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Post-George Floyd America: Through September 2021 in 28% Black Columbus, Ohio There Have Been 153 Homicides and 81% Suspects Are Black
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Previously on SBPDL: From January 4, 2018 – Blacks in 28% Black Columbus, Ohio Fuel Record Homicide Numbers (Higher Than Record Set in 1991 During Crack Epidemic)

So what is life like in Columbus, Ohio in Post-George Floyd America, where we no longer hold black individuals accountable for their actions because “black lives matter” or something? Well, there have been 153 homicides through mid-September 2021, when in 2017, there were 143 for the whole year and that was a more violent year than even the early 1990s crack wars produced. [‘We’re exhausted, we’re tired’: 4 Columbus killings in 9 hours add to mounting frustration, pain, Columbus Dispatch, September 17, 2021]:

Within a nine-hour period on Thursday, Columbus police homicide detectives were called to four fatal shootings, raising the death toll in 2021 to 153 homicides. One of the shooting victims is the son of a Columbus police officer.

The victims of Thursday’s killings were all men, leaving behind loved ones that grieve their loss and police begging the community to get frustrated and step up to help solve crimes.

“We’re exhausted, we’re tired,” Columbus police Assistant Chief LaShanna Potts said Friday. “We are not going to continue to tolerate this.”

The city is 28 percent black, yet blacks account for 81 percent of the suspects in 2021 homicides.

The Christopher Columbus Statue in the city named in his honor was removed on July 1, 2020, in the wake of the George Floyd protests slowly removing all that was once great about western civilization on this continent; 15 months later, the majority white city is witnessing unprecedented levels of black violence.

And yet somehow this is still the fault of white people (be it systemic inequality, implicit bias, redlining, environmental racism, or… just insert whatever made up word for “the bulk of black people being unable to maintain the levels of civilization your average white person can”).





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  1. usNthem says:

    “We exhausted, we tired” Columbus police assistant chief lashanna potts said Friday. “We not guin continue to tolerate dis.” Well, having a black female assistant popo chief as well as a black female popo chief no doubt insures they’ll quickly be taking the bucks by the horns. Nice job Columbus. 60-70 years ago you were 85+% White. The good old days are nothing but a distant memory, fading fast.

    • Replies: @Anon
  2. The black “community” at large doesn’t care. All the wailing and breast beating is for public consumption. The families of the shooters know who they are but won’t do anything about their feral offspring. Others in the community know too but none of them will do anything about it. The standard rules seem to be “don’t snitch, don’t tell” and “it ain’t none of my bidness!” They only care if it’s one of their family members who gets wasted but Sharneequa on the next street over is never going to turn in her son Fucktardius who did the crime much less admit to it. Then, when Fucktardius gets blown away, she’ll be out for the camera’s tearing at her clothes, kneeling in the street and wailing at the sky about it and “demanding answers.” Of course, while she’d doing that, the killer’s skanky hoodrat mom will be watching and not caring one damn bit. It’s a self-created hell so let them have it.

    • Agree: europeasant, bruce county
    • Replies: @bruce county
  3. Despite the overwhelming evidence that under-policing blacks leads to more fatal black shootings, the delusional left insists that they be further coddled and capitulated to instead.

    More proof that black lives only matter as weapons against White people.

  4. The government forces kids to go to school (for 10 yrs @6+ h/d), where they serve as warm-bodied funding tokens for the school unions. That’s called “slavery”.

    We shouldn’t be surprised then, when those traumatized kids age-out of compulsory attendance, that they spend the next 25 years expressing their pent-up anger in the twisted form of killing one another.

    • LOL: WSG, AnalogMan
    • Replies: @Neuday
  5. So Columbus, OH Blacks are only THREE-times over-represented in homicides?

    That’s actually less than what we’ve come to expect, but do Blacks get any credit for it??

    Change the city’s name already!

    And stop blaming poor traumatized Blacks for their entirely understandable response to institutional systemic racist White privilege.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  6. Trevor says:

    Aka Obama and Holder dumped 60,000 Somalis in Columbus like they did with Minneapolis and Lewiston because it was “too white”.

    The increased black population has much to do with the increase in homicides but you can’t say that.

    Now that Somalia has just attained its independence they should all go back.

  7. loren says:

    News on the adele front,
    new cd soon.

    Adele’s third studio album, was released on 20 November 2015. It became the best-selling album of 2015 with 17.4 million copies sold within the year.[7] “Hello” was released as the lead single from the album on 23 October 2015 and peaked atop the charts in US.

    I recall ‘hello’ as I think Ambrose Cane reviewed the song movie. an ugly violent or enraged black that adele begs to stay.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  8. Unit472 says:

    The solution is to get WHITE homicide rates down. Way down. Below 10% and most of them by lunatics. Then and only then will people wake up and see the negro for what he is. A genetically homicidal animal.

    White people can do this. Keep firearms away from troubled young white men or men who are intoxicated. Do what negro non profit parasites pretend to do and reduce the number of white on white homicides and we will both expose and humiliate the negro!

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  9. The funny thing about Columbus, Ohio is that it used to have the same racial make up and demographics as the rest of America, so many companies would use it to test new products, store layouts, menu items, etc, because if it did well in Columbus, it would do well across the rest of America. Wendy’s has their headquarters there as well as their test kitchen, as do a few other fast food/restaurant chains. I went to Whole Foods when I was there some years ago, and was surprised to see they had a beer & wine bar, and drink holders for your drink on the shopping carts. This was Whole Foods test store. Now several Whole Foods near me in FL have that same feature.

    So it’s only appropriate that with a larger groid population, they now have an uptick in crime and murders, as does the rest of America. This surge in murders seems to be working in Portland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Philly, NYC etc. So I guess Columbus is still a proving ground for new products in a way.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  10. BTW, the Vdare article is attributed to James Fulford, but the Unz comment link goes here.

  11. loren says:

    I Promise, the latest from the YouTube Black Voices Fund
    Explore stories from Black Creators including I Promise a YouTube Original that follows students at LeBron James’ I Promise School

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  12. DMZABO says:

    I’m sure you’ve all have seen the Chi-ongo D.A. Kim “the joker mouth” Fox say that the reason why she wasn’t pressing charges at this time against the 9 suspects was because “they were mutual combats”. This was a shootout caught on video footage/police body cameras in a Chi-congo where one whoas me soul brother was shot and killed in broad daylight . The mayor less than honorable Lori Lighweight or Lightfoot I should say well she wasn’t to happy with Ms Fox’s decision not to file charges.
    My question to the White People of Chi-congo….WHY THE HELL DO YOU STILL RESIDE THERE? Especially if you don’t have to.

    • Replies: @AWM
  13. CDebussey says:

    In a civil argument with a woke, liberal voting friend of mine I was told that “they’re just like us.” I simply reminded him of the obvious differences especially where it pertains to levels of violence, abysmal graduation rates and a basic high level of worthlessness when contrasted to nearly every other race of people on the planet. But the thing that may have lit a light bulb with him was pointing out the differences of who these people hold in high regard. 99% of the time it’s affleetes, rappers and the media pushed assassinated pillars of the communities by law enforcement, usually in the commission of resisting arrest or charging a cop with a weapon of some sort. I specifically pointed out the super genius Floyd for being a one percenter in the pecking order of gods to these mental midgets. A career violent scumbag, drug addict and he’s getting statues erected in every toilet in the country, and at the same time we’re tearing down monuments to our founding fathers. But I guess discounting those glaring differences, maybe he has a point. They breathe air and walk upright..

    • Agree: DMZABO, bruce county, Lancelot_Link
  14. 26 white Male homicides but only 7 male white homicide suspects, hmmmm. As the usual statistics show most white males who are murder victims in urban areas are not killed by other whites but by negroes. This holds true in places like Chicago where after examining the cases usually 50% of white male homicides were done by negroes. Now those white males were most likely not the cream of the crop and many were on the wigger side of the equation but the fact remains that negroes are responsible for more than their own murder stats.

    • Agree: CDebussey, DMZABO
    • Replies: @Truth
  15. Neuday says:

    While I appreciate your hobby-horse, those “kids” would be “expressing their pent-up anger” regardless of the education system. It has much more to do with our welfare system and the destruction of Black families than compulsory school attendance.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  16. @Pat Kittle

    So Columbus, OH Blacks are only THREE-times over-represented in homicides?

    Much more than that; you’re failing to account for population fraction:

    The city is 28 percent black, yet blacks account for 81 percent of the suspects in 2021 homicides.

    The ratio is (81/28)/(19/72)=11

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
    , @loren
  17. @Unit472

    Been there, done that. Why do you think the FBI-ADL counts Mexes,
    Rabs and Joos as “White” when they perpetrate but as separate victim categories?
    The Uniform Crime Report has been flat-out lie-by-omission for 30 years.
    White background murder rate is at European levels and falling.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  18. Truth says:


    It looks like white females shot 6 of you.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  19. Currahee says:

    ” Assistant Chief LaShanna Potts…”

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  20. One aspect that just blows me away about the George Floyd phenomenon is the number of blacks that didn’t fall for all of the phony idolizing and other b.s. the left organized around his death. You would think that 100% of black people would have been on board. The other thing that is so amazing and shows the power the left has in having the media on its side is the huge number of whites that fell for every thing that the media claimed. There was a New York police sergeant that found himself, “taking the knee” and then admitting some time later, that he couldn’t himself believe that he did. He was surprised by his own involuntary action. He knew Floyd’s background, the kind of guy he was and yet, none of it prevented him from acting automatically, like the rest of the moronic crowd.

    Speaking of crowds, I’m reminded of another clever saying of the great circus impresario, P.T. Barnum, he observed that, “Every CROWD has a silver lining”. Man, you talk about a guy who was knowledgeable about human nature and how to exploit it!!


  21. @Mr. Rational

    The city is 28 percent black, yet blacks account for 81 percent of the suspects in 2021 homicides.

    The ratio is (81/28)/(19/72)=11

    Per capita per shmapita! You think your white math with its focus on facts is superior to Black people’s feelings!

    You have much work to do, Whitey!

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  22. Of course, the chief is a diversity hire dressed like Idi Amin:

    Chief Bryant came to Columbus after more than two decades with the Detroit Police Department. She started her career in law enforcement in August of 2000. In 2006, Chief Bryant was promoted to the rank of sergeant. During her tenure as sergeant, her assignments included Domestic Violence, Office of the Chief Investigator and Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinator office

  23. Trevor says:

    OT: In the news now: School shooting in Arlington, TX. Suspect “taken into custody”.

    No description except “18-year old” = not white, otherwise they would say white? They know his age but don’t say his color. Place your bets.

  24. Whenever I think we’ve gone peak BRA, somehow I keep getting surprised.

    A literal gang shootout results in all suspects being let go without charges because “Prosecutors had “determined that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to approve felony charges.”

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  25. @Trevor

    The photo of the shooter (who is black) is on Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit and the Daily Mail.

  26. @Trevor

    I knew as soon as I saw 4 shot, none killed, and the suspect was seen fleeing in a Dodge Charger.

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  27. @Trevor

    I absolutely LOVE it when the principal (warden) orders a LOCKDOWN.

  28. @Pat Kittle

    You have much work to do, Whitey!

    Indeed, I do.  Like fleshing out the framework of my race-realist fiction book.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  29. @Truth

    When I hear that, I think, “those women have been N_ _ _ _ _ ized’.

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  30. AceDeuce says:

    The “destruction of black families”??????


  31. bruce county says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    Release the balloons.🤣

  32. bruce county says:

    He is 18 and black. The story has been pretty much memory holed already.

  33. @Trevor

    His picture was indeed posted with the story. I saw it early in the morning.

    You ready for this? He’s black!

    I know, I know…

    • Replies: @Trevor
  34. @bruce county

    A classroom video shows one guy beating the s* out of another. Supposedly, one (which?) later drew his .45. The fellow in the mugshot doesn’t look beaten up.

  35. AnalogMan says:

    Black voices? Are you kidding?

  36. @Mr. Rational

    Link us to it when you’re ready.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  37. AnalogMan says:
    @Detroit Refugee

    Over at VDare, sometime SBPDL commenter Kenn Gividen has posted his monthly black-on-white murder report, where he notes that many cases are the usual routine toll payments by these damaged women. It’s so predictable.

    Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

    Lie down with an Iggur, don’t get up at all.

    And no-one even cared.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  38. Anon[354] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    I’m surprised tearing down the columbus statues didn’t help. Last year osu was protesting the police and pushing the defund movement. This year theyre adding more security on campus as the result of a spike in violence. A students mom was touring campus and got shot by a bleep and now suddenly they’re concerned about the violence on campus. I guess liberal whites have to get shot to get based. Doesn’t help that campus is located within walking distance from the ghetto. As for the city, the only white residents are the trendies occupying the short north. Thar area is starting to feel the effects of black violence as well. So we hired the ex chief of the Detroit police department just so we could check off a couple woke boxes. Fn clown world. Ot check out the bleep who cried racism at tesla. Jury just Lotteried him 137 mill. It was so bad there he encouraged his kids to get jobs there. Guess none of them have to work now. You cannot win a that race. It’s time to move on from them

    • Replies: @loren
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  39. @Pat Kittle

    I’m not associating this persona with my professional pen name, no way, nohow.  Too hot to handle.  Merely touching the topic of race realism is going to be more than enough.

  40. Trevor says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    The media has obfuscated the race in news items for so long and so much that we no longer need a picture or even a ghetto/pseudo-African name to determine the race of a suspect.

    If we are not explicitly told that the perp is white or no indication of race is given, we can safely assume “black” and be correct 99%+ of the time.

    If the perp is mestizo, they will likely call him “white” like thay did with Cruz, the Florida school shooter and Zimmerman who shot Trayvon.

    The lying media has shot itself in the foot.

    • Agree: Detroit Refugee
  41. @Sick 'n Tired

    I knew as soon as I saw 4 shot, none killed, and the suspect was seen fleeing in a Dodge Charger.

    Now, now, if it’s a Dodge Charger, it could be a couple of rednecks from Georgia, doing a moonshine run. Oh, who am I kidding? These days, all you have to do is say “Dodge Charger” and we know the race!

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  42. This is the city that defends black girls getting into knife fights while screeching “Black Lives Matter!”. Columbus was a nice place a few decades ago. Was.

  43. Taylor on the murder rate.

  44. @Priss Factor

    Where did this piece of garbage come from?

  45. loren says:

    check out the bleep who cried racism at tesla. Jury just Lotteried him 137 mill. It was so bad there he encouraged his kids to get jobs there. Guess none of them have to work now. You cannot win a that race. It’s time to move on from them

    o m g

    for being shamed [supposedly] at work…w t f h

  46. @Anon

    Less than a year after the Statue of Jefferson Davis was removed from the mall at U. T. Austin, a young female, dance student was raped, murdered, and dumped in a ravine on the campus.

    Although, students had vocally and passionately expressed the palpable fear that they had felt when passing in front of the menacing and intimidating, but inanimate likeness of The President of The Confederate States of America, after a thorough investigation in which the bronze figure was subjected to hours of enhanced interrogation involving sleep deprivation, water boarding, and having an intensely bright light shined in its metallic face, the Statue steadfastly refused to make a confession.

    Once all of the evidence was carefully weighed, it was ultimately determined that the Davis Statue could not possibly have been involved in the heinous crime, as it was securely stored in a warehouse away from the school when the student was slain. A janitor at the facility told investigators that he was sweeping around the Statue at the very time the sexual assault/homicide was committed, and video surveillance from location confirmed that the Statue had not left the building during the time in question. The initial theory that the Davis Statue had sought revenge had to be discarded, which left Police without any other plausible suspects.

    Against all likelihood, in an entirely unforeseeable turn of events, it turned out that it was a homeless NEGRO! (gasp in disbelief!) who was responsible for committing the horrific offense. Yet, some students and faculty still believe that he was framed by the Davis Statue which had cleverly disguised itself in Blackface in order to throw off the Police. Conspiracy Theorists claim the Davis Statue used the lost Confederate Gold to pay off the janitor and to have the security footage altered.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
    , @loren
  47. @Cowtown Rebel

    “I don’t have a clue what the motive is,”

    Uhhh… muh dick?

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  48. @Jim in Jersey

    Uhhh… muh dick?
    Absolutely. The latest cell phone she had as well as pizza/weed money is just a bonus.

  49. @PO'd in PG County

    Dodge Chargers/Challengers are the new go to ghetto rides now that Ford stopped producing Crown Vics, and the ones I still see driving around are usually beat to shit. Most of the Chargers I see riding around in the hood are the V6 models with a loud exhaust and fake 392, SRT, or Hellcat badges to make people and sheboons think it’s the V8 version.

  50. AWM says:

    What was it, SEVENTY ROUNDS fired?

    • Replies: @AnalogMan
  51. AnalogMan says:

    70 outside the house, wasn’t it?

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  52. @AnalogMan

    70 rounds isn’t that much, you can get 32 round mags and 50 round drums for Glocks these days, and most other pistols hold 10, 12, 15 rounds in the factory magazine. So 70 rounds could come from 3-4 hoodrats emptying a mag each into the house. I use magazine couplers for 40 round steel mags on most of my ARs, so that’s 80 rounds in my hands, it’s a cheaper option than buying 50 or 100 round drums that sell for \$75-120+. The couplers run around \$5 each at most gun shows.

    • Replies: @AWM
  53. @loren

    Yes, I think. Maybe, Jewish?

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  54. AWM says:
    @Sick 'n Tired

    Those damn couplers aren’t worth a crap unless you use them with P-Mags with the cover.
    The damn rounds walk forward under recoil in the coupled mag.
    I find the Redi-Mag (prefer BFG Redi-Mod) far more reliable.

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