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McDonald's. Black people. What a combination! Even Daniel Tosh, the popular comedian and host of one of cable's most popular shows - Tosh.0 - pointed out the hilarity of McDonald's 365Black campaign in his recent episode celebrating "Black History Month."For those who haven't seen this episode, find it and watch it immediately.But for now, courtesy... Read More
Podcast 3 goes up tomorrow. Working on editing it for sound quality. Check back to SBPDL regularly this week, as a flurry of posts (some on football that many won't read, plus a big article on Oprah's failing network and the Whiteout of television in 2011 with shows like Pan Am copying AMC's recipe for... Read More
What ever happened to judging by the 'content of ones character'? It seems the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has come to realize judging by the "color of their skin" is only applicable when it comes to white people. We already know that the Transportation Services Administration (TSA) - 22 percent of its employees are... Read More
In all the fun over this past week's racial transgendered beat down of a white girl dude by a group of enraged Black women at McDonald's, we failed to mention a past moment of hilarity that included two of three elements already cited. The racial transgendered (Disingenuous White Liberalsin the news have changed the narrative... Read More
We've been itching to start doing the old # posts again and have a long essay on the rapgroup Odd Future (who rap about rape) and Ashley Judd that has been gestating in our mind for about two weeks. Also, a highly combustible situation is brewing New York where the parents of a Black college... Read More
McDonald's is a company that brags about its commitment and devotion to not only diversity, but employing Black people in owner/operator roles. It is committed to the concept of 365Black. Someone from McDonald's even wrote a book about the corporate strategy of promoting diversity above all other values that has the Orwellian title, None of... Read More
If you’ve been reading this Web site for awhile now nothing that we post should surprise you. No story of utter depravity should induce shock, no mainstream newspaper article or CNN story bemoaning the lack of Black participation in certain vocations will astonish, and certainly anything construed as a Hate Fact will undoubtedly be further... Read More
If the United States were actually a nation steeped in racism - as many intellectuals consider it to be - the media wouldn't be hesitant to broadcast stories such as this tale of woe emanating from a Florida gas station: Prompted by a viral video showing a wild, all-female brawl outside a Florida gas station,... Read More
It is said brevity is the soul of wit. Black people do not like jokes at their expense, for daring to poke at Black people is a mortal sin and one that will soon be illegal in the United States of America as administered by Mein Obama. Black malfeasance must not be acknowledged, instead disregarded... Read More
Fast food represents the ultimate Black feast. Cheap, quick and with the option of utilizing the drive-thru window to procure the meal, fast food restaurants have been the source of Black people’s growing waistline throughout America and simultaneously, give those paying attention a glimpse into the future. We have discussed the 365 Black marketing-tactic employed... Read More
McDonald's efforts to go 365 Black has brought out some unusual customers to carry out the desires of this major franchise, as nationwide Black people are engaging in behavior that continually is one-upping the previous 365 Black episode at the fast food giant (consult this entry to learn about 365 Black). The Filet-O-Fish is so... Read More
McDonald’s is the unofficial fast food restaurant of SBPDL. Nothing beats a Big Mac, fries and a coke at the eating establishment that dubs itself 365 Black! Nothing… except maybe Popeye’s Chicken, but that’s a story for another day. McDonald’s has capitalized off the magnetic pull it exerts toward Black people, who find the Golden... Read More
There is a time and place that is now but an epoch of history, forever enshrined in the history books as an era of oppression, persecution and cultural hegemony fostered upon venerable Black people who were mere unwitting subjects to this endless parade of supremacy: Pre-Obama America. Enshrined in the images of the 1950s, this... Read More
Criticism of Mein Obama is a sure sign of racism in the eyes of Black people and their enablers, disingenuous white liberals. Black people expected the honeymoon for Barack Obama to last for his entire first four years in office and well into his second term, but that all ended when MARs decided to attack... Read More
Stuff Black People Don't Like prides itself on answering McDonald's call to be 365Black.We will bring you the goods on Stuff Black People Don't Like all day and everyday. Nothing else will be discussed at, because we feel it paramount to educate the world - not just America - on things that drive Black... Read More
Black people love McDonald's. We have already discussed Black people's disdain for running of Chicken McNuggets, a faux pas worthy of calling 911 over. McDonald's and Black people have a special connection that few can deny. First, they serve Coke products at McDonald's, which naturally means they serve Sprite - the official drink of Black... Read More
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