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Previously on SBPDL: Her Name Is Ebba Åkerlund: 11-Year-Old Swedish Girl Victim of Islamic Terrorism in Stockholm PK NOTE: Their Lives Matter Too. It’s a book you must pick up. Names you’ve never encountered, stories you’ve never read about, all for one, unmentionable reason: black on white murder.   I found myself mulling over a... Read More
Mall envy. Dress codes. Curfews. Flash mobs terrorizing Philadelphia, Kansas City and other major cities. Can you guess what racial group suffers from the symptoms of mall envy? How about the group that dress codes and curfews target most frequent? Perhaps you could take a stab at which group participated in flash mobs in many... Read More
Invariably, the stigma of public transportation (a forthcoming SBPDL) causes people to refrain from taking the bus or light-rail with the unpleasantness of this experience far outweighing the benefit or convenience of such a trip. This is why suburbs were created, so that whitopia’s could form where white people could leave the madness behind. Most... Read More
One shouldn't poke fun at the unfortunate, the circumstances of their misfortune unknown to you. However in the case of Atlanta's coddled underclass, the misfortune is easily identifiable: a combination of reliance on Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) handouts, Christian charity and federal/state reliance and a string of poor choices that this underclass will never, ever... Read More
What is the greatest detriment to the success of a mall or shopping complex? Location? Natural disaster? Recession/depression? None of the above. Try clientele. Shopping complexes and malls last as viable consumer destinations only as long as the clientele engaging in frequenting the establishment remains conducive to those stores staying business. Once that shopping complex/mall... Read More
For those who fly the friendly skies – for business, travel, employment – you will understand the context of what is about to written. The Transportation Services Administration (TSA) is an organization of inept individuals who take pleasure and delight at having the illusion of power to harass and exploit their hegemony over timid airline... Read More
Few things in life conjure images of dread more than the prospect of death. The macabre thought of how we will meet our end is a contemplation few dare entertain. Halloween is a time of the year where the ghostly, ghoulish, ghastly, grisly, grotesque and terrifying are confronted, traditionally a day where our own mortality... Read More
All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you fought against as a youth: you begin to realize they're stereotypes because they're true. David Cronenberg A word rarely used here is stereotype. It is an ugly word, because ideas have to have a genesis. You would... Read More
In the movie District B13 the ghettos of Paris, France have been walled off, sealed and quarantined. 24-hour patrols guard those left behind the wall from ever escaping, keeping the high-rates of crime and therapeutic car burning sessions contained and confined. This is just a movie – though we have learned who the real Crazies... Read More
Remember that incident in Buffalo, when the joyous wedding party was interrupted with a hail of gunshots? Largely unreported nationwide, the local news covered the story with a passion that once motivated all reporters who were tasked with garnering the truth and enlightening the citizenry. The idea of truth, justice and the America way is... Read More
Our civilization finds virtue in those wrongfully imprisoned for a crime they never committed and the valiant effort to then retain dignity and sanity inside the cramped, soul-confining walls of the jail cell, while they plot a grandiose escape from the penitentiary. Sir Walter Raleigh, Alcamenes, James the First and Alexander Solzhenitsyn are all men... Read More
Cooperating with police has long been an act Black people find unnecessary and in some cases, reprehensible. Doing so creates a disconnect between the Black person who finds common ground with the officer of the law and thus, they turn their back completely on the Black community at large, long suspicious of cops ulterior motives.... Read More
Sports will always matter. People who refuse to acknowledge the power of sports in changing American minds and influencing individual perceptions lack a basic understanding of the world. Consider what Jackie Robinson did for Black people when he integrated baseball (a sport Black people oddly refuse to play now) in 1947: We have briefly discussed... Read More
“A Nightmare on Elm Street” has long thrilled audiences with its campy terror, disfigured gruesome villain and tawdry sexual innuendo. One of the most successful horror franchise, “Elm Street” has been the avenue that has led to ghastly nightmares for those who seen the films. Black people love horror films, for they are frequently cast... Read More
Christmas is the time of year when people feel generous and help those in need, offering alms to the needy and donations to worthy organizations who strive to help people who are less fortunate. Remember A Christmas Carol? One of the great Christmas tales of morality, generosity and woes of a greedy existence? Allow SBPDL... Read More
Black people - though they might not like what Pre-Obama America represented - have no real animosity toward the United States of America. The USA is a land of endless dreams and hope, and for a people united in a common cause anything is possible. Black people united in furthering Black interests can thus accomplish... Read More
Sports. Who doesn't love sports? Black people love sports, for it has been their ticket to integrating America and achieving equality in this nation. Without sports, it is hard to imagine Black people fully participating in American life as the idea known as "mainstreaming"positive images of Black people would be much less effective without hours... Read More
Admit it. You've ventured to the absolutely brilliant website and enjoyed a few hearty laughs (maybe a few belly laughs). What exactly is What exactly are we about to discuss here at SBPDL? Wal-Mart is a much maligned company, and the store receives the type of envy and derision the New York Yankees... Read More
We live in a world where the printed word is fading in popularity. Visual stimulation through the medium of movies and video games has supplanted reading and led to a significant decline in readership throughout the country. The National Endowment for the Arts has an incredibly somber analysis of the situation available to read here.... Read More
Stuff Black People Don't Like finds the topic of Atlanta too enjoyable a topic to pass up discussing. The city has been the subject of conversation in the past on SBPDL for a number of reasons, the most glaringly being that the city provides incredible fodder for stories that Ripley's would have a hard time... Read More
Atlanta again. Sherman infamously burned the city to the ground during the first Civil War in 1864 and the horrors of that scorched earth policy are constantly reenacted upon Georgia Tech Students nowadays. The same strategy of scorched earth is being employed by the Black power base in the city, as the fear of losing... Read More
“I know I had no hand in making this war, and I know I will make more sacrifices to-day than any of you to secure peace.” So said William Sherman in a letter to the Atlanta Mayor and Councilmen back in 1864, as he demanded the immediate evacuation of the city before he burned it... Read More
Ceasar Romero. Jack Nicholson. Mark Hamill. Heath Ledger. And now, Barack Hussein Obama. What do these five men have in common? They have all played the Joker, the sadistic clown that is Batman’s arch-nemesis and one of the more sinister antagonists in contemporary literature. Now, it would be fair to say that all of the... Read More
Black people love television. They love television so much that 48 percent of Black children watch four hours of TV a day or more - almost double the national average. Black people love television so much, they pioneered a station that broadcasts programs geared just for their consumption, Black Entertainment Television. However, there is one... Read More
Black people know that white people look on them with suspicious eyes. Black people know that when they enter a store, the employees and owner cast numerous glances in their direction, in fear they might abscond with something since Black peoples favorite percentage off is 100 %. Each day, Black people are faced with cautious... Read More
Black people love Atlanta. "The City to Busy to Hate," is what many would consider the No. 1 Black city in the world (Detroit holds that title), and was recently called, by Ebony magazine the Black mecca: Atlanta is roughly 54 percent Black, although it was the biggest city in America to see a massive... Read More
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