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John Hughes

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There's something about the 1980s: John Hughes movies were a bridge back to the 1950s; Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics were saving the NBA; Michael Jackson decided his ebony skin needed an ivory overhaul; bands like Journey, Toto, Bon Jovi, etc., were producing songs and power ballads that have as much power now as... Read More
Christmas is the time of year where family gather together to remember the past, celebrate cherished memories and reminisce upon kin long since gone, but not forgotten. Black people, though more than 70 percent are born out of wedlock, love Christmas. As we learned in our article on gay marriage, Black people are deeply religious... Read More
The sudden and tragic of passing of John Hughes has sparked a renewed interest in his films and the decade that he immortalized - the 1980s. Black people came into their own in the 1980s, thanks to MTV, The Cosby Show and most importantly Michael Jackson. Although they were completely absolved from the casting decisions... Read More
There was no post yesterday as SBPDL mourns the loss of visionary movie director John Hughes, who we profiled last month as #317 on Stuff Black People Don't Like. A new post will be forthcoming tonight, but for now, we mourn the loss of John Hughes and his movies, which will forever be included in... Read More
The 1980s is considered by many pundits to be the greatest decade in the history of the world. Great music, great fashion and the rise of the imaginary Black family- thanks to The Cosby Show - made the 80s a harmonious place for race relations. Michael Jackson was still Black, Mr. T was still relevant... Read More
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