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Thomas Jefferson Statue Removed from New York City Hall: "Contemporary Values" Mean Statues to Dead White Males Standing for Nearly Two Centuries Must be Toppled... 
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It’s all about ritualistic humiliation from this point forward, with virtually zero opposition from those who have been conquered without a shot fired. All because “contemporary values” favor the removal of not only Dead White Males, but all dead and living white males from present and future veneration. [Thomas Jefferson statue removed from City Hall after 187 years, NY Post, November 23, 2021]:

Thomas Jefferson is no longer in the room where it happens.

Art handlers packed up an 884-pound statue of Jefferson in a wooden crate Monday after a mayoral commission voted to banish the likeness of the nation’s third president from City Hall, where it’s resided for nearly two centuries — because he owned slaves.

About a dozen workers with Marshall Fine Arts spent several hours carefully removing the painted plaster monument from its pedestal inside the City Council chambers and surrounding it with sections of foam and wooden boards.

They then lowered the massive structure down the stairs leading to the building’s first-floor rotunda with a pulley system and ushered the Founding Father out the back door.

The 1833 statue will be on a long-term loan to the New York Historical Society, which plans to have Jefferson’s model survive in its lobby and reading room.

Keri Butler, executive director of the Public Design Commission that voted to banish the statue, at first tried to block the press from witnessing its removal. Butler relented after members of the mayor’s office and City Council intervened.

The commission also attempted to vote on the statue’s removal without a public hearing on the controversial move until The Post revealed the plan.

“Removing a monument without a public conversation about why it’s happening is useless. New Yorkers all need to talk about who we want to honor and why,” said Erin Thompson, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who authored the forthcoming book “Smashing Statues: The Rise and Fall of America’s Public Monuments.”

Thompson said the removal could spark a broader understanding of history.

“Moving this statue doesn’t mean New Yorkers will forget who Thomas Jefferson was — but some of them might learn from the controversy that the man who wrote ‘all men are created equal’ owned over 600 of his fellow humans,” Thompson said.

Members of the City Council were split on the statue’s removal from its chambers.

Minority leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) called the move an attempt to “sideline history” while Black, Latino and Asian Caucus co-chair I. Daneek Miller (D-Queens) said he wanted the statue gone because it doesn’t represent contemporary values.

The original bronze statue, by sculptor Pierre-Jean David, is still on display in the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, DC. The plaster replica was gifted to City Hall by naval officer and Jefferson admirer Uriah Phillips Levy in 1834.

Every statue to a Dead White Male is coming down in 2021 America and what comes after, because virtually no one stands athwart the anti-white wind blowing down our history.

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  1. Raccoon says:

    Well, after Charlottesville, even our host PK disappeared for a month or so.

    That was a political lesson as to the punishment one might expect if you oppose the removal of statues of white males.

    This is our future – either embrace it, or fight it. Just be goddamn careful…

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  2. It is perhaps a sublime irony that Thomas Jefferson wrote in a 1789 letter to little Jemmy Madison, “I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, ‘that the earth belongs in usufruct [right of use] to the living’; that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it…The earth belongs always to the living generation. They may manage it then, and what proceeds from it, as they please, during their usufruct. They are masters too of their own persons, and consequently may govern them as they please.”

    If for younger folks today, statues have gone from merely irrelevant to actively offensive, by all means, take ’em down. It’s their world now, and their right not to have unwanted junk cluttering up their public spaces.

    And can we get real for a minute here – for most of us, history is that hideously boring subject we were forced to study in school and hope never to have to tax our minds with again. A fluffy confection of folk tales about 1776 and the Old West and good old WWII is all most Americans seem to know, or want to know, the complex world that was here before us.

  3. Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing statues of the negro justice league: George Floyd, Mike Brown, that jogger guy from GA, and a cast of millions.

    Living in black america makes me tired

    • Agree: P. Cleburne, Augustus
    • LOL: europeasant
  4. Rich says:

    In 1950 NYC was over 90% White, today it is just 34% Pale. Of that 34%, a large portion are serious leftists. It’s probably over for the city, Detroit, here we come. In 1990 the city was still over 50% White and a guy like Rudy Giuliani could still get elected, that’s over, a man like Jefferson doesn’t have any connection to what’s coming next for NYC.

  5. @Rich

    I think I have a solution for NYC ….

  6. @Bardon Kaldian

    Isn’t it just amazing how the doughnut cloud pulls the column of dust and debris into itself, wrapping and concealing the remaining fireball?

  7. @Rich

    My wife, because she doesn’t get it 100 pct, was watching the Macy’s parade. I caught a few minutes of it (only a few minutes cuz that’s all I could stand). It was a frickin nog-fest. Then add in the blacks in EVERY commercial. I cannot watch regular TV. I only ever watch movies because I can pick ones that are all White.

  8. Bite Moi says:

    Raccoon———Contemporary values are a poison. One of the mud shark little cousins is for the removal of all of the Founder’s statues. At the July 4th clan gathering she voiced her views. I opined that the Founders had accomplished more with their lives than blacks had since the dawn of time.Her mama kept the little byatch from trying to scratch my eyes out. She actually hissed. Next year’s gathering is at her mama’s house.That should be interesting.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  9. Jacobite2 says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I’ve long thought this. I would like to use an ERW (Enhanced Radiation Warhead), as there is a lot of valuable art and some fine libraries there. Inasmuch as I believe it’s obvious that NYC is the major center of Leftism in the US, it’s vaporization would leave America vastly better off than it is today, I wonder if our enemies know this when they target their nukes? Cratering the center of every major US city would fundamentally transform US demographics in a positive way. OTOH, simply cutting the power grid would unleash millions of Stone Age primitives on America that would make an invading army redundant.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  10. What does this say will happen to the MLK statue in DC when the tapes which show his true nature are finally released?

    What will happen to all the Holocaust monuments if historical revisionism becomes accepted wisdom?

    The statue desecrators who justify themselves with ‘contemporary values’ know not what they’ve started. What goes around comes around.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  11. @Rich

    The greater issue is keeping fleeing shitlib locusts from invading Red States.

    That alone is an excellent argument for Secession.

    • Agree: Augustus
  12. @Bite Moi

    Couldn’t you have killed it, and claimed Self Defense.

  13. The Founding Chads who owned slaves had no trouble finding white women who wanted to marry them and bear their children, as they built a new country from scratch out of the natural resources on an undeveloped continent. Their superior virility, hardiness and competence put today’s soft, weak, inept, risk-averse and often women-repelling American men of all races to shame.

    And I think the contrast between the Founding Chads and today’s men accounts in part for the current efforts to cancel and memory-hole them.

  14. @Observator

    I guess that means that a living generation doesn’t have to maintain Christian traditions and believe in a god just because previous generations did.

  15. Once they’ve removed all the statues of the founding fathers and others whom they find “offensive,” they’ll simply put up statues to dead drug addicts, criminals, crack whores, welfare momma’s, race baiters and other miscreants. That will reflect their culture and its value perfectly. Thereafter, they will never have to be reminded again of the people who were and are light years better than they could ever hope to be. That will “normalize” the environment for them so they don’t have to feel out of place and outclassed anymore.

    • Agree: WSG
    • Disagree: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @Anon
    , @AR in Illinois
  16. loren says:

    This is from a previous thread,
    David In TN November 25, 2021 at 1:32 am GMT •
    Just what you would expect from Jeffrey “I had never heard of the Zebra Murders” Toobin.

    / more please.

    • Replies: @Trevor
  17. @Bardon Kaldian

    Remind me what all he did for white people?

    • Agree: WSG
    • Replies: @CLand Steamer
    , @Reg Cæsar
  18. @AR in Illinois

    Lol, it is EVERY commercial, I don’t have a tv so I only really see commercials if I’m travelling, or like today, enjoying Thanksgiving with family and the tvs are tuned in to sportsball. It’s absolutely infuriating, and even more infuriating is the family members who don’t/won’t/can’t see it. Which is kind of funny, because more than a few of them are “woke”, yet have no idea of what’s going on in the real world around them.

    On a side note, I hope everyone here had a happy Thanksgiving, and got to enjoy what life is really about, family, friends, and being grateful for the little & simple good things we have in life, and the fact we don’t live in Haiti. Cheers to you all.

    • Agree: AR in Illinois
    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  19. Charles says:

    The nation that Jefferson helped create is gone because that nation was its people, not its territory. Americans still exist, but have, over many decades, given away their legal and cultural authority. It was not taken, it was given away. You’ll notice the men doing the physical labor of taking down the statue are White. That is the perfect symbol of what this Third-World country is in 2021.

  20. Trevor says:

    Wikipedia usually obfuscates the race of the perp(s) when they are black. I guess they could not manage to do that in this case:

    • Replies: @loren
  21. @Jacobite2

    OTOH, simply cutting the power grid would unleash millions of Stone Age primitives on America that would make an invading army redundant.

    Said stone-age primitives would be unable to pump gas to go anywhere, and they keep their tanks near-dry because filling up is an invitation for other primitives to siphon their gas.  They wouldn’t get far.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  22. Anon[403] • Disclaimer says: • Website
    @Non PC Infidel

    Totally agree. Theyre like somebody’s retarded half brother you have to take with you everywhere you go. Totally incapable of surviving on their own. Imagine where we could have went if we’d just left them in the muthaland. Incredible how powerful white guilt is. What we’ve done to try and help a race that wants to kill all of us is mind boggling. Not sure whats going on in this country right now but seems almost sinister. How quickly the waukesha murders disappeared from most websites as if it never happened. How half the country wants to kill an 18 year old white kid for killing 2 white guys to save his own life. The potus not apologizing for the white supremecist remark. It’s unfuckingreal. This country is just done so try and find people like you and have a plan in place and keep prepping because it is coming. Be safe out there

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
    • Replies: @loren
    , @AnalogMan
  23. If you were Jefferson would you want to be in New York City Hall? I’m happy for him.

  24. @Non PC Infidel

    Agree, sorry, hit the wrong tab.

    • Replies: @Non PC Infidel
  25. @Mr. Rational

    Yes, then when they come to OUR areas they will be dealt with properly. I am trained to deal with stuff from 600 yards lol.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  26. loren says:

    yes but what did NYT writer do or deny?

  27. @AR in Illinois

    I am on high alert whenever I see one of them, anywhere.

    I am not subject to alert fatigue because I live in a Whitopia.

    • Agree: P. Cleburne
  28. @Bardon Kaldian

    Denounced CRT as much as he could, unlike all others.

    And said: You think they’re after me. You’ll see that they’re basically after you- and I am just an obstacle for them when they’re trying to get you.

  29. @Sick 'n Tired

    I just laugh. I laugh every time I see a black female hiking to the top of some mountain. File that under “things that never happen.”

    Btw, have you guys noticed that the Jeep Wrangler seems to be the new vehicle of choice for the upwardly mobile black female? It appears that featuring black females in every ad is paying off for Jeep. Damned interesting.

    • Replies: @loren
  30. “but some of them might learn from the controversy that the man who wrote ‘all men are created equal’ owned over 600 of his fellow humans,”

    “fellow humans”? In neither sense is this true. They are neither “fellow” to whites–as this incident makes quite plain inasmuch as they regard themselves as other than whites–nor are they quite “human” in the same sense as whites are*. More smooth-talking, deceptive jargon from people who connive to rob you of your inheritance.

    *A black experience of what it means to be “human” is quite different from that of a white. The two cannot be overlaid. They are not a perfect match. There are commonalities but those are that of an essence that was last shared 200,000 years ago. Since then, African blacks have gone their own way, mating with an archaic hominid which diverged from the ancestral tree 700,000 years ago, while white Euros mated with big-brained Neanderthal. There is no literal, actual sense in which we are all “fellow humans”. This is literally a non-sensical statement.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  31. @P. Cleburne

    Remind me what all he did for white people?

    It’s not what “he did for them.” It’s what he didn’t do, and what is currently happening now which is guilt shaming and marginalizing of whites. White people by and large don’t need things to be done for them to thrive, they simply need opportunity and to be left alone to take advantage of it.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  32. @Mr. Rational

    Speaking of filling up the proverbial tank with fuel….. Most of them will die within five miles of home since the corner convenience store will be boarded up and they won’t be able to refill their half-gallon jug with corn syrup swill. Diabetic, they will stagger a few blocks and keel over. If you live thirty miles from a city center, you’re safe from the zombies though not from the Soros-funded gangs that will be provided with bus rides into the provinces along with an AK47 and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition. The Jews will ride out the storm in safety, having stockpiled an effective armory of weapons and ammunition. They have no intention of playing their former role in the next Gotterdammerung.

  33. loren says:

    Darrell Brooks, 39, allegedly used a red Ford Escape to plow through revelers at an annual Christmas celebration in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday, but his life of crime started 22 years ago when he was just 17 years old.

    Over the next two decades, Brooks would proceed to wreak havoc across three states as he racked up convictions for abusing his partners, raping and impregnating a teenager and a consistent streak of other violent crimes.

    A review of his history — patched together from court documents, criminal records, interviews and public records — reveals that all along the way, not a single social safety–NY POST

    • Replies: @neutral
  34. loren says:


    During a resentencing hearing Williams’ brother testified that they had been bullied as children due to their race[Man testifies from prison that juvenile cousin did not participate in rape, murder of 18-year-old in 1997, By Cole Waterman,, October 29, 2021]

    Check the mugshots. the White women that went with these men. o m f g

  35. loren says:

    I cannot make this stuff up…he made the world a better place by rape n killing

    econd attack happened just outside his apartment door, and he would open his door to see Moseley stabbing Genovese, then called two friends for advice on what to do, and then left his window and fled the apartment.
    Moseley would confess to the murder and rape, as well as many others, and died in prison four years ago at the age of 81. At the time, he was the long-serving inmate of the state of New York.
    The Kitty Genovese case had many ripple effects and consequences. In 1964, there was no 911 number to dial the NYPD — you had to call the NYPD’s seven-digit main number, 440–1234. Within four years of the attack, New York would adopt the 911 system as an easy-to-remember number that would spread to the rest of the country. Psychologists Bibb Latane and John Darley created a realm of research into the bystander effect.
    Moseley himself would write in a Times op-ed that he deserved parole because his crime ended up making the world a better place:
    “The crime was tragic, but it did serve society, urging it as it did to come to the aid of its members in distress or danger.”
    But the premise behind the bystander effect was essentially a lie and very irresponsible journalism. (((Rosenthal000 sensationalized the story and defended his approach to the Genovese story, implying that the purpose of news was to entertain and gain attention:
    “News is not philosophy or theology but what certain human beings, reporters and editors, know will have meaning and interest to other human beings, readers

  36. loren says:

    off topic

    lost to guns

    She had lost 14-year-old Kevin Tinker to gun violence the Sunday before, and friends said she was tending to his memorial when she was gunned down.

    “While she was lighting candles for her son, her life was taken,” wrote Michelle Tharpe, a family friend, on the GoFundMe page set up to help pay the family’s funeral expenses. “This world is so cold.”

    MORE: Lessons from a ‘violence interrupter’ as shootings continue to ravage Chicago
    Police responded to a ShotSpotter alert at around 12:15 a.m. and found Tucker, 31, lying on a sidewalk in the 200 block of West 110th Place. She was transported to Roseland Hospital and pronounced dead, according to officials.

  37. neutral says:

    I can already see statues of Darrell Brooks being put up in the future, the sacred negro killing demonic whites is automatic sainthood in the new religion.

  38. AnalogMan says:

    This country is just done so try and find people like you and have a plan in place and keep prepping because it is coming.

    (((David Cole))) at Taki’s Magazine has an article arguing that this is a vain strategy. Interesting reading.

    He’s an odd bird. I first encountered him in an article arguing for the self-evident fact that there never were any homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. Subsequent writings show him to be not at all detribalized. Make of it what you will, but you have to admit he has some points. Ultimately, though, his “all-or-nothing”, “resistance-is-footle” argument is only meant to undermine.

  39. Bite Moi says:
    @CLand Steamer

    CL Steamer——-Left alone to run your own affairs as best you see fi??? That is totally unacceptable to “progressives”. White men are going to get the full “Harrison Bergeron” treatment if they don’t start resisting.Go Gault or Go Kyle.

  40. “Moving this statue doesn’t mean New Yorkers will forget who Thomas Jefferson was — but some of them might learn from the controversy that the man who wrote ‘all men are created equal’ owned over 600 of his fellow humans,” Thompson said.

    Subhumans. That’s what property is.

    The 1833 statue will be on a long-term loan to the New York Historical Society

    It’s the New-York Historical Society. The hyphen is older than the statue. It was founded the month Jefferson was re-elected. The state legislature chose to give all 19 electors to him.

  41. @P. Cleburne

    Remind me what all he did for white people?

    What did Jefferson do for white people?

    Okay, the Louisiana Purchase gave us some room to run to. But all of the first 12 presidents but the Adamses possessed Africans, and could have set a precedent by returning them to Africa. None did.

    Some lip service to the Colonization Society, but no action. Not even in Congress.

  42. loren says:
    @Cool Daddy Jimbo

    Minutes ago, on you tube, I saw a PNC ad.
    Old black pair at poolside as grandson takes a comic dive into pool, w sunglasses on. had posters at bus stops, for national park use, w black in ad.

    • Replies: @magilla
  43. Jiminy says:

    Maybe a statue of kunta kinte will take Tom’s place.

    • Replies: @magilla
  44. Gapeseed says:

    Casual observers (including, most likely, many students) think that the statue in front of Columbia Journalism School is of Joseph Pulitzer or some other titan of writing or journalism. No, that statue is of Thomas Jefferson. I consider that statue’s fate to be a canary in the coal mine, the removal of which will show that the managed process of selectively picking off founders has overwhelmed the sentimentality of an elite cadre of gatekeepers. Managed hypocrisy is still hypocrisy, so I expect that statue to fall as well. Hopefully, it will trigger some introspection among the staff and faculty there (the students, sadly, are typically too young and ideologically committed for such reflection).

    • Thanks: Mr. Rational
  45. I was reading Spencer while listening to some Gregorian chants, I believe it was ” O fillii et filliae”,when this story came across the news.
    Bunch of monkeys,if y’ask me!

  46. Anonymous[124] • Disclaimer says:

    > “A fluffy confection of folk tales about 1776 and the Old West”

    I agree. Let YT learn from his African betters, honoring/emulating the wonders of Wakanda histoire.

    Why waste time and money creating CERN? Or even reading books? Better that white males emulate Tyrone by standing on street corners 24-7-365…smoking spliffs, chugging 40 oz malt liquor, and collecting bling, hos, gats, rap, and rapine.

    Nordic women must also achieve equity with sheboons. The former must wear other folks’ hair (weaves); pump out endless bastards with different bastardic mandingos; eat endless diabetes-inducing Whoppers; become immense, waddling landwhale ham-planets; and live on welfare while bitching about having no assets.

    Finally, let’s be consistent. Tear down all memorials to MLK…that plagiarizing, women-beating, wife-cheating, crude, alcoholic grifter. Plus raze monuments to idiotic iconic black commies, racists, and buffoons. To wit: Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, etc.

    • LOL: Listener
  47. magilla says:

    No. Kunta Kinte was a dignified, if completely fake, character.

    They need to replace Jefferson withThurgood Stubbs, a hero for their Brave New Age.

  48. magilla says:

    It is frankly ridiculous.

    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
    , @loren
  49. @AR in Illinois

    No problem. I just thought you were going to object to my failure to include bakkaball players.

  50. “we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other” (regarding slaves/negroes).

    The full letter from Thomas Jefferson to John Holmes:

  51. @magilla

    Whatever do you mean? They spend their days swimming, hiking, driving nice cars in the countryside while listening to classical music.

  52. loren says:

    but the comedy is unintended. [or is it, by the small hats?]

    I just posted in latest thread about the ‘black female emt and her yellow pal’.

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