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Chicken Hut

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Black people always point to the legacy of the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a sense of nostalgia, fondness, and melancholy. That it was basically a glorified strip mall (which, consequently, non-existent Black purchasing power in 2011 prohibits from being erected in majority Black communities) notwithstanding, the descendants of those who built the... Read More
We've been itching to start doing the old # posts again and have a long essay on the rapgroup Odd Future (who rap about rape) and Ashley Judd that has been gestating in our mind for about two weeks. Also, a highly combustible situation is brewing New York where the parents of a Black college... Read More
It is said brevity is the soul of wit. Black people do not like jokes at their expense, for daring to poke at Black people is a mortal sin and one that will soon be illegal in the United States of America as administered by Mein Obama. Black malfeasance must not be acknowledged, instead disregarded... Read More
Fast food represents the ultimate Black feast. Cheap, quick and with the option of utilizing the drive-thru window to procure the meal, fast food restaurants have been the source of Black people’s growing waistline throughout America and simultaneously, give those paying attention a glimpse into the future. We have discussed the 365 Black marketing-tactic employed... Read More
Black people are correct to call Atlanta the Black capital of America. Where else could a memo be leaked that called for Black people to unite together to keep a white women from becoming mayor of their city? Some call Detroit the Black capital of America, a city which offers a glimpse into the strength... Read More
You might recall the unsettling story of The Chicken Hut restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which we discussed a few months ago. Normally a venue peddling delicious fried chicken, this particular Chicken Hut is now a macabre reminder of Stuff Black People Don’t Like. First it was dying people impeding fried chicken consumption, as a Black... Read More
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