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When attempting to ascertain the ultimate Pre-Obama America television show of the past thirty years, a number of contenders leap to the front immediately. The saccharine Full House was a show set in San Francisco that implanted a highly positive image of that Stuff White People Like (SWPL) city in the viewers mind, who would... Read More
One of the saddest days in the history of television was the melancholy date that M.A.N.T.I.S. was canceled, lasting an all to brief one season before it got the axe. Wait, you don't remember M.A.N.T.I.S.? This oversight in trivial television knowledge cannot be forgiven, because this program had more potential and promise then Curb Your... Read More
Black people love television. They love television so much that 48 percent of Black children watch four hours of TV a day or more - almost double the national average. Black people love television so much, they pioneered a station that broadcasts programs geared just for their consumption, Black Entertainment Television. However, there is one... Read More
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