-FENS——-Great schools in predominently black PG county? Isn’t there a passage in the Bible regarding making bricks without straw?

  73. @D-FENS

    I just looked up one of those “10 richest black communities”, and noticed another similarity. By and large, they consist of owner-occupied, single family homes. No high-density housing, such as townhouses, condos, etc. And no apartments.

    My old zipcode is like this. It actually does have an elementary school, though. My Grandparents went there, and so did my Mom. By the time I was elementary school age, they had shut it down, and bussed us off to an elementary school about 5 or 6 miles away to help “whiten it up”. That was in the 1970’s, but eventually, my town grew enough that it warranted opening the school back up.

    Still, there’s no middle school, or high school. That’s the next town over. There is a police sub-station, that was put in with the fire department a few years ago. But, it’s run by the county, not the town. If we called the cops, it’s Prince George’s County that shows up, not a local town police.

    They like to tout PG County as the richest “African American” county in the United States, but, in the overall scheme of things, that’s not saying much. Its public school system is the second worst in Maryland, ahead of only Baltimore city. In per capita income, it still comes in only 14 out of 24. In household income, it’s 11 out of 14. In family income, it’s 11 out of 14 as well. In homicide rate, it’s #2, right after Baltimore city.

    Also, the metric they use for “wealth” is “income”. Not assets. You can have an affirmative action government employee husband and wife making $300K per year, but if they have nothing saved for retirement, owe $1.1M on their $800K house (and yes, that’s happened not too far from my old neighborhood), and be leasing their Benzes and BMWs, that’s not being wealthy. That’s “frontin.” Or as they used to say in the old days, “Big Hat, No Cattle.”

    • Replies: @BanditOfBlithe
  74. @Sick 'n Tired

    Man, another life lost which will be so tragically missed. I hope his management keeps safe, I remember the assasination of Lor Scoota and his manager. God, seems like yesterday. Oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  75. @Rooster10

    they know no matter what they say or do on their commercials, people will still buy their products.

    After Coke went Woke, I tried the regional chain’s store brand of cola.  It was acceptable, so I went exclusively over to that.  Best of all, the regular price is fractionally cheaper than Coke’s sale price and about half of Coke’s every-day price.  Coke lost a loyal customer of decades’ standing for pulling that ihst.

    When I see people buying Coke, I recommend that they try the store brand.  Word of mouth.

  76. @loren

    So far, over 260 public figures have been #metoo’d. Over 200 of them have been black or jewish. What are the odds?

    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  77. BobRupert says:
    This is a pure extortion.
    Draconian $1,000 fine for not wearing a mask (or wearing the specific mask (((THEY))) demand you wear).
    Welcome to Nazi America.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  78. @Mr. Rational

    Faygo over on Gratiot.
    That or the store brand.

  79. Rooster10 says:
    @Mr. Rational

    I do the same, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it’s one way to fight back. There’s complete lists floating around on the internet of woke companies to boycott. It’s nice to hear other people such as yourself boycotting these companies as well.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Piglet
    , @AR in Illinois
  80. loren says:

    And Jesse jackass shakes me down for big money.
    check jesses family ‘record’.

  81. @Hangnail Hans

    This is where 13% plus <1% equals over 76%! 😉

    Da noo maff!

  82. Billy3 says:

    Now let’s do the same with football and basketball teams.

  83. @Female in FL

    t did not matter if the negro parents earned, and I use that term loosely, a top salary. Their niglets were still stupid and violent.

    Exactly the experience in Shaker Heights, OH.

    Blacks should have to pay a steep tax to live among ANY group other than their own, and the others should have the right to refuse to accept that tax and their presence.

  84. @PO'd in PG County

    “Big hat no cattle”….perfect! I will be using that line!

  85. @Mr. Rational

    I gotta confess, I’m not that crazy about Pepsi, or most off-brand versions of Coke. But, I don’t drink that much soda anyway, and these days if I do, it’s usually ginger ale. And I’ve noticed I’m not picky at all about what brand of ginger ale I drink, so I’ll go with the cheap store brand.

    I don’t eat out that much, but when I do, often I’ll order one of the most racist drinks of all…milk! Yep, that’s right, they’ve actually gone so far as to brand milk as “racist”, because black people are more likely to be lactose intolerant than White people.

  86. On the subject of woke advertising, I’ve recently seen two commercials for the Nissan Rogue, featuring mixed race couples. One has a White man and black woman, and the other is the reverse. They’re trying hard, to cram that dieversity down our throats.

  87. @loren

    I’ve seen some of the videos from D.C. and to see that beautiful young white couple terrorized and have urine thrown on them and a white family of 7 being mocked and chased off the street will make your blood boil. The division in America 2.0 is real and probably permanent. “We’re not voting our way out of this.”

    The D.C. Police stood by as the situation spiraled out of control and may even have led MAGA supporters into a gauntlet of ANTIFA and BLM. At some point you got to say “f*** it” and go in…even if its impossible to make arrests but simply to escort innocents to safety. Unfortunately big-city police in this country are now led by Socialists and gutless cucks who have no tactical planning or strategy.

    I’m not sure what exactly a MAGA March was going to accomplish in a Dindu city like D.C. overrun with ANTIFA-BLM insurgents. It worries me when I see white men enter into urban combat unprepared and unarmed underestimating their enemy or refusing to learn from them. The other D.C. video of the old white guy charging a pack of Dindus with just his fists then getting laid out from behind is something every poster here warns about.

  88. Trevor says:

    Forget TV shows.

    The US will soon be actually run by 50% people of color.

  89. Piglet says:

    There’s complete lists floating around on the internet of woke companies to boycott.

    Here you go:

    Businesses who are supporting the Antifa and BLM riots

    Even this long list isn’t complete. Canadian Pacific Railway, which operates in not only Canada but parts of the USA as well, shoveled money to the orcs. See:

    CP donates US$1 million to three U.S. charities dedicated to strengthening people and communities

    As railroads have laid off tens of thousands of employees because of the downturn in traffic (not caused by the virus per se, but by governmental actions) and because they’re short on money — but not so short that CPR can’t toss an easy million to the orcs.

    CPR must know about this kind of thing happening (below), yet this company also kneels before savages:

    People in #Chicago are now looting right off of a moving train

    The two dindus filming the incident sound like they’re stoned out of their minds. Or perhaps that’s just standard dindu-speak?

  90. @BobRupert

    Another tiresome, ignorant misuse of “Nazi”.
    Try “Bolshevik”, “Communist”, “Trotskyite” or “Maoist”…
    you know, to be better informed and educated.

  91. @Piglet

    Are you sure that’s Chicago? It looks like Africa.
    Local news should be broadcasting this story rather than “we now have another 4431 cases of corona virus.”
    BTW, headline is misleading, those things aren’t people, not by a long shot.

  92. @Piglet

    That was quick, video is no longer available on Heavy, user has been terminated. They sure as hell go to great lengths to protect their pets!

  93. Piglet says:

    Are you sure that’s Chicago? It looks like Africa.

    As others have said many times, “Where you have Africans, you have Africa.” Magic USA dirt won’t turn them from savage to civilized.

    That was quick, video is no longer available on Heavy, user has been terminated. They sure as hell go to great lengths to protect their pets!

    Perhaps censors think that, if we don’t see videos of black criminality and savagery, we won’t notice it? Fat chance.

  94. Trevor says:

    I was once censored by Pinterest and had my board deleted.

    I had juxtaposed a picture of negroes climbing and jumping on a police car during the Baltimore riots with a picture of monkeys doing the same thing with a car in Africa.

    Among other things, I had “violated their right of privacy”.

    Apparently negroes now have some kind of “right” to not be shown in pictures or on video while perpetrating criminal behavior?

    Ironically, negroes often post the same thing themselves on World Star Hip Hop and other social media platforms.

  95. RonaldB says:

    Apparently, the greater part of the reality shows audience is white.

    Here’s a novel idea for the contestants who think they color played a role in their not getting further slots on the shows. Put the work into finding out what actions and mannerisms appeal to the viewing audience. You might have to work somewhat harder than a white contestant who doesn’t have to worry about molding the way he comes across. On the other hand, you’re aspiring actors and models, so crafting your appearance to your audience is part of the game.

  96. @Trevor

    Kinda like this…LOL…
    I can’t tell the difference

  97. @Rooster10

    My main target is Procter and Gamble. After The Talk video and the Gillette commercial I always check household products so I DON’T buy their shit. I was amazed at how many of their products I used before I started to boycott them. Every little bit counts.

  98. @Piglet

    Those assholes did that constantly in the town I policed (it has 2 huge rail yards). They would go to the north edge of the hood and cut holes in the fence and hit the container cars as they were stopped.
    A lot of times they managed to hit cars carrying TVs or other desirable items, leading us to believe that they had “inside” info on what car was carrying what. Most of the railroad employees were white but, of course, they were forced to hire some subhumans, allowing for their systems to get compromised.

    • Replies: @Harriet Tubtub
  99. Piglet says:

    As you’ve noticed, it’s only a violation if whitey notices dindu savagery. For orcs, anything goes, and it’s open season on whitey.

    • Agree: Trevor
  100. @Trevor

    I was once censored by Pinterest and had my board deleted.

    I had juxtaposed a picture of negroes climbing and jumping on a police car during the Baltimore riots with a picture of monkeys doing the same thing with a car in Africa.

    If it’s any consolation, your post did not die in vain. I’ve seen similar posts over the years showing that comparison…

    A councilman in Wales apparently made the connection, caused an uproar, and quit as a result…

    • Replies: @Trevor
  101. @Piglet

    Perhaps censors think that, if we don’t see videos of black criminality and savagery, we won’t notice it? Fat chance.

    The TV shows that they are obsessed with buying the best insurance policy, mountain climbing, and installing crown moulding in the parlor.

    • Replies: @BanditOfBlithe
  102. Trevor says:
    @bruce county

    Yes. Just like that but slightly different pictures.

    I thought it was amusing but Pinterest apparently doesn’t share my sense of humor.

    On another board I posted pictures of chimpanzees playing chess alongside humans playing chess.

    They didn’t seem to have a problem with that. I suppose if I had found and posted a picture of a negro chess player next to the chimpanzees it might have been different.

  103. Trevor says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    Must not “make them look bad” although they do that themselves, perpetuating the stereotypes.

    Any contextual association between negroes and monkeys is a leftist no-no.

    Although the fact that they get so upset about it betrays what they really think/know.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  104. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Yes ruin the parlor whilst in the process scoping the house out to find good things to steal later on when YT is out looking at more home improvements.

  105. @bruce county

    After all of the animals leave, which of the two cars would you guess is in better condition?

    Would either of the two groups be capable of repairing the damage if their lives depended on it?

  106. rj says:

    “Why Not Just Make It Illegal to HAVE WHITE CBS EXECUTIVES in Scripted or Unscripted Shows? CBS PROMISES CBS EXECUTIVES Will be at Least 50% People of Color.”

  107. @Piglet

    Is it wrong to hope the looters were seriously hurt when the train started moving?
    How did they know which container to rob?

    Interesting that they were stealing flat screen tv’s-I guess it’s so they can watch Survivor and the black history month propaganda.
    I don’t have a tv – I watch Netflix & Amazon-
    I like to watch series & movies where I am not culturally alienated.

  108. @AR in Illinois

    That’s what I thought too! Someone told them when the tv’s were coming in.
    What kind of sick person thinks it’s okay and does it?

  109. Tom F. says:

    Great article, thank you Paul Kersey.

    My proposal is a reboot of “Ax Men’ with an all-Black cast of lumberjacks, called “Ask Men.”

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