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It was a quote uttered by a Black person who engaged in a 50-person Black Pack Attack on a white family in Akron, Ohio around July 4th in 2009 that motivates me on a daily basis (, July 7, 2009): If you've followed this blog since then, you should be acutely aware that Eric "My... Read More
In Black-Run America (BRA), only Those Who Can See can hear you scream. Remember the infamous All Black people must leave the store"Wal-Mart incident from 2010? No. Refresh your memory here. This actually became national news. Yes. National news. Because in BRA, it's axiomatic that all white people are racist and that corporate America (whose... Read More
There aredays where you realize how far removed from normal society you have become and it is these precious moments that you understand whybeing part of the ranks of Those Who Can See helps keep you safe. More importantly, sane, because the day will come when this era comes to a crashing halt. Black Friday... Read More
Wal-Mart. We’ve talked about this company before (Black Friday twice, cheaper prices for unwanted goods, braving the back of the line, PA announcements gone awry, and worse, who represents the real and must now discuss how this store is attempting to penetrate into new, exotic markets within foreign nations. If Detroit can claim that... Read More
Call this the Stuff Black People Don’t Like open challenge. We told you about the Wal-Mart story that shocked the nation: a minor commandeering the public address system and requesting – politely – that “All Black people leave the store.” Soon, this story captivated the country for the sheer temerity of a person to pose... Read More
Wal-Mart. We at SBPDL find the number one company on Fortune's list of top corporations to be the ultimate barometer of life in 21st century America. If you want to see what the real status of the United State's is and how your fellow countrymen wallow in the muck of avarice and cheap goods, journey... Read More
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