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While reading There's Hope for the World: The Memoir of Birmingham, Alabama's First African American Mayor by Richard Arrington and Jimmie Lewis Franklin's hagiography of the same, Back To Birmingham: Richard Arrington, Jr. and His Times one thing became stunningly obvious: any history after the victories of the Civil Rights movement cannot be debated or... Read More
PK Note: Tomorrow, we tug on Superman's cape. Tonight, read up on this VDare article (Alabama’s Iron Bowl And Integration—Was Football Victory Worth It?, November 26, 2012) and this important article on why Birmingham Southern College - located in the heart of one of the worst Black ghettos in America - built a high-security fence... Read More
The Civil Rights movement, we are told, represents the watershed moment in world history where good triumphed over evil (read In Birmingham, They Love the Governor). Really, all the Civil Rights era represents the weaponization of equality (we'll just call it weaponized equality) -- meaning, every failure by Black people after the evil world of... Read More
In the book “Gray Lady Down: What the Decline and Fall of the New York Times Means for America,” an important quote is attributed to Howell Raines, the editorial page director of paper. On. p.29, we learn: The road of racism or the road of brotherhood. The road less taken, or something like. Right Frost?... Read More
The world is nothing more than all the tiny things you left behind.- Gran Torino In reading the powerful essay on Highland Park, Michigan (Return to a Darker Age) that HW put together, the whole concept of the Visible Black Hand governing economics came to me in a moment of clarity rivaling the epiphany the... Read More
Black people in Detroit can't be expected to maintain its infrastructure, study finds Climate Change, courtesy of the Black Undertow. The Visible Black Hand governing economics (this is why majority Black cities and counties can't sustain a local economy, save Check Cashing, Pawn Shops, Liquor Stores, Fast Food joints, and Hair Salon/Barbershops) that Adam Smith... Read More
Remember that town in Alabama that couldn't pay retired city employees their pensions anymore? We do. It was Prichard, Alabama, a once thriving white community that was overwhelmed by the Black Undertow. As Black people became the majority of the town's population, businesses shuttered and the tax base dried up; thus, no new revenue to... Read More
Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches and with it the usual pronouncements and the glorification (deification?) of the Civil Rights struggle, though this righteous struggle is far from over. The continued battle for Black equality that transpires on a daily basis will be showcased on ESPN with the discussion of the Image of the Black... Read More
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