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The Wall Street Journal Admits Black Lawlessness in Urban America Threatens Western Civilization
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The pendulum will swing back. But for now, the malfeasance of the Right in America, surrendering all moral authority (on every issue) to the Left, means the concept of law and order is on ice. We are nearing a point where black-controlled cities and counties will simply exempt black criminals from being arrested for how they flout the white man’s law.


We aren’t far off in places like Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, New York City, and Washington D.C., where black criminality is the norm and district attorney’s seek to change the rules to protect their core constituency.

Well, one of the most important editorial sections in America has taken notice. [America’s Inner-City Cartels: As activists smear and hinder police, will the nation surrender to the forces of lawlessness?, Wall Street Journal, November 18, 2019]:

Headlines were seized this month by the ambush and murder of three American women and six children by drug traffickers in Mexico. Americans were naturally shocked by the brutality of the cartels. But it would be a mistake to think it doesn’t happen here. Similarly brutal crimes frequently occur among black Americans in our own cities, generating much less coverage. There are signs that gang violence is rising—and spilling over its boundaries in a way that puts more innocent people at risk.

“Puts more innocent people at risk…,” is a nice way of documenting law-abiding white people face the consequences of the states inaction on black criminality and black gang violence.

Law and order.

That’s how civilization endures.

The course we are on in America is the exact opposite path, leading to where civilization collapses.

The pendulum is going to swing back to our side (for good), when the Right in America finally realizes sacrificing any moral ground to the Left represents the suicide of our culture, civilization, and way of life.


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  1. How is that “dream” working out?

  2. No shit, Paul. You just now coming to this gem? Of course not. Shhhh! We aren’t allowed to talk about the South Africanization of the United States.

  3. There are signs that gang violence is rising—and spilling over its boundaries in a way that puts more innocent people at risk.

    Would it be too much to go into what those signs are?

    The overriding issue that has tamped down concern about crime is the statistics showing that all categories of crime have fallen substantially over the last 25 years or so.

    If that trend is ending or if it was overstated in the first place (which is certainly possible) then the conversation may change. And yes, blacks trying to blame their tendency to criminality on anything and everything but themselves will play a role. But at this point, no one feels as they did during the period from the early 70s to the early 90s when they had the sense that crime–largely black crime but also serial murders and first-generation mass shootings mostly by whites–was out of control.

  4. This is a good thing ” woke policing ” at its finest.

  5. It doesn’t threaten it. Lawlessness is there because (White) civilization already isn’t there any longer.

    when the Right in America finally realizes sacrificing any moral ground to the Left represents the suicide of our culture, civilization, and way of life.

    No-one, and no group, sacrifices things they really care for.
    Draw what conclusions you will from that.

  6. Orinda Halloween shooting: District attorney declines to file charges
    No explanations given for decision; 5 people to be released

    It looks like the prosecutor and the sheriff’s department were not working from the same Word document. The sheriff’s department said they got the guys, publicized names and photos and criminal histories and now the suspects are released.

    Meanwhile the wikipedia article still has a description of one of the hit squad as a victim and a loving father who took his children trick or treating on the day he was senselessly murdered.

  7. nymom says:

    Yes, we appear to be reverting to a more or less ‘medieval’ lifestyle where everyone of some means lives in a gated fortress or compound, armed men or bodyguard must accompany anyone who leaves the safety of the compound and the ‘great unwashed masses’ are on their own as far as law and order are concerned…

  8. unit472 says:

    States Attorney General , county district attorneys and judgunfes are down ballot races that white voters should have real control over due to being better informed and having higher turnout in off year elections. Now the Democrats are pouring money and effort into these races even if getting their negro auxilliary to wade down the ballot and vote for obscure candidates taxes their short attention spans.

    Unfortunately they have had some success in deep blue jurisdictions and the consequences of this is unfolding before us. With the Left having allowed generations of the negro underclass to go feral they have realized that the negro underclass is now a criminal population that they have lost control of and would lose this blocs votes were they to try and reassert control over. This is an unprecedented abdicaton of responsibility and while there is prosecutorial discretion it is not absolute. A prosecutor can CHOOSE not to prosecute a particular thief but he can’t decline to prosecute every thief. The law is not repealable based on a prosecutors discretion. Legistlators need to go a judge and get a writ of mandamus to require rogue prosecutors to enforce the law or be removed from office.

    • Replies: @David In TN
    , @Mr. Rational
  9. In a country that promises freedom of speech, white people are condemned when using the word black with regard to race. However, black people can criticize whites with no repercussions. Blacks have their own networks, tv shows, magazines, charitable organizations specifically for them, etc. The double standards in the US never cease to amaze me.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  10. Private Attorney General Admits Caucasian Lawlessness in the District of Columbia Threatens All Life on Planet Earth

  11. American police need remedial training in Israel on how to handle disruptive minorities. No doubt the WSJ would concur.

  12. Doright says:

    I live outside of Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta is well known to black criminals as a haven for black criminals on the run.
    A black pushed a 30 year old unregistered piece of junk across my lane of travel. It was dark and at night on a blind curve. I did not see car until too late. The black cop who covered the accident wrote up the accident and drew a sketch as if I hit the piece of junk Toyota with my Ford Escape in the rear as if the stalled out junk was actually traveling in my lane and I hit it in the rear. I did not know this until three days later when I picked up the traffic report to file my claim. That is just a small picture of what goes on around the black controlled Atlanta area.

  13. They didnt capitalize the “B” in black so dey be raciss!

  14. Vinnie O says:

    One of this most important things to understand is that the Urban Contemporary Lifestyle ONLY works because federal “aid to dependent children” was changed in the 1960s from being SOLELY for widows (from real marriages) and orphans (who belonged in Orphanages) to allowing ANY woman with children but without a husband (i.e., the mother of “bastards”) to get ALL of the benefits of a genuine widow. When this aid was extended to providing free housing, it meant that a lazy man (who CHOSE not to work) could impregnate one or several women for the SOLE purpose of getting a share of her Welfare. And since the ’60s, the number of men and women CHOOSING to live ENTIRELY on Welfare has exploded.

    That is, if you know you have a place to sleep and free money for food, you can sleep late, shoot pool, and rob liquor stores for extra pocket money.

    The ENTIRE criminal enterprise would COLLAPSE if Welfare went back to ONLY paying widows and orphans. But of course too many people now make their living off some piece of the welfare pie. And so White folks better keep paying THEIR taxes so non-White folks can sleep all day.

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @baythoven
    , @Alden
  15. @Hugh Monguss

    That’s obvious.
    And it really got amped up in January 2009 when da kang was crowned.

    • Agree: brandybranch
    • LOL: Augustus
  16. Thomm says:

    The pendulum is going to swing back to our side (for good), when the Right in America finally realizes sacrificing any moral ground to the Left represents the suicide of our culture, civilization, and way of life.

    Fat chance. If that was going to happen, it would have by now.

    The more likely outcome is that America becomes a vassal state of Chinese and other Asian populations, and then THEY keep blacks under control. China seems to have figured out how to profit from Africa without incurring any of the associated costs. Let them do what we can’t, if nothing else.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @nymom
  17. anarchyst says:

    There’s more to black behavior than just outright criminality.

    In the Detroit area, there were a number of funeral homes that were raided as they held bodies in their facilities long after the funerals were consummated.

    The outrage from the local press and local leaders over the undignified way these bodies were treated was considerable.

    Now for the rest of the story…

    It is a loosely-guarded secret in the black community that blacks are loath to pay for funeral services and burial of their deceased.

    Quite often, the funeral home holds the body for ransom-actually payment for services rendered.

    When the family of the deceased doesn’t pay, the deceased is put in cold storage, quite often, for eternity.

    Quite often, the family never pays the funeral bill. As a result, the bodies start piling up…

    • Replies: @nymom
  18. lavoisier says: • Website

    No question the Chinese would not put up with black criminality.

    Overnight the problem would be solved.

    A lot of dead black troublemakers, but the problem solved.

    Liberalism is a dead currency in China.

    • Agree: brandybranch
  19. MarkinLA says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    The LAPD was caught downplaying the crime in reports sent to the FBI some years ago, for example, calling assault with a deadly weapon something much less on the sentencing scale. Already, low level crime is not even investigated and likely not part of crime statistics. I was broken into and when I needed the police report found at that nobody was even assigned the case at the police station.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
    , @Augustus
  20. @MarkinLA

    Yes, that does happen a lot.

    The improvements in forensics, communications intercepts, vastly increased video surveillance have probably had significant impact, but I distrust government statistics in general.

  21. AshtonS says:

    Black *people*, in Urban America or anywhere else, threaten Western Civilization.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the late Lawrence Auster. The average black adult is, in intelligence and temperament, akin to the average white 13 year old. He can do many things independently: a few things well, many more adequately, and many others subpar. But, he cannot, on his own, build or govern, a peaceful, prosperous society. Period. QED. End of story.

    Imagine if we turned over control of an American city to a bunch of average IQ white tweens. That’s akin to what we see in Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta…

    Blacks can function, and even thrive, (to a certain extent), in Western Societies, only if they are kept on a very tight leash. Loosen the slack and mayhem will result; let go of the leash entirely and the Soviet collapses. Cf. South Africa.

    • Agree: Augustus, Ed, Love Street
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Duke84
  22. Augustus says:

    Had a car stolen 3 times. Had tilt steering wheel, so cost insurance company extra to fix it, after they’d find it abandoned from each joy ride. Tools, spare tire (I always had a wheel and regular tire – no donuts for me) stolen until I did not replace. Congestive heart disease and PAD, so hurt a lot to walk 2 miles to police station and be buzzed in basement door. Not even a bench to set on and once waited 2 hours. Legs in bad pain. Asked patrol cop when he finally showed up, what took so long. He got righteously indignant and said they don’t care about property crimes and have gang stabbings and shootings to deal with, so don’t care about my piddly problems. I got the “Whatsa problem, don’t you have insurance” routine. It never occurs to these fools that because they let some crime go, the kids grow up into gang members, no doubt having learned crime pays.
    Insurance company said move or they’d no longer insure me. Moved 8 blocks south and got insurance way cheaper.
    I learned way back then no one cares. Least of all those you think should care. Life got better and then the divorce. She has condo in great area and I live in parents old home where neighborhood has deteriorated, so I’m back to same situation. I watch TV with a gun on coffee table. Garage was just robbed and new police department got to lecture me about property crime. Too old for fight or flight, moving in spring and going to girlfriend’s house in great area. The property crime lecture always reminds me of Mayor Rudy and his “broken windows” law enforcement. Reversion to the mean in BRA.

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  23. baythoven says:
    @Vinnie O

    Notice from the tables in this link how Hispanics take advantage of Welfare (TANF) more than any other racial group. They learned decades ago that the system favored single women over married women, so masses of married hispanic women were coached to fill out the forms as “single” or “separated”.

    Santa Clara County became aware of this massive scam in the 1990’s. They made a rather lame attempt to send notices to the husbands, but they didn’t follow it up with any teeth.

    • Replies: @Johnny B. Good
  24. @unit472

    As things are going, a highly funded with big money Soros DA is going to be elected in every locality with a Democrat-voting majority.

  25. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t think their cognition is even quite that high. Adult blacks have a certain amount of judgment that is more akin to adult whites and in others equates to a white 8 to 12 year old, somewhere on that spectrum. Their raw IQ varies but at what age do white kids have about an 85 IQ when measured as if they were adults? Blacks are said to average at 85, as we know. That overall is probably bout right.

    • Replies: @loren
    , @AshtonS
  26. @unit472

    Legistlators need to go a judge and get a writ of mandamus to require rogue prosecutors to enforce the law or be removed from office.

    This.  And also remove prosecutors and judges whose rationales for their actions are blatant lies.  Prosecutor Holley Carnright who claimed that Steven Augustine’s injuries were from a “punch” and the judge who agreed need not merely to be fired, but declared outlaw and without protection from criminals as they have done to the public.

    Nothing less will prevent such gross abuses of discretion.

  27. Duke84 says:

    A city run by white 13 year olds would still be better places like Detroit or Baltimore.

    • Replies: @AshtonS
  28. @Oscar Peterson

    I’m willing to believe this article, but some data would be nice — ie
    * are arrests -prosecutions -convictions of blacks or minorities down?
    * if down, by what amount? Is such a decrease within accepted variability / margin of error?
    * if down are white arrests in the same categories also down?
    * are there other explanations (ie not based on race) available for such decreases?

  29. The pendulum is going to swing back to our side (for good), when the Right in America finally realizes sacrificing any moral ground to the Left represents the suicide of our culture, civilization, and way of life.

    IMO, nothing is more certain than that the pendulum will swing back, but I also think it is a mistake to believe that we will see a return to calmer, better days. That horse did not just leave the barn, but was crowded out, and there is no open space for it to return to.

    That the Left has been using (more correctly misusing) morality to rip our society asunder is an important fact to recognize, but it is no less important to recognize the myriad other forces at work to the same effect – many of which forces we have reinforced with great enthusiasm.

    “God laughs at those who deplore the effects of which they cherish the causes”. – Bossuet

  30. nymom says:

    Or Asians just return to their country of origin when it becomes too much for them…

    For instance, a lot of Koreans left California after the Rodney King riots which destroyed numerous Korean-owned small businesses. They just returned home to Korea. Remember none of the Asian countries are quite as bad as the Caribbean or Africa so these people can go home again. Actually a US pension can be collected and transferred to any country in the world and the US dollar will go a long way to providing a comfortable retirement in most Asian countries. I personally know a few Asians who have done just that. Saved up and got a house in their home country and returned to it after retirement…

    Same thing happened in South Africa, when trouble starts or business slows down the Chinese just pack up and return home.

    The only ones who can’t are those who have not kept connections with their country of origin; but, many Asians do. Eventually even marrying someone from their home country so they still have a recent bond there…

    So there is little hope that the Asians are going to help us solve this crisis. We created it by bringing these people here originally, so we are responsible for them. This is a problem we are going to have to solve for ourselves; no one else is going to solve it for us…I don’t know what the ultimate answer will be but it will have to come from us, no one else.

  31. nymom says:

    This is something I have noticed as well.

    I am from a bi-racial family and have seen how many of the black members of the family never pay their bills. I mean I am talking about rent, cable, car, credit card bills, utility etc., I’ve often wondered about it. What is it about them that they have the money, they will have a job and yet still refuse to pay for things until it is either disconnected or its paid so late that their credit is damaged. I have had to numerous times bail out a granddaughter for either her cell phone or her car payment or credit card payment and she makes more than I do as I am retired on a fixed income now.

    I mean they don’t tip people in restaurants, don’t give to charity, don’t pay hospital bills, rarely give Christmas gifts and now this not paying for funerals…

    Now are these acts of defiance or what????

  32. @nymom

    We created it by bringing these people here originally, so we are responsible for them. This is a problem we are going to have to solve for ourselves

    The problem was well on its way to solution in the 20th century; blacks were a small and shrinking fraction of the US population.

    And then “feed ’em and breed ’em” welfare policies were put in place.  (Gee, it’s almost as if the subversives were looking at the disappearance of one of their main means of demoralizing and degrading America, and came up with a way to supercharge it at public expense.)

    We can fix the problem, though.  It starts with mandatory Depo-Provera for all females supported by welfare starting at age 9.  They stay on it until they are part of a married family unit with the means to support children, or they accept permanent sterilization (either for money or as part of a criminal sentence).

    The ‘hood should be a baby-free zone.

    • Replies: @nymom
  33. @nymom

    It’s too bad that we don’t have home countries to return to, as our own is being trashed.

    We created it by bringing these people here originally, so we are responsible for them.

    No “we” didn’t. Neither you nor I, nor our parents or children, had anything at all to do with the slave trade. For the vast majority of us, none of our distant ancestors even had anything to do with it.

    But we’re the ones paying for it every single day, through taxes, ruined cities, educational and cultural facilities; sky-high crime rates, pernicious practices everywhere from corporations and the mass media, and on and on.

    We’ve wasted trillions of dollars trying to rehabilitate these people, and they want none of it. Those currently in charge are intensifying the same practices that have failed for decades.

    We need a new way. We need separation.
    It is the one and only thing that will work.

  34. nymom says:
    @Mr. Rational

    Going forward that might have to be a similar solution for all unmarried females of every race and ethnicity supported on public benefits…as we cannot continue to have this overpopulation problem from any particular group…

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  35. nymom says:

    Well most of us are from Europe so we could, in theory, return there…except they appear to be falling into the same trap that the US is falling into with immigration spiraling out of control…

  36. loren says:

    its the testosterone….not the IQ…..senile Whites and Downs Kids usually dont plan attacks.
    Black Females are dangerous.

  37. EH says:

    There’s a lot of tacit corruption among Atlanta cops and prosecutors to let Black criminals go, not investigate anything, not file reports, and even extort crime victims for money.

    When I had my 20 year-old minivan stolen when the snowstorm hit a few years ago and the buses stopped running, after they found it wrecked and looted in the hood, I was forced to take a cab 10 miles to the end of Bankhead (one of the worst ghettos, only thriving businesses are funeral homes) and wait in line for 40 minutes to get the paperwork from the police, then had to taxi another 10 miles to get to the private tow lot (I wonder how high the bribes were to get that racket), pay 200 dollars to the twitchy villains there only to find it was totaled and undrivable. Being that old, it wasn’t insured against theft and I spent several months without transportation.

    I have a bunch of stories like that about Atlanta — police not taking a report when a Black backed into my stationary, occupied car, 911 refusing to dispatch when I’m actively getting chased by a road rage driver in the ‘hood, close friends murdered in Little Five Points by a gang of “teens” on a robbery spree, allowed to plead out with no publicity…. The Blacks all know what’s up, they like it that way, and with knowledge of their complete ownership of the city their attitude becomes more arrogant every year.

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  38. @nymom

    Going forward that might have to be a similar solution for all unmarried females of every race and ethnicity supported on public benefits

    It should be exactly that right out of the gate.  That way, nobody can claim it’s “racist”.  And it should be tagged as a measure to reduce infant mortality and generational poverty, by getting “the poor” into a culture of work that they can pass on to their children BEFORE they have them.

    Of course, if they never achieve self-sufficiency, they never reproduce.  Problem solved.

    • Replies: @Alden
  39. @EH

    People who come onto this site, railing about oppression of blacks, without supplying particulars, should read your post along with countless others that specify black crime in America, and the expensive toll it takes on our lives. Instead, the cry of “systemic racism” flows from their closed minds, backed by the corrupt media.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  40. @Augustus

    I learned way back then no one cares. Least of all those you think should care.

    There are actually people who care, but the hard lesson is there aren’t as many as we imagine there to be.
    The female owner of an enterprise for which I worked in the 60’s and 70’s once said to me that if she ever had a son, she would want him to be like me. A few years after I left (on good terms) for another position, she wrote a book about the history of the enterprise. Not an image or a word, after working there for 16 years. Why, I still have no idea.
    Not complaining – that’s just a lesson of life.
    Undoubtedly there are reasons why you can’t move before spring, but I wish that it was possible to move sooner. My parents’ neighborhood is now about 90 percent hispanic. Double murder three doors down – black and hispanic drug deal “gone wrong.” Your present setting, hopefully, is a little better.
    Take care of yourself.

    • Agree: Love Street
  41. AshtonS says:

    Quite possibly! It definitely wouldn’t be worse. The white tweens would still likely have better impulse control.

  42. AshtonS says:

    Certainly possible. I think impulse control (or lack thereof) plays a big role. Even if the average black is intellectually akin to an average white 13 year old, I think a strong argument can be made his temperament and impulse control are closer to the 8-12 range.

  43. Segregation——A solution whose time has come again.

  44. @Doright

    One of the final straws for me leaving the United States was that my 4-year-old Landcruiser was stolen and wrecked the same night about 70 miles away. I got a call that the next morning from the Police Dept the accident took place in. Apparently they smashed into about a dozen parked cars! The cops told me to contact my local police dept that the theft took place in. So 2 cops show up at my house and after a few minutes start lecturing me how it is a serious crime to file a false police report! I took this to say “we will charge you if you continue to make a report”. So at that point, I told them to leave and I would handle everything through my lawyer.

    I was home with family and the cops were treating me like I was a liar right away! I was so furious! I had to pay a lawyer a couple of grand to straighten things out and get my money from the insurance company.

  45. @Oil 'n Water

    Oil ‘n Water———–Blacks aren’t smart enough to cause this much of a problem.Traitor White politicians and their pay masters are Blacks enablers.Follow the money.

    • Replies: @Oil 'n Water
  46. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    …White politicians and their pay masters are Blacks enablers.

    I was referring mainly to the trolls, black and white, who comment here about so-called systemic racism, without their being able to present valid examples, when specific examples of black mayhem are presented here all of the time.
    In reference to the trouble blacks cause, you are correct – the enablers are at the root of the problem.

  47. Alden says:

    Look at San Francisco. The census claims 33% Asian but Asians don’t like filling out census or any government forms so the actual percentage is probably more.

    So this at least 1/3 Asian town just elected a 4th generation Jewish communist son of weatherman terrorists who ran for district attorney on a platform of not persecuting blacks.

    Asians are only conservatives about blacks in schools their kids attend. That’s it. Otherwise they’re either totally liberal Democrat or oblivious to what goes on. They don’t even report robberies and burglaries to the police. The excuse is that some nebulous authority might find about their tax evasion and illegal businesses such as chicken slaughter houses in the garage.

  48. Alden says:
    @Vinnie O

    LBJ did put all the state programs under federal jurisdiction. But decades before LBJ the individual states and counties had their own aid to dependent children that were very generous to single black women with children.

    The original purpose of home relief as it was called was to keep children with one parent out of orphanages and at home with a parent in a normal home.

    The children with only fathers went to orphanages more than children with only mothers because in an age of daily food shopping, laundry tubs and clothes lines instead of washers and dryers, coal fired stoves, food cooked at home with no shortcuts, it was difficult for a parent working full time to deal with children, cooking and housework.

    If the mothers didn’t work, it was possible to keep a home going. Home relief instead of orphanages began in the 192os in many northern states. As early as 1950 black southern single moms and their thug children moved to NYC, St Louis Chicago Michigan and Ohio to take advantage of aid to dependent children and their mothers.

    In those days, state laws required a one year residency for welfare. So the southern moms and their little thugs would arrive, live with a relative and the moms would work for a year.

    And when the year was up they were eligible for full welfare. Also, by 1920 in places like Harlem and 1940 in most big northern cities destroyed by the Black Plague, rents in the black neighborhoods were very low. Cities didn’t even need projects, there were enough empty neighborhoods emptied of Whites by black terrorism and crime to accommodate the black invaders at rents commensurate with the welfare stipend.

    The southern states benefitted greatly from the federal subsidies that poured money into states and counties to distribute to black single moms.

    Welfare is a big business. It’s not just the wranglers and baby sitters for the blacks who make salaries but grocery and retail stores section 8 landlords wig nail and hairdresser shops profit and those businesses pay taxes on the money they make from the welfare blacks.

    All LBJ did was bring state and county welfare for dependent children, disability and other welfare under the federal umbrella.

    Orphanages have been replaced by an extensive foster home, group home and youthful offender facilities. Hispanics are as bad as blacks when it comes to child abuse severe neglect etc.

    So some of the black and brown kids are home with mom on welfare. Others were abused so badly they are placed in foster and group homes.
    It’s a big big business of government workers wrangling the profitable herd of black and brown single moms and their dis functional kids who grow up and produce the next generation.

    It’s not just government welfare workers who make a living off the poverty farm flocks and herds. There’s as many NGO do gooder organization workers making a good living directing welfare moms to the welfare, housing disability etc offices

    And conservatives fulminate against both welfare and abortion. And as the black birth rate goes down, liberals import more brown welfare leeches.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  49. Alden says:
    @Mr. Rational

    A lot of businesses have instituted mandatory drug checks, very strict rules about lateness and not showing up, permission for days off, zero tolerance on sex harassment etc for everyone.

    It all hits the blacks. They use drugs come to work late don’t show up and commit almost all the sex harassment. So they’ve been replaced by more civilized immigrants but not the White men who function best in any job.

  50. We are inefficient at dealing with Black crime.The current judical system is largely catch and release.We need to implement spay and neuter.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  51. @baythoven

    Notice from the tables in this link how Hispanics take advantage of Welfare (TANF) more than any other racial group

    very interesting you only quote one of the stats

    here are the rest:

    * Food stamps: White 35.8% (largest)
    * Medicaid: White 41% (largest)
    * Section 8 and other public housing: Black 42% (largest), White 30% (2nd largest)

    • Troll: AR in Illinois
  52. Do you typically quote things not being discussed? What a moronic statement.

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