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Robert Griffin III: The Next Black Quarterback Hope In my mind, Steve Spurrier - the former head ball coach at Duke, Florida, and current coach of South Carolina - is the finest evaluator and developer of quarterbacks in college football (well, maybe not so much at South Carolina, where he seems more interested in getting... Read More
Check out for a reply toThe American Spectator'sW. Jim Antle to the piece onDiscrimination against white players in the NFL(though he decided to focus on the Tim Tebow aspect of the article). Antle has long been one of my favorite writers, but he failed to address the primary points brought up in the original... Read More
Oh no. Not another football article. This one is important. Very important. Most people won't admit it, but the National Football League (NFL) is largely a league consisting of comical - entirely interchangeable - Black athletes, engaging in stereotypical Black male behavior in turn for a salary they will inevitably piss away immediately after retiring... Read More
(This was posted at We post it here because it is an important piece on the NFL Draft of 2012. Sports, movies and television have provided the primary avenues for creating (manufacturing) positive views of "the Blacks" in the eyes of a public that overwhelmingly avoids contact with them. In July, The Opiate of... Read More
Toby Gerhart stands as an albatross, carrying the heavy burden of being the lone white running back to be considered a top draft pick for the National Football League (NFL) in years. The Heisman Trophy runner-up and Doak Walker award winner is the inconvenient beneficiary of genes from a white female and a white male,... Read More
These words flowed from the pen of H.L. Mencken and hit you with the ferocity of a Kimbo Slice right hook. When you think about the United States in 2009, the quip from Mencken rings especially true when you consider the idea known as gerrymandering: "Gerrymandering is a form of boundary delimitation (redistricting) in which... Read More
Football has long been the great racial equalizer in the United States and perhaps the ultimate tool in bringing about equality in opportunity for Black people. Pro Football was integrated in 1946 and Americans who had never conversed with Black people were now rooting them on as they scored touchdowns for the home team: College... Read More
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