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See also: Return Of Return Of The Many Wars On Halloween—A Halloween Roundup Over the weekend, one of my best friends called to wish me a Happy Halloween. We chatted about family and our plans to celebrate the occasion with one of our favorite traditions, trick or treating. We grew up in one of the... Read More
Check out VDARE for a huge article on Diversity and Trick-or-Treating that I wrote. Understand that Robert Putnam’s study (which shows a correlation between more ethnic diversity driving down community trust) underestimates the impact of diversity, because homogeneous Black enclaves are deficient in trust. Across the nation, Black children who reside in Black Undertow cities... Read More
Across the country, elaborate haunted houses have been created and huge lines of eager people will wait for the opportunity to be frightened by the manufactured and artificial horrors that await them inside. Immense investments have gone into the creation of these elaborate haunted houses that feature actors dressed as ghouls and goblins, vivid special... Read More
Few things in life conjure images of dread more than the prospect of death. The macabre thought of how we will meet our end is a contemplation few dare entertain. Halloween is a time of the year where the ghostly, ghoulish, ghastly, grisly, grotesque and terrifying are confronted, traditionally a day where our own mortality... Read More
Trick or Treating. Halloween movies for kids. The ‘ghost’ costume and Halloween fraternity parties. McDonald’s old-school celebration of Halloween. Barack Obama costumes. Is there a date that plays to the memory of Pre-Obama America with greater emotional power and iconography then Halloween? No. Halloween evolved into a celebration of community, where neighbors would open their... Read More
On the 31st of October, children dress in their ghoulish best and go forth in their respective towns to knock on neighbors doors in hopes on receiving delicious treats. Trick or Treating is the ultimate source of community building - a fact Mein Obama should have taken into consideration during his days as a community... Read More
The 2009 edition of Halloween went off with few hitches, save for the potential cavity down the road from an over abundance of candy consumption. Apparently white people got the memorandum that was floating around the water-cooler, for this year few dared to dress as others have at Halloween Fraternity Parties in the past. For... Read More
Already, we have discussed that Black people don’t particularly enjoy Ghosts (registered mail and dogs are also on that list). Halloween is closely linked with reverence for the dead and an understanding that on Halloween, the thin line that separates the land of the living from the realm of the deceased is blurred: Black people... Read More
In but a few days time, millions of youth will take to the streets to trick or treat for candy from neighbors; fraternities will once again be host to parties that leave little to the imagination; and adults will dress up in fantasy gear to engage in vain attempts to replicate their youth by searching... Read More
College is a four-year experience in the United States that supplies those who make it through with a degree and the keys to success in life. Most interestingly, many times as the person rides the journey of life with the diploma they received from said school, the memories of what they learned and the experiences... Read More