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Stand and Deliver: In 2020, President Trump Proposed Missile Strikes on Mexican Drug Cartels
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The more we learn, the more we realize Trump wanted to destroy our enemies. [President Trump suggested missile strikes in Mexico against drug cartels, former defense secretary says, CBS News, May 6, 2022]:

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says President Trump suggested firing missiles into Mexico to combat drug cartels there. Esper also says when he pushed back on the idea, Mr. Trump said, “No one would know it was us.”

“The president pulls me aside on at least a couple of occasions and suggests that maybe we have the U.S. military shoot missiles into Mexico… to go after the cartels.” Esper tells Norah O’Donnell in an interview airing Sunday on 60 Minutes.

“We would have this private discussion where I’d say, ‘Mr. President, you know, I understand the motive.’ Because he was very serious about dealing with drugs in America,” Esper says. “I get that, we all understand, but I had to explain to him, ‘We– we can’t do that. It would violate international law. It would be terrible for our neighbors to the south. It would, you know, impact us in so many ways. Why– why don’t we do this instead?'”

After Esper politely pushed back, he says President Trump told him, “No one would know it was us.”

“He said that,” Esper tells O’Donnell. “And I just thought it was fanciful, right? Because, of course, it would be us.”

Esper writes about the incident in his new book, “A Sacred Oath,” despite concerns people wouldn’t believe it happened.

“I was reluctant to tell this story,” Esper says. “Because I think I thought, people won’t believe this. That they’ll think I’m just making it up and folks in Trump’s orbit will dispute it.”

“And then I was having dinner after the election in 2020 with a fellow Cabinet member,” Esper says. “And he said to me, he goes, ‘You know, remember that time when President Trump suggested you shoot missiles into Mexico?’ And I said to him, ‘You heard that?’ He goes, ‘Oh, yeah. I couldn’t believe it. And I couldn’t believe how well you managed and talked him down from that.’ And at that moment, I knew I gotta write the story. Because at least have one witness who will verify that this really did happen.”

When contacted about the veracity of Esper’s story, Mr. Trump told 60 Minutes “no comment.”

No comment, indeed! What’s wrong with destroying our enemies? Seriously? Why is this even up for debate?

You either use state power or you don’t, right?

You either destroy drug cartels or you allow them to proliferate, right?

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  1. Lets shoot missiles st the stinking invaders.

    • Agree: SteveRogers42
  2. Why would we want to solve the problem?

    Then what would all of the overpaid lawyers,
    hospitals,prison officials,security agencies,smugglers,
    border patrol,mules,coyotes,politicians,pimps
    and all of the peoples and businesses dependent on
    this facade actually do with their lives…?

    It’s the economy,stupid.The reality is prai\$

    One of my neighbors said twice,”Trump is showing
    all of the signs of a pre syphilitic mind.”

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
    , @Henry Bowman
  3. neutral says:

    The US regime has used missile strikes all over the world, so it is laughable that they are using the “international law” words. The reason Mexico is not allowed to be attacked is because they already see it as part of theirs (although Mexico is not a total ZOG state itself), and the cartels are not a threat to those that rule.

    • Agree: bomag
  4. Rooster14 says:

    This is why I hate people like Esper and the MSM; they’re constantly shaping the narrative. Most Americans and perhaps Mexicans would agree that drone strikes against drug cartels would be warranted, and at worst, indifferent to the idea. Yet Esper frames it in such a way that it sounds completely ludicrous, and that Trump is a naive madman who’s recklessly going to start WW3. The same narrative was pushed with the border wall; 23 billion dollars for a structure that can be flown over and defeated with ladders they exclaimed! No way!… yet with little fanfare, we just gave a country involved in a losing war 60 billion for their border and are increasingly engaged in military operations against a nuclear power…

    Our “journalism” and media has devolved to the point where it’s not even about the b.s. they’re trying to push anymore, it’s just about how it’s delivered. Like a snarky teenage high school girl talking about the way another girl dresses. Critical thought is completely gone and people base their opinions on the delivery method of the talking heads. Look where this has gotten us… but I guess no more mean tweets…

  5. For real? I must say I’m skeptical.

    Esper is obviously (to me) trying to buy his way back into “respectable” ruling class circles by slinging mud on Trump. But it still might be true. In the nature of things we’ll never know for sure.

    Full disclosure: As a White Nationalist I never cared for Trump.

    • Agree: DMZABO
  6. usNthem says:

    Our government apparently couldn’t care less about the flood of drugs or illegals coming over our borders – wouldn’t want to hold Mexico to account for that. They’d much prefer lobbing missiles into nuclear armed Russia to protect Ukraine’s sacred territory…

    • Thanks: fnn
    • Replies: @loren
    , @Rooster14
  7. Trevor says:

    Excellent idea. To overcome objections, it could be coordinated with the Mexican government, unless the government is “in with” the cartels.

  8. Wyatt says:

    I respect Trump for wanting to solve problems, but I’m disappointed that he had no one to guide him. Donald Trump is a big hammer and he absolutely needed a hand to be used properly.

    Frankly, fuck Pence and fuck Kushner. Useless idiots.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  9. I am so sick and tired of these Washington gossip books.

    Trump’s insulting, personal style was the best we’ll ever see. His policies were ‘more government’ awful. Legalize drugs (no sin taxes!) and overnight the drug cartels will be put out of business. Less government. It’s so obvious.

    Crystal ball, I think Sleepy will choose not to run. I think Trump will milk the attention for all it’s worth but ultimately bow out in January ’24. (Too bad, because his ’16/’20 campaign appearances were a riot.) The new nominees will of course be Big Government crappy — just look at the records of what they actually do — and serve to make the current, illegitimate officeholder look good.

    • Agree: Joe Magarac
  10. Anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Mexico is a hostile nation at war with us.

    It allows drugs, human traffickers, and foreign invaders to cross thru their country into ours and ignoring their own laws to do so.

    We are at war with them, or rather they are at war with us and our “leaders” allow this to happen.

    Where was the concern for international law when Hussein was bombing Syria, Lybia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, and the toppling of Governments during the Arab Spring?

    Enforcement of The Law only happens when it can be weaponized against you, otherwise it is ignored

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
  11. HT says:

    Without America’s massive demand for these drugs, there would be no drug cartels. How about tactical missile strikes in American urban areas where most of the drugs are purchased and used?

    • Agree: Piglet, anonymouseperson
    • LOL: bomag
  12. Unit472 says:

    Obama could boast about killing people with drone strikes. Biden had to admit he murdered an Afghan family last August ( then use taxpayer money to pay the relatives off). Trump was praised when he cut Solemeini to bits with a Hellfire missile. What in the hell is wrong with using drones to kill El Chapo and other Mexican drug traffickers like him? When the underlings see the Kingpins getting blown to bits and know it could happen to them if we find out they are doing they might decide that growing avacados or serving margaritas to American tourists is a safer way to make a living.

    • Agree: usNthem, Listener, bomag
  13. Anonymous[165] • Disclaimer says:


    Trump did more for Israel than the very people who voted for him.

    • LOL: loren
  14. roo_ster says:

    The ruling class hates us and do not want to do anything that might materially help white folks.

  15. @Rooster14

    No, it’s actually hilarious. This is one of those stories where you have to go straight to the comments. In the Daily Mail, which didn’t moderate comments on this story, the readers were 80% supportive of Trump hitting the cartels. In other words, the media presented this story like it was a huge dunk on madman Trump, but the readers were like–you know what, droning the cartels is genius!

    You gotta take your victories where you can get ’em.

  16. Anonymous[225] • Disclaimer says:

    US military and police exist to attack and destroy the enemies of the anti-christian ruling class NOT to protect ordinary American citizens.

  17. Laughing . . . uhhhh

    as i recall his lackluster response to the incursion and detainment of US troops on US soil . . . by Mexican military, cartel or what heave you

    excuse my doubts

  18. AnalogMan says:

    One of my neighbors said twice, ”Trump is showing all of the signs of a pre syphilitic mind.”

    Well, I guess that proves it, then.

  19. Anon[340] • Disclaimer says:

    Back in reality, Trump couldn’t even prevent antifa “peaceful protestors” from burning down his supporters’ businesses. If you want to vote for Trump again because of some off the cuff comment he may have said and did nothing to follow through on, well it’s a free country I guess. I’m more likely to vote for Ron DeSantis.

  20. Rooster14 says:

    A lot of it has to do with money. The FBI/CIA all make money on the drug trade; directly and through seizures. In Ukraine, the weapons manufactures are making big \$\$\$, which gets funneled back to various politicians and their cronies. It’s all a very sick business.

    The powers that be have chose never ending growth and inflation over the sanctity of their citizens. More illegals means more need for housing, food production, bigger government, and on and on. However, every Ponzi scheme eventually crumbles, and we’re at that point now. They can’t kick the financial can down the road much further, and the races are starting to get restless with one another. America is pretty much a gigantic powder keg at this point, I’m just waiting to see what the spark will be that ignites the whole thing.

  21. AKINDLE says:

    Is this another Trump said something and then did nothing as usual stories? Spent four years pandering to blacks and blowing hot air up White people’s arses..

  22. @Wyatt

    Hmmmm…. the most Israel friendly president we have ever had. A guy named Kushner boinking his concubine convert justcdown the hall from Dupin’ Donnie in public housing. Was he taking one for Team Apple ‘o God’s Eye or doing a mitzvah?

  23. Tom Clancy already had this ideal… “Clear and Present Danger”…..;came out in ‘89.They made a movie out of it.Maybe that’s what Trump was thinking of.
    An ideal about the drug problem…..legalize the crap and sell it cheap as candy.However…… you sign your name electronically,you wear an I’d bracelet,and you get “ chipped “.You OD…too bad .No narcan(is that what the Emt’s use ?)to “ recussitate ( that the word ?)overdosers.Let the self cleaning oven do it’s job.

  24. Trevor says:

    That is pretty lowlife; stealing quarters out of a washing machine at a laundromat.

    Almost as pathetic as negro armed robberies of kids’ lemonade stands.

  25. I know the missle strike story gets the testosterone flowing but, real talk for a moment. the United States could end the cartels financially and through imprisonment if it wanted.
    The incompetent corrupt mexican government has used Israeli hacker snooping software pegasus to kill journalist. A few murdered journalist in Mexico were found to have pegasus infiltration on their phones and pegasus is only available to governments with the approval of the United States and Israeli governments.

    If pegasus was used on the cartel networks, and other criminal networks, that would be the end of them, but they don’t. I admire El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele for going against crime, hopefully he says an example that it is possible.

  26. Drug Cartel’s proliferate because people (Americans in this case) CHOOSE to take and use drugs. If Americans did NOT choose to take and use drugs, the cartels would vanish. This is the same reason why “the war on alcohol” (prohibition) failed. People are not going to stop doing something they want to do just because the government says so.

    • Agree: Piglet
  27. Jiminy says:

    You could imagine how the conversation went over a plate full of burgers late one night.
    “Don, we’re going to drone strike a peace envoy in Iraq. “
    Pausing between bites, “can’t we do the same with these Mexican drug cartels? “
    “ Hell no, we’re not cold blooded criminals.”
    “ Ok,” and goes back to eating his burger.

  28. I’m certain President Trump took a direct phone call from some multicolored haired reporter who most likely still lives in mom’s basement. The articles about President Trump are becoming more ridiculous every day. They, the democraps, liberals, RINOS and the assorted kooks are scared, very scared that President Trump will be back where he belongs, the White House.

    • Agree: Augustus, Listener
  29. “In 2020, President Trump Proposed Missile Strikes on Mexican Drug Cartels”

    did he? or is it just more made up bullshit?

    why are people who should know better about the lying press, indeed, people who warn regularly about the lying press, always so eager to believe the latest book selling, headline clickbait bullshit lies from pussy, coward traitors that served under Trump?

    of course it’s possible Trump asked about blasting cartels, which is funny if true. but most of these people are lying liars who lie. Trump was the worst in history at hiring people. almost everybody he hired was a pussy coward traitor who couldn’t wait to sabotage him, then leak to the press or write books full of made up bullshit lies.

    • Agree: magilla
    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  30. Trevor says:

    He was not an “aspiring rapper” for a change.

    Guess that makes him an “aspired (expired?) rapper”?

    • LOL: loren
  31. @prime noticer

    Anyone who has had any type of job that requires brain storming sessions knows how these things go. Someone presents a problem and people start offering up ideas of possible solutions, not all solutions are viable, but by putting them out in the open, it allows others to build on, refine, or offer their own ideas up. It gets the mental juices flowing, so an actual solution can be found. In this case, I agree with the idea of missle stikes on cartel compounds as a deterrent. The only issue is that it would make the next generation of cartel kingpins choose to live in small Mexican towns/villages to try and reduce the risk of getting bombed, and if they do, they have a large amount of civilian casualties to hide behind and blame the US for.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  32. Piglet says:

    I understand the desire to “do something” but missile strikes in Mexico really wouldn’t accomplish much. By no means is Mexico the only point of origin for drugs, and you’d have to make a long list of countries to hit, plus it would not be without blowback.

    Several decades ago a retired DEA agent wrote about his drug-fighting career and he pointed out that, even if we were to arrest everyone involved in the illegal drug business, from the highest kingpin to the lowest street dealer, the entire network would regenerate itself within 24 hours. The money is too great and the vacuum would be rapidly filled by others ready to supply Americans with the drugs they crave.

    A book by another fellow, an anonymous gangster and hit man, described the drug business as not only the most profitable but also the most dangerous endeavor in organized crime. The enormous profits ensure that you’ll have competitors who will happily kill you to steal your “market share.” The author also noted that supply would never be able to catch up with demand, as Americans are voracious consumers of drugs. Although orcs love their drugs, you’ll find them in all demographics. People will justify it in various ways, such as “I like to party,” “I need an edge to help me compete in my job,” “I have a lot to deal with in life and this helps me to get by,” etc. You’ll even find it in such places as the US Army Ranger School, which students are extremely sleep-deprived and physically challenged every day. For example, in one Airborne company there was a staff sergeant who had a Ranger tab and always played the hard-ass, but other soldiers in the unit snickered and said, “Ask him how he stayed awake in Ranger School.” The answer: By consuming generous quantities of “uppers.”

    On top of all this, the US economy would go bust without access to drug money. I encourage everyone to read Narco-Dollars for Beginners: “How the Money Works” in the Illicit Drug Trade by Catherine Austin Fitts. You will never look at the drug trade the same way again. See:

    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  33. magilla says:

    Esper is right. It makes so much more sense to “drone” Sand People tens of thousands of miles away who were not an existential threat to the people of the US.

    Killing leaders of cartels moving drugs that kill hundreds of thousands and drive violence both here and in our southern neighbor? No way, are you crazy?

    Funny thing is, you know he got the idea from movie based on the Clancy book Clear and Present Danger. They used bombs that couldn’t be traced to the US.

  34. DMZABO says: • Website

    I much rather have a President like D. J. Trump who actually gave a \$h|π about regular Americans than worry about covering up for their drug addict son with the first name of Hunter.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational, Augustus
  35. DMZABO says:

    Kushner comes from the (((merchant class))) and could care less about White American kids that are dying/hooked on that Mexican cartel dope. He was one of the big mistakes that Pres. D. J. Trump had made with some of the people he had surrounding him. They obviously don’t love America the way D.J.T. does!

    • Replies: @loren
  36. Paul- a suggestion.
    Stick with Stuff Black People Don’t Like.
    Or start quoting author Garret Hardin; His Book “ Stalking The Wild Taboo”. Example chapter: “America’s Curious Population Problem” ( 60’s era beginning immigration)
    Brainstorm stuff, mostly taboo , never ever on the minds of USA black people. And probably here too.

  37. loren says:

    Mr Trump also pushed vaccines.

  38. Listener says:

    Ok I think we can all agree Esper is simply trying to sell a book. And as other astute posters have noted, we lob missiles into foreign countries all the time.

    The idea that killing cartel members would be an international incident is ridiculous. This is a country that’s actively at war with us by allowing invasion from Central and S America. Facilitating rapant drug smuggling that kills 100,000 Americans a year.

    We’ve been sending cruise missiles into the Middle East since Clinton was president. Based on the standards used, Mexico deserves a bunch of em. As usual, Trump was simply thinking outside of the box.

    But the real story here and I can’t believe nobody noticed it was…. Trump’s only response was “no comment”

    If he maintains that level of self control, he’ll be elected in a landslide.

  39. @goldgettin

    Then what would all of the overpaid lawyers,
    hospitals,prison officials,security agencies,smugglers,
    border patrol,mules,coyotes,politicians,pimps
    and all of the peoples and businesses dependent on
    this facade actually do with their lives…?

    Get real jobs and stop gang raping Americans?

  40. Nero says:

    No let’s not break international law by shooting missiles into Mexico… Only when we shoot them into Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Serbia, Afghanistan, … Then! It’s OK!

  41. Rooster14 comment 4

    Agree. Thanks.

  42. Bro43rd says:

    The best answer is to end prohibition. Prohibition doesn’t stop drug use and creates a vicious criminal class to boot. Let adults self medicate however they desire. Focusing on treatment of drug addiction is a far better approach than outright prohibition. Take the black market profits away & the criminals will have to go back to loansharking & numbers games.

  43. Augustus says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    My suggestion for dealing with Mexican drug cartels would be to do the same thing Trump did to garner Mexican help with border enforcement. He threatened the Mexican leader with tariff increases. Suddenly 60,000 Mexican troops were moved along the Mexican side of the border.

    Threaten the same with the cartels, and see if Mexico doesn’t send special troops to get the cartel leaders, as was done in Columbia.

  44. Guys,it seems rapper Casanova,of “Dont Run” fame,has pled guilty to charges of racketeering. As the leader of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods,he engaged in a series of crimes,including drug trafficking and MURDER!

    He’s on suicide watch. Lets hope he is guarded by Jeffrey Epstein’s crew!😊

  45. Anonymous[968] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump is as crazy as a peach orchard boar.

    • Troll: Mr. Rational
  46. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump wins very big in ’24.
    Will have Esper, Barr, Pence, Kushner, et al., droned into South Chicago.

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