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Fried Chicken

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If the United States were actually a nation steeped in racism - as many intellectuals consider it to be - the media wouldn't be hesitant to broadcast stories such as this tale of woe emanating from a Florida gas station: Prompted by a viral video showing a wild, all-female brawl outside a Florida gas station,... Read More
We talked about chicken and Shreveport two days ago. Well, this story has taken a hilarious turn that must be discussed. Martin Luther King Street in Shreveport was to be the venue of this Chicken Wing and Limo event, but an arsonist hit the restaurant and dashed all of those dreams in a harmonious conflagration:... Read More
It is said brevity is the soul of wit. Black people do not like jokes at their expense, for daring to poke at Black people is a mortal sin and one that will soon be illegal in the United States of America as administered by Mein Obama. Black malfeasance must not be acknowledged, instead disregarded... Read More
Running out of fried chicken is one thing. Running out of Chicken McNugget's at McDonald's is another. Being denied food at a restaurant that purports to be 365 Black is yet another grave nuisance. A finite supply of chicken wings is frowned upon as well. Kentucky Fried Chicken promising free grilled chicken and reneging on... Read More
We live in a world governed by few rules, but the most important of all laws that must be acknowledged without fail is simply this: Thou Shalt Not Display Black People in a Negative Light. Thus, the need for a month dedicated to celebrating accomplishments of a race largely devoid of any accomplishments or contributions... Read More
Black people aren't dumb. As we have discussed, they know all about disingenuous white liberals (DWL's) and how they really view Black people. DWL's love Black people - only as long as they don't live near them nor attend their kids schools. If they violate this code, then DWL's find it difficult o deal with... Read More
Some people have stated, wrongly, that Stuff Black People Don't Like has jumped the shark. What they fail to realize is that we are nearing the 100,000th unique visitor in just over two months(!) of being online and that we are just getting started helping educate the world on things, topics and subjects that Black... Read More
Similar to #207, Running out of Fried Chicken, Black people are perplexed and in great derision when Grilled Chicken is no longer available. Food is one of the most important aspects of a Black persons day, and to be confronted with the conundrum of having that staple removed due to a distribution error is not... Read More
Black people are a very fascinating subject matter and are easily agitated when a staple food is removed from their diet. As this video portrays so succinctly, running out of fried chicken is hazardous to the black palate. From Rochester, New York, the popular fast food chain Popeyes, has run out of fried chicken and... Read More
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