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Flash Mobs

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It was a quote uttered by a Black person who engaged in a 50-person Black Pack Attack on a white family in Akron, Ohio around July 4th in 2009 that motivates me on a daily basis (, July 7, 2009): If you've followed this blog since then, you should be acutely aware that Eric "My... Read More
Editor’s note: Due to events outside of my hands, SBPDL must undergo an emergency fundraiser. You can make a donation through the PayPal link in the upper left-hand corner or contact us and we’ll you send PO Box information. Or purchase Hollywood in Blackface or SBPDL Year Onefrom in either book or Kindle form.... Read More
In season two of Family Guy (only the first two season were funny) there is an episode called I am Peter, Hear Me Roar.Peter Griffin learns to appreciate women in this episode and addresses the Million Man March, telling them it is their fault their is crime: The joke being that Peter was just addressing... Read More
In elementary schools all over this great country, students are forced to read Martin Luther King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” This communique to a white clergyman from the sainted (at least according to the Episcopalian Church) Dr. King has been praised as the equal of divine writ by many Christian denominations. One of the... Read More
Dear President Mein Obama, I was wrong. Judging by the actions of your greatest constituency over the 2011 Memorial Day weekend (actions that were replicated across the nation), it's obvious something big and terrifying is just beyond the horizon. Now you spent a number of years as a community organizer in Chicago, a city your... Read More
Editors note: Could someone do a screen shot of Drudge Report for May 31, 2011 and send it to us? The stories of Black people acting Black in Miami, Charlotte, Charlotte Beach (NY), Decatur (AL), Myrtle Beach, Boston, Chicago and Rochester, juxtaposed with the decision by Eric "My People" Holder's decision to pursue civil rights... Read More
We have seen Flash Mobs in Philadelphia. We have even seen ‘Smash and Grab’ tactics of Black shoplifters cause damage to Atlanta-area stores. Now, we have Bleeding Kansas… City. Yes, Missouri is now home to the next generation of Black theme riots, as ‘youth’ of Kansas City have been inspired by the exploits of comrades... Read More
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