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We'll Have a Gay Old Time: Disney Executives Confirm the Great Replacement Is Coming to the Mouse, Pledging Half Its Characters to be Non-White, LGBTQ
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Previously on SBPDL: In 2021, Walt Disney Declares War on Whiteness Via Critical Race Theory; In 1950s, Walt Disney Embraced Whiteness as Key to Tomorrowland


Reimagine Tomorrow is the bold new initiative by Disney to create a world where white men have basically no part in the corporation, save ponying up money for their kids to be groomed into believing the legitimacy of whatever trendy letter added to the ever-growing end of the pantheon of L-G-B-T this week.

Yes, The Great Replacement comes to Disney. [Disney exec wants half its characters to be LGBTQIA, minorities by end of year, New York Post, March 30, 2022]:

Disney executive has vowed to drastically increase inclusivity in its productions, promising that at least 50 percent of its characters will be LGBTQ or racial minorities by the end of the year.

Karey Burke, president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content, said the company must do more to make its content more inclusive in a company-wide Zoom call Monday that was later posted to Twitter.

“I’m here as a mother of two queer children, actually,” Burke said on the call. “One transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader.”

Burke said she supports featuring “many, many” characters who are LGBTQIA, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (or questioning), intersex, and asexual (or allies).

By the end of the year, Burke said she wants at least half of the entertainment giant’s characters to be LGBTQIA or racial minorities.

The Disney honcho said she had been dismayed to learn from a colleague that the company only had a “handful” of queer lead characters in its content.

“And I went, ‘What? That can’t be true,’” Burke said. “And I realized it actually is true. We have many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories and yet we don’t have enough leads and narratives in which gay characters just get to be characters and not have to be about gay stories.”

The call was part of Disney’s “Reimagine Tomorrow” campaign, according to the video posted on Twitter Tuesday.

he new diversity push comes as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed Florida HB 1557 into law Monday despite claims its discriminatory. The legislation bans Florida teachers from discussing LGBTQ topics like sexual orientation or gender identity with students unless they’re in the fourth grade or higher.

Disney has denounced the new law and vowed to fight to repeal it.

“Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that,” Disney said in a statement Monday.

The statement came after some Disney employees staged walkouts and held protests against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that’s now law in the Sunshine State.

Burke, meanwhile, got emotional at one point Monday while touting the new push to include more LGBTQIA and minority characters in Disney’s content.

“I hope this is a moment where, … the tears, sorry, are coming … we just don’t allow each other to go backwards,” Burke told Disney colleagues on the call.


There are fantastic Disney movies made long ago, especially those Pixar made before it was bought up by the former. Seek those out (particularly The Swiss Family Robinson). But turn your back on the company today and the poison it produces, for Disney is fully committed to The Great Replacement.

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  1. Augustus says:

    Obviously Disney no longer wants to appeal to normal parents. They also have no use for passing on traditional values, and they don’t like White people. They prefer to groom children and worship minorities.

    Any parents supporting Disney in any way are bad parents. They need to be told that.

    The epitome of horrible parenting is that woman proudly gushing that she is the mother of “two queer children, one transgender and one pansexual.” I’m picturing her as extremely proud of that fact. She needs to be whipped in the village square, until she grovels and begs forgiveness.

  2. Well I guess Disney will learn that White people under 50 are moving away from cable and can pick and choose their channels.

    Liberals in Washington state completely give up on treating Black/Hispanic children equally

  3. usNthem says:

    The mother of a tranny and a panny. Now there’s something to be proud of – and, not surprisingly, she is. There really is no fate that could befall this company and landmass that wouldn’t be well deserved.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
    , @possumman
  4. The legislation bans Florida teachers from discussing [adult content] with students unless they’re in the fourth grade or higher.

    Yet another bloody battle fought over the schools. Public education is a political institution; and great news for lawyers.

    It used to be that GOPs opposed this sort of degenerate indoctrination in any grade. Now they’ve retreated to a defensive position in 4th grade. In a few years, they’ll be completely routed and insist that not a single [adult word] be spoken before kindergarten. (It’s really something how the schools have all but renounced instruction in the 3Rs and, in their place, chosen to fill the void with this sort of left-wing crap.) Btw, voters in Washington State approved Question 90. Starting in the fall, the “talk” begins in kindergarten.

    One transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader.

    Only a woman who went to college would say such a thing. My son, the doctor.

    • Agree: Augustus
  5. ” I’m here as the mother of two queer children.” Mic drop.

  6. AnalogMan says:

    Karey Burke, president of Disney’s General Entertainment Content, said the company must do more to make its content more inclusive in a company-wide Zoom call Monday that was later posted to Twitter.

    “I’m here as a mother of two queer children, actually,” Burke said on the call. “One transgender child and one pansexual child, and also as a leader.”

    There you have it: the problem with the world. Emancipated women given power in an industry built by men. Women turned loose without supervision to embrace whatever perversion grabs their flighty minds, and the resources to promote it. Can anyone deny that this particular specimen is a disaster, as a mother, as a business executive, as a human being?

    Keep ’em barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. Lots of wisdom in the old ways.

    • Agree: usNthem, anarchyst, Raccoon
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  7. USA1943 says:

    It is almost like The USA is Celebrating Sexual Perversion and Sexual Deviancy. I can’t believe how far the USA has fallen.

  8. 1. Why do people still watch Disney stuff?

    2. Why can’t people make a counter-culture for children?

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  9. Unit472 says:

    Making a “woman” like Karey Burke president of Disney’s content creation makes about as much sense as an Israeli travel agency hiring Adolph Eichman to develop train tours of Eastern Europe for Jewish tourists. Its a declaration of war on Disney stock holders.

    I only went to Disney World once in my life , years ago. It wasn’t a place for a single hetero male. It was a place parents could take their ( younger) children to be entertained ( and buy them Disney products). That was OK with Disney too. They didn’t want single men who enjoyed being entertained by Disney cartoon characters. Orlando offered those kind of guys the Pulse Night Club where they could dress in any gay costume that turned them on and do their thing in the toilet stalls not The Magic Kingdom.

    Disney is a very wealthy, powerful company but it won’t be for long if it becomes more associated with Karey Burke and Jeffrey Epstein than Walt Disney and Snow White. I dump the stock while it still has some leftover value.

    • LOL: Adolph 2nd
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  10. Jiminy says:

    Reimagine tomorrow, when parents boycott Disney entertainment.
    The big question is how the hell would they portray a homosexual mouse in a way that a child could safely watch .
    Maybe a rodent trotting around with backless chaps on, with a straw hanging out of his butt. Wouldn’t old Walt be spinning in his grave.

  11. HT says:

    Is there anyone who still doesn’t understand why the people who run Disney and most of our media and entertainment industry were chased out of over 100 countries? Why in the world did we admit them to our once great country? They have destroyed it with their cultural Marxism.

  12. bro3886 says:

    A relevant video from ramzpaul:

  13. Rooster14 says:

    These people represent less than 2% of the population, yet Disney is going to make them 50% of their focus… seems about right for ClownWorld. Maybe they should make new LGBTQABC and african American rides, I wonder what those would look like?

  14. Realist says:

    Walt is spinning in his grave.

  15. Disney has denounced the new law and vowed to fight to repeal it.

    Walt Disney died. Walt has not denounced anything for quite a while. The people doing the denouncing are the same crowd that do it everywhere else. The Amish.

    Many of the original characters promoted by Walt Disney were animals. Mice, dogs, and ducks. Does this mean that all that time Disney was promoting beastiality?

    I don’t think so. It was a simpler time with only two sexes. Animals were animals and people were people. Nobody knew that the closets of the world were full of really weird creatures just frothing at the mouth to escape. Pandora’s Box?????

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Raccoon
  16. “One transgender child and one pansexual”

    One cross-dresses and the other has sex with anything that moves. What are the chances the mother’s bias against normality has something to do with the children’s deviant life choices? What are the chances she has a difficult relationship/ hostility towards straight masculinity?

    Take a guess at whether the children will grow up to have ‘bullying issues’, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, poor mental and physical health, trouble holding a job, and lead generally unhealthy lives.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @RVBlake
  17. @Bardon Kaldlan

    Shows how far we’ve fallen where that’s a perfectly normal sentence for someone to utter.

  18. @USA1943

    I hate to break it to you, but there’s no “almost”. It is on purpose, and those who promote this do so with glee.

  19. @USA1943

    “It is almost like The USA is Celebrating Sexual Perversion and Sexual Deviancy.”

    Only almost?

  20. When each of our three children were born (+25 years ago) my wife and I purchased \$1,000 in Disney stock for each of them. Children love Disney and the idea was to provide a real example of how investing in a great company that you love can pay off in the long term.

    \$1,000 x 3 kids was not a trivial amount for us in those days. Still isn’t. But over the years, it turns out that each purchase was a great investment and our children have learned some valuable investing lessons along the way.

    Times have changed. There are better investment choices today evidenced in part by Disney’s current woke culture. But the most gratifying thing is that two of our kids have recently sold their shares citing, in part, Disney’s twisted thinking.

    There is hope!

  21. Lets get serious here.. Disney is just a wildly expensive circus attraction with much better amusement park rides. Think about some of the derelicts we’ve all seen at traveling circus events as children. A large percentage of their workers are gay and lesbian whack jobs that are probably closet pedophiles. Honestly, with the ridiculously low average pay and atrocious working conditions why else would adults want to be in a fantasy setting with young children day in and day out? The reaction of many of Disney’s workers alone to Desantis signing the law that makes it illegal for teachers to discuss sexual matters with children 3rd grade and below should be more than enough to recognize the level of depravity in these social degenerates.

  22. @Augustus

    Women voting has worked wonders. Three cheers for the Nineteenth Amendment

  23. Augustus says:

    I was going to put myself at risk and ask what a pansexual is (I had no idea), but you explained it.
    I’m sure the children will have many of the issues you mentioned, but they can feel blessed as they can claim victimhood status. Apparently, in our new nation, the highest rung on the ladder for which one can aspire is to be a victim. Imagine the book, and the well-paid speaking tour as the then adult children talk about how they were raised in a kinky manner by a “highly respected business woman of lofty corporate status.” The advance on the book alone should fund their sexual surgeries with lots leftover for housing, fancy cars, and bling.

  24. Bacon88 says:

    Any parents supporting Disney in any way are bad parents. They need to be told that.

    Sure, but the issue is they don’t know it. Most will simply set their kids in front of Disney product and not pay much attention beyond that. This is generally just how it is, the normie isn’t aware of the need to police children’s entertainment for faggot propaganda. After all, the whole point of children’s entertainment is that it is kid friendly.

    Yelling about them being bad parents from an obscure corner of the internet won’t change the effectiveness of the propaganda.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Augustus
  25. RVBlake says:

    And when they do, Mom will blame it on White Supremacy.

  26. Bite Moi says:

    Burke is the mother of 2 queer children.One is transgender and one is pansexual( whatever thaty is ). I see 2 possibilities.Burke is either fat and single,or lesbian and also fat. Anything for attention.Would cost society less to just buy her a dfiamond hat and purse.

  27. Bite Moi says:

    Bacon88——— You are right about the effectiveness of Disney propaganda . Our society is getting more “vibrantly” diverse by the minute. You can no longer reason with men,nor can you shame women into appropriate behavior.Paul Kersey is right, America is Irredeemable. Protect and guide your own children and grandchildren as best you can.

  28. Bite Moi says:

    AnalogMan————–“Keep ’em barefoot,pregnant and in the kitchen”. I am ashamed to say that i don’t know my Bible well enough to find the appropriate passage,but i bet that’s in there. The very Chad Taliban certainly draw that concept from the Koran. Women free of the traditional sociatal constraints inevitably crash and burn while destroying their communities and nations in the process.

  29. anarchyst says:

    The environmentalist movement was quite successful in infantilizing the general public by making outlandish claims, giving animals rights, among other things
    I call it the “disneyfication” of animals, raising animals up to the status of humans, imbuing human qualities on them-Walt Disney and his animal cartoons, Bambi, among others, is responsible for turning ignorant and stupid adult humans into animal-worshipping crazies-the roots of rabid environmentalism also has its start with disney cartoons.
    The “disneyfication” of animals has done more to damage the concept of man having dominion over other living things and has contributed greatly to our present crop of anti-hunters and pro-animal activists.
    If civilization collapses, you can bet that this “disneyfication” of animals along with gun control (actually people control) will go away, people will be too busy looking for their next meal.
    PETA=people eating tasty animals.
    It is interesting to note that these same “animal lovers” have no problem with human babies being ripped out of their mothers’ wombs. In fact, bald eagles and other species have MORE protections than pre-born and now post-born humans. Go figure…

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  30. eah says:

    Disney produces and sells a product — if people don’t consume the product, it will be discontinued.

    Like many media and entertainment companies, Disney is controlled by Jews (and has been for a long time: e.g. Iger, Ovitz, Eisner) — current head of the Disney board is Susan Arnold, a lesbian Jew (link).

    Here is another example — a story from 2020:

    Disney TV Shake-Up: Karey Burke Moves to 20th, Craig Erwich Adds ABC Oversight

    Look at the names of the executives mentioned in this simple news story about a reorganization at Disney: Dana Walden is a Jew (link); Bert Salke is a Jew (link); Craig Erwich is a Jew (link); Craig Hunegs is a Jew (link); etc.

    The fact that Disney is controlled by Jews is not unrelated to the increasingly degenerate nature of its products — it is cause and effect.

    • Agree: Unit472
    • Replies: @eah
  31. Rich says:

    I’ve been boycotting Disney for so long I can’t remember why it started. There’s plenty of amusement parks out there and they haven’t made a decent movie since Toy Story. You never hear anything about any of the 6 flags parks and a few people have told me Dollywood is great. They are an unnecessary organization. Going after kids is one thing that will help wake people up. Even lefties I know have said they won’t take their kids to these propaganda movies.

  32. Raccoon says:

    If Commercials were Real Life:

  33. Raccoon says:

    Unfortunately, Disney has suffered from the same perverted corruption as the Catholic Church.

    Grown men, dressing up in costumes, tons of children around hanging on your every word, hugging you – it’s easy to see how the system attracts perverts and paedophiles, and protects them with a unified front.

  34. My only comment, FUQK Disney.

  35. Bite Moi says:

    anarchyst————The “Bambification” of wild animals does have an upside. Love the videos of people trying to pet bison or “wrestle” alligators. On a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains, cousin was videoed feeding hot dogs to black bears lining the Parkway. Oh yeah, window down,arm out wagging the hot dog,and calling “Here Boy!!!”. Family members in the car behind them got the money shot. “Bubba” lost his camera,but kept enough of his left arm to go back to work 2 months later. In defense of my 40 year old cousin,his IQ is closer to the 85 IQ black average than the White 100 IQ. However,he had been employed his entire adult life,is still married to his first wife,his kids are being raised OK, and his entire criminal history is traffic tickets and a DUI at 17. Well,that and a citation for feeding the bears.

    • LOL: The OverSeer
    • Replies: @Augustus
  36. Trevor says:

    Once upon a time, Disney was a wholesome family company. But liberal wokeness has invaded, and now the company plans to infiltrate our children’s heads with radical left-wing ideologies.

    The corporation is now planning to put woke characters into its movies AND ban words like “boys” and “girls” at its theme parks.

    From NRCC

    320 First St SE
    Washington, DC 20003

  37. AnalogMan says:
    @Priss Factor

    There is a lot of excellent Disney stuff, and a counter-culture for children is exactly what it is; but it has nothing to do with the present inhabitants of that firm. You need to go back even before the Pixar days, way back in the mists of time, when a man named Walt Disney created the original Disney company. His early work was crude, but he got better. His 1937 classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, was the first full-length animated feature, and is still excellent entertainment for children.

    What went wrong? Walt died, and his heirs sold the company to a group of (((investors))) with a different agenda. Same old story, every single time.

    You can still find the good old stuff. Bootleg DVDs, internet downloads. Even the stuff that Disney is actively trying to cancel, like Song of the South (rayciss!). Snow White is apparently also what the old-timers used to call “Non-U” now. (That’s a term with similar utility to the term “racist” – means nothing, but it’s bad!) The reason – don’t laugh: When Prince Charming awakens Snow White from her poison-induced sleep with the prescribed antidote – Love’s First Kiss – he fails to obtain her consent first!

    These people are evil, but they’re also insane. Show them no mercy. Rip them off at every opportunity. Never give them a penny.

  38. Mac_ says:

    What about the premise of sorting otherwise illusion, with all the trans pushing gone on and continuing, what makes anyone assume the person is female only because it claims to be, ‘muthur with two kweer children’, or is it a trans, male posing as female, and bought the kids from someone else. In terms of pushing the schemes, using a female cover people are duped to transfer a false ‘weaker gender’ presumption about what’s being pumped at them, therefore less likely to get angry. It’s a dumb to assume these days with hair, makeup, extra hormones and photoshop it’s easy to appear opposite, but are not underneath. And, consider a lot of what goes on is predatory agendas, with a femy cover on it. That’s the entire govrmnt, ‘lockdown’ slavery ‘b cuz be safey’ -dictatorship. Point being everything is agenda. The company diznee became strange quite some time ago. Bottom line will leave off with what should be a meme, take a hammer to the tv, and suggest others do the same. Poison.


    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  39. Raccoon says:


    “Animals were animals and people were people. Nobody knew that the closets of the world were full of really weird creatures just frothing at the mouth to escape. ”

    If Pluto is accepted as a dog (or a representation of a dog), then what on earth is a Goofy?

    Is Goofy a really weird creature escaping from Walt’s imagination? Instead of “Bring out the Gimp!” it becomes “Bring out the Goofy!”

    Walt of course had his head cut off, and cryogenically frozen. I hope that when Disney goes broke after they have become so woke, that someone keeps up the power bill…

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  40. @Bardon Kaldlan

    Norm MacDonald (R.I.P) said it best.

    • Replies: @Howa.308
  41. @usNthem

    It’s the newest version of Munchausen for virtue signaling attention whore parents. Similar to rich folks nitpicking and complaing how much over cost their bathroom/kitchen/home remodeling is costing them, even though they keep changing and adding things that weren’t in the original plans.

  42. @Unit472

    Cash out the stock and use the proceeds to buy guns & ammo, you’ll get a more practical return for your money. Copper, lead, and brass are the most valuable metals when the SHTF.

    • Thanks: Howa.308
    • Replies: @Unit472
  43. Augustus says:

    I don’t yell from the internet. I simply say they need to be told they are bad parents. I don’t expect them to change their behavior when I tell them that in person, but it does make me feel better when I speak up.

  44. Augustus says:
    @Bite Moi

    1963 June, Yellowstone, still snow higher up, and cold. Saw people get out of car with children to feed bears, and not Eastern Black bears, but the big, aggressive brown types. My Dad said, “Look at all those fools. Have they never seen what one swipe with those claws can do?” About that time a bear ran toward a woman, and everyone ran screaming. They didn’t all grab up their kids either. The bear stopped to eat some food the fools dropped, luckily. My dad threw it in gear and drove off, afraid of what could probably only get worse.

    In Alaska as kids, we learned that if we see bear sign, we don’t pause to cautiously look around. We just turn and go back, leaving the bears to their territory. Leaving by a few 100 feet doesn’t cut it, a thousand yards is better.

  45. @Augustus

    It’s known as ‘Munchhausen’s by Proxy’. I witnessed one poor microcephalic girl who had had c. forty shunt revisions, every time her mother felt like a holiday in town, with very cheap accommodation. The medicos accommodated her hi-jinks, as it is a steady, predictable, income, and practise for the residents and registrars (and there are lots of ‘professionals’ making a nice wedge out of ‘transitioning’). They got an ambulance home from the seaside one day (c.20 kilometres)when Mum felt disinclined to catch the ferry, then bus.

  46. eah says:

    How to crush Disney with one simple move…

    “Disney makes its money on Middle Americans who go to their theme parks, who buy their content and those people should know this corporation hates you,” the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo told Tucker Carlson recently. “It hates your culture, and it hates the color of your skin.”

    This is another chapter in the long-running series that could be titled: ‘How stupid are white people?’

    Unfortunately, so far the answer has always been: ‘Pretty fucking stupid.’

  47. possumman says:

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the mental hospital

    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  48. Bite Moi says:

    Augustus————–and the average national IQ in 1963 was a damn sight higher than 2022.

    • LOL: Augustus, loren
  49. Bite Moi says:

    Raccoon——————Divorce Court Docket ( Mickey Mouse vs. Minnie Mouse ) No your honor,i am not a psychiatrist.Besides i didn’t say Minnie is crazy. I said she’s #@\$%&*^ Goofy.

    • LOL: Raccoon
  50. Unit472 says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Actually, you’ll need reloading equipment. You can get lead from any car battery and brass is just copper and tin but forging it and turning in to cartridges gets complex. Making a reliable bullet defied everyone for hundreds of years. So, no, vast amounts of guns and ammo aren’t really necessary. One bullet fired from an unseen adversary can kill you even if he is firing a Kentucky long rifle or a bow and arrow.

    I keep a small 9mm and an AR-15 with 6×30 magazines with a few spares . I am not planning on storming Omaha Beach. If I can’t do what needs to be done with that I am doomed. They will get me!

    I’d like to have some Claymore mines or other ”silent sentinels” but you can’t buy them though I have also thought about getting some Chihuahua’s and turning them into small ”suicide” dogs armed with a small explosive vest. Let them do my fighting for me. A 10 lbs dog wearing a pound of C-4 who can detect a stranger better than I is a formidable weapon if I can detonate him remotely

  51. @Rich

    It has been > 20 years since I visited DL; WDW even longer. I’d go again. I was at US a few years ago. I’d go again, but probably not to the City Walk, i.e. outside the gate. I’m in no rush to return to 6F. It attracted a seedy element. Water parks are generally pretty good, but the one in San Dimas was a bit seedy.

    I won’t cross off Disney until the costumed characters begin to act out of character.

  52. @Augustus

    In Alaska as kids, we learned that if we see bear sign, we don’t pause to cautiously look around. We just turn and go back, leaving the bears to their territory. Leaving by a few 100 feet doesn’t cut it, a thousand yards is better

    In America, 2022, it is best if you regard the negro to be the equivalent of a bear.

    They both stumble around, looking for an opportunity to satisfy their needs at someone else’s expense. They are both protected by the government should you find yourself in conflict with one.

    If you do find yourself in a physical disagreement with a bear or a negro, expect the government \ establishment to assume that you were responsible.

    • Agree: Rich, usNthem, Augustus
  53. @Augustus

    ‘… She needs to be whipped in the village square, until she grovels and begs forgiveness.’

    What would be the point of that? She’d just be lying. I’d set her to mopping floors and changing bedpans for the rest of her life. Speaking to anyone would, of course, be right out.

  54. This has gone on long enough.

    Back in the day — say, 1970 — it was all progressive and enlightened to agree that ‘whatever two consenting adults did in the privacy of their own bedroom was their own business.’

    That seemed reasonable to me then. It still does. I don’t feel any need to hunt homosexuals through the street with pitchforks. Whatever. I’d just rather not think about it, thank you.

    But it wasn’t enough. Then there was Gay Marriage. Well, I see that as a bit of an oxymoron. Legally, two homosexuals should be able to enter into any contractual arrangement two heterosexuals can, and if they want to be able to enjoy the benefits of shared health coverage or whatever, fine. The civil law can be changed to accommodate that. But ‘marriage’ is more than a legal institution, and to the extent that it is, it’s obviously between a man and a woman. That’s what it is.

    But no. There have to be gay ‘marriages.’ Okay, fine. I can’t have everything my way. Have that. My life will go on.

    But is that enough? No. It’s not just movies and televisions shows, either. We’ve now descended to mutilating children in ways that make the clitorectomies of African tribes seem safe ‘n sane.

    And if we do give in on this, will our descent be over?

    I seriously doubt it. We have to take this country back — and I’m not sure we should bother with prisoners.

    • Replies: @Piglet
  55. Howa.308 says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Thanks. My favorite all time. I would say gone to soon but he was to good for the way the world is now. He fought cancer for 9 years and told nobody because that’s just who he was. He wanted no pity. To paraphrase norm he fought cancer and in the end they tied because the cancer died with him. Rest in peace turd ferguson.

  56. @Trevor

    Easy fix…don’t buy. I refuse to watch anything black…especially the unrealistic commercials. Whatever they are selling I now definitely won’t buy.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  57. Piglet says:
    @Colin Wright

    And if we do give in on this, will our descent be over?

    I seriously doubt it.

    You are correct. This is not going to stop. At each stage people like to think, “Okay, if we give them this, they should be satisfied and we won’t have any problems with them anymore.” Instead it just gets increasingly worse in ways we can’t imagine. For example, I never would have believed it if someone told me that moms would happily take their little kids to libraries for “Drag Queen Story Hour,” or the insistence there are dozens of sexes (yes, sexes; genders are for words), or describing a child as being “assigned” a sex at birth (as if it’s not obvious then, and instead it’s something to be decided upon later, based upon whims of the moment), or trannies insisting on being called someone of the opposite sex, and everyone going along with this obvious fraud or mental illness. I also wouldn’t have thought our embassies around the world would display massive gay (rainbow) and BLM banners, especially after the latter spend much of 2020 Burning, Looting and Murdering in hundreds of cities all across the country. But all of this is now “normal.” I’m left to wonder, “What next?” We’ll find out and the only thing of which we can be sure is that we won’t like it.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  58. @Piglet

    I also wouldn’t have thought our embassies around the world would display massive gay (rainbow) and BLM banners

    • LOL: Piglet
  59. Bite Moi says:
    @The OverSeer

    The Overseer———-I still don’t buy a damn thing from Gillette after THAT commercial. I also inform other men that a double edge,3 piece razor is still the height of American technology. On Amazon a pack of 100 Astra platinum coated blades run 10 bucks compared to about 2,50 per Gillette Fusion razor head. Why pay 25 times more for about the same shave???? P.S. The 3 piece razor that i use is a 1950s Gillette Tech i bought new in the box off EBAY. Chrome over solid brass.Will easily last 100 years in daily use.

  60. @Bite Moi

    The Overseer———-I still don’t buy a damn thing from Gillette after THAT commercial.

    I tossed my razor straight into the trash can.

  61. Bite Moi says:

    Boy the way Glenn Miller played——–Glad to hear that you too tossed out your Gillette Razor after THAT commercial. Now try a 3 piece safety razor and Astra blacks.Trust me.You will LIKE IT. Whether you use shaving cream or a brush and shaving soap,it’s just a better way to shave.

  62. Disney has already commutes its slow suicide over the past several years. Nothing to see here. Move on.

  63. Trevor says:

    New from Huckabee on YouTube –

    • Thanks: Non PC Infidel
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