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It's a well-known fact that Black people don't pass on seconds. The least healthy city in America is Detroit, that municipality that Black people everywhere cannot abandon (unless they wish to abandon Black America). Black women, all Black women according to The Atlantic, are expected to be classified as morbidly obese if their poor dietary... Read More
Tulsa is home one of our favorite restaurants, The Chicken Hut. The food is so good there that a Black person bleeding out from a gunshot wound was stepped over by more than 100 Black people in a moment where an abstemious mindset went out the window courtesy of the mesmerizing aroma of fried chicken.... Read More
You might recall the unsettling story of The Chicken Hut restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which we discussed a few months ago. Normally a venue peddling delicious fried chicken, this particular Chicken Hut is now a macabre reminder of Stuff Black People Don’t Like. First it was dying people impeding fried chicken consumption, as a Black... Read More
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