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The ongoing neutering of the South
On August 20, “Silent Sam” was pulled down on the campus of the University of North Carolina by a mob of students. Erected in 1913, it was a memorial to the UNC men who fought for the Confederacy. Earlier this year, there was another betrayal of Southern heritage: the introduction of the Tony the Landshark... Read More
Ever seen the Mark Wahlberg film Invincible? I've always believed that this movie - the story of 30-year-old Vince Papale who became a receiver/special teams player for the Philadelphia Eagles after impressing coaches at an open tryout - andMiracle are Disney apologizing for the lies they promulgated in Remember the Titans. Purchasing the book the... Read More
Never forget what happened in 2009, when Stanford white running back Toby Gerhart won the Doak Walker Award and came in second in the Heisman Trophy vote. Coming out of high school, Stanford was the only school to offer Gerhart the opportunity to be a feature tailback. The University of Southern California wanted him to... Read More
I just finished reading Courage Beyond the Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story by Jim Dent. Having been made aware of Freddie Steinmark's incredible story by reading Horn, Hogs & Nixon Coming: Texas vs. Arkansas in Dixie's Last Stand, I found myself overcome with emotion after reading Dent's new book. Steinmark was an undersized white defensive... Read More
In late July, we’ll be publishing The Opiate of America: How College Athletics Created Black-Run America. It will collect much of what we have written on college sports, and include at least 40 percent new material. Of all the projects we’re working on, this is the most personal. This is part two (part one is... Read More
Remember the article on Auburn and the Opiate of America? Consider this the basketball version of that piece. The U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has inadvertently shown the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) hand and, worse, illustrated that impeding any part of the United States' sprint to ruin will be greeted with howls of protest.... Read More
I recently watched the film Hoosiers again. You know, the high school basketball film starring Gene Hackman that Spike Lee said made him "uncomfortable" when he watched it. One day that movie will be banned, because it fails to show sufficient empathy for the Black plight. Regardless, March Madness is upon us. Even President Obama... Read More
In a titanic struggle over how to divvy up $9 billion, National Football League (NFL) team owners officially announced a lockout of the players. The most popular sport in America threatens to founder on a very avoidable iceberg of egos that will inevitably turn off fans -- even Big Fans -- in the coming months.... Read More
ESPN must be commended for the excellent 30 for 30 series that they have aired for the past two years. The U is an outstanding documentary about the criminals, felons, and thugs who played on the University of Miami football team in the 1980s and helped establish the culture of black players flamboyantly celebrating every... Read More
Editors Note: I am Number Four was exactly like we said it would be two weeks ago.An all-white cast in which white people are the heroes, American flags in virtually every scene, and not one non-white had a speaking part.American flags in virtually every scene and not one non-white had a speaking part. It was... Read More
Basketball, as Bill Simmons makes clear in his tome The Big Book of Basketball, is a Black sport. Time magazine wrote this in 1977: Black dominance in basketball (and the slow integration of college football, which became a rampaging flood) led to the destruction of the idea of white supremacy. The notion of a starting... Read More
Without sports, it's incredibly hard to fathom where positive images would come from in the United States of America. With sports, the concept of Black Run America (BRA) was erected. Without sports, well, we ask again: How would positive images of Black people be supplied? We have discussed college football supplying the ultimate opiate to... Read More
The state of Alabama – and the Southern states in general – is universally mocked by the rest of the nation. Inhabitants of more cultured, cosmopolitan regions of the nation are incredulous to learn that people actually wear shoes. Most people would believe that the only reason to even mention the state of Alabama in... Read More
We love the work of Richard Laphick, an individual who has spent the bulk of his professional career highlighting the glories of integration through sports, but inadvertently showing the continued failures and plight of Black athletes – by extension perpetuating stereotypes of Black people in the process. His obsession with highlighting Black athletes and their... Read More
Without collegiate and professional sports, Black people would be deprived of positive images in the United States of America. This statement is beyond contestation and yet, the very instrument that guaranteed integration has the possibility of providing enough evidence to bring the whole idea of Black Run America (BRA) to its knees. Think back to... Read More
What was it we wrote about school discipline about four months ago? In a nutshell: it's not something Black people particularly enjoy, because it's Black people who wear the proverbial dunce, truant and juvenile delinquent hat at a rate that far exceeds that of any other racial group: Scho
It starts in but four days. Once, this website dared point out similarities between the movie District 9 and Haiti. We were wrong... South Africa is District 9. One reader of this website asked why we spend so much time talking about South Africa and the World Cup. The answer is the same reason we... Read More
Hollywood dominates American life. Regional culture is gone, replaced with a monoculture from Los Angeles that governs the entertainment we watch and thus, the opinions we possess. A gatekeeper with such power that the manipulation of minds is but a film away, Hollywood reigns over the culture in an impenetrable citadel of influence no dictator... Read More
In all of sports - basketball, baseball, track, soccer, sumo wrestling - one position stands above the rest as the king, the role that garners all the glamor and glitz. Quarterback. No other position in the world of sports has the fame and notoriety that the quarterback entails. The leader of 10 other men on... Read More
It has been stated many times that white men can’t jump. This generally accepted fact has an equally acknowledged truth that everyone knows, but few admit publicly: Black people can jump, which is punctuated by the nearly 80 percent of NBA players being of primary African descent. However, to admit that white people might be... Read More
For those who awoke in the wee hours of January 1st, 2010, a college football contest of monumental importance was played that will have lasting ramifications. If you were lucky enough to view this game – braving the 11 a.m. kickoff – then history unfolded on your television screen. Much like the Alabama-Southern California game... Read More
Stuff Black Like People Don't Like has said it before and we will say it again: without sports - and ESPN - Black people would have few, if any positive images to display to the world. Sports allowed integration - especially in the south - to happen and sports have the ability to "mainstream" positive... Read More
We at SBPDL talk about college football and sports all the time for one simple reason: without sports, Black people would have absolutely no positive images to project to the American people. Integration and the breakdown of entrenched dogmatic white supremacy in every institution in America only occurred when white people realized they could derive... Read More
SBPDL has tried to make it clear to everyone that We Live in a Black World now, regardless of the demographic figures. All that matters anymore is the United States number one and two exports – sports and Mein Obama – and the citizens of not only our country but the entire world consume both... Read More
The world we live is an interesting place. An alien visiting earth on a scouting mission to identify signs of intelligent life would be amused to learn that Black people are only 13 percent of the United State population. If this inquisitive alien were to do reconnaissance prior to his visiting earth, and had a... Read More
"If you build it, he will come," so spoke the ghost of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in the classic, Pre-Obama America film "Field of Dreams". The movie showcases America's pastime - baseball - and the deep connection the sport has with Pre-Obama America; the ritual of playing catch with your father; and the dreams that remain... Read More
This week has been devoted to the great sport of college football and the beginning of the 2009 season. On September 3, #14 Boise State played host to #16 Oregon in a highly-touted contest that ESPN featured for the entire nation to see. The theme of this SBPDL will be sportsmanship (an upcoming entry), but... Read More
Bear Bryant, whom many consider to be the finest football coach in history, will also be the man that Black people in the future "Black World" canonize as being the patron saint of making Southern football accommodating to Black people, and in large part, the nation. It was 1972, and the University of Alabama's vaunted... Read More
Black people have much to look forward to in their lives, as they enter the Post-Obama world in the United States of America. If, they are able to utilize their skills and excel in basketball, football or another sport, then they are able to enter the world of hero status and will be "hero" worshiped... Read More
Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana and has one of the largest urban white populations in the country: For that reason alone, Black people don't like the city of Indianapolis as most major cities in the United States are areas where they have proliferated and made over in their image, such as Atlanta and... Read More
Black people pride themselves on their ability to engage in civil disobedience that would leave Henry David Thoreau blushing (look at this list of riots for the 20th century). Whether from real or imagined problems and issues, Black people have an amazing ability to conjure up anger and frustration at the slightest provocation, turning formerly... Read More
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