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It's a city time forgot; it's a history lesson that we purposefully skip over; it's yet another reminder that "Manifest Destruction" (the Great Migration of Blacks from South) was the most devastating event in American history. Gary, Indiana. In S. Paul O'Hara's Gary, the Most American of All American Cities we are introduced to a... Read More
Though every student, K-12, in the 95 percent Black Detroit Public Schools (DPS) system already gets a free lunch, this isn't enough of a bargaining chip to keep them in class. As part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Community Eligibility Option Program, each student in the DPS eats a free lunch every school day... Read More
The whole reason behind writing Escape from Detroit:The Collapse of America's Black Metropolis was to catalog the reality of Detroit's collapse, which no one else would dare acknowledge was a story that was 100 percent racial (the implications of which should guide social/urban policy in ways that try and steer other municipalities from replicating what... Read More
We already know that Stuff Black People Don't Like includes Unprepared Kool-Aid (#48). Now, in 90 percent Black Detroit, two Black friends have answered that burning question of "who makes a better glass of Kool-Aid" by reaching for their guns in the first documented case of a 'Kool-Aid Standoff'. From Andrea Isom at MyFoxDetroit: And... Read More
What if you could see a city where the logical conclusion of the consequences of affirmative action play out, where the desire to rectify past inequities in hiring patterns turns into an orgy of trying to add every conceivable Black person in the city onto the public payroll? What if you could see a city... Read More
Can you feel it? It's in the air. You can almost taste it. No, not the fallout from the Trayvon Martin racial-bomb that turned out to be a huge dud for Organized Blackness and those Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) foolish enough to believe that a "NO_LIMIT_NIGGA" was the rocket-fuel needed to propel the narrative into... Read More
The days of democracy in the Black metropolis of Detroit are dwindling, denoting a truth that pierces the heart of the esteemed Walter Williams theory that liberalism is at fault for the failure of Black people. Portland, Austin (Texas), Boulder (Colorado), Silicon Valley (California), Seattle, and Burlington (Vermont) all thrive while they have the same... Read More
It should be known the only way to deal with high rates of Black criminality – in a community where they represent 10 percent of the population or 90 percent - is with force exercised by the police. This is why, in the waning days of white rule (in a city they built) in Detroit,... Read More
PK: “Don’t Get Detroit-ed” will be a new feature here once or twice a week, joining the “Guns Don’t Kill People, Dangerous Minorities Do” articles. All sites must evolve, and this is part of one individuals desire to bring to light unfortunate – but always discernable – truths that threaten the stability of our nations... Read More
Whenever a Black individual triumphs over a white individual, this event is seen as a repudiation of white racism, a blow to white supremacy, and a lesson administered to white society. It is a milestone that all Black people believe is somehow representative of their combined might, an indication that Black people collectively have achieved... Read More
Reading Steve Rattner’s Overhaul: An Insider’s Account of the Obama Administration’s Emergency Rescue of the Auto Industry brought about a politically explosive revelation. GM, the company that was bailed out with your tax-dollars through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), is headquartered in the GM Renaissance Center(RenCen),which at 73 stories is the tallest building in... Read More
The AARP recently published the list of the five most dangerous cities in America. Two (Flint and Detroit) are found in Michigan. St. Louis, New Haven (CT), and Memphis round out the list. Notice any correlation here? This writer fro the New Haven Register does. A breakdown of crime in New Haven showed once again... Read More
The cats out of the bag. The New York Times, Mother Jones and The Nation are all beginning to understand the implications of what happens to cities in America that represent Actual Black-Run America (ABRA), with each news organization publishing editorials and lengthy articles lamenting (and condemning) the emergency management takeover of cities like Benton... Read More
The biggest news story in America right now is the impending collapse of Detroit, perhaps the biggest Black metropolis in the entire world. Under Black-rule, Detroit has become the poster-child for corruption in America, and as custodians of a city whose famous landmarks and buildings were all erected by white people, have watched them become... Read More
No city in America more represents the horrifying potential of Actual Black-Run America (ABRA) then Detroit. The collapse of Detroit is 100 percent racial. That so few people dare even discuss what the ramifications of the collapse of Black-run Detroit represent (on the heels of the collapse of Black-run Jefferson County - Birmingham - in... Read More
This summer, The Dark Knight Rises will set the box office ablaze. The third and film in the Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we will see the culmination of Bruce Wayne’s efforts to save Gotham City from the criminals and corrupt. In the imagination of comic book writers, authors of fiction, and those in Hollywood... Read More
If you've ever seen the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie, you need to check out the source material by Mark Millar. It's a graphic novel that bares little resemblance to its big screen spawn. The story centers around a war waged by all the world's super-villains - who joined together - against the few superheroes,... Read More
Detroit is the Black capital of America. This statement is indisputable. Which is why the next two months are going to be extremely interesting, with the city of Detroit slated to run out of money and be taken over by the state of Michigan in the hopes of curbing monetary mismanagement: financial martial law. The... Read More
PK Note: Sunday, the long-awaited article on Atlanta and The Walking Dead will be released on Sunday, in honor of the return to AMC of the hit zombie apocalypse show. Many of those who reside in the seemingly never-ending suburbs of the greater metro Atlanta-area exist in a momentary state of peace, though this safety... Read More
Life After White People. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Life After White People. Law and order no longer remain. Life After White People. A land where only madness reigns. Without a constant infusion of federal dollars to stimulate the economy of Detroit (EBT, TANF/Welfare, Section 8 Housing), it's not hard to... Read More
Much will be made about the Clint Eastwood's "Halftime in America" commercial during the Super Bowl. Few will point out that the city in which his 2008 movie Gran Torino - Highland Park - was set in has already had the lights turned out in it: Highland Park, home of Henry Ford’s first moving assembly... Read More
The other day, I happened to watch Titan A.E. Strange as this may sound; it came out when I was in high school. It’s not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but the general thrust of the story intrigued me enough to watch bits and pieces of it while I finished reading... Read More
PK NOTE: Last one on the Airmen. Promise. Coleman Young International Airport in Detroit is perhaps the most aptly named airport in the world. After all, Young was the mayor of Detroit from 1974 – 1993, whose tenure can best be described as one long eulogy for the city. In his autobiography Hard Stuff, Young... Read More
PK Note: Time permitting, I read every e-mail sent to me. If I don't respond, don't discontinue attempts at correspondence. With this noted, today's title is courtesy of one of those devout e-mail senders. Give it until Monday, and we'll be back to doing # posts and other assorted entries, finally dropping the microscope from... Read More
The world is nothing more than all the tiny things you left behind.- Gran Torino In reading the powerful essay on Highland Park, Michigan (Return to a Darker Age) that HW put together, the whole concept of the Visible Black Hand governing economics came to me in a moment of clarity rivaling the epiphany the... Read More
It is the opinion of SBPDL that the coming collapse of Detroit represents a watershed moment in American history. A mere 100 years ago, Detroit was nearly 100 percent white. Beyond the horizon, these white citizens envisioned a magnificent city, with opulent buildings, grand theaters for entertainment and a thriving economy that would be the... Read More
"Is this heaven?," asks the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams. That same question is asked by his father, right before they finally have a catch together. The United States of America once looked like Iowa (the state is 91 percent white; in 1964, America was 90 percent white). Now, the Iowa... Read More
PK Note: All new articles on college football are being saved for the book, The Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White. Alternative Right will be publishing two pieces by me on recruiting and a special look at the University of Alabama/LSU National Championship match-up and the correlation to South African Rugby. Because... Read More
Black people in Detroit can't be expected to maintain its infrastructure, study finds Climate Change, courtesy of the Black Undertow. The Visible Black Hand governing economics (this is why majority Black cities and counties can't sustain a local economy, save Check Cashing, Pawn Shops, Liquor Stores, Fast Food joints, and Hair Salon/Barbershops) that Adam Smith... Read More
You can't see the lightning strikes. Not yet. You can see the horizon, far in the distance, starting to light up with increasing brilliance. There's rumblings, signifying approaching thunder. But its still far-off, right? Some are aware of the impending storm; most are afraid to admit it exists, preferring to ban all talk of unsavory... Read More
One of the more anticipated movies of 2011 is The Adventures of Tintin, the tale of the boy journalist and his trusty canine companion Snowy. It appears that a few people are up in arms at one of the early stories published in a more ignorant and unenlightened time period, Tintin in the Congo, which... Read More
Remember that town in Alabama that couldn't pay retired city employees their pensions anymore? We do. It was Prichard, Alabama, a once thriving white community that was overwhelmed by the Black Undertow. As Black people became the majority of the town's population, businesses shuttered and the tax base dried up; thus, no new revenue to... Read More
Quick update: I've been working on 15 articles for other Web sites. On top of reading virtually every book on college football history (when I get an idea, I pursue and attack it from every direction possible and that means doing some necessary reading and homework), my free time has been occupied. This week, however,... Read More
The Motor City gets dumped on a lot. Recently rated by Forbes as the Most Dangerous City in America, Detroit also happens to be one of the most monochromatic. The core of the city (roughly 808,000) is 92 percent Black, where no major grocery store chain dare open for business. The suburban area - where... Read More
In twenty years time, only one news story will be needed to successfully inculcate young students of why Black-Run America (BRA) was doomed to fail. Only one. Courtesy of Detroit, the town that illustrates beautifully (and tragically) what happens when white flight and Black empowerment mix, you have the story of Catherine Ferguson Academy -... Read More
There are a lot of tasteless stories about Detroit that attempt to explain that cities dramatic fall into obscurity, irrelevance and hilarious pursuit of continually being a national joke. What follows is a perfect example of the Nigga Rich mentality combined with complete control over the allocation of financial resources in Detroit: A Livonia furniture... Read More
Many people believe that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight represent two of the finest superhero movies ever made. Both were beautifully shot in the architecturally stunning city of Chicago, a magnificent stand-in for Gotham City where the Batman universe is set. Christopher Nolan's vision of Gotham City has been a metropolis inhabited by a... Read More
USA Today's above-fold, front page story yesterday dealt with crime dropping nationwide. It is commonly accepted - though completely inaccurate - that crime increases when unemployment rises. If only this were true then we might have an explanation for why Black crime rates are as bad as they are (and why movies and fiction utilize... Read More
In the United States, one city is known as the Black Mecca – Atlanta. Though the demographics are changing rapidly, the rampant corruption found throughout Hotlanta won’t go away anytime soon. A massive scandal in the city school system – led by Black principals – is threatening the accreditation of that district. What other county... Read More
There's something about Detroit Public Schools President Otis Mathis: One day after facing accusations of fondling himself, Detroit Public Schools President Otis Mathis wrote a letter to colleagues today blaming "ongoing health problems" for his "poor judgment." The letter, which attempted to rescind his resignation he submitted Thursday, doesn't explicitly address accusations from Superintendent Teresa... Read More
Is it wrong to call the World Cup in South Africa - an event hasn't even started yet - a failure? No. It is not. We are told by Time magazine's Managing Editor Richard Stengel that Nelson Mandela is the most important person and greatest human on the planet (in that magazine's World Cup preview... Read More
Much has changed in the world since this site was launched. The God-like ability of one Mien Obama is apparently gone, and it appears his ascension to the presidency is but a Pyrrhic victory for Black people. The Haitian Earthquake – a tragedy to be sure, but Haiti and its Black population already was an... Read More
Black people love sports. Years of watching sports have helped people from across the United States develop favorable images of Black people, through vast consumption of sports, which is explained with the process of "Mainstreaming": We have documented the amount of time people spend watching the National Football League (NFL), college football and other professional... Read More
We know what you are asking yourself. Probably, you are having the exact same reaction to this entry as the fine folks over at Arrested Development did when they were confronted with Thomas Jane. Who or what is a Thomas Jane and why would this warrant an entry in SBPDL? Great question and one that... Read More
Labor Day signifies one of the last weekends of summer and the transitioning into the fall season, as in many states across the nation leaves begin to change color and a crisp can be felt in the air. Labor Day has an interesting history in the United States that few people think about as they... Read More
Black people love Detroit. Comprising nearly 92 percent of the inhabitants of the 11th most populated city in the United States, Black people can take umbrage at any other city in America trying to classify themselves as the ultimate Black - or Chocolate city. Detroit has a very colorful city council to represent the citizenry... Read More
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