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PK Note: Post on Paul "Bear" Bryant is coming tomorrow. Big news today is that Mark Owen (a pseudonym to protect his identity), the author of No Easy Day – which tells the story of the Navy SEALs team that took out Osama Bin Laden – didn't want their action to help re-elect Mein Obama... Read More
Sometimes you read an article or watch a news show and hear something that puts everything into a clear focus. Today at, I published an article on the new Navy SEALs movie Act of Valor.The title selected for it was perfect Act of Valor - Act of Treason: Obama Imposes Affirmative Action on Navy... Read More
Black History Month. Another month where Crusading White Pedagogues, always desirous of an uplifting Black tale (or is that Red?) to tell, rely on the few sturdy oldie but goldies to get through the shortest month of the year. From the depths of history has emerged a story that fits the narrative of Black-Run America... Read More
Note: All this week will be # posts. Even if Detroit burns to the ground; even if a violent Mahogany Mob occupies and terrorizes Philadelphia for three days; even if Eric "My Holder" People enlists the dwindling percentage of enlisted Black members of the US Military to help close the racial gap in learning (one... Read More
Laying in bed the other night, I found myself laughing at the thought of an article someone had sent me. It was from 2002 and dealt with the United States military, specifically the Navy SEALs and other US Special Forces like the Rangers and Green Berets, and the lack of Black people in these prestigious... Read More
We write about the military a lot here. From G.I. Joe to Top Gun, from SEALs Team 6 to discussing articles that claim the officers of the United States Military are “too white,” we point out how our military has been completely swamped with the pernicious infection known as Black-Run America (BRA). Always remember this... Read More
Reading today an article about current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, we had to laugh, realizing he was describing in succinct detail what we call Black-Run America (BRA). He called America a “civil rights nation”: So what does Deval Patrick’s memoir tell us about how black elites think? In my opinion, it is their conception of... Read More
It’s time to get serious about closing that racial gap in learning. After all, if the military is going to eliminate that pesky problem of being led white officers it is, then, vital that the test scores of Black recruits improve so that academic standards at The Coast Guard Academy and Naval Academy don’t have... Read More
Veterans Day, 2010. Knowing that many members of the United States military read this blog, please allow us at Stuff Black People Don't Like to take a moment to honor you and your services. Few institutions are worth defending in Black Run America (BRA) anymore, but the core message that is behind the oath every... Read More
In Black Run America (BRA), the burning desire for every organization or entity (be it the Boy Scouts, television show, college or university, corporation, major league baseball, etc.) is to increase the number of Black people who comprise the work force/talent/labor to an acceptable level. As we have learned, that acceptable level has no threshold,... Read More
Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black people in the United States. Here at SBPDL, we are going one step further. Like our fans at Wired magazine, we believe that cinema provides the undisputed and preeminent examples of fantastic – albeit fictional – images and characters for Black... Read More
(While you read this, listen to this song) "December 7, 1941 - a date that will live in infamy...," so said Franklin Roosevelt 68 years ago today, in the wake of the horrific surprise attack by the Empire of Japan on US Naval forces based in Hawaii: This attack by Japan awoke the so-called "sleeping... Read More
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