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Black People

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Commencement: the end of one thing, the start of another. High school and college graduation ceremonies offer the graduate an opportunity to reflect upon the time, effort and sacrifices put into earning their degree. Surrounded by friends and family, faculty, pomp and circumstance and the tapestries of pageantry, the graduate now holds a degree that... Read More
In Vino Veritas. For those underage, this Latin phrase means "In wine, there is truth." Wine sales have been outpacing those of beer and other alcoholic beverages for a number of years. Even during the recession of the past few years, wine sales have seen staggering numbers: Wine is a beverage that takes time and... Read More
Watch this video captured at a Denny's in Oakland over Halloween weekend before reading any farther. McDonald's is 365 Black for a reason, just as Chick-fil-A is company predicated upon entirely different values. The Chicken Hut in Tulsa is a restaurant that all descendants of Black Wall Street can be proud of and consider the... Read More
All stereotypes turn out to be true. This is a horrifying thing about life. All those things you fought against as a youth: you begin to realize they're stereotypes because they're true. David Cronenberg A word rarely used here is stereotype. It is an ugly word, because ideas have to have a genesis. You would... Read More
What would you do with $100 million dollars? Think about it for a second. No, give it a few more seconds. In fact, take your time with this question. All right. What did you come up with? Well, if you said you would donate it to a failing school system that already receives massive amounts... Read More
Time magazine asked an important question last week: “What makes a school great?” Devoting many pages of deadwood to bemoaning the current state of K-12 education in America, Time reports: SBPDL picked up the book companion to the movie Waiting for “Superman” while traveling and realized that regardless of the money, time and effort exerted,... Read More
At a time when Black unemployment is rising to unprecedented levels, one is hard-pressed to come up with any viable vocational alternatives for those out-of-work or underemployed. Levels of Black unemployment were reaching 25-year highs back in January, now they approach a critical stage that might require the involvement of the United Nations to decide... Read More
It is a well-known fact that Father's Day is a date that passes without much fanfare in the Black community. With the rate of out-of-wedlock births approaching 75 percent for Black people, absenteeism on the part of the father is an unfortunate reality on not only Father's Day, but the remaining 364 days of the... Read More
Living in a major United States city has many advantages. Access to high culture activities and professional sporting events; lucrative employment opportunities with major companies; and best of all, sidewalks. Sidewalks offer pedestrians an area to walk to their destination safely, unobstructed and unimpeded by motor vehicles. In fact, the origins of sidewalks date to... Read More
It was said by a man long since gone that, "Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths." During Black History Month we discussed how cinema presents opportunities for Black people to take on roles that reality seems to continually deny them, granting them the chance to play characters who have vocations that are exceedingly... Read More
We have stated before that Black people do not like to pass on seconds. Well, the Atlantic monthly magazine has provided SBPDL with perhaps the most depressing article imaginable, and it is one that presents a future comprised entirely of bulbous Black women in the image of Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. Imagine cloning the podgy... Read More
Who is Lloyd Marcus, that absolutely brilliant Black singer serenading all-white crowd at Tea Party events across the nation?: The singer left no doubt about his politics. Striking up a tune in front of a Republican party meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida, he belted out "New York, New York", but changed the lyrics to an... Read More
We have seen Flash Mobs in Philadelphia. We have even seen ‘Smash and Grab’ tactics of Black shoplifters cause damage to Atlanta-area stores. Now, we have Bleeding Kansas… City. Yes, Missouri is now home to the next generation of Black theme riots, as ‘youth’ of Kansas City have been inspired by the exploits of comrades... Read More
Our civilization finds virtue in those wrongfully imprisoned for a crime they never committed and the valiant effort to then retain dignity and sanity inside the cramped, soul-confining walls of the jail cell, while they plot a grandiose escape from the penitentiary. Sir Walter Raleigh, Alcamenes, James the First and Alexander Solzhenitsyn are all men... Read More
Movies and television represent the only culture Americans have left in the 21st century. Re-runs of old TV shows, DVDs and films at theater have become our shared heritage, for better or worse. Today, a film will be released that Black people find unacceptable and will largely stay away from for they know from their... Read More
Congressman Hank Johnson, who represents Georgia's Fourth Congressional District and serves in the House leadership as Regional Whip for the Southeast, issued the following statement upon passage in the U.S. House of Representatives of legislation reforming the nation's health care and insurance system: Like the irreplaceable Corrine Brown of the 3rd Congressional District from Florida,... Read More
Cooperating with police has long been an act Black people find unnecessary and in some cases, reprehensible. Doing so creates a disconnect between the Black person who finds common ground with the officer of the law and thus, they turn their back completely on the Black community at large, long suspicious of cops ulterior motives.... Read More
Hollywood dominates American life. Regional culture is gone, replaced with a monoculture from Los Angeles that governs the entertainment we watch and thus, the opinions we possess. A gatekeeper with such power that the manipulation of minds is but a film away, Hollywood reigns over the culture in an impenetrable citadel of influence no dictator... Read More
Gentlemen prefer blondes, or so it is said. Tiger Woods might agree with that statement, as his choice of diversity is apparently only includes brunettes or blondes. Human Biodiversity (HBD) research is a sorely under-funded area of science that also is poised to end the hegemony of Black Run America (BRA). This is why any... Read More
Amidst the People of Walmart rests a haunting secret, for lurking on one of the shelf’s sits merchandise so impossible to unload that it turns the laws governing revenue management inside out and threatens to reverse years of economic teachings. In a nation of 300 million people (13 percent of that population being Black), the... Read More
Being quiet during movies is a struggle for Black people. The desire to communicate with the actors in the film leave Black people propels them to engage in a constant stream of dialogue hoping to change the outcome of the movie. This is the exclusive reason Black people are loud at the movies: they believe... Read More
Actors in Hollywood sometime develop cult followings. The inimitable Bruce Campbell stands alone as the actor whose fans flock to his B-movies with a fanatical devotion usually reserved for the likes of stars, like Matt Damon (if that fan happens to be Ben Affleck). No matter how lame, moronic or outright laughably absurd the plot... Read More
In Black Run America (BRA), a not-so-secret desire by white kids is to emulate their Black overlords in dress, mannerisms, vernacular and style. White kids in BRA have an intense desire to Act Black and find scant opposition from members of their own race when they mimic the nuisances and idiosyncrasies of Black people, whereas... Read More
Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) salivate over the opportunity to help those less fortunate than themselves, especially if those people are Black. When the 7.0 earthquake devastated an already devastated nation in Haiti, DWLs jumped at the opportunity to showcase the horrendous state of this poor, 99 percent Black nation and gave a multitude of reasons... Read More
Black people are routinely pegged as the preeminent dancers on the planet, for their incredible rhythmical skills are constantly on display through film, television and well, this. Movies such as Save the Last Dance illustrate this point, as a naive white girl finds the dancing ability of Black people to the push she needs to... Read More
People have long claimed the sequel can never be as good as the original. We are the World has returned, however, in an attempt to bring peace, stability and hope to Haiti - a nation that was devoid of peace, stability and hope prior to the earthquake. Before, We are the World gathered to raise... Read More
Pre-Obama America is gone. That nation faded into the twilight of history with the culmination of Black Run America (BRA), and the triumphant celebration of this momentous occasion is punctuated by the relative few who find its passing a source of despondency. The transfer of power from those dispossessed occurred smoothly and without much resistance.... Read More
Black people don't like the snow. They especially don't like errant snowballs thrown haphazardly in the general vicinity of where they might be located, if in fact that Black person is in the unfortunate realm where snow is accumulating. Case in point, as of the 2000 census, the United States has 36 million Black people... Read More
In all of sports - basketball, baseball, track, soccer, sumo wrestling - one position stands above the rest as the king, the role that garners all the glamor and glitz. Quarterback. No other position in the world of sports has the fame and notoriety that the quarterback entails. The leader of 10 other men on... Read More
What was it we once said about Black people and riotless High School basketball games? Oh, that's right. They're included in the Stuff Black People Don't Like. There is a reason that 88 percent of the white vote went to John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. White people in Alabama have seen the once... Read More
SBPDL is a relatively new website. We have no budget. We don't ask for donations. We merely perform the general service of educating the world on Stuff Black People Don't Like (if you would like to contact us, send an email to [email protected]) It is a vital enterprise in a nation that is governed by... Read More
Cinema provides fodder for the quotation, "Reality can be beaten with enough imagination." Through the constant viewing of films (and television) that depict unreal scenarios and individuals excelling in circumstances that have no real world empirical evidence, movies help create false impressions of how the world works. Most people find it odd that we "celebrate"... Read More
Toward the end of the first Terminator film, a Mexican gas attendant tells Sarah Connor, "There's a storm coming." She calmly replies, "I know." Thankfully, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we find the culprit responsible for the death and destruction of 99.9 percent of mankind and worse, the progenitor of that storm prophesied by the... Read More
Francis Fukuyama declared the end of the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union the “end of history”. Interesting, a Cold War between the historical population of the United States of America and Black people existed until January 20, 2009. Pre-Obama America was defeated upon that glorious day and Black people... Read More
Sports will always matter. People who refuse to acknowledge the power of sports in changing American minds and influencing individual perceptions lack a basic understanding of the world. Consider what Jackie Robinson did for Black people when he integrated baseball (a sport Black people oddly refuse to play now) in 1947: We have briefly discussed... Read More
Few shows resonate with the general public like the ones broadcast on Music Television (MTV). Consider the incredible popularity of Real World, a reality show in its 24 season that puts diverse young adults into a remarkably beautiful home and merely rolls the camera as the drama unfolds. Black people love these shows, because Token... Read More
Much has changed in the world since this site was launched. The God-like ability of one Mien Obama is apparently gone, and it appears his ascension to the presidency is but a Pyrrhic victory for Black people. The Haitian Earthquake – a tragedy to be sure, but Haiti and its Black population already was an... Read More
To live dangerously, it has been said, is the secret for harvesting from existence the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment. Have a collective people ever lived more dangerously than Black people? Happiness studies have been conducted that show 6 of the 10 states with the happiest population coincidentally happen to be in the geographic... Read More
“A Nightmare on Elm Street” has long thrilled audiences with its campy terror, disfigured gruesome villain and tawdry sexual innuendo. One of the most successful horror franchise, “Elm Street” has been the avenue that has led to ghastly nightmares for those who seen the films. Black people love horror films, for they are frequently cast... Read More
We at SBPDL are walking on egg shells as we wish you all a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! By mentioning the saint’s very name, do we incur the wrath of his progeny bent on squeezing every scintilla of profit from their fathers name?: “For a man who preached unity and brotherhood, and so... Read More
It has been said that “when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth.” One people and one nation deserve credit for delivering a frightening genre full of suspense, chills and gruesome images of undead carnage: Haitians. The idea of reanimated corpses – the “living undead” – finds origins in the same land where... Read More
Black people love movies. This is a dominant theme of SBPDL. Remember, Black people automatically don't like movies where they don't save the world. With that in mind, Black people find movies with a mystical white messiah to be repulsive and incredibly repugnant. Even if that white messiah is Leigh Anne Tuohy and the character... Read More
The date is best immortalized in a painting by Howard Pyle, and his drawing depicts an event vastly important in the history of the civilized world. 1619. The year Black people were first introduced to the North American continent and to the land that would 160 years later be the United States of America: Since... Read More
McDonald’s is the unofficial fast food restaurant of SBPDL. Nothing beats a Big Mac, fries and a coke at the eating establishment that dubs itself 365 Black! Nothing… except maybe Popeye’s Chicken, but that’s a story for another day. McDonald’s has capitalized off the magnetic pull it exerts toward Black people, who find the Golden... Read More
Christmas is a time where family comes together to share the wonderful tradition of giving gifts to loved ones. Nestled safely under the Christmas Tree, these gifts are packaged in ornate wrapping-paper hiding the contents for all to see, namely the individual who will be the recipient of said gift. Where does this tradition come... Read More
Why is it that SBPDL spends so much time discussing college football? A cursory glance at our archives would undoubtedly pull up more than 10 posts that deal exclusively with college football and Black people. Why though, do we expend this energy? One reason: we have stated time and time again that without sports, there... Read More
For those who awoke in the wee hours of January 1st, 2010, a college football contest of monumental importance was played that will have lasting ramifications. If you were lucky enough to view this game – braving the 11 a.m. kickoff – then history unfolded on your television screen. Much like the Alabama-Southern California game... Read More
Black people seem to have no problem with gun violence. Inexplicably, gun violence seems to pervade communities as diverse as the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC. The common denominator among all of these cities is – besides a populace brimming with disingenuous white liberals – Black people committing high... Read More
Happy New Year to one and all! We've taken a break from posting for a few days to reflect on the 2009 year and prepare for a new decade and 2010 - the year of SBPDL. New posts coming tomorrow (we have to finish the 12 Days of SBPDL Christmas). Again, Happy New Year to... Read More
The 26th of December has a special place in the hearts and minds of disingenuous white liberals everywhere: it is the start of a week-long celebration of innate Blackness and the glory of Black people, Kwanaa!: Kwanzaa... the event that Black people eagerly await for year-round, where disingenuous white liberals heap praise and joy upon... Read More
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