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Black History Month

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A recent advertisement for a new family movie called Dolphin Tale had me intrigued. As a kid in the mid-90s, I was swimming in the ocean far away from my parents and the shoreline. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by a pod of dolphins. Showing no fear, they allowed me to pet them before playfully... Read More
NASA shouldn't have to go to the ends of the earth to find a capable Black scientist. Hollywood has already given us Miles Dyson from Terminator 2; Dr. Ed Brazzelton from The Core; the genius Black hacker from Die Hard and the computer hacker from Transformers; not to mention Luther Stickell from Mission: Impossible. Weren't... Read More
You knew it coming. Last year for Black History Month we brought you Black Fictional Heroes, an ode to the monumental roles Black people have had in Hollywood that have helped create positive images in the minds of movie goers, television viewers and those who consume vast amounts of popular culture. Though the real world... Read More
Editor’s note: Posts on self-esteem and shame are delayed for one more day. Everyone loves movies. The escapism offered by viewing a film grants us the opportunity to visit exotic locations and live vicariously through glamorous actors and actresses. Computer Generated Images (CGI) - produced almost entirely by white people - have led to such... Read More
There exists an unwritten rule in cinema: The Black character always dies first in the movie. Whether the film is action, drama, a love story or a psychological thriller, the Black character always dies first. In the horror genre, this rule is normally pursued vigorously, as the Black person in the movie is of minor... Read More
Movies. Film. No medium has the ability to shape people's perceptions more than Hollywood's finished products. This is why vigilante films are so rare, and why they rarely receive publicity when they do come out. Black people love movies, though some films they find more tolerable than others. Black people find films where they don't... Read More
We at SBPDL have worked extra-hard to celebrate Black History Month correctly, identifying characters from cinema and television that have made outstanding contributions to world history. Of course, these are entirely fictitious contributions but film and television help craft positive images of people through a form of "coerced reinforcement of positive values" that simply don't... Read More
Baseball. That quintessentially American game that once enraptured the entire nation when it was known as "America's pastime" is now but a shadow of its former self. Like the washed up prize fighter in Raging Bull, baseball is a sport that has out-lived its usefulness and limps along on the glories of yesteryear and the... Read More
The month of February is nearly over and having Black History Month condensed into such a short amount of time is a criminal offense that should be punished with the swift justice of Black Run America's (BRA) judicial system (thankfully, Black farmers have just received $1.25 billion for their collective discrimination during Pre-Obama America). 365... Read More
"Why read comics book?" is a question tossed at those who read them frequently. For one reason: comics have been on the cutting edge of popular culture for the last 20 years. If it happens in comic book (or graphic novel) chances are, you'll see a movie, television series, video game or even a theme... Read More
For more than 20 years the exploits of that yellow family from Springfield - Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart and Maggie - have brought joy to the hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The Simpsons, a cartoon comedic masterpiece that has been on the cutting edge of pop culture for more than a score,... Read More
Sports. They provide us with moments of ecstasy that we will cherish forever. Living vicariously through the exploits of other men grants us the courage to continue our mundane, rootless, rudderless and seemingly meaningless existence, for the day-to-day chore of life would be difficult sans the momentous memory of "that one play." Everyone who watches... Read More
Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black people in the United States. Here at SBPDL, we are going one step further. Like our fans at Wired magazine, we believe that cinema provides the undisputed and preeminent examples of fantastic – albeit fictional – images and characters for Black... Read More
Throughout most of the history of the United States, Black people have been viewed as a regrettable nuisance, easily confined to ghettos and living quarters on “the other side of the tracks”. History books found it difficult to chronicle a list of exploits or inventions ascribed to Black people, a most unfortunate side-effect of the... Read More
We have stated that the day will come when movies from Pre-Obama America that showcase the close correlation between harmony, peace and happiness with a homogeneous population will result in the banning of thousands of films. One of those movies will be Field of Dreams, a movie that glorifies baseball and the era of segregation... Read More
If Derek Zoolander were to open a "Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too" in real-life America - instead of at the end of the hilarious comedy about male-models Zoolander - chances are it would be filled with Black people. You see, the government... Read More
Pre-Obama America is gone. That nation faded into the twilight of history with the culmination of Black Run America (BRA), and the triumphant celebration of this momentous occasion is punctuated by the relative few who find its passing a source of despondency. The transfer of power from those dispossessed occurred smoothly and without much resistance.... Read More
We live in a world governed by few rules, but the most important of all laws that must be acknowledged without fail is simply this: Thou Shalt Not Display Black People in a Negative Light. Thus, the need for a month dedicated to celebrating accomplishments of a race largely devoid of any accomplishments or contributions... Read More
The great stories of the past are what motivates us in times of stress: in disconsolate moments; and in the hours when our strength is seemingly gone and all that remains is the weak shell of an emasculated being. The tales that really matter, those are the ones that give us motivation to endure: to... Read More
Cinema provides fodder for the quotation, "Reality can be beaten with enough imagination." Through the constant viewing of films (and television) that depict unreal scenarios and individuals excelling in circumstances that have no real world empirical evidence, movies help create false impressions of how the world works. Most people find it odd that we "celebrate"... Read More
Toward the end of the first Terminator film, a Mexican gas attendant tells Sarah Connor, "There's a storm coming." She calmly replies, "I know." Thankfully, in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we find the culprit responsible for the death and destruction of 99.9 percent of mankind and worse, the progenitor of that storm prophesied by the... Read More
"Keepin' it real." This phrase does more to describe the Black line of thought more than any sentence that can be uttered from the mouth of Black person. Continuing our journey through the fictional titans of Black History Month - since the same tired and worn out real-life figures trotted out each year are fading... Read More
If you were to consider the most profitable genre of film in the past 15 years, what would your answer be? Chances are, you wouldn’t consider the answer a genre at all, but comic book fans everywhere would beg to differ. Superhero films would be the correct answer as the exploits of DC, Marvel and... Read More
Mein Obama is tanking. Were it not for the monolithic support of Black people for President Barry Obama, we could be witnessing the greatest catastrophic meltdown in approval for an individual since… well, Tiger Woods. At SBPDL, we have discussed how Black people don’t like the portrayal of Black Presidents of the United States in... Read More
The month Black people anxiously await for is nearly upon us, and February can barely contain the narration we are soon to be inundated with as Black History Month prepares for 28 days of chronicling the trials, tribulations and overcoming against all odds that Black people continue to endure on a daily basis. We at... Read More
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