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PK Note: Zenster's piece will be published later today. Plus, the long-awaited unveiling of the cover of Stuff Black People Don't Like: 365Black Days of Judging by Content of Behavior will debut next week. A contract is going out for the Detroit and College Football book soon. Few people know more about football than I... Read More
Ever seen the Mark Wahlberg film Invincible? I've always believed that this movie - the story of 30-year-old Vince Papale who became a receiver/special teams player for the Philadelphia Eagles after impressing coaches at an open tryout - andMiracle are Disney apologizing for the lies they promulgated in Remember the Titans. Purchasing the book the... Read More
Remember what Rush Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb back in 2003? We do here at SBPDL, as it ultimately cost Mr. Limbaugh a shot at owning a National Football League franchise. Here's what Limbaugh said on ESPN: The National Football League is 67 percent Black and 30 percent white. The overwhelmingly majority
When you remember that Dez Bryant is the face of the modern National Football League (NFL), then what we are about to say will make perfect sense. With the NFL players currently locked out - and the threat of violence in major cities if they don't strike a deal for the upcoming season - many... Read More
In January of 2010, we wrote an article on The New Orleans Saints football team. An interesting factoid was found in an article published at ESPN that stated this: Nothing unifies a city like a winning football team. Nothing stops Black people - murders, robbery and assaults are monopolized by Black people in New Orleans... Read More
Black Run America (BRA) even dictates rules for professional sports.Any sport without sufficientBlack representation is always on the lookout for its version of a Tiger Woods, though Woods isn't really Black and never opened up the game of golf for Black participants. (By the way, look for the rules of sports in Black Run America... Read More
March Madness. The Super Bowl. Bowl Season. Opening Day. It should be obvious that Americans live their lives vicariously through collegiate and professional sports.We have documented this on several occasions, pointing out that it was sports and sports alone that broke down the final barriers of the old United States and replaced them with the... Read More
In a titanic struggle over how to divvy up $9 billion, National Football League (NFL) team owners officially announced a lockout of the players. The most popular sport in America threatens to founder on a very avoidable iceberg of egos that will inevitably turn off fans -- even Big Fans -- in the coming months.... Read More
Black Run America (BRA) has one great power source that constantly acts as the equalizer against the nightly newscasts that broadcast worthy stories on a continual basis: sports. Nikola Tesla had an idea of exporting free energy via one power source, which would have been based at Wardenclyffe Tower. Even he, in all his... Read More
The era that gave us Sherman McCoy and Patrick Bateman also gave us "Tarzan Boy," by Baltimora. This particular song encapsulates the fun and frivolity of the 1980s: Yes, the song from the Listerine commercials is the perfect segue into today's topic, the lovely city of Baltimore. The theme song of that particular city is... Read More
In the 2008, Barack Obama was elected president with nearly unanimous support from Black people: Previously, we have discussed how SBPDL includes Republicans, those vile creatures who bend over backward in trying to get Black people to vote Republican, with the results mirroring those of the Coyote trying to capture the elusive Road Runner in... Read More
Football has long been the great racial equalizer in the United States and perhaps the ultimate tool in bringing about equality in opportunity for Black people. Pro Football was integrated in 1946 and Americans who had never conversed with Black people were now rooting them on as they scored touchdowns for the home team: College... Read More
Grown men and the young alike of all races spend untold hours of their day unproductively researching inane statistics of their favorite athletes and football teams; spending time carousing message boards such as and to learn about the latest Black high school recruit that will sign with their alma mater; and waste months... Read More
Nothing is more insidious to black people then having to look at the results of paternity tests. The fecundity rate of black people is astounding, as evidence by former NFL player Travis Henry. Recently jailed for failing to pay child support for his ten children, through ten different wives, Mr. Henry is an example a... Read More
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