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Toby Gerhart

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Check out for a reply toThe American Spectator'sW. Jim Antle to the piece onDiscrimination against white players in the NFL(though he decided to focus on the Tim Tebow aspect of the article). Antle has long been one of my favorite writers, but he failed to address the primary points brought up in the original... Read More
(This was posted at We post it here because it is an important piece on the NFL Draft of 2012. Sports, movies and television have provided the primary avenues for creating (manufacturing) positive views of "the Blacks" in the eyes of a public that overwhelmingly avoids contact with them. In July, The Opiate of... Read More
Toby Gerhart stands as an albatross, carrying the heavy burden of being the lone white running back to be considered a top draft pick for the National Football League (NFL) in years. The Heisman Trophy runner-up and Doak Walker award winner is the inconvenient beneficiary of genes from a white female and a white male,... Read More
Well, SBPDL was the first to bring up the interesting idea of the top award for the best college football running back being named for a white guy - when white people rarely play tailback anymore. We published a piece entitled The Doak Walker Award, the annual trophy given to the best college football running... Read More
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