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Michael Vick

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Robert Griffin III: The Next Black Quarterback Hope In my mind, Steve Spurrier - the former head ball coach at Duke, Florida, and current coach of South Carolina - is the finest evaluator and developer of quarterbacks in college football (well, maybe not so much at South Carolina, where he seems more interested in getting... Read More
Remember what Rush Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb back in 2003? We do here at SBPDL, as it ultimately cost Mr. Limbaugh a shot at owning a National Football League franchise. Here's what Limbaugh said on ESPN: The National Football League is 67 percent Black and 30 percent white. The overwhelmingly majority
When you remember that Dez Bryant is the face of the modern National Football League (NFL), then what we are about to say will make perfect sense. With the NFL players currently locked out - and the threat of violence in major cities if they don't strike a deal for the upcoming season - many... Read More
March Madness. The Super Bowl. Bowl Season. Opening Day. It should be obvious that Americans live their lives vicariously through collegiate and professional sports.We have documented this on several occasions, pointing out that it was sports and sports alone that broke down the final barriers of the old United States and replaced them with the... Read More
Black people are fiercely loyal. The whole world is collapsing on Mein Obama and yet Black people still approve of his performance (as do Disingenuous White Liberals) though he has yet to do anything to improve the lot of the majority of his most ardent supporters. Michael Vick is a name that needs no introduction... Read More
In all of sports - basketball, baseball, track, soccer, sumo wrestling - one position stands above the rest as the king, the role that garners all the glamor and glitz. Quarterback. No other position in the world of sports has the fame and notoriety that the quarterback entails. The leader of 10 other men on... Read More
"If you build it, he will come," so spoke the ghost of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in the classic, Pre-Obama America film "Field of Dreams". The movie showcases America's pastime - baseball - and the deep connection the sport has with Pre-Obama America; the ritual of playing catch with your father; and the dreams that remain... Read More
The National Football League (NFL) is as much a business as it is an entertainment organization. The NFL generates much more than $1 billion a year for its 32-franchises and the city's they play in and occupies a majority of the time that people have on their Sunday's. Ratings for the NFL have never been... Read More
Black people are sometimes subjected to horrifying hoaxes. Black people, it must be remembered, can do no wrong in America and because of them, we finally have what CNN has called the "first hip president" in Barack Hussein Obama. Without the ultra-hip Obama at the helm, the United States would still be run by boring,... Read More
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