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Alvin Greene

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It’s time to get serious about closing that racial gap in learning. After all, if the military is going to eliminate that pesky problem of being led white officers it is, then, vital that the test scores of Black recruits improve so that academic standards at The Coast Guard Academy and Naval Academy don’t have... Read More
In one of the ultimate tragedies of modern American political life, Alvin Green - the unemployed, currently living with his parents and indicted for showing a white Clemson co-ed pornography - was defeated in his bid to become a United States Senator: In defeat, Greene was able to collect an astounding 356,969 votes: U.S. Senate:... Read More
Alvin Greene. Just the name alone should strike fear into the heart of all those who hear it uttered. The perfect representation of where Democracy is leading America, Greene is a veritable hero reminding anyone willing to pay attention what the Amendment allowing the direct election of senators wrought. Though Black action figures are a... Read More
In 2008, Black people in South Carolina went to the polls and cast 96 percent of their ballots in favor of Mein Obama, joining the vast multitude of Black people across the nation who voted in similar fashion. Now, news of a relative unknown - how this could be in politics is never answered -... Read More
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