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Editors note: We finally got Hollywood in Blackface out (available on Amazon in book form here). If you enjoy this Web site, purchase a copy and help us send it up the list of Amazon best-sellers (the Kindle version reached #5 in movies yesterday). For a donation of $50 or more, we’ll send you a... Read More
There is a specter haunting America... Black people love to spend money. Purchasing flashy items to adorn the ear lobe, teeth, neck, body, feet, car or other property is the primary reason saving money for the future is greeted with difficulty in the Black community. Though most Black children aspire for a career as a... Read More
Loitering. Nationwide, businesses are confounded with the problem of individuals who have the apparent goal of standing around pointlessly with no desire to purchase any goods, but to merely engage in prolonged periods of fixed lingering. No attempt is made to make a transaction by these loiterers, but shuffling around endlessly causing discomfort to those... Read More
Do private businesses have the right to decide who frequents their establishment? In Black Run America, the notion of private businesses serving customers at their discretion is not allowed, as all companies hoping to maintain positive standing with the government are coerced into conducting business with patrons of every race. However, Black people are painfully... Read More
Authenticity. This five-syllable word is of vital importance to Black people, as "Keepin' it real" is an integral part of what it means to be Black in America. Acting White is a sin in the Black community and potentially the highest offense that can be made against genuine Blackness and violates the mandate of authenticity... Read More
Finish the analogy: Brooks Brothers is to FUBU as white is to . Answer? That's forthcoming, but instead let's take a fascinating look at an often neglected accoutrement in the world of fashion today,the belt. One of the biggest faux pas one can commit in the world today is not wearing a belt, as it... Read More
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