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Mighty Casey wouldn't recognize Mudville anymore. If the mighty poetic slugger could be brought to opening day in 2010, nary a soul would see him strike out (baseball attendance is woeful). America's past time is dead. It is isn't dying, it is dead. Baseball is a sport behind NFL football, NASCAR, college football, college basketball... Read More
Baseball. That quintessentially American game that once enraptured the entire nation when it was known as "America's pastime" is now but a shadow of its former self. Like the washed up prize fighter in Raging Bull, baseball is a sport that has out-lived its usefulness and limps along on the glories of yesteryear and the... Read More
We have stated that the day will come when movies from Pre-Obama America that showcase the close correlation between harmony, peace and happiness with a homogeneous population will result in the banning of thousands of films. One of those movies will be Field of Dreams, a movie that glorifies baseball and the era of segregation... Read More
"If you build it, he will come," so spoke the ghost of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson in the classic, Pre-Obama America film "Field of Dreams". The movie showcases America's pastime - baseball - and the deep connection the sport has with Pre-Obama America; the ritual of playing catch with your father; and the dreams that remain... Read More
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