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Don't Get Detroit-ed

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It's a city time forgot; it's a history lesson that we purposefully skip over; it's yet another reminder that "Manifest Destruction" (the Great Migration of Blacks from South) was the most devastating event in American history. Gary, Indiana. In S. Paul O'Hara's Gary, the Most American of All American Cities we are introduced to a... Read More
A forgotten story has resurfaced, courtesy of a nudge from a story published in the Daily Mail that had the provocative headline, Connecticut town which is 94% white 'deliberately kept ethnic minorities out by denying them housing benefits' (Hugo Gye, August 7, 2012): A town in Connecticut deliberately tried to keep out non-white residents from... Read More
PK: “Don’t Get Detroit-ed” will be a new feature here once or twice a week, joining the “Guns Don’t Kill People, Dangerous Minorities Do” articles. All sites must evolve, and this is part of one individuals desire to bring to light unfortunate – but always discernable – truths that threaten the stability of our nations... Read More
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