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Brown Paper Bag Test

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Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a holy day in Black Run America (BRA)that surpasses Christmas in theological importance. We have discussed MLK before here at SBPDL and today pay respects to Dr. King's memory and his imploring to judge "one by the content of their character, not the color of their skin." Perhaps... Read More
Few shows resonate with the general public like the ones broadcast on Music Television (MTV). Consider the incredible popularity of Real World, a reality show in its 24 season that puts diverse young adults into a remarkably beautiful home and merely rolls the camera as the drama unfolds. Black people love these shows, because Token... Read More
Kanye West is a favorite topic at SBPDL. Our fish stick loving, “no homo” espousing, George W. Bush bashing, Absolute Vodka swilling, Taylor Swift award-crashing friend is also a major lover of women who are callipygous. Rumors of Kanye West’s love interests include Kym Kardasian, Beyonce and his current squeeze Amber Rose (a female who... Read More
Black people would like the world to believe that they truly are a universal brotherhood representing peace, tolerance and hope. A Black man was just elected President of the United States running largely as the candidate who promoted change and tolerance. Black people voted overwhelming for him - 96 percent of Black voters nationwide voted... Read More
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