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White People in Boulder, CO Boast About Racial Equity Tool to Correct Historic and Systemic Racism in City: Problem Is City Is Too White (And Successful) to Use It
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But what happens when keeping out the diversity you so overtly cherish, means maintaining the appeal of one the nice city’s in all of America and ensuring high property valuations – both commercial and residential – flourish? [Boulder has a racial equity tool. But it’s too white to use it.,, June 23, 2022]:

Boulder loves a grand plan, and there was perhaps none grander than its racial equity plan, adopted last year, and accompanying assessment tool. Together, they provide a path to ensuring that every city dollar, decision, policy and program worked to correct historic and systemic racism.

Rollout of the tool (a 14-page set of questions) has been inconsistent. It has become somewhat of a routine for diversity-minded council members to ask if the racial equity tool has been applied to whatever issue is confronting them that night; the answer is often no.

The city’s Community Vitality department — gearing up for a 5-year expansion of outdoor dining in Boulder — recently gave it a go.

“Given the demographics of Boulder, we lack adequate input from people of color,” staff wrote in pre-meeting notes to council. “Input was gained from stakeholders that primarily represent a White demographic.”

Staff recommended gathering information from more diverse cities with outdoor dining programs, and acknowledged the limitations of racial equity assessments in a city that is 79% white.

“This leads us to a broader question that outdoor dining alone cannot address — how do we make the City of Boulder more inclusive?”

Councilwoman Nicole Speer expressed her disappointment with the outreach efforts during Tuesday’s discussion. Community Vitality director Cris Jones said the quick turnaround did not leave enough time for robust outreach.

“In the nature of trying to stand up a program in really short order, it does make it challenging to have a broad, widely inclusive public engagement process,” Jones said.

City staff will continue to seek feedback, Jones said.

Those most committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and equity strangely live in communities lacking any of the vibrant they so virulently promote as America’s greatest strength, simultaneously living in disproportionately white cities boasting some of the nation’s most desirable real estate valuations.

Why are those who brag the most about dismantling white supremacy and promoting diversity the least likely to live around the latter?


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  1. When is it that these people will be expected to play catch-up and simply join us as allies and creators of value? Oh! Are people not supposed to ever question the tenets of Dinduism?

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  2. D-FENS says:

    I spent several days in the Boulder area a few years ago. Nice area. Went to Rocky Mountain NP, then down to the Colorado Springs area. Boulder and points west from Denver are nice. Aurora, which is south and east of Denver appears to be a dumping ground for refugees.

    Boulder has about 1% negroes which is why they think the way they do.

    The big problem with the Boulder area is it is a university town which means marxism. As far as relocation, you want to avoid towns with a big university or corporate presence.

  3. loren says:

    Off topic

    I heard that in the 1990s the town council held a dinner to honor an MD.

    he does ‘abortions’ on women 6-9 months pregnant.

    sick leftists in boulder.

    • Agree: Augustus, Non PC Infidel
  4. Why are those who brag the most about dismantling white supremacy and promoting diversity the least likely to live around the latter?

    Luxury beliefs.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  5. Boulder’s “79% White population” is even more insulated from Black dysfunction than that figure would suggest.

    Boulder is a chichi college town. (It’s also drop-dead gorgeous.) Besides its educated, wealthy, white majority population, it has a substantial number of wealthy and educated Asians, along with many upwardly mobile young Hispanics and lastly, a very small number of college-attending Blacks.

    Boulder’s Black population is somewhere around 1% of the overall population. This demographic profile one big reason that Boulder is considered a idyllic, lovely, civilized, and safe community.

  6. Import more blacks and they can use it

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Dani
  7. Franz says:

    Why are those who brag the most about dismantling white supremacy and promoting diversity the least likely to live around the latter?

    Because they love their working class brethren and want us to stay busy surviving their ideals.

    But most American workers are literate and we started taking down names long ago.

  8. Rooster16 says:

    They can pay me a \$250,000 consultation fee and trash their 14 page racial equity dossier, and I’ll handle their outdoor dining dilemma: “If you have too many black people in your city, outdoor dining will be ruined by them in every way imaginable. If you don’t have many black people, your outdoor will be enjoyable.” There, hope the check is in the mail!

    • Agree: Sick n' Tired, Raccoon
  9. Augustus says:

    Overwhelming hypocrisy everywhere we look. These are the snobs who live in all white safety, while expecting others to do their integrating for them. If those “others” object to integration, the hypocrites label them as “bad Whites” at best, or worse, they label them as “White supremacists.” That’s why it’s sort of enjoyable when their ignorant pets jump up and bite them.

    • Thanks: Lancelot_Link
  10. @loren

    Yes, Warren Hern. One of the few post-viability abortionists in the country. He’s a pillar of the community there. He literally wrote the book on abortion:

    • Replies: @loren

    The people of Minneapolis don’t want to invest by owning multiple homes to maintain and rent to blacks. The answer? Let out of state megacompanies buy up the property and rent it to the people the locals don’t want to make money from.

    I am not the problem! Haw, haw, haw!

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  12. Bite Moi says:

    Lancelot_Link————Were Boulder to ever become “enriched” with “vibrant” diversity,the city’s White residents would come to know what the rest of us already know. The beauty of diversity is best observed from a comfortable distance.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  13. Bite Moi says:
    @Priss Factor

    Andy Ngo———-Somalis,like imported beer,isn’t always better than domestic.

  14. loren says:
    @Herbert R. Tarlek, Jr.

    oh my..except what he does is legal pre meditated murder and hes been at it for 30? years.


  15. Trevor says:

    Just hearing on the news that imbecile Biden is awarding “Presidential Medals Of Freedom” (whatever that is these days) to 17 recipients.

    Only names I have heard so far are Denzel Washington and the evil despicable lying traitor John McCain. A partial picture showed more black faces. I’ll bet that all recipients are left and/or black.

    One has pubk purple hair

    Another leftist exercise in negro worship?

    • Replies: @Autistocrates
    , @Anonymous
  16. @Lancelot_Link

    Homeownership is the fastest, most stable way a family can grow wealth in America. Homeowners leverage the value of their homes to pay college tuition — and the down payment for a home — for their kids.

    Umm, no. Just no. That’s how people end up losing their homes…they leverage whatever equity they build up, pulling it out to live large, and then when they lose their jobs and can’t pay the mortgage, they lose the house and end up with a whole lot of debt they can’t pay off.

    The reason why black home ownership is so low can be summed up in three words (or four, depending on how you count it… “No Future-Time Orientation”. They tend to spend money as soon as they get it, and the concept of saving and sacrifice is relatively foreign to them. When they do buy a house, it’s often with as little money down as possible, because they want as much house as they can get. As a result, when the market tanks, they’re usually upside down when it comes to equity.

    They also tend to be unemployed more often, and tend to have worse credit, so little things like that are going to make it hard to get a house.

    Most of the people in my family wanted to pay that mortgage off as soon as possible, and the idea of borrowing on the equity made them shudder. There were a few who would pull out as much equity as they could, as values rose, mostly to fund bad life choices (gambling, leeching family members, etc), and they ended up broke and miserable.

    Owning a home can lead to wealth, in the sense that over time, your mortgage payment stays constant, other than taxes/insurance. Meanwhile, rents rise as the years go by. So, if you stay in your house awhile, and resist the urge to upsize or pull out equity, you should save money, compared to renting, and if you’re smart you’ll put that money to work.

    But, most black people I know don’t have that kind of patience. To be fair though, the same can be said for a lot of white people as well.

  17. Any white guy who wants to be a policeman in a ‘blue’ city gets no sympathy from me.

    If you want to defend Hiverals from Blacks when Hiverals chant BLM and call you ‘pig’, you are too dumb to deserve sympathy.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  18. Howa.308 says: • Website

    Completely off topic but maybe one of the dumbest murders ive heard of in a while. A pavement ape in indianapolis just got convicted for killing his mail lady. They suspended mail service to his house because of a vicious dog ( betting my retirement its a pit bull). So instead of keeping his dog inside or chained up, he confronts the mail lady like she did something wrong. She pepper sprays him. He pulls a gun a murders her. There is absolutely no hope ever of living peacefully with these walking turds. When are people going to realize that? I dont think half the country ever will.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel
  19. @Thulean Friend

    Libs and normiecons love blacks, love them, love them, love them, and the further away they live, the more they love them.

    Luxury beliefs.

    • Agree: Augustus, Piglet
  20. anonymous[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Lived in Lakewood, CO for a year back in 2006. Had a truck driving job delivering HVAC and I made many deliveries up to the Boulder area, mostly to new homes under construction. I always remember it as a yuppie-ish, upper class and wealthy University town with very few blacks to be found. Lots of druggies hanging around though, mostly at the gas stations with the convenience stores.

    Friends I made while living in CO would tell me to avoid Denver neighborhoods like Aurora and Glendale. No surprise that these places had the most blacks. Of course, Denver and other Colorado towns also have a lot of Mestizo antics going on as well, plus tons of theft and property crime.

    Nice country out there with the mountains and all, but in the Denver metro area, watch your back.

    For what it’s worth, the apartment I rented in 2006 for \$600 a month, now rents for \$1,350.

  21. Dani says:
    @Priss Factor

    God, I am so sick to death of the seemingly endless supply of videos such as this one. I’ve spent most of my life never really giving race a second thought. I had an overall good experience with all races during my lifetime, but I can see more, with each passing day, that my experience thus far, has not at all been typical. I am developing a hatred for blacks and it’s beyond my control.

  22. @Trevor

    In fairness, Denzel is probably one of a handful of likeable celebrities / black Americans. I’m sure he’s quietly a conservative, I know he’s a rather religious Christian. Prior to acting he was considering becoming a preacher. Though celebrities probably shouldn’t be getting these awards to begin with.

  23. @Bite Moi

    Ah, the People´s Republic of Boulder (uncle of mine used to run a ski hut there);
    I´m afraid the Tourism Board is going to have to pay some underemployed
    ski bums for drive-by-shooting to provide authentic community flavor
    to the “outdoor dining”.

    • LOL: Bite Moi
  24. This just in: Seems one Megan Hess has just been found guilty of doing something,along with her mom Shirley,yes,Shirley,Koch,that kind of boggles the mind.
    Megan is an undertaker in Montrose Colorado. She has been selling the bodies and body parts of her,er,clients without the families knowledge. Yes,you give her Aunt Clara’s body to oh so respectfully inter,around which the family gathers to say goodbye, thinking her lovely coffin will be her eternal home,and the coffin is full of concrete.
    Megan has sold her!
    She was also known to remove gold fillings from the departed.
    You may wonder,gee,who could do something like this? What,er,”sort” of person would do this?
    What sort,indeed?

    • LOL: loren
    • Replies: @loren
  25. @PO'd in PG County

    My uncle, who ended up owning a block and a half of Santa Monica rentals, told me, “You’ll either buy yourself a house or buy your landlord a house”.

  26. SafeNow says:

    The city counsel thinks that a small percent of diversity can’t do any harm; say, 4 or 5 percent. They are wrong; at 5%, various institutions unravel. The school system is ruined – – fights, disruptions, dumbing-down. The police department will placate law-breaking. Daily life itself changes, as “better safe than sorry” moves into all activities.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
  27. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    I think trump is a total imbecile.

    • Troll: Trevor
    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Priss Factor
  28. @PO'd in PG County

    Oh, just saying that the least educated, most quick to anger, most violent and the inability to delay gratification (no future time orientation) should be expected to have the lowest home ownership rates.

    Why don’t the progressive politics white saviors simply put their own resources to come up with solutions for their favorite people? Because they know it is not a win for anyone involved but the negroe!

    Being a Gen-X’er I remember when discrimination showed itself when people wouldn’t rent to other folks, employ them, treat them fairly… Nowadays we are racist and are guilty of far worse than what made people act prejudically. Strange, that I don’t have to actually do anything nowadays to be a bad person but liar whites don’t do what they can to improve the manners or lot of their pets.

  29. Bite Moi says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss Factor———You use the term “Hiverals”. I assume you mean that blue city liberals have been “assimilated”. I will try that term on some of my liberal friends,and remind them that 99.99999% of the Borg were drones.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  30. Bite Moi says:

    Dani———-“I am developing a hatered for blacks and it’s beyond my control.” It’s always good to get a second opinion,but for now just go into a well lit bathroom. Examine your facial expression carefully.Is that expression really hate or just disgust?

    • Replies: @WSG
    , @Dani
  31. WSG says:
    @Bite Moi

    The only thing that these beasts do particularly well is inspire hatred in everyone around them. Disgust is too mild a term.

  32. @Dani

    I am developing a hatred for blacks and it’s beyond my control.

    I get the emotion but hate is wrong, and understanding what you’re dealing with is far more productive. Discerning that a large percentage of uber violent, feral nig-grows are no more able to control their behavior than a male lion that murders the cubs of a rival male’s brood is important to controlling hatred toward this subspecies. I’ve had numerous discussions with dishonest white cunts that would argue to their last breath that they “just the same as us” and then I ask one question. Where do you live? 99% of the time they live in lily white neighborhoods, their kids go to good schools and for the most part don’t have to deal with the Chitcongo, Philthedelphia type munts. When they make the excuse that, “well I make good enough money” I then ask, are you investing in real estate in majority black neighborhoods, I hear the property is cheap? I’ve gotten a lot of “Fuck You’s” and, “you’re just a racist,” to which I respond, well maybe but I also live in reality and don’t dismiss what’s obvious to anyone that’s even remotely paying attention.

    • Thanks: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @WSG
  33. @Dani

    It’s in the black blood to revert to savagery since they only evolved to savage state.

    It’s not their fault as savages are savages. It’s the fault of idiot whites who brought these savages to the West. First, these whites said blacks are inferior and be used as slaves/servants. Then, these whites said blacks are equal to whites and same should be expected of them in behavior and achievement. Then, these whites said blacks are holier and nobler, and whites must wash their black feet and kiss their black ass(and have white wombs colonized by black seed).

    Whites are now whummies, or white dummies.

    • Replies: @Dani
  34. WSG says:

    I completely disagree. Hate will enable you to do what is necessary, at the appropriate time. The complete collapse of the USA could happen any minute.

  35. Trevor says:

    I had just read that Biden admonished gasoline retailers to lower their prices.

    It happens that such retailers only make a few pennies a gallon in profit whereas the federal gas tax is 18 cents collected at the pump.

    So Joe’s statement is beyond stupid and ignorant… maybe imbecilic begins to describe it?

    • LOL: loren
  36. AceDeuce says:
    @Dr. X

    Look at those poor “black bodies” in the video. They look terrified. Too timid to assert themselves thanks to 400 years of de’ slabery. Traumatized by the horrible deaths of Fentanyl Floyd, Emmett Till, and Trashcan Martin.

    The same media cretins who call the Baltimore nigro squeegee shakedown artists “workers” will probably start calling these chimps “restaurant critics”.

  37. @Anonymous

    I think trump is a total imbecile.

    He is scump, a cuck-maggot.

  38. Dani says:
    @Bite Moi

    Bite Moi, normally I’d have given some background info before throwing up my feelings, but then I end up being way too wordy so resisted my usual temptation. I took a lot for me to ‘fess up like I did. Unlike the majority, I don’t use the word “hate” in all of its forms lightly. I really don’t like using the word, in all of its forms. I had a better experience growing up with blacks than most my age. Mind you, I didn’t “grow up with blacks” in any literal sense, but I did have enough blacks at both my junior high and high schools to say this counts as my having grown up with blacks.
    I am very grateful I have not had any negative experiences with blacks in my day-to-day life over 51 years – a couple unpleasant experiences, but nothing worth describing here.
    I should have been more accurate in saying my developing hatred for blacks, thus far, has purely been based on things I continue to read and see on websites I’ve come to trust over the years, with TUR being at or near the top of the list.
    If I go look in the mirror and at least say it THAT way, I’m OK with it, lol. Thanks for your reply.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  39. Dani says:
    @Priss Factor

    Priss Factor, I can’t help but to feel confused by your reply to me. Though I don’t get on TUR as often as I’d like to, I have certainly read more than a handful of your comments over the past several years. Maybe I am mis-remembering, but I could have sworn you are fully aware of the more accurate version of our American history. If this is the case, surely you would not have used “White/Whites” in all of the places in which you used this – and, instead, would have used “jews”, yes?
    To even imply Europeans had anything to do with blacks being a part of our population is incorrect. As for the current-day things you attributed to Whites, I can’t completely disagree with any of it, because I am aware we have a very sick and terminally afflicted portion of our population here in the U.S. that goes well beyond being “color blind”. It’s a sickness deep in their miseducated psyche that likely nothing can fix.

  40. Bite Moi says:

    Dani——–I got mugged once,and burgled twice by blacks.That said,dealing with their sheer stupidity,lazyness,and general behavior bothers me more. That why i generally feel overpowering disgust more than actual hate.

    • Replies: @Trevor
    , @Dani
  41. Trevor says:
    @Bite Moi

    There are many scary disgusting dangerous creatures in the world. We don’t “hate” them, we just stay out of their way, avoid provoking them, and move/keep them away from us. For the most part they are just trying to survive, eat and protect their young and won’t bother us if we don’t bother them

    But AFAIK, chimpanzees and blacks are the only creatures that indulge in wanton gratuitous and unprovoked violence purely for the sake of the violence itself.

    It is simple common sense to get them away from us, but the pervasive (((ideology))) considers that “racist”.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  42. Bite Moi says:

    Trevor———I am retired now,and plan to move to a Whitopia. I want to be rural,but near a small White town.Preferrably one without a 4 year college,but with a good tech school.

  43. Dani says:
    @Bite Moi

    Was there any kind of violence/physical harm to you, involved with your mugging and “burgles”? People that have lived entire lives in the U.S. can all come away with vastly different experiences with black Americans – this seems to be the case a lot. I never assume what kind of experience someone my exact age has or hasn’t had with blacks – I’ve come to see it this way since speaking with people over the years & having my mind blown as to what others lived through.
    You seem to have a problem with the word “hate” – fair enough, and I’m not a big fan of it. My overall life experience with personal experiences with black Americans, up until the early 90s, was a FANTASTIC one, and that is not an exaggeration. I was naïve enough for a time to think my personal experience was typical. Prior to my fantastic experience with blacks, I had ZERO experiences because I lived in 2 different towns where there was no measurable black population, other than outlying areas with sprawling apartment complexes. When I moved to a new state in the early 90s, I was in for a real shock. I quickly learned avoidance at any and all costs. It’s gotten a bit harder the last decade or so to practice that. Maybe it’s due to my hot/cold experience that I muster the “hate” emotion – because I know what is possible.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  44. Bite Moi says:

    Dani——–The mugging got me cut.I needed 12 stitches. The burglaries happened when we weren’t home.The destruction bothered me more than the thefts.I am capable of hate,but ususally i am just more disgusted with their behavior and indifferent to their various hardships. Those hardships are almost always due to their dysfunctional behavior.I don’t go out of my way to harm them,but if passing by them while they were on fire; i wouldn’t piss on ’em to put the fire out.

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