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College Football

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PK Note: Tomorrow, we tug on Superman's cape. Tonight, read up on this VDare article (Alabama’s Iron Bowl And Integration—Was Football Victory Worth It?, November 26, 2012) and this important article on why Birmingham Southern College - located in the heart of one of the worst Black ghettos in America - built a high-security fence... Read More
Nothing much else to add to this video. Penn State hit with crippling fine: Someone get the NCAA a copy of Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity, immediately. It's not just the sordid canonization of Joe Paterno and the primarily white student body of Penn State -- the opiate is on... Read More
This nightmare we call Black-Run America (BRA) could end with one simple act: the nationalization of ESPN and the immediate firing of everyone associated with the monolith, be it radio, TV, magazine, or Internet. Turn off the never-ending sports faucet that dumps positive images of Black people that are impossible to duplicate in any other... Read More
The faster they run, the more touchdowns they make, the whiter they get! (as quoted in Charles H. Martin's Benching Jim Crow: The Rise and Fall of the Color Line in Southern College Sports, 1890-1980 (Sport and Society) -- An Auburn University Board of Trustees member in the late 1960s. Auburn would integrate its football... Read More
One of the worst human beings in America is Bobby Bowden. His toleration of Black criminality in the pursuit of football glory at Florida State - and his recruiting of primarily Black athletes whose academic ability wouldn't qualify them for entrance into a fourth grade spelling bee - has seeped into virtually every program in... Read More
PK: Business Plan coming for the billboard concept. Please understand that for this to work, a certain amount of secrecy must be involved in the negotiation with any advertising company. Yes, there are lawyers involved now. Five cities have been targeted now, with five others under consideration. If you are going to invest in something,... Read More
PK Note: Before you read the following article, please read this article at Vdare that discusses the Iron Bowl game between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. The game used to be played in Birmingham, and loyal SBPDL readers should know that Jefferson County recently declared the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history. After... Read More
Ever seen the Mark Wahlberg film Invincible? I've always believed that this movie - the story of 30-year-old Vince Papale who became a receiver/special teams player for the Philadelphia Eagles after impressing coaches at an open tryout - andMiracle are Disney apologizing for the lies they promulgated in Remember the Titans. Purchasing the book the... Read More
There's this white guy named Clay Travis who wrote a book called Dixieland Delight. He chronicled a season in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) by going to one of the 12-members of the conference campus each week and writing about his experiences. He followed that up with a book called On Rocky Top: A Front-Row Seat... Read More
From here on out, expect two reviews of major college football programs each week. We'll mix it up a lot more than we did this week as things were heavily football centric (however, this was one of our biggest weeks ever from a traffic point of view). I missed a number of important stories by... Read More
So let's have some fun. The below graph is from an article regarding "special admission" students to major colleges and universities for collegiate sports (and specially college football) compared to the overall student body population. Notice the University of Georgia (UGA): 94 percent of football players are "special admission" students. Those numbers come from 1999-2000,... Read More
Quick Note: Read this article on the University of Miami deserving the death penalty and this article on BYU safety Daniel Sorensen who stated "white boys" are coming down south to beat Ole Miss this coming Saturday. In 2011, Louisiana State University (LSU) will start four white players ( out of 11 players starting on... Read More
We all have things that interest us in life. For me, my most poignant memories will always center around football. Whether it involves going to college football games to tailgate with family and friends, playing the game, or watching my alma mater, nothing beats fall Saturday's. Nothing. Being relatively young, I was born years after... Read More
I just finished reading Courage Beyond the Game: The Freddie Steinmark Story by Jim Dent. Having been made aware of Freddie Steinmark's incredible story by reading Horn, Hogs & Nixon Coming: Texas vs. Arkansas in Dixie's Last Stand, I found myself overcome with emotion after reading Dent's new book. Steinmark was an undersized white defensive... Read More
In late July, we’ll be publishing The Opiate of America: How College Athletics Created Black-Run America. It will collect much of what we have written on college sports, and include at least 40 percent new material. Of all the projects we’re working on, this is the most personal. This is part two (part one is... Read More
This is going to be a three-part response to the article Steve Sailer wrote about college football for We've written about collegiate sports here (and professional) and the role they play in keeping conservatives from speaking out about the Black underclass, since the majority of the athletes that represent universities on the football field... Read More
(This was posted at We post it here because it is an important piece on the NFL Draft of 2012. Sports, movies and television have provided the primary avenues for creating (manufacturing) positive views of "the Blacks" in the eyes of a public that overwhelmingly avoids contact with them. In July, The Opiate of... Read More
You can have high standards for your student body population and student athletes by maintaining high moral, ethics, and academic achievement values, or you can have Black athletes. But you can’t have both. Every major college program relies on a disproportionate number of Black athletes to compete on the football field and the basketball court... Read More
We write a lot about sports here. We do this because, quite simply, sports offered the primary mechanism for the acceptance of Black integration into mainstream American life to occur. Black athletic heroes in football did more to integrate the South then anything Martin Luther King Jr. every could have said. Those were the words... Read More
In a titanic struggle over how to divvy up $9 billion, National Football League (NFL) team owners officially announced a lockout of the players. The most popular sport in America threatens to founder on a very avoidable iceberg of egos that will inevitably turn off fans -- even Big Fans -- in the coming months.... Read More
We write about college football a lot here. It is the opiate of America. Without college football, Black people in the southern states would never have had the opportunity to provide positive images to rabid alumni and fans of the majority-white marquee institutions there. Even providing those positive images isn't enough as white people with... Read More
Professional athlete, as we have learned, is the vocation of choice for young Black males. The majority of Black males grow up believing they will one day make it to either the NBA or the NFL and that though the taste of riches may be fleeting, “making it rain” for a few years will be... Read More
An article on former Notre Dame safety and current Baltimore Raven defensive back Tom Zbikowski contained this nugget of wisdom that will come in handy as we discuss an achievement that transpired last Sunday: Lemming was quoted in The Blind Side saying something quite similar (page 37): We have written about Peyton Hillis before and... Read More
The state of Alabama – and the Southern states in general – is universally mocked by the rest of the nation. Inhabitants of more cultured, cosmopolitan regions of the nation are incredulous to learn that people actually wear shoes. Most people would believe that the only reason to even mention the state of Alabama in... Read More
We love the work of Richard Laphick, an individual who has spent the bulk of his professional career highlighting the glories of integration through sports, but inadvertently showing the continued failures and plight of Black athletes – by extension perpetuating stereotypes of Black people in the process. His obsession with highlighting Black athletes and their... Read More
We know what you are thinking... not another post on football. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and turkey day is synonymous with football, so sit back and give us a second on this one. In editing the SBPDL: Year One book, it became clear that a lot of material has been written on college and professional football... Read More
Toby Gerhart stands as an albatross, carrying the heavy burden of being the lone white running back to be considered a top draft pick for the National Football League (NFL) in years. The Heisman Trophy runner-up and Doak Walker award winner is the inconvenient beneficiary of genes from a white female and a white male,... Read More
The National Football League (NFL) boasts one of the most impressive business models in all of American business. Capable of controlling the fortunes of entire television networks is a powerful weapon and the NFL wields that ability effectively: “The television rights to broadcast National Football League (NFL) games are the most lucrative and expensive rights... Read More
Why is it that SBPDL spends so much time discussing college football? A cursory glance at our archives would undoubtedly pull up more than 10 posts that deal exclusively with college football and Black people. Why though, do we expend this energy? One reason: we have stated time and time again that without sports, there... Read More
For those who awoke in the wee hours of January 1st, 2010, a college football contest of monumental importance was played that will have lasting ramifications. If you were lucky enough to view this game – braving the 11 a.m. kickoff – then history unfolded on your television screen. Much like the Alabama-Southern California game... Read More
Well, SBPDL was the first to bring up the interesting idea of the top award for the best college football running back being named for a white guy - when white people rarely play tailback anymore. We published a piece entitled The Doak Walker Award, the annual trophy given to the best college football running... Read More
Editors note: A few new entries have been postponed. SBPDL will be traveling yet again this weekend and is putting the finishing touches on a few gems. Enjoy yet another college football entry, for this reason: Why is SBPDL so fascinated by college football? For a number of reasons, including this one: Forbes ran an... Read More
Question: What is 6'4 and 310 LBS. of cuddly warmth? If you answered Michael Oher, you would be correct. Oher is a member of the National Football League and one of that organizations most prized employees, for he is also the subject of an upcoming movie that details his incredible life: Be honest with yourself:... Read More
Football has long been the great racial equalizer in the United States and perhaps the ultimate tool in bringing about equality in opportunity for Black people. Pro Football was integrated in 1946 and Americans who had never conversed with Black people were now rooting them on as they scored touchdowns for the home team: College... Read More
Sports. The final frontier for Black people. Sports offer "a way out" for Black people who live in broken home without fathers, or in the ghetto surrounded by misery, and the possibility of riches and fame comes with this promise. In 21st century America, professional and collegiate athletes enjoy not only vast quantities of fiat... Read More
Continuing our drive to make SBPDL the ultimate 365Black destination, a rehashing of a previous story is in order so as to explain the importance of today’s entry. College football kicked off last week and people of all races were glued to the television screens as ratings for the opening weekend reached record highs: During... Read More
This week has been devoted to the great sport of college football and the beginning of the 2009 season. On September 3, #14 Boise State played host to #16 Oregon in a highly-touted contest that ESPN featured for the entire nation to see. The theme of this SBPDL will be sportsmanship (an upcoming entry), but... Read More
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