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Black people have a lot to be thankful for in the United States this magical Christmas Day. Sadly, for Black children around the nation - of whom more than 70 percent are born out of wedlock - they were visited last night by a large, fat, jolly white man bringing toys and goodies for good... Read More
We've had the distinct pleasure of introducing you, dear reader, to the inimitable Leonard Jeffries before and we find this auspicious moment a perfect opportunity to rekindle that intimate relationship. A "White Christmas" has befallen a good portion of the United States and left a wintry residue upon the ground to welcome Santa and his... Read More
Christmas is the time of year where family gather together to remember the past, celebrate cherished memories and reminisce upon kin long since gone, but not forgotten. Black people, though more than 70 percent are born out of wedlock, love Christmas. As we learned in our article on gay marriage, Black people are deeply religious... Read More
Christmas in the United States is a magical time of shopping, wrapping gifts, putting up a Christmas tree and decorating the house with lights in a duel with your neighbors to create the most festive and maddening display of yule tide expression. It is a holiday that's increasingly secular, with an emphasis on asserting the... Read More
Everybody loves the song White Christmas, for the season isn't complete without hearing Bing Crosby sing those familiar notes. White Christmas is one of the nations favorite Christmas songs, and puts everyone who hears it in the Christmas spirit. Of course, the song comes from the movie of the same name, right? Nope. You'd be... Read More
"You'll shoot your eye out." This sentence has vastly different meanings to the white community in America and to the Black community of the USofA. White people recall the Pre-Obama America Christmas classic, "A Christmas Story", with Ralph's hunger for a Red Ryder BB Gun being squashed by an overbearing parent, educator and even Santa... Read More
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