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That crack in the Liberty Bell just got a whole lot wider. Fittingly, Philadelphia, a city where the Mayor Nutter has gone full-blown Bill Cosby on a Black population terrorizing the city’s residents and driving away investments and businesses, is the birthplace of the venerated US Constitution. Now whites flee the carnage of a city... Read More
Once more into the fray Into the last good fight I'll ever know Live and die on this day Live and die on this day The above poem is an integral plot point from one of those rare glimpses into what cinema could be, the type of entertainment Hollywood could provide in every movie. Director... Read More
The summer of 2011 is over. What did we learn? That the racial violence of Black people targeting white people (and other non-Blacks) through Flash Mobs Mahogany Mobs is a non-story; that the strange incident in Jackson, Mississippi where white kids killed a Black guy in "bad part of town" (code for: drug-infested, high-crime, 'Black'... Read More
(Sorry this one is so long... the more we researched Philadelphia, the more needed to be added) When the population that built and sustained a city is replaced with a different population group - harboring opposing cultural values and norms, plus ability – it’s obvious that that city is in for a rude-awakening. At a... Read More
We have seen Flash Mobs in Philadelphia. We have even seen ‘Smash and Grab’ tactics of Black shoplifters cause damage to Atlanta-area stores. Now, we have Bleeding Kansas… City. Yes, Missouri is now home to the next generation of Black theme riots, as ‘youth’ of Kansas City have been inspired by the exploits of comrades... Read More
We at SBPDL have always pictured a true mob brandishing pitchforks and torches chasing a terrorizing monster through the thick wilderness, finally cornering said beast in an abandoned, dilapidated castle. However, Black people in Philadelphia find the notion of the "wisdom of crowds" to be a strong ally of Flash Mobs, as yet another cast... Read More
This entry might supplant entry #93 (Bring Your Kids to Shoplift), although Lashaundra Chantee Cooper might be upset to lose her spot as SBPDL's favorite parental unit. It seems a Black couple in Philadelphia found the thought of instantaneous riches in the form of stolen jewels a worthy addition to their family if it merely... Read More
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