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Starting in 2020 Public Schools Across California Will No Longer Suspend Students for Disobeying Teachers, Because Too Many Students of Color (Non-Whites) Get Suspended
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First data point you need to know: white students represent just 23 percent of public school enrollment in the state of California.

Second data point you need to know: though black students make up just 5 percent of the public school enrollment in the state of California, they represent the majority of students suspended (even though the state banned suspensions based on “defiance and disruption” in 2014… to try and stop too many non-white students from being suspended).

Unfortunately, too many students of color are being suspended still in California for failing to abide by the rules governing proper behavior in public schools, so the concept of suspensions are being retired.

Permanently. [California public schools can’t suspend students for disobeying teachers, new law says,, December 26, 2019]:

SACRAMENTO (KRON) — New laws taking effect in 2020 will impact schools across California.

Starting next school year, it will be illegal for public schools in the state to suspend students in first through fifth grade for willfully defying teachers or administrators.

Then, from 2021 through 2025, it will be temporarily extended to kids in grades six through eight.

Supporters say suspensions for willful defiance are disproportionately used against students of color.

Another new law — a mandatory change to school start times.

The law is set to be phased in over the next three years. High schools can start no earlier than 8:30 a.m., and no sooner than 8 a.m. for middle schoolers.

The controversial measure could be costly, state legislative analysts have said some schools may end up spending millions to accommodate the adjustment.

Limiting and banning smartphone use is at the center of another law affecting schools in 2020.

School boards will have the power to ban devices with the exception of emergencies or other special situations, such as medical reasons.

Supporters say smart phone use is linked to lower student performance and interferes with the educational mission of schools.

The great Robert Heinlein once wrote, “punishment must be unusual or it serves no purposes.”

As we see in California, the concepts of morality, civility and duty are being abandoned, because those displaying anti-social behavior in public schools are predominately non-white… even though white students make up just 23 percent of public school enrollment in the state.

Remember the old saying? As California goes, so goes the nation

Repeat after me, “our new country is going to be great!”

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  1. Can’t wait to hear the stories about this from our 3rd and 4th graders.

  2. “Second data point you need to know: though black students make up just 5 percent of the public school enrollment in the state of California …”
    5% ??? This cannot be true. Is that a typo?
    The Los Angeles Unified School District middle schools I taught in were about 40% Black, 40% Hispanic, 5% Filipino, 5% Samoan and 10% White.

  3. Who knew that Tom Berenger would be prophetic in his depiction of Jonathan Shale ?

    • Agree: Phil_from_NJ
    • Replies: @Trevor
  4. Charles says:

    That “educational mission” must be the teaching of reading, writing and arithemetic, correct? No? It’s actually…what? You’ve gotta be joking. Oh, you’re not joking. So it doesn’t matter if the children are functionally illiterate? I see. The PURPOSE is for them to be unthinking, illiterate SJWs. Idiocracy here we come.

    • Agree: Tom Welsh
  5. This isn’t New.

    In GA black kids can’t get a failing grade, especially from a white teacher.
    If the precious black boys get an F, or worse fail to pass a grade, their big fat black momma will be down at the school, yelling at anyone and everyone from the Teacher on up to the Superintendent.

    Conversely, white kids cant all get A’s, so they typically break the range up like this: 95-100 is an A, 80-95 is a B, 60s-80 is a C, and D’s are for the blacks. Only lazy white kids can get an F. They bend the entrance guidelines all over for GT and UGA. Higher institutions my foot. I’ve met some brilliant Tech grads, and black Tech grads who couldn’t understand algebra.

  6. Dumbo says:

    Supporters say suspensions for willful defiance are disproportionately used against students of color.

    Maybe because willful defiance is more common by non-whites? Funny how they invert cause and effect.

    Who is going to want to be a teacher in Mexifornia under such conditions?

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  7. unit472 says:

    Anything that undermines academic performance and public support for public schools is just fine with me. No decent parent would send their child to a place where a child can curse at or even fight with a teacher and no good teacher would work in such a place.

    If you can’t afford a private school, organize with other parents and homeschool your kids. I recall a line from the 1950’s movie The Blackboard Jungle where the teachers are discussing their school in the teacher’s lounge. One says the school is a garbage can and the teachers are nothing more than lids to keep it from overflowing. That is the truth when it comes to urban underclass schools. The only thing they produce are football and basketball players and a jobs program for people too stupid to find a real job.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  8. Realist says:

    Did anyone think the stupidity would end in 2020?

    • Replies: @GMC
  9. It would be interesting to see the breakdown of California teachers by race. I have a feeling that, by and large, it’s not White teachers suspending these innocent little angels.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Sol
  10. Limiting and banning smartphone use is at the center of another law affecting schools in 2020.

    I believe that guns and drugs are already banned in most public skoos. That’s working great!

    • LOL: Dannyboy
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  11. Gunga Din says:

    So between Whites and blacks the makeup is 28%? The rest are hispanic and asian? That can’t be right. Anyway, it would be nice if White kids could just stay home and get schooled online just like adults do with colleges nowadays. When schools were integrated in the 60s and 70s, that was the beginning of the end of a competent public school system.

  12. Kinda OT:

    So lack of discipline will result in what??? More violence and disrespect for all people?? Ya… sounds like a paradise.

    This is the end result… Man murdered for one dollar…One fucking dollar!!! He was a homo so no real loss…

    Not going so well for humans

  13. Sunscreen says:

    Schools in California are basically daycare centres for young adults and future felons, prostitutes and drug dealers.

    The school to prison pipeline has just been greased with the passing of this stupid law.

    At the end of the day the greatest problem this country faces isn’t really negroes or consumerism…The real problem is “Semitism” and the merchants who peddle it.

    • Agree: Love Street
  14. This procedure certainly sounds normal for California. The next thing we are going to hear is that the State of California cannot get teachers. The appear to be having that problem now. I wonder WHY????

    • LOL: Lancelot Link
  15. Too Many Students Of Color…. End of story. Until YT comes to the reality that segregation leading to total repatriation is the only course YT will go extinct.

  16. Trevor says:
    @Baron Munchhausen

    Half of The Subsitute series of 4 movies are listed as “This video is currently unavailable” on Amazon Prime.

    They are probably censored for accurate portrayal of TNB in schools.

    I have noticed this with a lot of movies made before King Obozo’s reign. Many older movies seem to be disappearing.

    Now movies cannot be made that portray negroes unfavorably (accurately and truthfully).

    The Equalizer and 007 are now black and the South Chicago bad guys in Death Wish are white.

  17. Trevor says:
    @bruce county

    There were at least 4 negroes that killed the 60 yo man for $1. That split is 25¢ each.

    Really disgusting and depraved. That must be a record low for a robbery-murder.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  18. This “New Law” is just another milestone in the long march towards the eventual break-up of the Failed Socialist States of Amerika. It is actually music to my ears, in that I worked as a Peace Officer in SoCal for over 30 years and saw the disintegration first hand. And, as a part-time credentialled teacher, I had a double-dose of social dysfuntion through the: “Public School System.” There are just some cultures involving millions of people in this country who cannot be reasoned with and will not get along with anyone. The Blacks are such a group. They are not the ONLY group, but they are the most visible one.
    Now before the trolls, bleeding hearts, and clueless sheeple get their undies in a bunch, let me tell you about “Bump Day.” It started in the 1940’s on the magnificient public transportation system in LA, the Pacific Electric Railway. On a certain day of the week, blacks would deliberately bump into and jostle the whites riding on the streetcars. I can still remember all of the adults talking about this at family gatherings in the 1950’s when I was just a kid.
    Blacks are violent, physical people. They imbibe their hatred of whites at their mothers’ breasts. I had one tell me he was raised this way and told if you see a white with something you want, take it. I saw it way too many times as a cop. But, you do not have to take my word for it. Ask any mailman, UPS/FEDEX driver, firefighter/paramedic, store owner, etc. Truth is its own defense. For those interested, the poet William Butler Yeats gave us all a preview of coming attractions in his seminal work: THE SECOND COMING. Have a safe 2020.

    • Agree: ANZ, Phil_from_NJ
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Dave Moore
    , @Bert
  19. get your children out of public schools!

    • Replies: @HT
    , @padre
  20. @bruce county

    This is the end result… Man murdered for one dollar…One fucking dollar!!!

    Let’s not forget the late John Weed. Late last summer, he attended the fair in Frederick, Maryland. While there, he was beaten to death by two “youths” . We were told that he got into an argument with them over a dollar.

    • Replies: @Lancelot Link
    , @Alden
  21. SoWe says:

    The first violent incident was the robbery-murder. The second violent incident would be the 4 apes fighting over the dollar, because they were too stupid to figure out how to divide it up EQUALLY.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @bruce county
  22. dvorak says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    5% ??? This cannot be true. Is that a typo?

    Blacks have been pushed out of L.A. and S.F. by Mexicans, Asians and Whites. The suburbs were already too expensive for Blacks, so they left California. Maybe they moved to Georgia and Texas.

    • Replies: @Big Bill
  23. @Trevor

    Just proves that it wasn’t about the money; it was an excuse to kill YT.

  24. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    “But it’s Uh-mergencee!” Will be the new cry of any black student who won’t put their phone away in class.

  25. @Charles

    Curriculum: Slavery,Civil Rights and the holocaust.

    • Replies: @nymom
    , @Phil_from_NJ
  26. In Toronto Canada the same thing happened. Liberals passed a Zero Tolerance policy, thinking it would only ensnare wicked white children who were always picking on black newcomers. The policy instead resulted in the overwhelming majority of students who were expelled were blacks.

    So the solution was to create all black schools. In supposed “non-racist” Canada.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Phil_from_NJ
  27. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    Re: John Weed’s killers

    Judge seals status hearing for teen charged in fatal Great Frederick Fair assault

    By Jeremy Arias [email protected]

    Dec 18, 2019

    A Frederick County Circuit Court judge on Wednesday sealed a status hearing for one of the two teens charged in the Sept. 20 fatal assault at The Great Frederick Fair.

    Almost immediately after the case regarding the 16-year-old was called at 10:30 a.m., Stacey Steinmetz, an attorney for the boy, asked Judge Julie Stevenson Solt to close the courtroom to the public, citing what she called “confidential” information that she believed would be discussed in the hearing.

    The Frederick News-Post objected to closing the hearing, but Solt agreed with Steinmetz, citing both Title 11 of the Maryland Rules of Court regarding juvenile cases as well as precedent set in Baltimore Sun Co. v. State in the Maryland Court of Appeals dating back to 1995.

    In that case, the court upheld that “courts may close juvenile proceedings to the public in instances where closure would be impermissible in other court proceedings,” and that courts “may exclude the general public from a hearing, and admit only those persons having a direct interest in the proceeding and their representatives,” according to the case cited by Solt.

    Both the 16-year-old and his co-defendant, his 15-year-old brother, were charged shortly after 59-year-old Mount Airy resident John Weed died from injuries he suffered in what sheriff’s deputies described as an unprovoked assault on the midway of the fairgrounds. Citing footage of the assault as well as interviews with witnesses, prosecutors say the 16-year-old approached Weed and asked him for a dollar at 5:36 p.m. Sept. 20, then punched Weed in the back of the head, starting the assault, authorities have said.

    The 15-year-old, who deputies and prosecutors said delivered the final blow in the assault, was charged with manslaughter, first-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault, while his older brother was charged with two counts of second-degree assault: one for the initial assault on Weed and another for spitting on Weed after he fell to the ground, authorities have said.

    The brothers have remained in a juvenile detention center since the day of the assault and last appeared before Solt on Nov. 19. At that time, Assistant State’s Attorney Laura Wilt indicated that a waiver hearing to determine whether the teens’ cases will be heard in juvenile or adult court would likely not proceed until at least Wednesday’s hearing.

    The 15-year-old appeared before Solt earlier Wednesday alongside his attorney, John Maclean, who moved to waive the teen’s right to have a detention hearing once every two weeks. Instead, Maclean opted to postpone the 15-year-old’s next hearing for roughly 30 days in order to give him enough time to schedule a convenient date for the defense’s expert witnesses to be present for a detention hearing.

    Solt granted Maclean’s motion, preliminarily postponing the teen’s next appearance until Jan. 15.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  28. @SoWe

    Maff be rayciss an sheeeit…

  29. @ShermanFan

    Q: What happens to 7th and 8th graders who flunk both English and Math?
    Q: They are promoted to the next higher grade to remain with their age-group peers.
    (They will never catch up academically.)

  30. @Mr. Rational

    I think the victim of negro violence in NY on Christmas Eve was Cuban. But still….

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Dr. Krieger
  31. GodHelpUs says:
    @Mr. Rational

    The victim in this case was a gay black Caribbean immigrant.

    This information was suppressed by the legacy media because a gang of youfs senselessly murdering a mariposa migrant is definitely NOT part of the Narrative that is “fit to print”.

  32. Look at those teens in the picture. So vibrant and cheerful, standing on their desks.

    I can’t imagine sitting in a back corner( because that’s where YT is relegated to now), trying to read.

    As an aside, when I attended G.I.S.H.S. , it was voted 2nd best public school in the entire state. But I’m told we have diversity now. Nothing is safe.

  33. Augustus says:
    @Lancelot Link

    Judge Julie Stevenson Solt warming up and getting ready to stick it to poor Mr Weed’s family. It’s not enough their loved one was murdered. Let’s keep the yoofs out of adult court to really devalue the man’s life. The courts are tough, just not on criminals.

    I’m betting Adult Court already met it’s quota of blacks for the month. Plead them down to a juvenile home until they are adults, then send them home with bracelets around their legs. That will show everyone the courts mean business on murder! You yoofs can’t kill people in that state and get away with it

    • Replies: @Morton's toes
  34. @Sick 'n Tired

    But it’s Uh-mergencee!” Will be the new cry of any black student who won’t put their phone away in class.

    Or they will just flip the teacher the bird and carry on ooking & eeking as before.

  35. @Larry Holmgren

    We should be flunking them out of school starting no later than 5th grade.  If performance is below minimum levels, no further effort; let them self-study or re-apply but no more public money is spent on them until they demonstrate that they’re worth it.

    Also, they’re immediately eligible for work and adult penalties for crimes.  If they don’t like working, let them starve.  If they steal or rob, let them suffer the consequences.  If this makes their famblies want to go to “non-racist” Liberia, GREAT!

  36. @Detroit Refugee

    Cubans are only non-White to us.  To orcs, there’s them and there’s hated YT.

  37. @Augustus

    When I was on a city bus in New Orleans going to work one time there were some high school students seated near me discussing one of their classmates who had just been sentenced to “juvenile life”. They all thought this was hysterically funny for some reason. To get that sentence you need to have killed somebody, get tried as a juvenile, and then I believe they have to let you out before your 19th birthday although I am a little hazy on that part. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any 19 year olds still confined on a juvenile life sentence. The standard procedure may be you get out on your 18th birthday as long as you didn’t kill any of your cell mates while you were locked up.

  38. Meanwhile in school over on the east coast…The names will indicate the race.. The teacher will indicate the insanity of a negro run skoo. The future of America looks fine.
    Timothy Randall Korr, 25, is charged with child abuse, second-degree assault, and reckless endangerment of a minor
    He is accused of throwing student Trayvon Grayson, 7, against the wall
    Trayvon suffered a broken jaw, cuts, bruises and had two teeth knocked out in the assault, while another tooth had been pushed into his gums
    His furious mother Lateekqua Jackson says her son will require surgery
    Korr claims he was told by students that Trayvon had a gun on him
    The tutor was carrying him to the principal’s office when he says he tripped and the boy ‘hit himself’ on the wall
    But police who reviewed surveillance footage of the incident challenged his story and arrested the teacher

  39. Anyone want to bet on the race of the perpetrators and victim in this?

    So if the computer were worth less than $995 then taking it wasn’t even a crime and that means that the (presumably) white customer/”victim” was guilty of harassing these innocent boys. He may have bled on their car or even caused damage to their door handle in his assault upon them, damage for which he should be held accountable.

    • Replies: @eah
  40. artichoke says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    The alternative is to retain them and they probably still won’t learn the stuff. Basically you get 13 years of K-12 education, then the taxpayers should be off the hook, except for people with medically certified disabilities. Currently in our district a lot of ESL illegal aliens get extra years of public school too, and I don’t think they should, at least not at local taxpayer expense.

  41. @Charles

    Charles, The mission of the schools has nothing at all to do with education. The mission (s) are to facilitate funds transfer from taxpayers and bond buyers to the unionized school employees and associated contractors, and to keep the kiddies out of the house and off the streets for a few hours each day. Also vital to it all is the involvement of the USDA in the school food (breakfast, lunch and dinner in many districts) program. No one would voluntarily pay their own money for any of this, and few would send their own children to such abysmal institutions.

    Education has not been important in schools in CA in a long, long time. That is a pleasant, quaint thought though. Perhaps they will try it sometime?

    • Agree: Old and grumpy
    • Replies: @Alden
  42. Alden says:
    @bruce county

    Oh good, they found the murderer. So sad.

  43. Alden says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    “argument or dispute about money “ is the latest euphemism for black robs non black.

  44. anon[403] • Disclaimer says:

    Moderated eh? forget about it Unz. Leave it to a bunch of CivNats on a power trip to get all Dailykos on posters.

  45. Alden says:
    @Brian Reilly

    Believe it or not, back around 1960 when NSA was recruiting all over the country, one of the ways it enticed the best of the best to Mountain View was the wonderful school system of Santa Clara County and Ca in general.

    In the 50’s and 60’s the Ca school system was usually in the top ten of US schools. Bu 1970 it slid and slid till we were usually 48 or 49 about the same level as Mississippi .

    Proof it’s not the system and innovative, ground breaking new programs devised by idiots who’ve never been in a classroom. It’s the students.

    For me and every old codger, it’s just deja vu all over again. Same old same old. Maybe Chicago and even NYC will turn into another Detroit St Louis Newark because of their liberalism. Serve them right.

    There’s already enough offices retail and light industry in the suburbs to keep the economy going. Let the city rot, including the 500 to 1200 blocks of 5th and Park and the Upper West Side home of Jewish liberals.

  46. • Replies: @Lancelot Link
  47. Stogumber says:

    How do they ban smartphones when pupils are allowed to wilfully defy the teacher’s orders?

  48. RickTen99 says:

    My lovely wife worked in a public school, not as a teacher, but support staff, office work. Our daughter went to this school 1996 to 2000 and its was about 98% white. Over the years more negroes enrolled and today they are about 6-10% of 2400 students. About 90% of suspensions and expulsions are…….you guessed it, dark ones. Fights, stealing, disrespectful towards staff, drugs, truancy etc get junior darkie bounced. They are simply trouble, period.

  49. Backerout says:

    This is called the racism of low expectations. It will hurt those children who have no other means of learning. If the people calling for this really cared about those children, they would re-institute corporal punishment with a strap or paddle for disruptive behavior. The student remains in school, and order is restored to the classroom. The punishment should probably be administered by the vice-principal, as it was in my day.

    I can remember one incident when the shop teacher handled the paddle himself rather than traveling to the other end of the school for the VP. The kid was a big heavyset black loud-mouthed bully and we could all hear the smacks coming from out in the hallway (not without some schadenfreude) . The kid quieted right down after that.

    • Replies: @Old and grumpy
  50. How interesting and informative to have attended all white South Florida public school system in the late 60’s and early 70’s. With the sudden influx of black students at ninth grade, the impact was earth shattering.And we assumed all would work out for the best, after all, in the most curious racist position ever, we white kids and and our parents proclaimed there were “ Good” blacks too!…
    Today’s events are simply an unfolding consequence. Public school environment has not been cause for good, but rather succumbed to a lowest common denominator.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link
  51. Alden says:
    @Dweezil the Weasel

    Shove Day was popular all over the country in the 1940s 50s. Then it became assault & battery, armed robbery rape and murder day.

    Just my opinion here. I believe it was the double whammy of the Rodney King riots and the OJ acquittal that impelled the elites of the elites to shove the blacks out of California.

    It’s amazing how civilized Hispanics of all kinds, middle easterners Polynesians Asians central Asians ( Persians Armenians Russians etc) are compared to blacks.

    • Replies: @John Arthur
  52. HT says:

    They do stupid stuff like this and then wonder why non-white behavior gets worse and worse. Idiots.

  53. HT says:

    Or maybe even out of the country. I suggest Singapore.

  54. @Dweezil the Weasel

    Absolutely right on LA. I was born in 52 and my dad was a Fresno cop before we moved near LA. California was actually a cool place to grow up then with excellent schools and colleges. We lived in West Covina when my dad worked in LA in law enforcement. He told me about Wednesday Bumping Day and said it wasn’t a soft bump but it was meant to hurt you. The electric street cars and buses were really great until removed by Brown Sr.

  55. @Larry Holmgren

    Sadly you confirm all my suspicions about teeeeechers. Knowledge is acquired solely by anecdote, and wholly ignorant of everything around you.

    5% does sound a tad low, but not by much. CA’s black population is about 6%.

  56. Homeschooling is legal in each of the 50 American states. Many school districts also have ‘virtual schools’ which may be easier for some parents.

    There are so many resources online for a parent who doesn’t know where to begin.

    Refuse to settle for the lowest common denominator – home school your kids!

    BTW: one should note that the new law in California still allows for disruptive kids to be removed from the classroom. The disruptive students would be placed in a special day class or some other form of ‘in-school suspension’.

  57. Thanks, PK, for keeping us informed with your columns.

  58. Amon says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    I believe its 5 percent out of the entire student enrollment in the whole state of california.

  59. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    The only serious schools in California are a few private schools with minimum numbers of negroes and beaners. Time to get serious and call California public schools for what they really are, public babysitting institutes.

  60. Spike says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Yes, it’s these types of games that makes dumb blacks feel clever.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  61. Mudguts says:

    America has become Zimbabwe with burritos.

  62. GMC says:

    That should be the Motto for the next decade. Good One R.

  63. Bert says:
    @Dweezil the Weasel

    Here’s how social psychologists want to repair your lying eyes:

    “Israeli social psychology researchers taught half of their participants a technique called cognitive reappraisal — basically a method to challenge your negative emotions, question how they originate, and then watch them dissipate through meta introspection. All the participants were then instructed to look through materials designed to get them angry. A week after the training, all the participants were asked questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Those who had practiced emotion regulation actually preferred less hostile and more diplomatic approaches.”

    Meta introspection, my ass. That’s what I do everytime I’m out in public and notice who parks in the fire lanes, who litters, who doesn’t move their shopping cart out of the way. It’s hilarious that the left believes that the Caucasian mannerbund can be controlled by such methods.

    The left continues with the Cloward-Piven Strategy–Piven_strategy unaware that the societal breakdown it seeks will lead to an outcome the opposite of what it imagines.

    • Replies: @Alden
  64. padre says:

    Right, what is the use of education!

  65. gotmituns says:

    Of course, children of color get suspended at higher rates than White children. But the rates of suspension aren’t the point. The point is that the schools as they are, are obsolete a new method of teaching these 21st century children must be found and it probably has nothing to do with brick and mortar buildings. I would guess it would be done on the internet.

  66. old farta says:

    Riten, wiitn, rithmatic, are not welfare requirements.

  67. old farta says:

    This law will provide relief to over stressed parents, who just cannot cope with children being home. and police who want the delinquents off the streets. Another benefit, courtesy of democraps.

  68. eah says:

    This will have very little day-to-day impact, since relatively few students pose discipline problems serious enough to consider/warrant suspension — the fact that UC may soon stop using the SAT and ACT as admission criteria is a much bigger deal — as the low-achieving Hispanic population fraction continues to grow, eliminating achievement tests, where both Whites and Asian significantly outperform Hispanics, will be the only way to attain anything like a proportionate representation of Hispanics at an elite academic institution like UC.

    Opinion: It’s time for UC to stop using the SAT

    Last week, a group of civil rights advocates and the Compton Unified School District threatened to sue the University of California if the system did not eliminate the SAT and ACT in admissions requirements. The groups charge that the tests discriminate against underrepresented minority students, as well as low-income and disabled applicants.

    I’m not sure what the legal situation is, i.e. whether Hispanics, who have significant influence in, if not practical control over, the CA legislature, can just pass a law prohibiting use of these achievement tests in admissions.

  69. USA 1943 says:

    Almost all this Foolishness, Including classes (Extremely popular at Colleges/Universities) taught for the PURPOSE of causing Hate and Resentment of Whites Examples White Privilege, Critical Race Theory, History where there is little or Zero mention about the Greatness in USA History and almost if not all of the course is wasted on the negatives like slavery, treatment of Indians is being implemented by other Whites.

    THE biggest problem Whites have is the LARGE NUMBER of Whites who are ETHNOMASOCHISTS/Self hating Whites, This is the NUMBER ONE reason for these NONSENSE RULES going into effect. Example The Criminals in New York, cant be hold on bail since they might not be able to afford it (Which will result in Criminals being emboldened) You can’t be charged with a Felony unless you steal more than a Thousand Dollars worth (Which means stores will go out of business and replaced by online shopping only.

    • Agree: Female in FL
    • Replies: @Love Street
  70. @Spike

    Time to design schools as Faraday cages so that cell phones simply don’t work.  You can have a microcell inside which allows access to staff phones.

    • Replies: @Big Bill
  71. @Mudguts

    Mudguts———–“America has become Zimbabwe with burritos.”———–Paul may now be able to close this blog.Nothing more needs to be said.

  72. @Mudguts

    That might be a keeper…

    Maybe ‘Zimbabwe with better food’ or ‘Congo with coconut shrimp’…

  73. MarkinLA says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    The central valley is almost entirely Hispanic in the schools.

  74. eah says:

    Two arrests were made: Two suspects arrested in Montclair Starbucks customer’s death; no names or fotos (yet) — oddly/sadly, a very similar thing happened in 2017, also in the East Bay: Laptop theft victim’s death in Oakland raises memories for family in 2017 incident — in 2017 it was Temescal, in 2019 Montclair — both are relatively upscale areas of the East Bay, whereas other parts are heavily black, crime-ridden shitholes — they probably target the upscale areas for these grab-and-dash laptop thefts.

    • Replies: @eah
  75. Anonymous[974] • Disclaimer says:

    How’s the San Andreas Fault these days?

    Any chance it will put California out of its (and our) misery?

  76. @bruce county

    A 61-year-old man beaten to death in front of his 29-year-old “partner” by a pack of feral yoofs, and the honor students in question don’t even have respectable singin-in-he-church-choir-talm-bout-goin-ta-college names like Donflavious or MuhHennessy. Now we have Abu from Sierra Leone in addition to our domestics.

    What a fucking sewer. Having grown weary of turning their anuses into a petri dish, coastal urbanites want to do it to your whole town. There isn’t a single person in the entire story that shouldn’t be put right back on the banana boat home.

  77. @USA 1943

    The biggest problem is self hating whites ..and tied for first are the lil’ hat tribe.

  78. hal9000 says:

    So what happens when the student refuses to give up their cell phone?

  79. Trying this again…..looks like the censorship is starting again. I can see why Ex-New Yorker, Mrs. Greenbaum, Centurion no longer posts here.

    Blacks have been pulling shit for over 50 years.

    When I was 9, my aunt and I traveled on the Greyhound Bus from Oklahoma to NYC to see family and do the tourist thing.

    While we were in the bathroom, a big fat black mammy stole my aunt’s purse. The getaway car was waiting and off she went. $30. That was a lot of money back then. My aunt cried for over an hour.

    I told the bus driver. He spoke over the speaker and said attention everyone, the young blond and her niece were the victim of a black woman who stole their food money. Would someone in the bus be so kind at the next stop to make sure these two ladies are fed and have something to drink?

    Ridership that day was about 98% white and 2% black. The blacks looked down and didn’t say shit the rest of the ride to NYC. The other whites made sure my Aunt and I were fed until we got to our destination.

    They’re a plague, a menace to society and they’re like locusts. Avoid them at all costs.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
    • Replies: @Dave453
  80. To blacks, school is just free day care and free food. The kids will go on welfare like mommy and daddy so why study.?

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  81. That business about banning smart phones in schools is a good idea. Let’s also ban them from motor vehicles too.

  82. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    In 1972 three black students at Boston English High School attacked and beat the crap out of a white English Literature teacher, Dr Lang right before the morning eight clock bell rung to start of the school day. Dr. Lang was a retired English Literature Professor from Yale University and a decorated Korean War Veteran.
    Upon retiring from Yale University he decided to give back to the community by becoming an English Literature teacher in the Boston Public System. The reason for Black male students beating the good Dr. Lang was that he requested that the students quiet down and take a seat.

    That same day a black kid by the name of Anton decided to disrupt the French Language class teacher by the name of Miss Curley. Miss Curley’s only fault was to ask Anton to stop disrupting the class and open the French Language School Text. He ignored the teachers numerous requests to stop disrupting the class by swearing and cursing the teacher non stop while blowing spit ball for over half hour. Miss Curley as a result lost her cool in desperation calmly said” Anton You little Black Monkey sit down and stop disrupting the class”. The next day Miss Curley was removed from school and fired as a French teacher for referring to Anton as a “little Black Monkey.” Anton was never suspended for disrupting the class, for cursing the teacher, for disrespecting the teacher, for throwing paper and blowing spit balls and etc.

    That same day my Algebra teacher a Black African man advised me before the start of class advising me to transfer out of Boston English as it was not a place for learning but a day care center so that Black kids would not be out on the street.

  83. Governments sure are stupid.

  84. eah says:

    Two men charged in killing of Oakland man who chased after his stolen laptop — Shuo Zeng, a research engineer and scientist, died on his 34th birthday

    … The research engineer and scientist died Tuesday from major injuries he suffered while chasing thieves who stole his laptop at 11:37 a.m. at Starbucks on Mountain Boulevard.

    Prosecutors on Friday charged two men in Zeng’s death, Javon Lee, 21, and Byron Reed, 22, both of San Francisco, and are looking for a third accomplice. …

    Reed, who according to court records is on parole for robbery, was charged with special circumstance murder and second-degree robbery. The special circumstance allegation is that the murder was committed during a robbery, according to court records.

    Byron Reed is one of two men charged with murder in the death of Shuo Zeng.

    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Dave453
  85. @eah

    Fucking animal… Kill it. Kill it now. There is no place on this planet for that beast or any of its kind.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @KenH
  86. @Hang All Text Drivers

    And THIS is why black “keeds” who misbehave or do not perform in school should be flunked out and made the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians.  Losing the free food and babysitting will hurt.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  87. @Alden

    Alden, you may not agree with this statement, but I have come to the conclusion that for the most part(some exceptions obviously included like some of those Australian Aborgines), that any non-Black population without any Black ancestry of note, are all roughly capable of building a decent civilization.

    That is not to say that all are equally intelligent, the Whites and the Chinese are more intelligent than the Polynesians, but both the Polynesians and Chinese, given good institutions, can build a first world country.

    Same for the Hispanics, they are not going to be operating at the highest level of Silicon Valley the same way that the self selected Asian immigrations do, but they can build very pleasant cities like San Jose, modern Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and San Diego. Even then, many of them are getting into Caltech and Berkeley nowadays, so perhaps that will be changing.

    Even Dearborn Michigan, which has the highest concentration of brown Muslims and is majority Arab, has a homicide rate of 2.2 per 100000. There are no majority Black cities in America with homicide rates in the single digits, much less as low as 2.2 per 100000.

    Of course, I think that a all White America will be slightly better than a Hispanicized America, but when you use a hypothetical Black America as a reference frame, it is impossible to distinguish the White/Hispanic Americas apart in any meaningful way with respect to standard of life.

    I suspect, given your long life in California, you have seen this in your everyday life.

    PS: I think you will enjoy this, African Americans have a higher homicide rate than third world countries like Afghanistan. Both the overall homicide rate of African Americans and Chicago’s homicide rate is higher than Afghanistan’s.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Just passing through
  88. Loren says:

    Shuo Zeng, a research engineer and scientist, died on his 34th birthday..
    he may have been a spy, he may have been a good guy. who knows?

  89. Dave453 says:
    @Annie Oakley

    I have noticed the censorship increasing in many places where it was less prevalent. Overall, the screws are tightening on the internet. Factual information, despite their efforts, is far too easy to find for their liking. This will only increase.
    They are a plague of locusts, yes. Avoid them, sure. But that just leads to us standing by the edge of the cliff staring at an endless ocean of locusts blanketing the continent.

  90. Dave453 says:

    Perhaps zeng was a spy for the chicoms

  91. @Larry Holmgren

    Totally wrong.

    LA schools are about 80% hispanic.

    And there are no whites to speak of but for the stray Russian or Armenian.

    White teachers face massive abuse and actual physical danger.

  92. kevhin says:

    who cares what others do.
    we must organize ourselfs the rest is secondary

  93. @Dumbo

    No white person in their right mind would want to teach in the LAUSD.

    You ask about cellphones? All of the students have high end cellphones, even in South Central.

    And the teachers cannot do anything about the cellphone use, so the students play games, text, and watch porn all day long. Try to take the phone away and you get accused of harassment, or you could be attacked after school as you go to your car.

    California is a lost cause. There is literally no hope because of the mexican takeover.

    On the bright side….due to demographics….the rest of the country is going to be just like California!

    White people have no idea how bad it is going to get.

    By the way, I don’t blame the mexicans. I blame the nose. The nose orchestrated open borders, and the nose engineered hatred for whites.

  94. Paul says:

    Do not become a teacher!

  95. Black “students”…..

    Any teacher’s worst nightmare.

  96. I hope lots of White liberal teachers move to Cali and experience this. No one deserves it more.

  97. @Mudguts

    Zman calls Baltimore Lagos on Chesapeake, but when I was in NYC it was Sodom on Hudson- prolly still is.

  98. @John Arthur

    Don’t believe the hype about Chinese intelligence, those IQ scores were from well-off coastal areas and not the central provinces where a lot of the Chinese reside.

    But I agree with your sentiment, here in the UK, Blacks are also incredibly violent. The ‘good’ blacks almost entirely come from Nigeria while the crazy violent ones are from the Carribbean.

    I don’t think it is their intelligence as even Hispanics are looking purported to have roughly the same IQ as US Blacks (who have some White ancestry), but they do seem to hate Whites and are taught to treat Whites like trash at every opportunity, as revenge for slavery which the media is increasingly playing up.

    Also, regarding your point about Hispanics, there was an article on Unz titled “The Myth of Hispanic Crime” showing that crime is mostly a young, male problem across all races, Hispanics are on average younger than the ageing Whites and as such their crime rates are higher as a group. But when standardised for age, it shows Hispanic crime rate is ever so slightly higher than Whites with Black crime rate being very high.

    • Replies: @John Arthur
  99. @Hood Oracle

    Can I make a suggestion from across the pond? Entrance exams need to be ‘color blind’ ie examiners mark papers with no idea of cultural/ethnic background. Entrance depends on how well the questions are answered, period. Any racially-based alternative, viz an obligation to take a certain quota of blacks, should be rejected as ‘racist.’

    • Replies: @teotoon
    , @old farta
  100. @Detroit Refugee

    Cubans can be white. So can Mexicans. Ever see a picture of the Mexican version of the House of Reps? They look pretty white to me. Probably very little Indio blood there.

  101. Raul says:

    Back in the 1970’s as an Engineer we designed most inner city schools to the same specifications as Prisons. To prevent the little darlings from destroying as little as possible. This way they could transition from school to prison with the least amount of trauma. We are a compassionate people!

    • LOL: bruce county
  102. KenH says:
    @bruce county

    Fucking animal… Kill it. Kill it now. There is no place on this planet for that beast or any of its kind.

    So true but he’s probably got several illegitimate kids already so his savage DNA will remain with us.

  103. Dr. X says:

    I cannot imagine being a white teacher in an urban public school.

    A zookeeper working in the chimp house has a better job…

  104. Harbinger says:

    I went to the US bank in ’91 and for the most part, Americans were polite and friendly. It’s sad to see your country destroyed by blacks. While not all blacks are bad, it’s certainly safe to state they’re is a serious hated for white, by blacks. The more I read, the more I realise its just jealousy, not only because white culture and civilisation is far superior to its black alternatives, but almost every black female celebrity is dying her hair blonde, lightening her skin and doing her best to look white, or in the least, less black.

    ‘Order or of Chaos’ its certainly what’s being commented here. If blacks know that their bad behaviour won’t be punished then it’s only going to continue and worse, escalate. How long before black racists commit murder upon whites within? Common sense will prevail and these schools will become populated only by blacks, with more white flight. If anything this will eventually wake up the brain dead, white left.

    Growing up, I was always shocked when I watched American movies about how non white pupils behaved. When I was at school, we behaved. The class was silent from beginning to end.

    The conclusion is sadly, blacks are just an incredibly disrespectful species of human being. How anyone thinks this is going to help is beyond me, but then again that’s the whole point, they want things to get much worse.
    Anyway with America’s desperate attempt to start a war with Iran, with its latest despicable assassination, I’m sure things are about to change for the worst. Maybe lots of these unruly blacks in California, will be conscripted and thrown into the meat grinder when war begins.

    • Agree: Gyre07
  105. Harbinger says:

    I should also have stated that teachers are not going to want to teach in conditions like this. This will result in people not wanting to go into the teaching profession. What fool is going to go into one of these schools, put themselves in the firing line for black violence upon them, only to either be a victim, or defend themselves to be found guilty of assault and fired?

    I remember a friend of mine, a musician, who also worked as a substitute teacher for an agency when I lived in London. He’s white and he’s come back some days, totally stressed out because of black children misbehaving in the inner city schools. He would tell me that there were times when the class would erupt into violence, whet 14 year old black boys would square up to him and they were bigger than him. Absolutely no respect whatsoever. And again, when I think of when I was at school in the 70’s through to the end of the 80’s, we’d have got the belt then and there and when we got home, another belting from the old man.

    The minute you stop discipline you invite in chaos and violence. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies springs to mind.

    • Agree: Gyre07
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @ANZ
  106. USA 1943 says:

    Not sure what happened with Blacks, there was always crime, but in the mid-late 80’s it got really bad with drive by shootings, then gangster rap came and glorified the violence and a huge number wanted to emulate the criminal element, before that they had excellent music mostly of love, some songs like Marvin Gaye’s what’s going on basically saying hey things are not right lets right the ship so to speak, Curtis Mayfield’s Freddy’s Dead which said basically freddy’s a drug dealer and you don’t want to be like Freddy because Freddy’s dead I took it as saying hey that is a bad path, there is a better way, now the rappers are saying I live that life of crime, drugs, robbing, murder and it is the way to go, glorifying a lifestyle that pretty much guarantees jail or early death, Something happened Blacks were mostly friendly respectful, no where near as much cursing and even less with females around, now many can’t go much more than a sentence without cursing, Females are called Bi–h and Hoe all the time, Black female co workers have told me they like working with whites as there not called B and H, all the time, a few have told me they prefer White Men as they never call them bad words and treat them like crap. In fairness Blacks that I meet at work or wherever are almost never like the ones you see on TV or on social media etc, full of hate and Resentment, its sad they have a lot of good things (Which I know will not make me popular on this site) just sad it is a culture that has rapidly declined for over 30 years and it is getting worse, still some wonderful people among them.

    • Replies: @Wally
  107. Blacks are also human beings just a little bit less disciplined.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Mr. Rational
  108. Limiting and banning smartphone use is at the center of another law affecting schools in 2020.

    This will make sure the mayhem loosed is largely not recorded. It also keeps the law abiding students, white or not, from calling for help when needed.

  109. @Mr. Rational

    It’s ”kee-yuds“, not “keeds”.

  110. @Backerout

    In my day it was the line “we’re calling your parents.” Those days are gone. I do wonder is this indeed racism by low expectations, or have the liberals stopped caring about their old pets with all these new exotic ones coming in?

    • Replies: @Gyre07
  111. What ever happened to Caliexit? Might be good to have what happens in the nation of CA, stays there. Also might end white liberal migration, since white immigrants are no longer an acceptable thing.

  112. @Harbinger

    The (((elite))) has already solved this problem…..they are rapidly importing non-whites to teach in America. There are lovely clips all over Youtube glorifying brave non-whites that come here to teach despite the fact they have no support system and face nastiness in the classroom.

    This amounts to more jewing because the end result is fewer jobs for white people which results in a drop in family formation and childbirths. Outsourcing and massive immigration are methods by which the jews have decreased the white birthrates.

    There is virtually no segment of our society that is untouched by the hostile elite.

    Literally everything is now geared to fucking over white people. Any intelligent person should be able to see this by now if your brain is capable of basic pattern recognition.

  113. @Just passing through

    Yeah I don’t really believe the Chinese figures, but they are the only ones we have got unfortunately.

    I do think Hispanics are substantially more intelligent than Blacks, but they have a time lag effect when they get here and do bad. I think Ron has stated that this happened to the Southern Europeans when they came here, with their IQ scores in the 75-80 range, then gradually moving their way up to the 100 range. Given the low crime rates of Hispanics, we should see this rise in the future.

  114. Wally says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    We must ask who they include as “white”. Like the old US Census trick of including Arabs, N. Africans, etc.?

    A bit dated, but see:
    “In 2014-15, California’s teachers were predominantly white (63%), with Hispanic teachers at 20% the next largest group. That is quite a different look from the student population, which is 54% Hispanic and 24% white. “

  115. Wally says:

    You have the gift of understatement.

  116. Zimbabwe has problem with food . Reserves are to last only to the middle of February
    Zimbabwe is asking UN for help. The question is! Is the problem with drought, or is the problem with incompetent black farmers?.

  117. Wally says:
    @USA 1943

    They have been taught by “the media, “academia”, “Hollywood”, and the left in general that they are not given opportunities, that any & all of their problems are the fault of ‘whites’, especially gentile whites.

    Of course the opposite is true. They get free cash, low cost housing, free food, free medical, free schooling, free day care, free just about everything. Follow that up with preferences in hiring, “affirmative action”, on & on.

    Like undisciplined children they take & take & take and still demand more while they realize that their dysfunctional and massive criminal behavior will often be overlooked, as we are seeing in the article above.

    And with their low IQs in an increasingly demanding, technical environment we have the makings of, well, again, what we are witnessing.

    • Replies: @ANZ
    , @obwandiyag
  118. Currahee says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    Mexicans have no “white guilt” baggage and make it clear to the blacks that it is the highway or death.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  119. ricpic says:

    Mustn’t make the black kids angry = hello anarchy.

  120. Jake says:

    The myth of The Civil War is what the Yankee WASP Elites used to make the Negro Numinous. Surely only a racist would dare to punish those who are Numinous by being Negro.

    The logic of Honest Abe; The Emancipation Proclamation; Radical Republicans; Reconstruction; waving the bloody flag of the sacred Union against Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion; and post World War 2 civil rights leads to bans on punishing Numinous Negroes.

  121. Gyre07 says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    Larry, You need to get out more. Los Angeles is NOT all of California.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  122. Gyre07 says:
    @Old and grumpy

    That was when ‘having parents’ was the norm even for black families. These days, grandma is ‘raising’ the kids for their crack-addled daughters and sons, frequently housing multiple grandchildren at a time to the point that grandma has no control over any of them and so the kids go feral.

    • Replies: @Alden
  123. ANZ says:

    This will lead to a spike in crime once these mongrels come of age. They will be taught that discipline for their unacceptable behavior does not exist from the powers that be.

    What a self-defeating decision for California to make. That state is done for anyhow. This is just a manifestation of their rot.

    A once great state reduced to leftist domination in the span of about 30 years. How so? Mostly Theough public education and immigration.

  124. Project IQ 90 seems to be very successful.

    Americans have to fight wars of a small and unimportatnt country.

    A higher IQ would make Americans think about what they are doing….

  125. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Trump needs to forget Iran. It’s Zimbabwe that cries out for regime change.

  126. Yet another protective barrier removed enabling the parasites greater ease to attack the host.
    They’ve just declared open season on teachers. What a sick society.
    First it was the police… now its the teachers… when are they going to come after the doctors and nurses??

  127. ANZ says:

    Of course the opposite is true. They get free cash, low cost housing, free food, free medical, free schooling, free day care, free just about everything. Follow that up with preferences in hiring, “affirmative action”, on & on.

    Nailed it! And what has been the return on that investment for America? Almost 60 years of transfer payments and we’ve reaped pro athletes and a horrible genre of rap music. Color me shocked.

    A sane person would look at these results and cut the programs. A leftist looks at these results and doubles down again.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  128. Harbinger says:

    Incompetent black farmers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of geoclimate manipulation going on with H.A.A.R.P. but Zimbabwe has a problem with its indigenous catching on about how to farm the land.
    The late Mugabe thought it a good idea to kick out/murder those feeding his nation. Problems would ultimately arise but Mugabe couldn’t care less. He spent his time as leader plundering his country, as most African tyrants do. Amazingly he wasn’t murdered by his people following a military coup. They happen quite a lot in Africa.

  129. ANZ says:

    The minute you stop discipline you invite in chaos and violence. William Golding’s Lord of the Flies springs to mind.

    Very true.

    This made me think of the whole “hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make soft men, soft men make hard times” line.

    If a person lacks discipline in hard times, that person gets a beat down by the world and hopefully their behavior gets checked. Our current day and age is in the tail end of good times and soft men stage. A lack of discipline is not punished, it is actually largely encouraged through goverment handouts.

    When times get hard again, the tide will turn regarding discipline. There will be a natural culling.

    • Agree: Harbinger
  130. teotoon says:
    @Nick Kollerstrom

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, that battle was lost decades ago.

  131. Sol says:
    @PO'd in PG County

    There are still whites becoming teachers in California, though the districts may have stopped recruiting from other states, which was in practice about 10 years ago.

  132. nymom says:
    @Father O'Hara

    Even that curriculum has been misrepresented. They never allude to the over 700,000 mostly white men killed freeing them from slavery in our Civil War. Now they are running around lying about that figure claimed it was mostly black slaves fighting on the Northern side led by Abraham Lincoln.

    They are claiming they actually freed themselves.

    Rather than face the fact that many white men died to free the ancestors of this group of miscreants who have now pretty much destroyed most of our major cities.

  133. Paul says:

    What is the plan for how to deal with disobedient students?

  134. Agent76 says:

    Oct 7, 2018 Schools Were Designed by Corporate Foundations – John Taylor Gatto

    Mar 25, 2019 Millennials Don’t Know What Capitalism & Socialism Are

    Kaitlin Bennett asked millennials in downtown St. Augustine what is more ethical, capitalism or socialism. Shockingly, they didn’t know what either were.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  135. @Wally

    Offshoring most of the work and giving the rest of it to immigrants of course have no effect.

  136. @Agent76

    Millennials Don’t Know What Capitalism & Socialism Are

    Sounds like most UR commenters who think US is a communist country. Or that Soros and those other billionaires are socialists.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  137. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Blacks are also human beings

    Questionable.  Do human beings take positive joy in inflicting harm and pain on innocent people?

    Blacks’ brains are sufficiently different that certain tests normed for Whites rank them distinctly abnormal.  I understand that the cortex folding patterns are different, and there’s quite a bit less frontal lobe volume in blacks.  The “fixation index”, a measure of genetic distance, between Europeans and Bantus is the same as between N. American gray wolves and coyotes.

    Blacks are, by any rational measure, a different species.  It’s no wonder we can’t get along.  We should stop trying.  End the hate, separate.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Thanks: Lancelot Link
  138. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    The problem is we haven’t MZRA:  Made Zimbabwe Rhodesia Again.

  139. @Currahee

    Mexicans can DO that without getting lawfared to death.  Whites can’t.

  140. @Priss Factor

    From another article on that site, they become “toughs” and “creeps”

    The same group of toughs are wanted for pummeling another Orthodox Jewish man on nearby Union Street about 30 minutes before, police said.

    In that attack, one of the suspects punched the 56-year-old Jewish man in the back of the head before they ran off.

    Troubling surveillance video of the unprovoked attack on Albany Avenue was tweeted on Monday by Yaacov Behrman, the founder of the Jewish Future Alliance.

    “I found disturbing footage of chair throwing & assault on Chassidic Jew,” wrote Behrman of the incident, noting that it unfolded at Albany Avenue and Lincoln Place in Crown Heights on Dec. 24, the third night of Hanukkah.

    The footage shows one among a group of about seven creeps throwing a chair at a lone Jewish man, then continuing on their way before wheeling around to chase him down, with one of the attackers punching the victim.

  141. @Gyre07

    Perhaps not but like the saying goes, ‘as the twig is bent, so grows the tree’.

  142. old farta says:
    @Nick Kollerstrom

    The liberals would claim that the exam questions are basised. Any more suggestions?

  143. Big Bill says:

    Maybe they moved to Georgia and Texas.

    Even worse … Victorville.

  144. Big Bill says:
    @Mr. Rational

    I was thinking a short-range EMP device would be an elegant solution to the school cell-phone problem.

    Something in the teacher’s desk, directional, maybe with a straight microwave horn-like antenna. Press one button to charge a bank of big electrolytic caps, and when the red “ready” light turns green, just point and shoot.

    To make the effect even better, the teacher could sight down his index finger and say “Kapow!” when he pressed the button, then blow “smoke” from his index finger.

  145. @nymom

    If they could only see us now, terrible waste of white men.

  146. “Starting next school year, it will be illegal for public schools in the state to suspend students in first through fifth grade for willfully defying teachers or administrators.”

    “Slipping and sliding into Third Worldism” as the late, great Bob Grant, one of the greatest radio talk show hosts who ever lived, would regularly say. And that was in the early-1990s!

    Bob also used to end every show with the sign-off: “Your influence counts — use it!”

    Ah yes…good old days compared to today. That too was something Bob used to repeat when he said how we’ll look back at that time in the future. Unfortunately Mr. Grant was spot-on and correct.

  147. @Father O'Hara

    “Curriculum: Slavery,Civil Rights and the holocaust.”

    Thanks to nation-wrecking “progressive” Jews and useful idiot white liberals who’ve bought into their Cultural Marxism and are furthering the Jewish supremacist “progressive” agenda. Then also, there’s the black supremacists involved in this decades long attack on White America, its people and society.

  148. @Genrick Yagoda

    “thinking it would only ensnare wicked white children who were always picking on black newcomers.”

    What utter horse crap!! On what planet are white children always picking on black kids? Certainly not on this one!

    The reality of the matter is, it’s the other way around. Ask me how I know!

  149. Dexter says:

    California has become a truly fascinating place. In some ways, they’re lost track of “what they want to be famous for.”

    They long ago became the best example of everything wrong with the millennial and Digital generations in America. Sure, many states see these cultural sins. However, most states have a better balance of rational thought us. pure wishful thinking.

    California is the best example of what happens to unfettered liberal thinking when it’s mixed with a solid dose of misinformation, other people’s money, a spoonful of guilt, unearned confidence and an invitation to brunch with the pretty people.

    There’s almost nothing we find wrong with American cultural that isn’t worse in California. Visit any political rally, town council meeting, college lecture or Starbucks coffee line and you’ll see People desperate to be HEARD. But you’ll find none of them want to listen (Most have no intention of listening and even less are interesting in earning anything.)

    Sure, other states have people proud to be leftists. However, California remains proud to be perfecting it.

    In California, the Leftist “world view” goes something like… ” Man is born free, unchained, equal in every way and pure. It’s not people, but the institutions that are flawed. There is nothing inherent in human nature that would cause us to be naturally unhappy. It ’s the way we’re organized that’s flawed… If we could only redesign our systems and institutions the way we organize and distribute the things we value, we can free society to live as intended.”

    The shorter version often held by journalists, collage professors, folk singers, etc. : “the world is a zero-sum equation” and “the system is always rigged”. This is the “silent predicate” of most every policy proposal, idea, reasoning leftist ever have or make (and most are never aware of this part of their consciousness).

    EXAMPLE: (Because the economy is essentially a zero-sum equation), in order for a rich man to make another million dollars, some unidentified working class or poor people are required to lose their job or have their salary or lifestyle lowered.

    EXAMPLE: (Because the private insurance industry is rigged in favor of the wealthy), government run, single-payer healthcare is the best form of healthcare people can hope for.

    “Immigrants should be allowed to freely enter the country without being vetted or processed by the government, even if they have kids, potentially carrying drugs or are sick.” WHY? Because governments designed to protect people and their rights and property are inherently rigged and unfair to those outside of government responsibility.

  150. Lets not forget the good news tho, mandatory neurotoxic injections.

  151. Piglet says:

    Even that curriculum has been misrepresented. They never allude to the over 700,000 mostly white men killed freeing them from slavery in our Civil War. Now they are running around lying about that figure claimed it was mostly black slaves fighting on the Northern side led by Abraham Lincoln.

    They are claiming they actually freed themselves.

    Rather than face the fact that many white men died to free the ancestors of this group of miscreants who have now pretty much destroyed most of our major cities.

    Therein lies the myth that the war was fought to free blacks, any more than WW II was fought to save European Jews. (Prior to the actual liberation of camps near that war’s end, there was much doubt as to whether the camps and what was going on inside them was real or just so much allied propaganda. A post-war survey of American attitudes found an amazingly high percentage of Americans thought the war had not been worth it and that Jews deserved what happened to them.)

    Freedom for former slaves was a by-product of the war, not its reason. Revising history in the years that followed has allowed the victor to claim the moral high ground without admitting to the real reasons for this and any other war — power, control, money, etc. As author David Swanson points out in his excellent book, War is a Lie, wars are not fought for the benefit of others. And if you believe this one was an exception, you’ll have to come up with a reason why that same government put so much effort into exterminating the Indians before, during and after the war, and followed that up with a brutal war in the Philippines starting in 1898. That war typically receives little to no coverage in our school history books because it’s so hard to justify what was done and why. If you read about what really went on, you’ll need a strong stomach. Note: In the letters back home from the soldiers in that war, the Filipinos were referred to as “n*ggers” and “redskins,” which gives you and idea of how they treated them.

  152. An uncle of mine used to say, “You can take them out of their habitat, but…..

  153. RhodesiaKid says: • Website

    Sounds like South Africa. Black students for many degrees require only 30% to pass having been fudged through school with tricks like a 20% pass grade!

  154. California recently passed Prop 47, which turned many felonies involving theft (shoplifting, grand theft, forgery, fraud, bad checks, rec stolen goods) into misdemeanors, if the value was less than $950. Now police say that groups of people are brazenly walking into stores and walking out with handfuls of goods. But at least black people aren’t going to prison for things they do.

    • Replies: @USA 1943
    , @AR in Illinois
  155. USA 1943 says:
    @Christopher Marlowe

    How can a store turn a profit like that? I will go out on a limb and say stores will be disappearing, probably replaced by online stores.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  156. Lenee says:
    @Larry Holmgren

    Well travel outside of the heavy populated cities and there are far less blacks, black men are 6% of the US population and blacks concentrate heavily together

  157. @unit472

    Public school is child abuse.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  158. @artichoke

    medically certified disabilities

    This is already gamed. Kids are coached to fail tests to get a disability diagnosis the get ss disability payments.

  159. @Homeschooling Mom in NY

    … for White children.

    For the rest, it is an un-earned benefit.

  160. @Larry Holmgren

    “(They will never catch up academically.)“

    The majority of black kids, especially males, are left behind in Jr High. It seems to be the pinnacle for the majority.

  161. Anonymous[221] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I dunno. There was me thinking US citizens, often quite well-off initially, were happy to be bankrupted by health care costs or else go untreated because socialised medicine of a kind taken for granted by many Europeans is, well, Commie.
    Quite literally better dead than Red…

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  162. @Anonymous

    Actually, the thought is that it’s better to have your own insurance and maybe get the short end of the stick than to be guaranteed to be taxed into oblivion paying for the enemy underclass.

    • Agree: Alden
  163. Kev says:

    We are witnessing the degradation of our society. 🙁
    No discipline and no accountability. Who would want to teach under those circumstances?
    Political correctness has ruined much of what we used to hold as “the rules” to maintain an academic atmosphere.
    The three R’s are out the window. People are celebrating that kind of behavior now.

  164. @USA 1943

    Then they come to our houses to steal.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  165. @Father O'Hara

    That’s ok as long as they’re not Found at your house after stealing.

    It’s come time now that you need a plan in place to protect yourself should something like this befall you.

    After the threat is neutralized, you need a clear headed plan concerning removal and cleaning.

    Remember, these numbskulls don’t file a flight plan so chances are no one knows they picked your house. As long as the entire threat has been eradicated, there’s no potential retaliation from ‘others’ and if the cops never come…well, if a tree falls in the forest….

    • Agree: Swamp Fox
    • LOL: Mr. Rational
  166. @nymom

    Laughable really. You need a class on basic history. No school curriculum “ignores” casualties in the US CIvil War, nor are such curricula “running around lying about that figure claimed it was mostly black slaves fighting on the Northern side led by Abraham Lincoln.” This is addled fantasy. And by the way the “700,000 white men fighting to free them from slavery” includes over 300,000 Confederates who were NOT fighting to free blacks. Failure to grasp such elementary facts speaks volumes about your “education.” rotfl

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Alden
  167. @EnriquCardova

    TBH, given the insanity of e.g. Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States” I would be more surprised if such curricula as NYmom describes did not exist than if they did.

  168. Alden says:

    Nymom’s right. Every year the public and private school texts get crazier and crazier and more and more anti White and anti European / American civilization.

    Check out the curricula and textbooks.

    It was 750,000 White men killed to unleash the Black Plague and about 50-60K civilians black and White mostly in the border states who died in that war of disease malnutrition other effects of war on civilians.

    For instance, my daughter was taught that General Custer gave smallpox infected blankets to the Sioux. In the 1860-70s when smallpox had been eradicated from the US for about 100 years.

    It’s not just history either. It’s everything. You should read the lies and anti White racism taught in medical and nursing school.

    Nymom has children in school. She sees their textbooks and lessons. She has to help them with anti White school projects.

    • Replies: @ENriqCardova
  169. @Alden

    Nymom’s right. Every year the public and private school texts get crazier and crazier and more and more anti White and anti European / American civilization.

    Check out the curricula and textbooks.

    It was 750,000 White men killed to unleash the Black Plague and about 50-60K civilians black and White mostly in the border states who died in that war of disease malnutrition other effects of war on civilians.

    For instance, my daughter was taught that General Custer gave smallpox infected blankets to the Sioux. In the 1860-70s when smallpox had been eradicated from the US for about 100 years.

    It’s not just history either. It’s everything. You should read the lies and anti White racism taught in medical and nursing school.

    Nymom has children in school. She sees their textbooks and lessons. She has to help them with anti White school projects.

    A liberal might say that neither NYmom or you can provide any credible evidence of these fantasy textbooks and curricula which say “mostly black slaves fighting on the Northern side led by Abraham Lincoln.” or say any such nonsense re the ““700,000 white men fighting to free them [blacks] from slavery.” The liberals keep lying to insist that the 700,000 is an approximate figure for TOTAL white civil war deaths. Some 300,000 to 250,000 of those deaths were white CONFEDERATES fighting to keep the blacks in slavery. Such incompetence about elementary white history only highlights the ignorance of people making such claims. But that would only be “da liberals” talking, trying to overturn perfectly good alternative facts.

    As for the lies being taught in medical and nursing school, you are spot on. Liberal lies in nursing school advocate using certain “mixed” insulin like HUMULIN 50/50, thus promoting the pernicious idea of “miscegenation” among impressionable white students. This is truly, truly terrible…

    It has even crept into the use of “politically correct” medical terminology. Note the term. HUMULIN 50/50 obviously is a mind-exercise to not only promote “miscegenation” but the “hu” in HUMULIN is obviously designed to propagandize white youth into accepting humanist/globalist one-world government. If the “LU” in HUMULIN is isolated, it quickly becomes clear that “lu” is a veiled reference to the liberal “ul” or Illuminati, out to destroy white civilization, via miscegenation with less advanced cullud races.

    And you are so right when you speak of “It was 750,000 White men killed ” in the civil war. Forget liberal lies that raise a question as to the fact that a bit less than half of these deaths were of WHITE CONFEDERATES fighting to PRESERVE slavery, or the “states rights” called slavery. Lies, all politically correct lies. Confederates were actually fighting to FREE the slaves.

    And you are so right about the liberal lies being told about smallpox.. It was substantially eradicated in about 1979 per the World Health Organization, so the liberals lie when they say that European settlers deliberately sold diseased blankets to Indians, for small pox as you say, was eradicated 100 years before the time of General Custer- in 1779, on this you are indeedy correct.

    Thanks to the stalwart efforts of NYmom and yoself, these evils in education of white youth are increasingly being exposed,

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @Alden
  170. @ENriqCardova

    Some 300,000 to 250,000 of those deaths were white CONFEDERATES fighting to keep the blacks in slavery.

    Wrong.  They were mostly fighting to be free of horrendous tariffs on goods they could not obtain domestically at decent prices.  You would know this if you knew anything about the Tariff of Abominations.  Picking cotton was secondary; all poor people in the South picked cotton, regardless of color.  The Joads in Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” were White, and picked cotton.  Nobody but Southern “planters” had any use for blacks.

    Up to and beyond 1860, the revenue of the Federal government was mostly from tariffs and those tariffs were mostly paid by the South, not the North; meanwhile, most Federal spending built up the North, not the South.  The South was weakened by this fiscal vampirism and was understandably sore about it.  Had the North not been taken over by moralistic movements like abolition and had seen fit to build infrastructure like railroads and canals in the South, the entire War of Northern Aggression almost certainly would have been avoided.

    • Replies: @Piglet
  171. Piglet says:
    @Mr. Rational

    I see you are a man well versed in actual history, not the fairy tale kind promoted in most schools! How refreshing to read comments such as yours.

    Wars are never fought for the benefit of a third party. Dig past the moralizing and official justifications years after the fact and you’ll always find the true reasons — the desire for control, power, money, etc. Neither the North nor the South was ever going to go to war over blacks. If people realized how the country, as a whole, truly felt about blacks back then, they’d realize there could never have been a war, especially such a destructive war, waged for their benefit.

    And some benefit it was! In the aftermath a full quarter of them, no longer being taken care of by whites (who were by then often dead, broke, freshly destitute, etc.), died of starvation or disease. “Father Abraham,” believing they could not coexist with whites, had been planning to ship them of them out of the country.

    An editorial in a northern newspaper, at the outset of the war, made it clear what it was all about. The writer bemoaned the loss of the tariff revenue you mentioned and asked who would buy the products of northern factories, who would ship goods on the sailing ships built by the North, etc. “We cannot let them go,” the editorial stated.

    Somehow this gets overlooked by those who write myths known as history books for our schools.

  172. Alden says:

    Small pox was totally eradicated world wide 1979.


    It was substantially eradicated in Europe and the Americas in the 18th and early 19th century because of wide spread vaccination. So by the 19th century it was mostly gone in America although there may have been some very small local outbreaks.

    Smallpox was never the epidemic problem in America it was in Europe. The General Custer thing was just a repeat of the lies about Lord Geoffrey Armstrong giving smallpox blankets to New England Indians in the 18th century.

    • Replies: @Enriq Cardova
  173. Alden says:

    I don’t have negative emotions. I have knowledge of many negative facts. Like so many of us, I sat through many brainwashing sessions at work. Had no effect.

  174. @Alden

    But it was stated above that- QUOTE:

    Alden says:
    January 14, 2020 at 5:13 am GMT
    “In the 1860-70s when smallpox had been eradicated from the US for about 100 years.”

    This is clearly bogus which is why liberals keep complaining that conservative don’t know history and rely on distorted “alternative facts.” You are now trying to backtrack by suggesting it was “not as bad” as in Europe.

    As for the smallpox blankets it is a well documented that such blankets were deployed by the British in the colonial period, such as at Fort Pitt, but no credible US history textbook in our schools makes any such claim about General Custer. Even the famous pro-Indian 1969 “Custer Died for Your Sins” book, makes no such claim but merely states that “in the old days blankets infected with smallpox were given to the tribes.” This is accurate, and the author did not mention General Custer in any way as passing out such diseased blankets. So again, these “alternative conservative facts” do not match up with actual history.

    • Replies: @Alden
  175. Alden says:
    @Enriq Cardova

    There were never smallpox epidemics in America. How dare you call me a liberal.

    Europeans began intensive smallpox vaccinations in the early 1700s. By 1800 it was on the way to eradication. It was never much of a problem in America.

  176. Alden says:

    Don’t forget that grandma raised the drug addicted criminal parents too.

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