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Black Friday

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There aredays where you realize how far removed from normal society you have become and it is these precious moments that you understand whybeing part of the ranks of Those Who Can See helps keep you safe. More importantly, sane, because the day will come when this era comes to a crashing halt. Black Friday... Read More
Admit it. You've ventured to the absolutely brilliant website and enjoyed a few hearty laughs (maybe a few belly laughs). What exactly is What exactly are we about to discuss here at SBPDL? Wal-Mart is a much maligned company, and the store receives the type of envy and derision the New York Yankees... Read More
Call it the Rosa Parks syndrome, but Black people hate to wait at the back of anything, be it a bus or a line. With Black Friday approaching quickly, the fear of people being trampled to death as Black people fight for the merchandise marked down to 70-80 percent off its original price, is percolating... Read More
"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." So the moniker of Sin City goes, for Las Vegas exists to allow America a place to retreat to momentary bliss, potential financial ruin and the wonders of a one-night stand coupled with all the trappings of said illicit encounter. All people on the planet wish for instantaneous... Read More
One of the many secrets that Black people never wanted to be shared with the masses is their complete and utter disdain for tipping. Black people are intrinsically opposed to parting with their money - one of the reasons they love to shop for the elusive 100 percent discounted item - and find it deplorable... Read More
Black people love to shop. It is not an uncommon sight to behold numerous negro's wearing the top designer clothes, shoes, sporting the finest rides - with matching rims to boot - a long with the top "grillz". Black people love to show off their "bling" and they love to showcase their amazing style in... Read More
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