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Last week I finished reading a fun book, Gorgeous George: The Outrageous Bad-Boy Wrestler Who Created American Pop Culture. That's why I found the news of Betty Wagner's (George Wagner aka Gorgeous George's first wife) recent passing especially sad. She was just as important in creating the persona of Gorgeous George, a character that would... Read More
In one of the ultimate tragedies of modern American political life, Alvin Green - the unemployed, currently living with his parents and indicted for showing a white Clemson co-ed pornography - was defeated in his bid to become a United States Senator: In defeat, Greene was able to collect an astounding 356,969 votes: U.S. Senate:... Read More
Things will be quiet here until tomorrow night, but we at SBPDL thought it would be smart to post yet another video to showcase why the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Vince McMahon are included in Stuff Black People Don't Like. This video is for the Black manager, the Doctor of Style Slick. Here are... Read More
Black people love professional wrestling. They adore the theatricality, the drama, the story lines and the professional athletes/actors who perform staged, premeditated, choreographed action in the square circle. Black people have long had many wonderful performers to cheer for: The Ugandan Giant, Kamala; Virgil, the former servant of The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase; Ron... Read More
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