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Welcome to a World Devoid of White Privilege: Biden's Treasury Department Awards $8.7 Billion to Help Boost Lending Exclusively to Black-Owned or BIPOC Owned Businesses
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Previously on SBPDL: A Glimpse of Biden’s America: Massive Redistribution of White Taxpayer Wealth Proposed as Part of “Justice for Black Farmers Act”

So now Biden’s Treasury Department decides to release \$8.7 billion – white taxpayer money – too help increase lending to exclusively minority-owned businesses across America. How is this Constitutional, you might ask? Whatever benefits BIPOCS, at the expense, is obviously Constitutional in Black-Run America (BRA). [Treasury Department awards \$8.7 billion to help boost lending to minority-owned businesses,, December 14, 2021]:

The U.S. Treasury Department announced Tuesday the release of \$8.7 billion to help increase lending to small and minority-owned businesses and people living in poorer communities with limited access to banking.

The funds from the Emergency Capital Investment Program, which was created this year, will go to 186 community-based financial institutions. Vice President Kamala Harris and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen discussed the investments in remarks at the Freedman’s Bank Forum, which was hosted by the Treasury Department.

“The wealth gap persists today, the homeownership gap persists,” Harris said of the need for the investments. “Black entrepreneurs are three times more likely to report that a lack of access to capital negatively affects their profit margins.”

Yellen stressed that there would be a direct link between the money being provided and businesses in local communities, saying that she recently met the owner of a tea company in Atlanta called “Just Add Honey” who lacked the financial credit to keep all her shops open during the pandemic.

“Here, it’s very easy to connect the policy with the personal,” Yellen said. “What this will do is prevent small business owners of color from closing two of their locations. And better yet, it will help people open two more.”

Black Americans represent 13.4% of the U.S. population, yet Federal Reserve figures show they control just 4.3% of household wealth. More than half of Black household wealth is in the form of pension entitlements, which cannot be passed along to future generations. This inequity makes it harder for people living in predominantly Black communities to qualify for business loans and mortgages in ways that could help build their net worth.

The \$8.7 billion will be going to institutions headquartered in 36 states, as well as Guam and Washington, D.C. Roughly 54% of the funds is going to banks and 46% to credit unions. The distributions will range from more than \$200 million for the largest institutions to less than \$100,000 for smaller ones.

The wealth gap… the homeownership gap… it’s all due to white supremacy, right?

In the absence of whiteness, shouldn’t black businesses (and BIPOC businesses) thrive and prosper? If whiteness is the great impediment to BIPOC success, then a dearth of whiteness should immediately be a cause for the thriving of blackness and black-owned businesses.


Why is the opposite the case?

It will just take one white-owned business to sue to end this insanity on the grounds of discrimination.


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  1. loren says:

    off topic

    I just saw a nerd wallet ad.
    a black dad and his son in a tent. I was laffing at the unintended humor.

    black dads?

    • Replies: @Art Deco
    , @Bite Moi
    , @Bite Moi
  2. So now Biden’s Treasury Department decides to release \$8.7 billion – white taxpayer money – too help increase lending to exclusively minority-owned businesses across America.

    You mean “to”, as “in order to”.

  3. It will just take one white-owned business to sue to end this insanity on the grounds of discrimination.

    I’m not sure about that.  Precedent is that “minorities” can get preferred access to college and lower-interest business loans (which is why so many Indians run motels).

    Perhaps the current SCOTUS is ready to declare that if such preferences were going to equalize things, they would have done it already and that their time is over.  If so, it would help make America worth living in again.  (Doubly so if the immigrants were made to pay back their interest subsidies.)

    • Replies: @dindunuffins
    , @AnalogMan
  4. No lawsuit has ever stopped affirmative action, or any other anti-White discrimination. Only economic collapse will stop this. Prepare yourself to be a useful member of your community when that happens.

  5. So … by the time the hucksters and shysters and other ne’er do wells in the US get their hands into this \$8.7 billion pie … just how much of it will trickle down to those it’s supposed to benefit?

    Maybe 15 or 20 cents on the dollar? The rest will go to race hustlers and crooks of all stripes … and just who will be surprised by that?

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  6. Piglet says:

    This is supposedly to help increase lending to orc businesses. “Lending” means the money is supposed to be paid back later.

    That would be hilarious if it weren’t so costly to those footing the bill, namely Whitey.

    We might as well call this exactly what it is, a wealth transfer from Whitey to orcs. Instead of being robbed in the street by orcs, the government robs us on behalf of orcs.

  7. anon[208] • Disclaimer says:

    More than half of Black household wealth is in the form of pension entitlements, which cannot be passed along to future generations.

    Maybe it’s only because blacks can’t spend their pensions in advance.

    There has never been a profitable black institution black bank. Never.

    • LOL: loren
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  8. kemp says:

    If blacks aren’t inferior they wouldn’t need so much extra help.

    • Agree: The OverSeer, bruce county
  9. Ah another negroe primate problem. The solution is quite simple, do not patronize, work for, or reccomend any negroe primate business. Make sure all of your friends know that a business is negroe owned operation, subsidised by their tax dollars. Starve those ghetto primates. This is simply corporate EBT for aspiring negroes.

  10. Unit472 says:

    Wasn’t that long ago that Courts broke wills and gifts for restricted scholarships to universities that stipulated the recipient was to be a white or Christian person even though it involved no public money and was the deliberate decision of the donor. Instead of instructing the university to return the money to the donor’s estate for distribution to his/her heirs, the courts just stole it.

    Most of this Treasury money will be stolen too. Its what happens with all public money devoted to help the negro. A bank doesn’t care about the color of a business owners skin. They care about his cash flow. In fact loans are mostly automated today. That in large part was what caused the GFC. The GSE mortgage lenders used a software program called ”Desktop Underwriter” to guarantee mortgage applications submitted by private lenders who knew how to game the system and get their crappy loans approved and fob the risk onto the taxpayer.

    I was amused by Yellen’s assertion that half of negroes ”wealth” is accounted for by their pension benefits ( Fair enough if that pension was earned at AT&T or Ford) but I bet most of it comes from Federal, State and local government so is just more government subsidy to negroes for jobs they didn’t deserve and performed poorly at. Yellen could have used a different yardstick to measure negro wealth. That the negro 13% of the population likely controls 70% of the high end atheletic shoe market in the US!

  11. DMZABO says:

    So how many of these”it ain’t fair” loans will be in default? I’m guessing 8.6 billion

  12. magilla says:

    For hell’s sake. We know who controls capital markets in the US. If there was a single shekel’s, er, dollar’s profit to be made they would have already cut the checks for the expansion of “Shitavious Good Ass You Buys We Frys” business venture. The fact (((they))) don’t is all you need to know about jogger business acumen.

    (((They))) do support our tax dollars going to American Africa, as hard earned cash taken from us at gunpoint will ultimately end up in (((their))) pockets in the form of exorbitant rent payments for dilapidated 150- year old buildings in crumbling cities, crooked accountants, and shysters specializing in bankruptcy.

    To restate the obvious: if investing in American Africa was even remotely profitable, there is no way private equity wouldn’t be investing there now.

    There isn’t, so they don’t; you don’t stay in business long loaning to literally retarded people who will spend more on gaudy signs and craptastic TV commercials, on top of “I just gonna borrow \$1000 from muhself to hit da club, I puts da money back nex’ week, gnomeisayin?” coonery than on getting the kitchen up to code for the Health Department. ” Damn, dat roach nes’ wasn’t dere last monf when I cleaned dis bitch. Gimme a break, come back at Xmas and I hook you up wiff skrimps and crab laigs”.

  13. magilla says:

    It will just take one white-owned business to sue to end this insanity on the grounds of discrimination.

    In a country not ruled by clowns, sure. We don’t live there anymore, and powerful interests stand to make a fortune from the transfer of our wealth to idiots and from them to big banks. No court will stop this, and Drumpf last two Supreme Court appointments damn sure won’t help.

    To imagine there is a shortage of money to lend after the most expansive monetary expansion, by a serious country, in history is criminal.

  14. oldguy says:

    Wealth gap? I’ll tell you where the real “wealth gap “is. It’s the gap between white people in the private sector and all the black people who work for all the sectors of government i n America.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  15. usNthem says:

    I’ll bet there are just a s***load of black entrepreneurs out there – maybe gang leaders, drug dealers, pimps, smash ‘n grab artists – I guess they need their funding as well…
    As for a majority of black wealth being tied up in pensions, color me shocked. State and federal jobs are the quintessential make work for typically lazy joggers. I’m sure our leaders can figure out a way to keep passing down those benefits to future generations of sprogs – it’s only fair don’t you know?

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  16. What a colossal waste of money.

  17. HT says:

    I jump up on a stage
    And do my money dance
    I throw some money up
    And watch the money land
    I do my, I do my, I do my money dance
    I do my, I do my, I do my money dance
    I jump up on a stage
    And do my money dance
    I throw some money up
    And watch the money land
    I do my, I do my, I do my money dance
    I do my, I do my, I do my money dance
    I jump up on a stage
    And do my money dance
    I throw some money up
    And watch the money land
    I fell in love when I touched my first hundred grams
    I fell in love when I touched my first hundred bands

  18. KenH says:

    I hope some small white business owners get together and sue to get this stopped but let’s not forget that orange man and literal Hitler Donald Trump proposed the 500 billion platinum plan just for blacky and magatards fell all over themselves screaming MAGA.

    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  19. Black Wall Street will rise from the ashes!

  20. @Mr. Rational

    Yea Indians (dot) not (feather) get interest free, low – interest…free grants , all kinds of gibbs…that’s why you see all these gas station/convenience stores , 7 elevens with gas as well, run by at least a generation of Paki’s , Dots, whatever’s…They ( The USA gov ) don’t go out of their way to hook up Whites , ever. My niece went to UCONN, eventually became an RN ,…but along the way she actually had to wait in some semesters to get in because minorities and foreigners are given preferential treatment for the monies and the places in the classes. Beautiful just beautiful. Whites are the majority still,barely,but Whites come first and foremost then , maybe anyone else. Whites built it all , maintain it all and should come first. Well, not weak White liberal cuck d-bags.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  21. Art Deco says:

    I think fishing actually was a common pastime among blacks where I grew up, ca. 1970. One woman I knew had done some horseback riding in her younger years.

    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  22. Art Deco says:

    Whether those sorts of stipulations are good or bad, they were the stated preference of the testator. If that’s not going to be followed, the only proper thing to do is to partition the endowment between the testator’s other heirs or between their relatives according to rules which apply when an estate is intestate.

  23. Well, if this were the late 1960s’s or early 70’s, I’d be predicting that we’d be seeing countless thousands of purple Cadillac’s with leopard print interiors being driven around in the hood. The drivers would all be wearing all the stereotypical pimp clothing. However, since it’s not, it will be high-end SUVs with shiny rims and expensive stereo systems. The drivers will have the latest hood fashions on, as well as lots of bling and expensive weaves for the females. Fast forward a decade or so and all those vehicles will be in the junkyards. Back to square one. Nothing achieved, nothing accomplished.

  24. @74v56ruthiyj

    I think the SF mayor recently reconsidered her plan to give monthly checks to [racially favoreds], after some ineligibles complained. But let’s face it: The [unfavoreds] get plenty of tax gifts already, including K-14 (though SF is home to many private schools.)

    Roughly 54% of the funds is going to banks and 46% to credit unions.

    This thread shows us, again, how the banking sector is really just a Big Government front: Lend when we want to inflate, to whom we want the money gifted to (payback optional), in DEM (urban!) congressional districts.

    I avoid going into banks, esp. the supernationals. The tellers — under direction of the Treasury Dept (i.e. the true boss) — view every customer as an active money launderer, drug dealer, tax evader, etc. Merely cashing a check (how quaint) arouses all sorts of suspicions. The last time I went in was at a suburban branch, years ago, unavoidably: Cameras, bulletproof glass, long line to see a teller (i.e. sloths), loan officers sitting around doing nothing while flat screens display colorful promotions for loans, etc.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I get really put off by how, before the teller walks .. oh so slowly away, to confer with her manager (boy, how they look me over!), she slams the cash drawer shut and locks it. As if I’d otherwise contort my arm to reach through the opening in the glass and grab a stack of twenties.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  25. @Gerrymander'd

    Black Wall Street will rise from the ashes!

    Yes they will, Mah Brotha! And as testament to this revelation, a Hip Hop Fish & Chicken has recently opened up not far from my home! Praise be to De L’od!! De food desert is barren no’ mo!

    • LOL: WSG
    • Replies: @magilla
  26. @Anthony Aaron

    Open up a Rent A Rim shop and prepare for the windfall

  27. @Art Deco

    Remember when black cowboys rode the plains? They could shoot and ride and fight… Oh, I’m just stealing lines from the old “Ni¿¿er Charlie” movies, they were classics though I never saw them!

  28. @anon

    The only one I know of is run by Maxine Waters husband.

  29. @magilla

    It’s a similar shell game with the record industry as a form of washing money. The ((label)) signs Tyrone to a record deal, gives him an advance which he immediately goes out and buys luxury cars and jewelry ((who’s in the diamond business)) with, rents out arenas/concert venues ((who runs those)), of course he needs a business manager, a good lawyer, accountant, etc, and lucky for him, the guy at the record label happens to know some…because they all go to the same temple.

    • Agree: magilla
  30. Bite Moi says:

    loren———-Like,Wakanda,the concept was gifted to blacks by the flying pyramid small hats.

  31. AceDeuce says:

    No “reparations” without mass (100%) repatriation to Africa.

    I will guarantee you, once they burn through this money with nothing to show for it, the schittskins will have their hands out 10 seconds later, saying that the money that was just pissed away was only for practice, blaming YT for not teaching them how to invest it or something.

    This will never end, until YT ends it. Lord knows if that will ever happen. It’s already too late now.


  32. You do not need money from the govt. Just use a crowd funding platform.

  33. Trevor says:

    Tbe Pakis and dots and probably now the thousands of Afghan sandN-words that Xiden’s bringing in all get free capital to buy high cashflow turnkey businesses.

    Not only do they make a killing on zero investment but they skim the cash off the top to avoid paying taxes on it.

    My sister recently moved. An adjacent neighborhood has no Christmas decorations because it is all Hindus and muslims living in million dollar houses. They are not all doctors.

  34. @Unit472

    That pension wealth statistic was attributed to the Fed (i.e. not JY). In any case, the public pension time bomb (i.e. claims against future taxpayers) can’t be pinned on any one racial group. When I go into the DMV, I notice a variety of races (and lots of immigrants) behind the counter.

    The PPTB is already exploding, though the blast is not yet big enough for most taxpayers to process. Some might notice that the parks look trashy, emergency response is rationed and slow, bus routes are less frequent or dropped altogether, etc., but they can’t see the big picture: Tax dollars are being skimmed off budgets in order to keep the pension checks clearing. In my previous state, where the official level of public pension funding was at 80%, the diversion was ~17% of the general fund.

    When the scheming politicians feel the time is right, they push through a tax increase to refill the depleted, budget tanks. I can’t even imagine how much budget chicanery has been going on in totally pension-busted (bankrupt) states like IL. Their desperate hope is to keep those multi-billion dollar, federal stimulus (bailout) checks coming.

    • Replies: @Unit472
  35. black dog says:

    By “BIPOC owned business” do they mean crack dealer?

    • Replies: @Adolph 2nd
  36. AnalogMan says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Not going to happen. Millions of bipox immigrating every year who have not yet received their reparations for slavery and Jim Crow. There’s no end to it. C’mon, aybah, get aboard!

  37. magilla says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    Black Wall Street–3 dry-goods stores, 5 whorehouses, 10 bars, and 87 barbershops. We’ll never quit hearing about the place. Hip hop fish and chicken? Would fit right in.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Anon
  38. AnalogMan says:

    Just following regulations. Banks have rules for everything, and they’re very risk-averse. The rules make waste inevitable, but loss unlikely. That’s the theory, anyway. They like it that way.

    I once worked on contract for a year in a large American bank in the UK. The money was good, but it was the must frustrating time of my life. There is nothing more tiring than waiting for the end of the day, having been forbidden to do any work, because the specification hasn’t been signed off.

    Nobody can accomplish anything on his own; that’s an iron-clad rule throughout the firm. The theory is, any shenanigans can only be accomplished by collusion.

    If you want to do a test run, you have to ask a dedicated team to set it up. The trick is, you have to submit your request by Wednesday to have them consider on a Friday whether they can squeeze it in the following week.

    Sounds straightforward, but long-winded. But wait; before you can submit your request, you have to get it signed off by nine (9) project leaders to certify that their projects won’t be affected. Since each project had its own test environment, you’d think that would be a formality, but no.

    Because those project leaders are never at their desks, never answer their phones, never reply to notes or emails or return phone calls. Unless, of course, you’re young, female and pretty, but I was none of those. So, week, after week I’d either fail to get the required signatures in time, or have my request denied because they just didn’t have time in their schedule. Then the process resets and starts all over again.

    It still gives me a warm feeling when I reflect that I paid off the mortgage on my farm outside Cape Town with that contract, and left them scarcely a line of usable code in return. Screw the banks.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  39. ‘Welcome to a World Devoid of White Privilege: Biden’s Treasury Department Awards \$8.7 Billion to Help Boost Lending Exclusively to Black-Owned or BIPOC Owned Businesses’

    Hopefully, this will at least help to clear away any remaining misconceptions about who this government exists to serve.

  40. @AnalogMan

    Give a man a gun, and he’ll rob a bank.

    Give a man a bank, and he’ll rob the world.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  41. Anon[314] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Black wall street is the Emmit till of black society. They will never let whites forget either. Quite certain the bleeps fired the first shots there and now only complain about the outcome. When bleeps bring up their wall street I always say why not build another one. Did whitey steal their technology for black wall street like we stole all their other inventions? Not knowing how to answer those questions just shows their complete lack of future time orientation. Happy new year to all. Be safe, buy ammo as often as possible, and practice

    • Agree: AceDeuce, magilla
  42. AceDeuce says:

    Ugh–don’t remind me. I want to be able to vote for Trump in 2024 if need be without getting sick. If he had one big flaw, it was his stupidity vis a vis niggbos. You’d think he’d know better. Still, that “platinum plan” crap had to be the work of his dumbass daughter and her (((husband))). It was not only stupid-it didn’t even work

    Supposedly Trump realized that, and was pissed about agreeing to it. Here’s hoping. I never want to see that pavement ape Kanye West or Kim Mudsharkian in the Oval Office ever again.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  43. Bite Moi says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Mr. Rational.————-“Give a man a gun,and he’ll rob a bank.Give a man a bank,and he’ll rob the world.” Post a quote and somebody gonna steal it.It’s all mine now.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  44. @Bite Moi

    That’s cool.  I stole it fair and square off Reddit, so we’re even.

    • LOL: Listener
  45. Unit472 says:

    Worth pointing out that the public pension problem we have now was not caused by the people you see sitting behind the DMV counter today but who was sitting behind it 20 , 30, 40 years ago. In fact, many better run states and municipalities, no longer even offer defined benefit pensions to their employees. One that I am aware of, Richmond, Virginia, has not offered them to city workers since 2005. That, in effect, means almost no Latino workers will get one since Richmond had almost no city employees who were Latino prior to then. The unskilled jobs were reserved almost exclusively for negroes prior to that date.

  46. Mr. Grey says:

    More free stuff for Blacks. This will also throw more black people into debt when they default on loans they weren’t qualified to receive, which will have the benefit of allowing race hustlers to invoke the bad juju of systemic racism that keeps blacks impoverished.

  47. @Unit472

    many better run states and municipalities, no longer even offer defined benefit pensions to their employees.

    Good for those states, though the change is too little/late. States that have switched to “defined contribution” plans might still adding to the LT liability account. It all depends on whether or not they pay as they go. Of course if they do, taxpayers will more readily notice that their taxes don’t seem to buy much service.

    The CA government workers who I know still sound pretty content when they talk about their own retirements.

    Note: Government workers do NOT make pension contributions. In the end, it’s all taxpayer dollars.

  48. @Piglet

    ‘This is supposedly to help increase lending to orc businesses. “Lending” means the money is supposed to be paid back later…

    It would be illuminating to see the effect if the government only partially guaranteed the loans — say, they offered to pay half of any default, rather than all of it.

    Could we then go to all those institutions with their ads with the happy black paterfamilias banking with them and inquire as to why they’d suddenly withdrawn from participation in the program? After all, getting half your potential loss covered — that’s still a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

    In fact, one would have to be pretty sure the borrower was liable to default to walk away from that. And whyever would they assume that was going to happen?

  49. @black dog

    Dont forget the pimps and prostitutes, another fine Ebony business!

  50. Bite Moi says:

    loren————-SOooooooooo. THAT’S Where All ‘de Black Fathers Bez At.

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