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Traveling today. Trying to finish editing Captain American and Whiteness (cover will be up by Saturday), but can't help but look out the window of the airplane - while at a cruising altitude of 40,000 feet - and think about all that is going on down there in America. Fitting that today is Bastille Day... Read More
Has anyone read where alcohol had a hand in aiding the Mahogany Mobs in Chicago? Perhaps alcohol is the reason Baltimore is investing curfew centers this summer? Can alcohol explain why Atlanta is becoming a police state this summer, in hopes of containing potential Mahogany Mobs (what the media calls “youth” or “packs of teens”... Read More
Visiting the past few days has been emotionally difficult. The devastation in Japan from the 9.0 earthquake is horrific, a powerfulreminder that the forces of nature can never be tamed by man. A 9.0 earthquake is the energy equivalent of 474 megatons of TNT explosive force. The earthquake in Haiti, a 7.0, was the... Read More
Editors Note: I am Number Four was exactly like we said it would be two weeks ago.An all-white cast in which white people are the heroes, American flags in virtually every scene, and not one non-white had a speaking part.American flags in virtually every scene and not one non-white had a speaking part. It was... Read More
Remember school discipline? We’ve talked about it before, showcasing a study The New York Times found horrifying: Black people get in trouble more because they fail to follow the accepted guidelines governing proper behavior. Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) – who live among only other DWLs – feign incredulity that such a reality could exist, always... Read More
Mall envy. Dress codes. Curfews. Flash mobs terrorizing Philadelphia, Kansas City and other major cities. Can you guess what racial group suffers from the symptoms of mall envy? How about the group that dress codes and curfews target most frequent? Perhaps you could take a stab at which group participated in flash mobs in many... Read More
Stop. Stop now. Don't umpire or referee anymore: Above, you can view the most shocking video we’ve seen thus far today. It depicts a sequence from a recent high school basketball game in Florida between DeSoto County and Port Charlotte. For the first 1:20 of the video, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens. Then,... Read More
What was it we once said about Black people and riotless High School basketball games? Oh, that's right. They're included in the Stuff Black People Don't Like. There is a reason that 88 percent of the white vote went to John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. White people in Alabama have seen the once... Read More
SBPDL has been sitting on The Reality of Cook County story for sometime, and felt in the horrific and violent death of Derrion Albert the time for holding out on this important piece was over. RIP Derrion. Your death is the result of our nation - a nation of cowards - who refuse to confront... Read More
Continuing our drive to make SBPDL the ultimate 365Black destination, a rehashing of a previous story is in order so as to explain the importance of today’s entry. College football kicked off last week and people of all races were glued to the television screens as ratings for the opening weekend reached record highs: During... Read More
This week has been devoted to the great sport of college football and the beginning of the 2009 season. On September 3, #14 Boise State played host to #16 Oregon in a highly-touted contest that ESPN featured for the entire nation to see. The theme of this SBPDL will be sportsmanship (an upcoming entry), but... Read More
Black people love going to school, especially high school. It gives Black people a chance to participate in school sports, get noticed by recruiters at major colleges and potentially get a scholarship and be an athlete-student. Black people by and large go to high school with the dream in mind of one day being an... Read More
Black people pride themselves on their ability to engage in civil disobedience that would leave Henry David Thoreau blushing (look at this list of riots for the 20th century). Whether from real or imagined problems and issues, Black people have an amazing ability to conjure up anger and frustration at the slightest provocation, turning formerly... Read More
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