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World Cup

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We have been discussing the World Cup in South Africa for the past few months here at SBPDL. In fact, we have already declared that event to be a monumental failure based upon the amount of money spent to ensure the safety of the visiting fans to that rainbow nation. The mainstream media has done... Read More
It starts in but four days. Once, this website dared point out similarities between the movie District 9 and Haiti. We were wrong... South Africa is District 9. One reader of this website asked why we spend so much time talking about South Africa and the World Cup. The answer is the same reason we... Read More
Is it wrong to call the World Cup in South Africa - an event hasn't even started yet - a failure? No. It is not. We are told by Time magazine's Managing Editor Richard Stengel that Nelson Mandela is the most important person and greatest human on the planet (in that magazine's World Cup preview... Read More
If you watch ESPN, you have seen this tag line for the 2010 World Cup quite frequently – One Game Changes Everything. The idea behind this marketing strategy is to imply that with the first game being played in South Africa (on June 11) all is changed, changed utterly. The continent of Africa has never... Read More
We at SBPDL went on record that a Nelson Mandela death prior to the 2010 World Cup would ruin the chances of a successful futbol (soccer) tournament in that downtrodden nation. But two months away from the first kick, soccer fans everywhere are counting down the moments until their beloved nations compete for the FIFA... Read More
We are three months out from the start of the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the world is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to celebrate the first occurrence of this soccer competition to be played on the African Continent. The lone nation capable of holding such a prestigious tournament on the Dark Continent is South Africa,... Read More
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