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Police in Minneapolis Refuse to Call Mass Black-On-White Attack a "Hate Crime": Claim White Person Attacked Was "Impaired"
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A white person attacked in Minneapolis by a mob of blacks is obviously not a hate crime

How dare any white person notice that a mob of blacks attacking a white individual in Minneapolis be labeled a hate crime! [Minneapolis robberies ‘unacceptable,’ police chief says: ‘Has to be consequences’, Fox News, September 17, 2019]:

Minneapolis police report 20 people have been arrested, 18 of them charged, in connection with two brutal mob-style robberies caught on tape in viral videos.

The suspects range in age from 15 to 27 and were charged with various counts of robbery relating to two vicious robberies in August in which mobs surrounded young men and beat them unconscious. Some suspects were charged with first-degree felony robbery, which carries up to 20 years in prison.

Police told Fox News mobs targeted “vulnerable” victims for valuables like cell phones.

Brendan O’Brien, 24, told Fox News he was out celebrating his birthday in Minneapolis when he was surrounded by one of the mobs and then beaten. The video appears to show O’Brien clinging to his belongings until he finally was knocked out.


“I didn’t realize how hard I’d been kicked in the face. It was much more brutal than I thought it was going to be. I assumed that they hit me a couple of times and I gave up and they went on their way but I was knocked unconscious,” O’Brien told Fox News.

O’Brien says he suffered a concussion and injuries all over his body. He now has trouble with memory, sleeping and has a sense of fear.

“I don’t feel as safe as I used to. I think that’s the best way of putting it is that something like this kind of takes a part away from you and I don’t know if I’m gonna’ get that back,” O’Brien said.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo told Fox News the attacks seen in the videos are abhorrent.

“It is truly unacceptable for me as chief and it’s unacceptable for our Minneapolitans,” Arradondo said. “No one wants to tolerate that type of criminal behavior.”

Police told Fox News a team of investigators worked for three weeks in partnership with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department to track down the assailants.


“There has to be consequences for your actions,” Arradondo told Fox News. “I don’t want there to be a small group of people that feel that they can go unchallenged, unchecked.”


The videos appear to show groups of black men beating white males but Minneapolis police told Fox News the attacks do not qualify as hate crimes because the attackers didn’t target their victims for class or race. Rather, they were targeted because they were “impaired” or “compromised.”

The videos are emerging as Arradondo said his office is dealing with a crippling police shortage. He has requested a staggering 400 additional officers by 2025. But he said he has to convince an entire city council made up of some members that don’t want to add a single officer to the force.

“I’m going to continue to make the case and hopefully we’ll continue to get the resources that we need to help support the men and women who are doing this job,” Arradondo told Fox News.

So far, Mayor Jacob Frey has proposed 14 additional officers.

The public safety committee chair, Alondra Cano, told Fox News that some city council members are now asking for up to 30 additional officers. However, the final number won’t be decided until a budget is passed in December.

Cano said a beefed-up police department might have been able to prevent or quickly solve the violent robberies seen on video.

“It was really concerning to me to see those videos and that’s not what I want people to feel Minneapolis is like or about,” Cano said. “We probably could have been able to connect some of these robberies together at an earlier time if we had more support and officers for our investigations unit.”

Cano told Fox News the city is investing in and diversifying its force to better represent the community along with investing in juvenile crime prevention programs.

Rather, they were targeted because they were “impaired” or “compromised.”

Isn’t this the perfect definition of what the inculcation of ‘white privilege’ teaching has done to whites across America, leaving them incapable of understanding of what mass black attacks on an individual white person signifies?

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  1. If mob of Whites attacked a Black man for ANY reason,the FBI would already be involved in this obvious hate crime. Blacks are no longer slaves. They are pets.Unemployable,unattractive,biting the hand that feeds them pets.

  2. Please……please……please move away from these dead and dying cities. These predator filled rat holes have become nothing but death traps. If you have any kind of God given skills or talents you will always find a job in rural America. The best type of towns to live in are the smaller places that don’t have a Welfare Office. Don’t move into any town that has a meat packing plant or pig farm.

    Out here in the Free Zones we are always short of good teachers, nurses, truck drivers, auto mechanics, heavy machine operators, trained police, painters, plumbers, etc, etc, etc. Ranchers out here are short of help. If you can drive a pickup truck or ride a horse you will find a job.

    In the Free Zone there are no winos and bums sleeping on the streets, no crime, no unclaimed dead bodies, no hookers or whore houses, no dope dealers, no street gangs, no drag queen story time, no police sirens at night, no shoot outs in the park, no car jacking and no black lesbians running for mayor.

    I’ve been in the Free Zone for years and have not seen one gay pride parade. Instead we have a couple rodeos, a county fair, fireworks in July and Santa comes to the local VFW Post once a year and gives away toys and goodies to the local rug rats. So far there have been no shootings at the local churches, birthday parties, weddings, funerals, Easter egg hunts and high school football games.

    GET THE FUCK OUT OF THESE GODDAMN CITIES. Even if you end up in a trailer court in Wyoming you will be happier and safer than in any big city surrounded by savages wanting to kick in your door and kill you and your family.

    I live at the “end of the road” and it will take two or three tanks of gas to get to my front door.

    A couple years ago we did have some speed freaks and stoners hanging around but they packed up their shit and went back where they came from. We also have a couple “village idiots” and a few town drunks, but I’ll take that any day than being mugged on my front sidewalk.

  3. Diggs says:

    “The suspects range in age from 15 to 27”.

    Even though just a five year spread of that (15-19) is literally “teens”, the eight year spread from 20-27 will also count as “teens” to the media.

  4. Just saw the faces of the thugs. These creatures are the by-products of the government “feed and “breed” program that has been going on for fifty years. Street stalkers and hunters looking for easy prey. An army of lepers infecting anything they touch. The welfare state has become the crown jewels of a dying country. Uncle Freebie sits on his throne in the “great city” creating more FREE SHIT programs as this parade of slugs suck the life blood out these Negropolitan hell holes filled with garbage and crime. All paid for with your taxes.

    All of us has spent years looking at these mug shots. It’s always the same dead faces with their glazed over eyes. These creatures are dead inside. The all look the same. Like some kind of invading army of cyborgs. Dead eyes staring into the camera. Cannon fodder for the prison industry.

    • Replies: @SMK
    , @Teapot
  5. SafeNow says:

    A variant of this not being called a hate crime: A H.S. or middle school Black kid knocks-out a white kid with a sucker-punch. A knockout attack. The news reporters call it a “fight.” “Fight” implies a mutual, extended boxing or wrestling match; hey, kids fight, no big deal, who’s at fault, who knows, who started it, who knows, what’s the difference, let-off steam. Politically correct euphemism.

  6. The entire white race is impaired by its sense of fairness and limitless tolerance. It’s ‘evolve-or-die’ time.

  7. Of course this is not a hate crime, it was just that some people that did something.

    • Replies: @Realist
  8. Police told Fox News mobs targeted “vulnerable” victims for valuables like cell phones.

    Aren’t people with cerebral palsy also vulnerable? Are people in wheelchairs also impaired? If the troupe of negroes targeted the above examples for a beating, would that not be considered to be a “hate crime”? I don’t believe in the nonsense that “hate crime” represents, but the inconsistency drives me nuts.

  9. Rather, they were targeted because they were “impaired” or “compromised.”

    Precisely what the negro does to the oldest or weakest antelope back on the veldt. True in africa, true in America.

  10. The victim had to be stomped by 20+ orcs to acquire ‘a sense of fear’ of them, testament to the power of (((media and school programming.)))

  11. m. says:

    police chief now endowed with same mind-reading abilities as lib-t**t judges & lawyers. objective facts are irrelevant. and ft. hood = workplace violence, right?

    • Replies: @Simply Simon
  12. At least 75% of the yoofs would have had to be wearing “Fuck Whitey” t-shirts before the authorities would even consider a hate-crime angle.

  13. “Cano told Fox News the city is investing in and diversifying its force to better represent the community along with investing in juvenile crime prevention programs.”

    There’s the problem with the Minneapolis police department, right there. Instead of doing police work, they are being used to put on a public display of “diversity” for the very people who are running amok already. Hiring 400 more “diversity” officers isn’t going to improve anything.

  14. I am surprised a Twin Cities police force would arrest these guys, considering they are members of at least one protected group. I expect Al Sharpton and Tee Hee Coates to protest the arrests.

  15. Once they butcher the whites they’ll have nobody to keep the heat on. Thankfully blacks can never be racist since they don’t have the power to affect our lives as negatively as we do since all white people are rich and powerful thanks to all the money we get from perpetuating 400 years of slavery, right? A stupid guy I work with was telling a Latin-o how only white people can be racist. It’s TRUE, a college girl came up with that. All hail and praise black bodies and black girl magic!

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @Whitewolf
    , @Richard B
  16. I don’t like the concept of Thought Crime anyway.
    When someone commits a crime, who cares what they’re thinking or if they’re thinking.
    Prosecute the crime, not their opinions.

  17. @Twodees Partain

    They recently lost an officer of color, a fine, upstanding man of Somali extraction I am told! Apparently he was fast-tracked to get on the force. I hear he recently went to NU to study advanced theories of law!


    New hotline to report hate crimes: call 311 from inside Minneapolis or 612-673-3000

    Through its 311 service, the City of Minneapolis has opened a new hotline for reporting hate crimes, which are harassing behaviors motivated by prejudice. The hotline number is 311 for anyone calling from within the city or 612-673-3000 statewide. The 311 hotline will be answered 7 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. weekends. Those with a report to make can also call the Department of Justice at 612-664-5600. As always, in the case of immediate physical violence, property damage or threats, people should call 911.

    Anyone who wants to help spread the word can download and print a poster.

    Hate crimes
    A hate crime is any crime against a person or property motivated by prejudice against someone’s race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or gender identity. This includes prejudice-motivated property damage (including graffiti), stalking and assault.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  19. m. says:

    America’s protected classes: dindus, fags, illegals, muslims

  20. m. says:

    re H the H on opinions: hate crimes “definition” came out of a lawyer’s a**

  21. Cliff says:

    In Randolph Ma otherwise know as Compton East a gang of middle school girls beat a young white girl senseless last week. The whole incident was caught on video and no hate crime charges and for sales signs everywhere

  22. America is impaired because of blacks.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  23. red6020 says: • Website

    Isn’t this the perfect definition of what the inculcation of ‘white privilege’ teaching has done to whites across America, leaving them incapable of understanding of what mass black attacks on an individual white person signifies?

    Generally, I agree. Although, in this instance, every person quoted except the victim was a POC/minority and have obvious incentive to tamp down any countervailing narrative. Not like that matters much, even liberal whites have an incentive to tamp it down, considering a countervailing narrative would only strengthen their enemies, i.e. conservative whites.

  24. Just me says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    Amen!! Amen!! Amen!! I too, am an ex-NYer

  25. Drew458 says: • Website

    If you read the arrest stories you’ll notice that many of the names are Somali. So blame Obama. I watched the one video and I was sickened. Not just that it happened, but also that it went on for several minutes right outside the stadium, the whole thing captured on CCTV, and not one security person showed up. ( want to bet that 80% of stadium security are also Somali? )

    • Replies: @D-FENS
    , @Lancelot Link
  26. Realist says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Blacks are no longer slaves. They are pets.Unemployable,unattractive,biting the hand that feeds them pets.

    Excellent point.

  27. Realist says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    GET THE FUCK OUT OF THESE GODDAMN CITIES. Even if you end up in a trailer court in Wyoming you will be happier and safer than in any big city surrounded by savages wanting to kick in your door and kill you and your family.

    I live at the “end of the road” and it will take two or three tanks of gas to get to my front door.

    It is good to see there are a few intelligent New Yorkers. In the modern age there is absolutely no reason to live in a large city (> 500,000). A person willing to work can find great jobs in smaller cities. College towns and outer suburbs are two examples of areas where blue collar, white collar, professional and STEM trained people can have great lives.

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
  28. Realist says:
    @Lost in Illinois

    Lost in Illinois… Illinois is lost. I also live in Illinois.

  29. Africans Africanize all the world. It wasn’t slavery that made blacks act like thugs. It was their genes. Notice how blacks who arrive as free people act just like American blacks or even worse.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @TheMediumIsTheMassage
  30. Paul says:

    Minnesota used to be white and safe. Not a hate crime, how many blacks did the perpetrators attack?

    • Replies: @streamfortyseven
  31. Bytor says:

    Great sentiment, and in a just world that would be the case. But since we dont live in a just world, we must fight back. Only then will there be change.

  32. More Somali refugees! Stat!! 2020 census will be at tipping point for this beautiful city.

  33. JR1967 says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    The quote I saw months ago that said something close to like “If you live within a half a tank of gas of a bad area you are too close” does make sense.

  34. Interracial Crime: Denial, Deceit, and Delusion

  35. m. says:

    as if being impaired really matters, a**hole – FU

  36. @Diggs

    Even though just a five year spread of that (15-19) is literally “teens”, the eight year spread from 20-27 will also count as “teens” to the media.

    Good point. There’s another question to be asked. When you were 27 years old, does anyone remember hanging out socially with 15 year olds?

  37. HT says:

    This is in an America that is still over 60% white. Wait until whites are in the minority and disarmed. Can you say open season? Also, it is Orwellian that this is spun away to not be a hate crime.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
    , @Dave453
  38. 95Theses says:
    @Twodees Partain

    No doubt.

    Recall the murder of the young, pretty White Australian, Justine Damond by the quota-hire, Mohammed Noor.

  39. Recall the murder of the young, pretty White Australian, Justine Damond by the quota-hire, Mohammed Noor.

    IIRC, Noor was not a quota hire. Both the mayor and the police chief wee jonesing to hire a dyed in the wool somali for quite some time. When he joined the police force, (I believe that he barely reads and writes English), they acted as though God had answered their every prayer.

    By the way, an awful lot of third world “youths” show up here with no papers at all, and claim to be teenagers, despite appearing to be in their twenties. Much less scrutiny, much more gibs that way.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Anonymous
  40. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    No…this is another thing that is totally a black social dysfunction. I think it’s mostly because they only mature mentally to the level of 14 years old or so. So then they don’t see age amongst themselves like white people do. You’ll see similar spreads of ages with victims of black mass shootings that happen on street corners at 3 am also.

  41. @m.

    “fort hood=workplace violence.” Major Hasan’s assault on a roomful of unarmed soldiers leaving thirteen dead and thirty wounded has drifted into the realm of forgotten incidents. He is still alive at Fort Leavenworth and will escape the death penalty by dying a natural death before the appeals run out.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  42. D-FENS says:

    I lay the blame on Bush the Elder. He was the one that got the US into Somalia in the first place. I hope the fucker had a slow painful death.

    • Agree: Female in FL
  43. D-FENS says:

    It’s dumb to be among negroes. It’s suicidal to be incapacitated around negroes. And WTF is it with assuming a fetal position? That’s red meat for these cowards. At the very least, take off your belt and start swinging it around with the buckle at the end to give you cover for a retreat to a safer area or help arrives.

  44. Eric Boyd, one of the negroes involved in the Knoxville Horror, has just been sentenced this week to two life sentences plus 90 years for his role in the torture murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. The feral negro says he’ll appeal the sentence and mocked the parents by saying he’ll “be out” of prison. He also claims he dindu nuffin and is innocent despite all the evidence. This new sentence is in place of the previous trial where he was sentenced to 18 years with the possibility of parole. Key evidence of his participation in the crime was given by one of the other ferals involved in the murders in order to get a reduced sentence.

    • Replies: @loren
  45. @Ex New Yorker
    GET THE FUCK OUT OF THESE GODDAMN CITIES. Even if you end up in a trailer court in Wyoming you will be happier and safer than in any big city

    I have been saying this for year.

    I can’t believe how many Whites stay in the city even when they are unhappy. Most Whites in the city aren’t even good at living there. They have some job that barely pays the bills but for whatever reason they stick around. Why? There are plenty of jobs in the country. The shortage of truck drivers is so severe that a local company here can’t take all their orders. I realize that truck driving doesn’t sound glamorous but how many Whites in the city are actually working interesting jobs? I would rather shovel cow sh– than move back there.

    In most of the large cities the public schools are garbage which means you have to pay for private. So Whites in the city normally have 1 or 2 kids at the most and they can’t vacation as much because their mortgage and tuition drains their bank account. And these are six figure income families. You are much better off being poor in the country. You can send your kids to public schools and everything costs less.

    Someone once remarked that the great weakness of Whites was trying to appear trendy over everything else. I think this is true for city Whites. I lived in the city and I couldn’t stand my White liberal neighbors. They were some of the most boring people I have ever met and they had snobbish attitudes on top of it. I think in their minds they were European and not American. I mostly hung out at a Mexican bar.

    • LOL: Blue Juice
    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @c matt
    , @elcid
  46. OT in Chicongo: Interesting (and infuriating) hate-crime story. A beautiful 28-year old white woman is taking a lunch break in downtown Chicago with 4 of her co-workers yesterday afternoon. While walking down the street in broad daylight (in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the United States) a Dindu dressed in black on a bicycle (probably an electric bicycle most likely) comes up from behind her and shoots her once in the back with a semi-auto pistol. He then pedals away and disappears into the west-side. There were no words exchanged and it wasn’t a robbery. The poor girl had to go into emergency surgery and faces a long road to recovery with possible paralysis to her legs and loss of a kidney.
    Immediately, the CPD and local media spun this attack (while the victim was still in emergency surgery!) They had to point out that the victim worked in Human Resources and that her company fired 3 employees recently. Bwahahahaha! Yeah…a local Dindu rode in circles and waited outside to get revenge for losing his $40,000 clerk job. Our police superintendent described the Savage as a “dark-complected male” even though there are several videos of him clearly being a black male, 6-feet tall or more in his late-twenties to early-thirties. Even some of my black co-workers were uncomfortable and tried to spin this attack…putting blame on the victim nonetheless. Would they think like this if the races were reversed?
    Is this the “Duck Walk Killer” from last October targeting white people at random in the city? Did he change his M.O. and hunting ground after being profiled and labelled with such a pathetic nickname? (Look at the photos…it sure matches his description.) Is this the beginning of some type of “Zebra Killing” attacks? Was this Dindu known to the victim and his advances were turned down by this white woman? Either way it’s a hate-crime and don’t expect to hear about this attack in the news like the Jussie Smollett incident. The Leftists in charge are desperate to keep this quiet when it should be warning business people and tourists downtown about this madman. I swear this city is irredeemable. Stay Armed, Stay Alert, Stay Away and Stay Alive…

  47. unit472 says:

    If I were a white Minneapolis police officer I would not work for such a police chief. Resign and find another department. If you enforce the law you will be crucified in this city so get out and let them stew in their own juices.

    If I lived in Minneapolis I would get out. They don’t need more police. The need the police to unholster their guns and shoot these savages. What ever happened to ‘Stop or I’ll shoot’. A bullet in the back of a fleeing felon did wonders to reduce the crime rate.

  48. @Simply Simon

    Ft. THE Hood. The whole surrounding area (Killeen)
    is a dangerous sh*thole. Infested.

    • Replies: @Anon
  49. loren says:
    @Non PC Infidel

    how many appeals can one found guilty get?

    gees..the $$$ cost is so high, given the number of crimes.

  50. @Ex New Yorker

    Hey Ex-New Yorker, love to see you back and commenting. Hopefully my post will get through the stasi censors on here. We were up in your area and it snowed while we were there. We got chased away by the bad flooding. We found a place higher in elevation. The demographics in my area are full of white rabbits.

    I thought I moved out of the cities and found a free zone, but my area (sadly) has become infected and I must leave. This time instead of jumping out of the frying pan into a smaller frying pan, I’ve been looking for several years and have finally found a place. I didn’t find it online, I actually went driving and searching until I found it. I’ll be putting my place up for sale and will be leaving no forwarding address. I am disconnecting my phone, will be changing my number and starting over fresh with my spouse.

    Unfortunately the south hates anyone who isn’t “from here”. These cucks around me would rather their blond blue-eyed beautiful daughter to marry a doo rag dindu who was a good football player, than some red-headed kid who’s dad owns a farm. It’s exciting to have a mixed race grand kid I’ve heard these cucks say. She’ll have such beautiful chocolate skin in the summer and have such a glorious tan. Woo woo.

    And then a few years later when Shitavious glory football days are over, he turns to a life of crime and drugs. Mixed race chirruns be damned, he’s off and running. The white grandma and grandpa take care of the kid and momma has to move in with the boomer parents.

    Meanwhile the white boy that was ignored by the future mudshark, married a white girl, they now have 2 or 3 pretty blond/red headed kids and the farm is doing good. Momma and the babies have a wonderful white dad who is home every night. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the woman above should have taken the white pill instead of the black pill. But oh well, try and tell these cucks anything and you’re a racist SOB who’s now shunned.

    You can’t save everyone. I’m looking forward to my new home and my new life.

  51. It boils down to this: White people, America hates you. If you have half a brain you should give up all of this 4th of July flag waving nonsense and outdated patriotism and stock up on you know what. And you white chumps getting ready to deploy to Iraq – tell me again what you’re fighting for?

    • Agree: Love Street, Bookish1
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Anonymous
    , @anon
  52. Forgive the long post…

    Racist attacks and bullying? Were police reports filed? Well, only upon her resignation have the allegations come to light. Heck, she managed to secure “$800,000 in grants, legislation that advanced economic development and the establishment of “an outreach team that is focused on diversity and inclusion.” 

    The town in which she was mayor”has been plagued with a dark history and past”. Yeah, when I get ornery I start plaguing the past!

    2010 census figures show the racial makeup as follows:

    The racial makeup of the town was 33.8% White, 57.8% African American, 0.2% Native American, 1.1% Asian, 2.9% from other races, and 4.3% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 4.1% of the population.

    The Greater Upper Marlboro areas breakdown from 2000:

    The racial makeup of the CDP was 20.60% White, 75.50% African American, 0.31% Native American, 1.23% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 0.67% from other races, and 1.65% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.81% of the population.

    The county of Prince George’s, MD has a racial makeup of:

    The racial makeup of the county was 64.5% black or African American, 19.2% White, 4.1% Asian, 0.5% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific islander, 8.5% from other races, and 3.2% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 14.9% of the population. In terms of ancestry, 6.5% were Subsaharan African, and 2.0% were American.

    Maryland Town’s First Black Mayor Says She’s Target of Racist Attacks, Bullying

    The mayor of a small Maryland town announced she is resigning and says she has been the victim of racist attacks and bullying. Residents say it wasn’t until she resigned that alarming incidents came to light, which included her tires being slashed and a former town commissioner doodling swastikas during a town meeting.

    Upper Marlboro Mayor Tonga Turner said the racist attacks are not the reason she is stepping down, though she alluded in her resignation letter to the town’s “dark history and past.”

    “I am writing to inform you that effective Friday, June 21, 2019, I will no longer be serving as mayor and president of the board of commissioners for the town of Upper Marlboro,” Turner wrote in the letter, which cited progress in having secured $800,000 in grants, legislation that advanced economic development and the establishment of “an outreach team that is focused on diversity and inclusion.” 

    “It is no secret that the Town of Upper Marlboro has been plagued with a dark history and past, but my hope is that in the past two years under my leadership, each of you has seen the great promise for our future,” Turner’s letter said.

    Turner, the town’s first African-American mayor, said the attacks began after she first took office, according to people who were in Monday night’s town hall meeting. 

    “She explained a lot about receiving threatening emails and being called certain words from her constituents,” Upper Marlboro resident Angel Saules said. “Her tires have been slashed, from what I understand. And then kind of like the kicker and I think what made it be a part of the meeting is that someone who attends very regularly had been sketching swastika signs.”

    “No one as a whole, as an entire community, knew these things were happening until last night when she just resigned,” resident Monica Wilson said.

    Wilson took a photo after noticing a man at Monday’s meeting — a former town commissioner, multiple sources confirm — drawing swastikas in a yellow legal pad. 

    “And I look over and see him scribbling swastikas over and over again,” Wilson said. “He flips the pages, continues to scribble additional swastikas.”

    “There have been some things that have happened during her year and a half as mayor that she did talk about at the town meeting last night,” town spokesman Ray Feldmann said. “There have been some incidents that she’s had to deal with, but those were not incidents that had anything to do with her resignation.”

    Feldmann said that while the racism has been a challenge, Turner resigned so she could spend more time with family. He acknowledged the mayor’s progressive thinking got some pushback.

    “She is about not accepting the status quo, shaking things up, and that has not been acceptable to a lot of people,” Feldmann said.

    Very little has changed in the small historic town, which has 657 residents as of the 2008 census. It’s the Prince George’s County seat, a now predominantly African-American county. Turner was proposing plans for economic growth and expanding the town’s limits. Upper Marlboro is just one mile across and a half mile wide. 

    Maryland Wrestling Coach Arrested on Child Porn Charges

    “If you look at the county, everything is being developed except for the county seat,” Wilson said. “We’re no longer even the county seat other than geographically. Everything has moved out of here because they have had a long history of being difficult working with the county officials.”

    Tonga concluded her resignation letter by saing she was “truly excited about what the future holds for the town and what the future holds for me as we both embark on new journeys.”

    • Replies: @PO'd in PG County
  53. jpp says:

    I’d never heard of the ‘Knoxville Horror’ until reading your comment just now, and google searching accordingly. While doing so, I couldn’t help but notice that this incident smacks redolent to my memory of the Hi-Fi / Draino killings, another black-on-white torture-robbery brutality the sordid details of which I ascertained in the course of some desultory internet search a while back. We all need to be cognizant as well as communicative of as many such infamies as we can!

  54. @Drew458

    No offense but the importation of Somalians began in the 80’s. Perhaps Ronald Ray-Gun, the “great communicator” ought to share some blame.

  55. @Ex New Yorker

    Please……please……please move away from these dead and dying cities.

    Large portions of Minneapolis are still pretty nice. Unlike NYC or SF, you don’t need a million dollars down to secure decent living space. Just carry concealed downtown. Why waste good housing stock?

    A couple years ago we did have some speed freaks and stoners hanging around but they packed up their shit and went back where they came from.

    Why didn’t you just bury them locally? Your neighbors could have used the business.

    • Replies: @Icy Blast
  56. @Ex New Yorker

    I live in your idea of ‘rural America’ … and, unfortunately, it DOES have a welfare office and a host of other ‘handout’ offices — mostly for the illegal aliens that have been moving in the past 6 or 8 years.

    A couple of years ago, some of the mexican gangs from ‘the city’ (PDX) came to the Coast and robbed a bunch of high-end homes that happen to be in an area where most homes are either 2d homes or vacation rentals … and even the wetbacks could figure out which ones they’d be free to invade and loot.

    We’ve also got our share of meth heads, opioid addicts, crack addicts, stoners and alcoholics … and even a couple caught trolling near the public library last month trying to pick up pre-school aged children.

    The local library has ‘Sharps’ deposit boxes — for the junkies to hopefully dispose of their needles. The library has signs posted that children are to be kept out of the bathrooms except in the children’s room. The librarians are charged with inspecting the bathrooms every 45 or so minutes to make sure no children are being harmed — although so far none of the homeless that now count the library their living quarters during business hours ever seem to get kicked out.

    This is no longer the United States the melting pot — this is the United States the chamber pot — with the shit just covering everything and everyone it touches … and this is 2 hours from PDX …

  57. @Ex New Yorker

    Always carry a firearm.

    The retainer fee of a really good attorney is enough to get you released pending an investigation of a use-of-force situation.

    Get trained, get comfortable, and get a really good concealment holster.

    Also, don’t get drunk in public.

    • Replies: @Alden
  58. @Lancelot Link

    Now if they can only get Silicon Valley techies to rig cell phones to deliver shocks to white fingers attempting to punch 3-1-1 in succession. It’ll happen.

  59. @Realist

    Sadly, enough New Yorkers, other Northerners, and their immigrant lackeys have moved to my state turning it from red to blue in just a few short years. You can run, but you can’t hide.

    • Replies: @Augustus
    , @Realist
  60. Large cities have been dependent on tax money since c.a. 1970. The tax money comes from the Federal and State governments for their POC, foreign, and other inhabitants who cannot perform economically useful work in an industrial society. When you hear “welfare state”, that’s what’s funding the cities.

    Cities rely on these impaired inhabitants to maintain the population base that justifies the number of representatives the city has, and their effect on State and Federal elections. They specifically rely on impaired populations because non-impaired populations would move elsewhere, as several other commenters here have suggested. As an added urban benefit, the impaired populations are used to justify welfare money and to justify retention of various markets and headquarters that should, had they wanted to minimize costs, would have moved elsewhere and today, despite political pressure to do otherwise, are gradually moving elsewhere.

    That being the case, cities regard their impaired populations as their most essential populations. This is reinforced by election of representatives of the POC areas (actually not representatives of the population, but rather of the welfare / political organizations that keep the impaired populations alive). Anybody not a member of the impaired population or the political structure is at best filling ing a job that could go to a member of the impaired population. Remember, the political structure is not responsible for filling the functions of a job, only for providing jobs to members of the impaired groups, because the purpose of the representative is to repay hers/his/its population for voting the representative into office.

    So: from this standpoint, the video was of 20 people who were essential to the urban area’s economy attacking one person that the local government would rather not have living there, and who could be easily replaced.

    What ends this system?

    The end of tax income, and the end of urban political domination. That transforms the impaired citizens from basic economic / political necessities to groups that can be neither supported or controlled. The consequences of that I’ll leave to the imaginations of the readers. I’ll just say that once the urban areas lost their economic productivity, they had to end. Futurists describe a decentralized future [1], and of course leave out the highly unpleasant parts, such as the transition from present society to decentralized economy.

    Remember, the original US society was decentralized. That’s why a the national government is still called a “Federal” government, why the States can call a Constitutional Convention, why counties/cities/towns have their own governments. Domination by mega-cities is widely disliked (worldwide) outside the mega-cities, and does not fit the basic structure of US governments. Decentralization is a relaxation more than a fundamental change, a re-forming. I’m not advocating decentralization here, rather pointing out that it would be a comparatively simple transformation of the US current situation.

    Note that Trump has very recently ( [2] today’s date: 2019-09-20) told San Francisco that the Federal government would intervene in the San Francisco failure of public health. This amounts to a first step in lifting local control and, more important, shows that large urban areas lack the political influence to prevent such a usurpation of an integral function of city government, and interference in such a large source of revenue (at about 100,000 $/year per homeless person, according to newspaper reports). Obviously this step, if pursued, will eventually involve criminal indictments concerning diversion or gross misuse of funds appropriated for homeless care. Such criminal indictments could lead anywhere at all in city government; this is why Trump’s intervention is significant.

    This probably has something to do with increasing levels of bravado from the existing political establishment.

    Sandpile theory [3] points out that cascade failures may are triggered by ordinary events. It’s not the proximate cause, it’s the cascade that matters. In many systems (possibly including financial and social systems) energy is stored in the system until it reaches “critical state”, a state in which cascades (energy release) become more likely. In such a system, cascade sizes are distributed according to a “power law”, so that a cascade of of 2x the “intensity” will occur 1/2^n (one over two to the nth power) as often, where n is usually somewhere around 2. Large cascades are triggered randomly by the same events that trigger smaller cascades. Think of it as the same foot triggering either a bear trap or a rabbit trap or a mousetrap. The foot is the same (before stepping) in all cases.
    From this standpoint, it’s social tensions, comparative mortality rates in adults and children, ethnic disputes, and so on that count. If they reach a critical state, they will be relieved by a cascade failure, followed by a reorganization. Think of the Bronze Age Collapse as being a big cascade, the French Revolution as being a smaller one, and bankruptcy of a local store being a smaller cascade yet.

    It’s an interesting process, especially since it can reach out and touch you. It’s also a counter to those who say the current state will persist forever. “Nothing lasts forever but the earthen sky”, as the song says.





  61. eah says:

    So what?

    Look, it ought to be apparent to you by now: “hate crime” laws are a legal scam targeting Whites (almost exclusively) — they are a legal tool of the “racial grievance” and “social justice” industries, used to give big government more power to oppress Whites in the service of “multiculturalism” and anarcho-tyranny — Holder testified in front of Congress that federal “hate crime” laws were not meant to protect Whites from “hate”, and therefore would not be used to prosecute “hate” committed against Whites — and this is exactly what has happened.

    Every self-respecting, self-interested white person should oppose the very existence of “hate crime” laws.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian, MarkU
  62. Alden says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    We did that the summer of 1968 when the affirmative action law was passed.

    As far as moving to a rural area goes, farms mean White farmers who bring in hordes of illegal Hispanics like the man who raped and killed Millie Tibbets. If you have kids they’ll go to Hispanic schools and I doubt there are many private high schools in rural areas.

    If you’ve been to western Washington state recently those beautiful little towns are full of Hispanics.

  63. GMC says:

    Maybe the Americans will figure out { someday } just how hard they got screwed by the 1965 Open, Unlimited Immigration/refugee Laws . But Nobody has tried to shut the Gate , so more of them will waltz right in and make the country look like the shit hole , it has become. No ghettos or open unlimited immigration in – Russia, because they’ve watched the US news for decades and figured out that mixing the society with certain types – doesn’t work – No matter how big of a ” Stupid Power” one may be. Thanks

  64. Augustus says:
    @Twodees Partain

    It sounds as if they want to recruit social workers to feed, burp, and change the misunderstood yoofs, instead of hiring professional police. That chief is stuck on stupid.

  65. Delmas says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    Support the establishment of more Free Zones throughout rural America.
    Resist the Bolshevik takeover.

  66. Delmas says:
    @Blue Juice

    Find that SOB and lynch him!

  67. padre says:

    I wonder who gave them the idea!Not whites for shure, they don’t hate any other race!

  68. @m.

    “dindus”, or “dindus nuffin”.
    New one on me.
    Refers to a black person/criminal. Comes from the exclamation on being caught by police etc, that “I didn’t do nothing”.

  69. JackOH says:

    Black-on-White crime statistics in the 1950s, before those civil rights laws? Anyone know what they are? How do they stack up against today’s figures?

    My pet theory, which I’ve mentioned before, is that the best intentions of those 1960s civil rights laws were translated at the street level into “Whitey’s weak”, “Whitey’s on the run”, and so on. I’m pretty much on board with the idea there’s political content to Black-on-White crime, but I don’t know how much importance to assign to it.

  70. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    “Recall the murder of the young, pretty White Australian, Justine Damond by the quota-hire, Mohammed Noor.”
    As an Australian I remember it all to well. No good deed goes unpunished….

  71. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Love Street

    Is that right ? , Killeen-Fort Hood a dangerous hole ? , in the heart of Texas ? , my God , Fort Hood is one of the biggest US Army bases in the world, if not the biggest . If they can not defend their own people at home , what is their purpose ?

    So many laws granting non deserved/earned rights to bad people , and imposing abusive obligations to good people are the end . Lawyers have ruined the USA and vassal EU .

  72. @John Johnson

    “They have some job that barely pays the bills but for whatever reason they stick around. Why? ”
    Family & friends ? Actually don’t like rural/suburban environments ? Too poor, too unimaginative ? Death wish ?

    • Replies: @TheMediumIsTheMassage
  73. Russ says:

    Dear Gary Keillor: Yet another quiet week in Lake Woebegone, no?

    • Replies: @Oddsbodkins
  74. The case for repatriation makes itself. Observe how the incident went down. For a moment I thought I was watching a pack of hyenas stalk and attack an injured water buffalo. Negros prove they are unfit for habitation in a Western Civilizatrion. Moving away does not solve the problem, because the feral creature that you started feeding will just follow you to your next location. They have to go Africa, free of the burden of civilized behavior that nature never equiped them with in the first place.

    • Agree: TKK
  75. Whitewolf says:
    @Lancelot Link

    Once they butcher the whites they’ll have nobody to keep the heat on. Thankfully blacks can never be racist since they don’t have the power to affect our lives as negatively as we do since all white people are rich and powerful thanks to all the money we get from perpetuating 400 years of slavery, right? A stupid guy I work with was telling a Latin-o how only white people can be racist. It’s TRUE, a college girl came up with that. All hail and praise black bodies and black girl magic!

    They can’t be racist because they don’t have power? Then White supremacy is the best way to stop them becoming racists. If you are against White supremacy it means you want to create more racists by giving non-Whites power. Which makes you evil (and probably a nazi).

  76. Whitewolf says:

    You shouldn’t try to get it classified as a “hate crime”. You should demand the stupid phrase be scrubbed from the books. Don’t ever support big brother.

  77. anon[837] • Disclaimer says:

    Despite all this black on white crime, whites are so obsequious and nice towards Negros while racist and hostile to Asians. Enjoy the black violence degenerate white liberals, you deserve it.

    • Replies: @Ghan-buri-Ghan
  78. Jake says:

    Thank God for true-blue Yank WASPs who created Abolitionism and then gave us Reconstruction.

  79. cdelz says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    I agree.. x new yorker as well.

  80. Richard B says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    GET THE FUCK OUT OF THESE GODDAMN CITIES. Even if you end up in a trailer court in Wyoming you will be happier and safer than in any big city surrounded by savages wanting to kick in your door and kill you and your family.

    Powerful comment. Thanks!

    Everyone’s got their own story and it’s important to share it for two principle reasons.

    1. To keep from going insane. People are hard-wired to tell their story. If you can’t you go nuts.

    Knowing that is probably the real reason the hostile elite want to choke the channels of communication, ie; as a form of psychological torture.

    2. With every personal story we’re able to make more sense out of what’s happening to us and why and what we can do about it (at this point The Serenity Prayer kinda helps, whether you’re a believer or not).

    This helps produce a common bond of shared experience that we sorely need. Something else they’re trying to take from us.

    I grew up in and around NYC, living in the belly of the beast for 20 years.

    Growing up poor, fatherless and the family scapegoat in a family with ten people in it was bad enough. Most people from those backgrounds (and they’re all over the place today) come out of that about as damaged as you can get.

    But to go from that to a society were you are an open target is enough to drive you insane.

    And, for a while there, it did.

    But I learned one very important thing.

    Life rewards you for hanging in there.

    Even more so for the way you hang in there.

    My saving grace was a passion for knowledge and a love of music.

    The knowledge brought me to a study of Human Behavior and Cultural History and I fell in love with European culture. Especially the culture of the 19th century.

    No race has come close to what Whites (Europeans and their geographical extensions, ie; USA, etc) have done.

    The result was, nothing the “elite” and their non-White proxies have done has ever succeeded in making me feel bad for who I am. And they tried and are obviously still trying. Now more than ever.

    But the more I learned about the consequences of being the family scapegoat, the more obvious it was to see the connection between that and what is happening to Whites today.

    Whites are The Global Scapegoat.

    I highly recommend that people research the family scapegoat so you can make your own connections.

    It helps make sense out of bewildering array of things swirling around us 24/7.

    Nothing has helped me red-pill myself and others better – for a reason.

    It is THE Red Pill.

    With a knowledge of the whole Sacred Cow/Scapegoat template (not to mention the role of The Golden Child and The Flying Monkies) everything starts making sense and falls into place.

    The conclusion that just about everyone who knows anything about the role of the scapegoat comes to is that sooner or later the scapegoat has to go NO CONTACT with their primary offenders.

    My situation and the taste it left in my mouth, so to speak, was so bad, in the family, in NYC, and the USA, that the best way to go No Contact was to leave the country.

    So I did.

    Found love and work and couldn’t be happier.

    Of course, I realize that that’s not for everyone.

    So, if it isn’t, then take the excellent advice of Ex New Yorker and head for a Free Zone in rural America.

    Either way, and to echo Ex New Yorker’s comment – Get The Hell Out Of The Cities!

    Make finding Love and Work your priority. Then take heart and take action and you’ll begin to attract the kind of people you want in your life.

    And that’s what we deserve, a life worth living. Because, that’s what they really want to take from us.

    Not just the kind of life we want. But our very lives.

    • Replies: @Russ
  81. @m.

    America’s protected classes: dindus, fags, illegals, muslims ..

    These are protected ONLY in America???????
    How about Jews?

  82. Sbaker says:
    @Annie Oakley

    May I suggest northern Idaho as a great place to settle? I still live in a rural area, but now the Midwest. Remain vigilant and true to your people.

  83. @Ex New Yorker

    I’m an Aussie. From the bush but I’ve been in the city, Perth, for over 15 years. I’m getting ready to toss my business and take whatever I can get back in the country again./

  84. It’s hard for a liberal to admit your pet primate will never be house broken. The poor deluded souls need to be committed for insanity at this point. As for their pets, fence them in with just one can of pet food. Maybe turn off the electricity for their safety.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  85. Richard B says:
    @Annie Oakley

    Great comment. I wish you the best of luck.

    Unfortunately the south hates anyone who isn’t “from here”.

    Sounds like Hunter Wallace.

    These cucks around me would rather their blond blue-eyed beautiful daughter to marry a doo rag dindu who was a good football player, than some red-headed kid who’s dad owns a farm. It’s exciting to have a mixed race grand kid I’ve heard these cucks say. She’ll have such beautiful chocolate skin in the summer and have such a glorious tan. Woo woo.

    Eew! Really? Just curious, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst) how bad is that problem?

    Anyway, however bad it is, they might want to check out this link.

    Doubt if it’ll help. Like you said, you can’t save everyone.

    But it is amazing how many of them seem learning impaired and totally lacking in any sense of self-preservation.

    Still, it’s nice to think it might help someone.

    But I’m way past the point of breaking my neck trying to get anyone not interested in seeing the light of day.

    If they want to live in darkness, literally and figuratively, so be it.

    Some are so far gone not even a tragedy will shake their tree.

    And for them I have zero compassion.

    Besides, they’d be the first to throw us under the bus and turn us in to the PC Police.

    On a happier note. Good luck again with the new move.

  86. Wildkyle says:
    @Annie Oakley

    Great post. Good luck and God bless you and your n . I’m old southern boy. Born in Germany raised in Georgia with Tennessee blood.

  87. Moi says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    It’s weird when a superior culture willingly lowers itself by embracing an inferior culture’s music (rap), ghetto fashion, mannerisms, etc. What we are seeing is the niggerization of America.

    • Replies: @By-tor
    , @loren
  88. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    you forgot rabid, vicious ,snarling….(pets)

  89. The typical gov’t solution is to do more of what has been proven NOT to work – get more cops. The cops show up to draw a chalk outline around the body. They are absolutely useless in fighting crime. They show up afterwards to do some looking around and possibly discover who did the deed later. Then there’s the gov’ts expense to run the predator through the courts and eventually to spend more on the scum to lock them up and feed, clothe and provide medical care for them. Then the predator is released to start the cycle all over again.

    These predators need a bullet in the head at the time of any assault. That can only happen if the general population is armed.

    Every person should be armed and dangerous. As a human being, no one needs permission from any gov’t to carry any weapon they feel is necessary to protect themselves from the predators in the society created by gov’t policy.

  90. Anonymous[893] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    America doesn’t hate itself, of course.

    What you mean to say, I believe, is that watching the Jewish controlled MSM or Jewish controlled entertainment in America is to see America through the eyes of its enemy.

    Everything else from the contrived CNN vs Fox News antagonisms, MAGA vs socialism, left vs right, emasculo-feminism, LGBT-ism, the mass murder of Arabs, all the way to encapsulation of Israel in flag-waving jingoism and country western themes as our greatest ally despite Lavon, JFK, the USS Liberty, 9/11, and the greatest espionage theft of technology in history—it all has but one source. As Spengler observed a century ago, only a moron would believe any of it has a purpose other than serving its owners.

    • Agree: Richard B
  91. The zionist controlled zio/US gov is importing Somalia blacks into big cities to perpetrate crimes and cause destruction and fear and terrorism and this is an old zionist/bolshevik trick , terrorize the population to gain control over the people.

    Terror is a favorite zionist weapon to gain control over a nation, just as was done in the Soviet Union and in Palestine and in Iraq and Syria where Israel and the zio/US and zio/Britain created AL CIADA aka ISIS to terrorize the population!

    This is what the zionists are doing to America with the unlimited illegal migration of third world terrorists into the country.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  92. “The videos appear to show groups of black men beating white males.” APPEAR TO SHOW.

    Are you f****** kidding me

    • Replies: @Alden
  93. Richard B says:
    @Twodees Partain

    There’s the problem with the Minneapolis police department, right there. Instead of doing police work, they are being used to put on a public display of “diversity” for the very people who are running amok already. Hiring 400 more “diversity” officers isn’t going to improve anything.

    It’s more ominous and sinister than that.

    They are converting the PD’s into local military units united against a common enemy – Whites.

    Whites worldwide are offically an Occupied Territory.

    And the only way to liberate an occupied territory is with aggression.

    The hostile elite certainly knows this.*

    Hence the “diversification” and, more importantly, militarization of the PD’s nationwide.

    *Apparently, and unfortunately, everyone and his mother knows this, except most Whites.

  94. Richard B says:
    @Lancelot Link

    A stupid guy I work with was telling a Latin-o how only white people can be racist

    That whole argument is just so sick, crazy and stupid.

    It’s a product of Dunning-Kruger Effect Nation.

    Worse even.

    Because DKE is essentially stupid people who think they’re smart calling smart people stupid.

    But these are stupid people who automatically convert their dumb beliefs into ultimate truths that have to be blindly obeyed, or else.

    The common sense response is to take Mark Twain’s advice and never argue with a stupid person because they’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Which, in the case of guys like your co-worker, is extensive.

    But our situation is so bad that we actually have to believe them or else.

    The only solution is to go No Contact.

    But that’s easier said than done.

    Everyone knows the worst is yet to come. Anyone with half an eye can see it.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  95. Augustus says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    When the concept of “hate” crimes was first bandied about, Ann Coulter said, “Great, now juries are to divine the thoughts in a criminal’s head.”
    We still haven’t any clairvoyant jurors. Hate crime legislation is beneath a free people trying to preserve equality before the law.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @loren
  96. Bookish1 says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Not only would the FBI have been on but it would have been 24/7 national news if not having world coverage. Most whites are sick and tired of that bullshit. That is between football games.

  97. @Harry_the_Horrible

    Right on, Harry the Horrible.

    We should never make thoughts and emotions a crime. Crime is an action or behavior. I hope everybody is outraged by the unfairness of these “hate crime” laws, especially since, as this case exemplifies, they can so easily be used for political purposes and selectively applied. But I also hope everybody wants these idiotic “hate crime” laws thrown away and not turned against those who supported these idiotic laws just to get back at others who support such laws.

    Remember that the whole concept of “hate” as a crime was set in motion by the war machine propaganda beginning in 2001. The “crazy muslims” attacked us because they hate us. They are irrational and crazy mad with hate and that is why we must kill them, etc. There is also an element afoot which is deliberately stirring up racial animosity between blacks and whites here in our country, for example, Charlottesville. Let’s don’t play into their trap. Let’s get rid of “hate crime” laws.

    Blacks should be looking for their next Martin Luther King. A great man who brought people together to work peacefully for change and make society more tolerant and fair to improve their lives. Throwing gasoline on a fire does not help.

  98. anon[414] • Disclaimer says:

    Yet they still charge White people with it.

  99. loren says:

    Ann has the left figured out, but is way to restrained in her critiques.
    And she was so foolish as to think that Amanda was guilty…bwaaa

    Ann sided with junkie, afro, rapist, killer, Rudy,

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Alden
    , @AnalogMan
  100. muen says:

    This is a perfect example of white privileged.

    A white person has the privilege of getting beat nearly to death but not being a victim of a hate crime because black people cannot be racists – you know, because of slavery and stuff.

  101. OT, who didn’t see this coming? The comments are worth a read.

    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  102. Richard B says:

    Great comment! The whole thing.

    This is what the zionists are doing to America with the unlimited illegal migration of third world terrorists into the country.

    So true. And yet, Ron Unz is still pro-immigration.

    And I think about that.

    What, specifically?

    Well, that, as much as I value this site, the articles, comments and commenters, and the excellent TUR library, I can’t help but wonder whether TUR is at bottom an information gathering site.

    I’m not saying that that’s its only function. But could certainly be seen to be one of them.

    Who knows?

    • Replies: @DESERT FOX
    , @D-FENS
  103. anon[414] • Disclaimer says:

    The Wasps didn’t bring in slaves. I don’t agree with slavery, if everyone felt that way they wouldn’t have come to the country. It’s unfortunate that some of the southerners who were wealthy wanted what they thought would be cheap labor, or maybe they just bought them because they didn’t know what would happen to them if they didn’t and bought them on a purely noble idea, either way it has forever changed the character and course of our country. Don’t try to blame this on the abolitionists.

    • Replies: @Augustus
  104. Rich says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    On the one hand, I agree. Get out and find a 1950s American looking area and live in peace. On the other hand, my experience tells me that the further from blacks a person lives, the more they sympathize with them. My own experience growing up in areas that bordered black neighborhoods in Queens NY forced me, my immediate family, my friends and neighbors, to be race realists. My cousins who lived in the then lily White suburbs believed most of the pro black propaganda being pushed at them. Of course you have to protect your family and yourself, but I’d say you have to be vigilant and work hard to make sure your kids know the truth and have pride in their ancestry.

  105. Richard B says:

    “Ann has the left figured out, but is way to restrained in her critiques.”


    Also, I know it’s off topic, but you don’t think Amanda is guilty?

    Just curious to know why. It’d be nice to have another perspective because I haven’t heard any other.

    Do you have a good link or two that you could offer?

  106. @Ex New Yorker

    I’m an ex-NYer myself . I loved the place as a child (born’46) but was thoroughly disenchanted when I left it for the last time in ’96, knowing I would never return. I lived for five years in Sevilla, my favorite city, but even there I wanted out and finally moved to a small rural village in central Argentina, a place and a way of life much like that described above. It was a wise decision, I believe, because I watch my grandchildren (they live next door) growing up in an ambiance of innocence and wholesome outdoor pleasures. Cities have their allure, especially for the young adult, but my plan is for each of them to have a wholly owned house here when it’s time for them to form their own families.

    What took place as described in the essay makes me ashamed of what has become of my native land and those who seem unwilling to stop this sort of madness and stop it hard.

  107. Augustus says:
    @Blue Juice

    “Duck Walk Killer?”

    Lots of possibilities with her shooting. Could someone have hired this animal to assassinate this woman for some reason? I know, if that’s true there are better ways than on a bicycle to kill someone. Still, the subspecies is not composed of deep thinkers.

    • Replies: @Blue Juice
  108. @Anon

    “If they[the military] cannot defend their people at home, what is their purpose?”

    The task of the American military is now twofold: 1) Provide jobs for Fuquan and Shaneekwa, because they couldn’t survive if they had to do real work; 2) Police the historic American nation so they don’t rebel against paying tribute[taxes].

  109. WSG says:
    @flashlight joe

    If you think that Michael King was a great man, then this definitely isn’t the site for you.

  110. fnn says:

    This is just an aspect of the latest strain of tyrannical Judeo-Bolshevism. The Trump DOJ has a particularly bad case of it.

    The real reason "Jack Corbin" was targeted by the FBI was because he did a lot of work countering and exposing antifa violence by collecting videos of antifa attacks and posting them online. Antifa worked with Feds to set him up in retaliation.— DSA Mike Peinovich🌹🚩 (@DSAMikeP) September 19, 2019

  111. @Old and grumpy

    “It’s hard for a liberal to admit your pet primate will never be house broken.”

    Which is why reading about some leftist schlub cut down by his pets always makes me smile.

    • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
  112. @Russ

    There is a good audio bit from years back by the Onion called “Garrison Keillor’s LA riots”. It would never be published now.

  113. @Richard B

    “But our situation is so bad that we actually have to believe them[politically correct people] or else.”

    No. No. Just let them yammer, and if you must, make some innocuous open-ended comment.

    As a “bad” white, I have learned to play the game.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  114. Gene Su says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Jim Goad once said that we should have an “If the races were reversed app”. I wonder what would happen if 9 whites ganged up on a black man in this manner.

    • Agree: Lancelot Link
  115. Augustus says:
    @Mr McKenna

    Mr McKenna,

    You’re right. Wherever the left goes they bring their culture war with them, until we are overwhelmed everywhere. I’ve spent the past 35 years praying a few states would wise up and secede. Just 2 or 3 might get the ball rolling. I would move there even now in my old age, just to see people have some control of their own borders, and who enters. A nation without blacks will have a very low crime rate, and I would fight for that nation, even as an old man.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  116. Realist says:
    @Mr McKenna

    You would think that New Yorkers would see the problems that libs cause and change their ways.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  117. @Counterinsurgency

    Counterinsurgency———-Productivity,which generates tax revenues,left these areas on white feet. Supposedly these people were the ancient Egyptians? I saw a cartoon on another site that said it all.It was a map of Africa. There was a quarter circle around Egypt. then there was a 2000 mile band denoting the Sahara Desert. An arrow pointed to sub-Saharan Africa. The caption read——Not One F’king Pyramid. dindus can’t even keep a public water system running in Detroit or Flynt.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  118. c matt says:
    @John Johnson

    trying to appear trendy over everything else

    x 1000 – from food to vacation spots to entertainment, the more trendy/exotic the more they crave it. Heaven forbid their peers think they that they are less than trendy, and haven’t been to that new Ethiopian restaurant serving goat turd that just opened.

    • Replies: @Lancelot Link
  119. @Kolya Krassotkin

    Kolya Krassotkin——–One of my uncles had a small pet monkey.Said monkey got out of his cage and totally trashed auntie’s kitchen before our clan’s Sunday dinner. Auntie then tried to murder the little sob. Doubtless the little dindu couldn’t understand what the problem was. Fortunately,he was unarmed.

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  120. @Counterinsurgency

    It has finally occurred to me that I haven’t been saying what to do about the impending reorganization, which is likely to come after Illinois and the megacities and the Feds finally run out of money to borrow after having destroyed the market system through attempts to squeeze still more money / resources out of it. That would destroy their taxing ability — can’t tax income that doesn’t exist, can’t tax property that has no market value, etc. In that case, government can’t support the members of their voting blocks anymore).

    This was very nearly the case in the global Depression of the 1930s, could (I’m told) have been the case in the financial failure 0f 2008, and is a distinct possibility in the 2024 time range.

    Best case would be a reorganization under Trump. He might be able to stabilize things enough to prevent market destruction in some areas of the West. He also might not. Depends on the organization he builds (if any or at all). Worst case would be misapplication of remaining capital resources to maintain urban income (the scenario above). If that’s what you want, support Trump.

    Worst case is a straightforward one: there is risk of a large reorganization, it will take the form of a power vacuum. There could quite possibly a government vacuum, depending on just how short money is. Somebody (readers here?) should be thinking about what kind of government they think would serve after such a failure. This is the time for local local governments and local populations to establish communications and mutually beneficial interactions. This is the time for local industries to attempt capture of design / fabrication firms and skilled people fleeing the urban areas. This is the time to think about what crops to plant for local consumption should global food markets break down. This also would be support for Trump, as the vast debt incurred by various governments will have to be repaid in decreased availability of resources.

    This problem too is an interesting one, and can also reach out and touch you.


  121. @Richard B

    I have had similar thoughts, but could care less, as the zionist controlled deep state has everything about us via our phone calls and emails, etc., and we are living in a police state that would make Orwells 1984 look like a walk in the park.

    The zionists who control the zio/US are letting the illegal alien invasion go on and on because they want to turn America into a third world country to more easily merge America into the satanic zionist NWO and the zionist puppet Trump is on board with this agenda and is not doing jackshit to stop it.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @St. Thomas Awhineass
  122. How the fuck does even Minneapolis have a groid police commish, is this shit a joke? Put the most criminal race in charge of law enforcement, in a city where they aren’t even close to the majority… fuck you America, you are a turd world shithole

  123. Russ says:
    @Richard B

    Excellent, Richard; thank you.

  124. How could this have happened? Have you seen the black employment numbers???

  125. Alden says:

    Wonderful wonderful post. So right about the ethnic cleansing of Whites from the great cities and why.

    It was the Johnson administration that started this. There are many ideas about why Kennedy was killed and who did it. Going by who benefits I’d say Johnson. Not only did he become president instead of being replaced for the 1964 election but the federal programs he created paid big city politicians to destroy their cities. But never forget that the republicans were more pro black in the 1950’s and 60’s than the democrats.

    Brown vs Topeka 1956 was reasonable Kids should attend the nearest public school. A few years later, the judges were ordering school districts to send kids to schools 50 miles away 100 daily round trips and spending hundreds of billions in buses drivers and vicious obese black women in school district offices pretending to work st moving the kids around.

    That’s what destroyed the cities and substituted White tax payers for black tax recipients.

    Don’t forget plaintiff Brown wasn’t a black child or parent who wanted to attend the nearest school to home. It was Esther Brown an adult Jewish attorney. How did she ever get standing to sue Topeka school district?

    Might as well mention that There were many precursor lawsuits for school desegregation. Brown and the precursors were filed and pursued by Jewish Ellis Island attorneys and funded by AJC and ADL. Marshall was black and the lead attorney for Brown. He was an actor. His lines were written for him and he was intensively coached and rehearsed.

    Never forget it was Jewish money and Jewish attorneys who turned the American criminal justice system upside down and inside out in about 20!years. . From protecting society to aiding abetting and encouraging black on White crime, it was Jewish law fare.

  126. Alden says:

    NRA has an excellent legal defense insurance program I have it although my gun sits in a file cabinet and I only bring it to the range a couple times a year. Every White gun owner should get it. There are other legal defense insurance programs for gun owners.

  127. Richard B says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin


    And I didn’t mean it literally.

    I just meant to say that if we don’t believe them and tell them to their face they’re going to respond according to type.

    So, yes, the best thing to do is let them yammer.

  128. SMK says: • Website
    @Ex New Yorker

    These low-IQ brutes, savages, and predators ranged in age from 15 to 27. Another report said they ranged in age from 13 to 25. I wonder how many felonies they’ve committed, indiviually and collectively. I’m sure that all or nearly all of them has histories of crime beginning at age 14 or 13 or even 12 and have committed dozens and scores of violent and other mala in se fellonies. Collectively, I’m sure they’ve committed hundreds of violenet and other mala in se felones and misdemenores, pehaps even thousands. In a sane and just and rational country, virtually all of them would have been in prison rather than free to brutalize and terrorize their white vicitms and nearly all of the older savages and predators would have been buried in prison years age.

    Not nearly enough black male crimnals are in prison, a reality confirmed by the anarchy and mayhem and and warfaure in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, etc. and now even Minneapolis. But “criminal justice reform,” if successful nationwide, will release hundreds of thousands of them and send far fewer of them to prison for much shorter periods of time.

    • Agree: danand
  129. By-tor says:

    It has been ongoing project since Lincoln’s New Englander negro-loving abolitionists and their big money donors ginned up the US military invasion of the South in 1861. It took over 100 years to complete the full subjugation campaign, but they did it.

    • Agree: Counterinsurgency
  130. Alden says:

    Anne lives with a black man and approves of affirmative action. She’s anti decent wages anti worker and just another National Review, Hoover institute etc conservative running dog of the capitalist pigs.

    She’s a great writer and talker. She’s got a great way with words. But like all conservatives she’s just controlled opposition like all Republican presidents and politicians.

    • Replies: @Sean O'Farrell
  131. @Annie Oakley

    Outstanding comment, Annie. Wherever you are building your new life, I could see you working remotely as a free lance writer, especially if you were able to write about topics broached on this website. Godspeed, sister.

  132. El Dato says:

    System Thinking is Good Thinking.

    Of course, the sandpile is a stand-in. Whether it applies to the system under study is unclear.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  133. Augustus says:

    As the saying goes, anon, “We should have picked our own damn cotton.”

  134. Alden says:

    The military is just another alternative to welfare affirmative action government job for blacks. So is the VA.

  135. @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Well, the city’s problem was that, white or otherwise, their economic base vanished by about 1965 after containerization and the dispersion of industry to the countryside thanks to the interstate’s reduction in transportation costs and electronics’ improved communications.

    It was about that time that the cities started their religious dance to the effect that the unemployable are the most worthy citizens, and about that time that the phrase “There’s money in poverty” became common. This was because the cities primary remaining source of cash was welfare payments to the poor, and a moral justification was needed for increased taxes on the hinterland. To maintain that system, it has been necessary to import still more foreign POC who were unemployable, and that accumulation is the largest income generating population in the cities. It provides population needed for political influence, and it provides the moral pretext for taxing the hinterlands.

    White people, as the people being taxed and pushed out of jobs, are not precious. They are something like a deposit of iron ore: something to be mined. That’s why there is no concern over “white death” from despair, addiction, being forced to abort babies for the sake of “career development”, and the like.

    To the political class, it’s sort of like the good news/bad news joke:
    Bad news! The crop has failed and all we have to eat this winter is cow chips!
    Good news! We have plenty of cow chips!

    Or: just because you value yourself and what you do, that doesn’t mean anybody else will.


  136. Alden says:

    Off topic

    Whitey Bulgar’s family is suing Hazelton federal prison for wrongful death.

    • Replies: @Kenn Daily
  137. loren says:

    and who controls the media?

  138. @El Dato

    Of course, the sandpile is a stand-in. Whether it applies to the system under study is unclear.

    Got a book on that — at least it makes the case [1]. Note that it was published a decade ago.


    1] Mark Buchanan
    Crown Publishers, copyright 2000.

  139. Icy Blast says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    There are large “portions” of Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are even better than “pretty nice.” Does that mean that the 19 million “white people” in California should stay there? Things are changing fast. But people who are addicted to TV tend to be ignorant and complacent.

    • Replies: @D-FENS
  140. @c matt

    Back when I was liberal I read a book of stories by Peace Corps volunteers. A story by one volunteer to Ethiopia struck me funny. He enjoyed much of his service there but related a story of how many Ethiopians (mainly children) would scream at him and use the term for “ghost” (a pejorative) and adults would try to say it wasn’t mean spirited or that it meant something else.

    He related a particularly bad day in which his bike ride was marred by many youths calling him “ghost” acting crazy and throwing rocks at him. Eventually he passed by a home with an older Ethiopian man outside his watching him pedal towards him. The Ethiopian stood up and called out to him, “Hello my black brother!”.

    Many hate us, some try to pooh-pooh it and some attempt to.make us feel better by ingratiating themselves to us (and getting us to ingratiate us to them) it at the end I know we are different people, different species, different abilities, passions, etc… Those differences are diversity and attempting to make us “All One or None” is die-versity! 😉

  141. In 1843 Oregon’s provisional government enacted the first lash law, commonly known as black exclusion laws. It became effective in 1844. The laws were simple: Black people were not allowed to be in Oregon. The laws applied to mulattoes as well. Negroes who failed to comply were subject to maximum of 39 lashes, twice each year, until they left Oregon.

    Peter Hardeman Burnett authored the lash laws.

    “The object,” Burnett wrote, “is to keep clear of that most troublesome class of population. We are in a new world, under the most favorable circumstances, and we wish to avoid most of those evils that have so much afflicted the United States and other countries.’’

    Burnett organized or helped organize the first wagon train to Oregon and became the first governor of California.

    The point being: Ratchet behavior has always been evident among blacks in America. It seems innate. It is not the outcome of the government welfare system, the breakdown of the black family, slavery, Obama’s policies, or any other external influence. It is evidentially an expression of the same DNA that results in dark skin and kinky hair. That’s not to conclude that all blacks are violent thugs, but that the propensity of violent behavior among sub-Saharan Africans in the aggregate can only be denied by willful fools.

    You may read the text of the 1844 lash law here:

    You may read about Peter Barnett here:

  142. @Alden

    No love lost for Bulgar, but I suspect he was effectively executed.

    • Replies: @loren
  143. Dave453 says:

    Only fools would allow themselves to be disarmed

  144. @Bob Smith of Suburbia

    Well put – and this is a serious warning, too.

    Currently, the vast majority of whites appear to be genetic failures, unfit to survive in the current times.

    We either evolve, or die.

  145. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo

    I think I spotted the problem.

    • Replies: @St. Thomas Awhineass
  146. Friday Night Gunfights are trending….

    Fro RT USA:
    Two teens were injured as a shooting interrupted a high school football game in Philadelphia’s Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood, forcing an evacuation of the stadium.

    The victims were rushed to the hospital after gunshots broke out behind the bleachers at Marcus Foster Memorial Stadium, where Simon Gratz High School and Imhotep Charter High School were playing a football game. In the ensuing chaos, hundreds of fans were evacuated from the stadium before the game was completed. Both victims are in stable condition, according to local media.

    Guess the demographic makeup of the two schools.

  147. @Realist

    You would think so, if you underestimate the influence of a directed love/hate mob cheering on those expressing approved opinions and dog-piling those who dare to dissent.

    Find the one pulling the strings of the puppets.

    • Replies: @Realist
  148. @Priss Factor

    And in a century there’s going to be 4 billion of them. All those sci-fi authors/filmmakers were right about a dystopia coming soon, they just got the cause wrong.

  149. @Blue Juice

    Why any white people with means live in a place like Chicago is beyond me. Life doesn’t have to be like that. Hell you could move somewhere like Vancouver, where you can go days without seeing a black person and the worst you have to worry about is tastless new money Chinese and ambling heroin addicts (who are unpleasant but not particularly dangerous).

  150. loren says:
    @Kenn Daily

    f— him. he supplied hard drugs to our people in Boston, but didnt allow heroin in.

  151. @Paul

    The black-on-black murder rate is about six times that of the black-on-white murder rate – 75% of mass shootings are blacks killing other blacks.

  152. @animalogic

    …or the fact that if you make a good income living in a big city can be really awesome? People like music shows, museums, being around other people (good income = nice areas = nice people to be around), better/more career opportunities? What is a 130 IQ white guy going to do on a farm when he could be designing buildings as an architect or being a lawyer or a doctor?

  153. @flashlight joe

    Remember that the whole concept of “hate” as a crime was set in motion by the war machine propaganda beginning in 2001

    A lot earlier than that:

    You want to search the internet whenever you quote a date. When I try it without checking, over half the time I get it wrong. Sometimes (rarely, thank goodness) I get it wrong through typ0 even when I have the right date.


  154. No, it wasn’t a “hate crime”, and none of those crimes where a gang of blacks attacked a lone white victim was a hate crime, either, although those blacks probably hate and despise whites. It was a crime based on opportunity, and a good chance the victim would not be armed. Criminals don’t like to take the risk of being shot, so they take the time to size up their prey. If the target looks like a good white pro-gun prohibition liberal or is otherwise judged to be weak, then they get attacked. They tend to avoid attacking obvious rednecks or skinheads, because those kinds of people will fight back and hunt them down and hurt them, if not worse.

    It’s all about being judged to be worthy of respect. If you carry a gun or are generally presumed to be carrying a gun, then you’ve got halfway there. The rest of the way you get to demonstrate that you’re worthy of respect is to not tolerate any disrespect from anyone, at least in the ‘hood, because those are the rules of the ‘hood. Observe them and you will be at least left alone.

    I lived in Over the Rhine for a year, a poor black neighborhood in Cincinnati, about 30 years ago. I was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Cincinnati, and I rented the braumeister’s apartment at one of the old German breweries there, along with some other UC people who lived in various loft areas in the brewery. It was a nice apartment, and cheap. Since I wanted to save money, I didn’t have a car, I rode a bike, walked, or took the bus, so I was out on the street.

    The first week I was there, for five days in a row, every time I went to catch a bus, there’d be a bunch of blacks on the sidewalk, between me and the bus, and they’d form into a line, shoulder to shoulder, and block the sidewalk, so that I had a choice – step off the sidewalk into the street, or walk through the line, bumping one of them. I thought that this was deliberately rude on their part, and so I chose the latter course of action, bumping one, saying “excuse me”, and passing through the line. The last time this happened, getting on the bus, I saw a commotion out of the corner of my eye, and got on the bus. I had apparently knocked one of them down, and he’d drawn a gun, and he was being disarmed by his fellow gang members – the other people living in my building saw it all. The next morning, a little black kid knocked on my door, and exceedingly politely, he showed me what I later found out was the gang sign for the Crips. I was pretty inept at it, so he just said “it’s OK, we know who you are.” I got word from the same little black kid from time to time about places to avoid and the times to avoid them, because “bad shit was going to go down there.” I was able to walk home at two in the morning without any trouble at all, and on a few occasions people crossed to the other side of the street. I always had a heavy black backpack, which I carried in one hand. I was asked once on the bus if I was carrying a gun, and I answered with a question: “Are you feeling lucky today? I might be, and I might not be. It depends, are you feeling lucky?” and the response was “You cool, man, you cool”, and the kid asking the question got off the bus.

    The Cincinnati Police Department did not enter the neighborhood after dark; several years prior to my moving there, two CPD cops drove in after dark, they were removed from their cars, stripped naked, and forced to run out of the ‘hood. Their car was stripped of everything remotely useful, and what remained was set on fire. Thereafter, CPD came only in the daytime, three cars, two cops each, with M-16s locked and loaded, in full body armor and helmets.

    One of the people who lived in my building got the same shoulder-to-shoulder treatment, once. Since he was a good white liberal, he stepped into the street, and got beaten bloody and unconscious. Unfortunately, I was at my office when it happened, although it would have been difficult to do anything effective – the Crips, after all, had access to automatic weapons – you could hear them at night on New Years and Halloween – all three days. They also didn’t tolerate gays – if black, they killed them outright, if white, they got a beatdown as a warning to get out and stay out. I assume similar would happen to transgender people, especially male-to-female types.

    The solution, if you have some odd desire to cross into that culture, is to be armed and take no disrespect from anyone. Otherwise, you’re toast.

    • Agree: Counterinsurgency
    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  155. Anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:
    @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    >”Noor was not a quota hire…[H]e barely reads and writes English”

    You just contradicted yourself.

  156. @Lancelot Link

    “If you look at the county, everything is being developed except for the county seat,” Wilson said. “We’re no longer even the county seat other than geographically. Everything has moved out of here because they have had a long history of being difficult working with the county officials.”

    What the hell does that even mean? Upper Marlboro proper is boxed in…Route 4 to the South, Route 301 to the East, and a combination of hilly terrain, creeks, and wetlands all around. There’s only so much there that CAN be developed. And, the courthouse and related buildings around there have certainly seen more than their fair share of bloat in recent years.

    I just learned something interesting though…Upper Marlboro, proper, is still only about 700 people. Now there’s “Greater Upper Marlboro”, but I don’t think those areas are actually represented by the mayor. Just to play devil’s advocate, I wonder if there might be a small holdout of whites in the area served by the mayor. The only stats I could find showed that it was 60.66% black and 35.01% white. But I don’t know if “white” includes some Latinos. However, a nearby neighborhood of Westphalia, which is big enough to show up in the Census database, shows about 83% black, and 7.2% non-latino White.

    I wonder if something happened, such as the mayor trying to claim eminent domain, or trying some other strong-arm tactics to push the remaining White people out, to try and create some other useless public works project in their place? And, she simply met with some resistance to that, and that’s why she’s crying rayciss?

    • Replies: @Lancelot Link
  157. @Sick 'n Tired

    I think it should be up to the judge or jury to hear the facts of a felony-murder case before a spineless state’s attorney just drops those charges because he is terrified and bullied by some black reverends. Felony-murder is one of the last legal defenses this country has against black mob violence. (Remember this particular black robbery crew was on a rampage for the last few months). If they refuse to charge violent black offenders what’s the point of even having that law on the books?
    This news is just disheartening and infuriating and it looks like the “.357 Defender” is on his own now. Dude Inc. knows where he lives and I hope he has a video surveillance system and concealed-carry insurance (from the NRA, GOA, etc.) I will post if a GoFundMe is set up for him and his wife. However as you said, dropping felony-murder charges was the most likely outcome. I just hope this wakes up people who are still in denial to the fact that BRA is clearly in charge of the American criminal justice system now (at least in blue states like Illinois).

  158. @Augustus

    Not likely Augustus. Although that is the theory that the media and black police officers here in Chicago are clinging to. If he wanted to assassinate her then he could have easily shot her 2 or 3 more times to make sure the job was done before pedaling off. It’s worth noting that he casually pedaled away and appeared to be looking for additional white (female?) victims in Fulton Market (and this is one of the most expensive areas of real estate in the United States). Luckily there were none, just some construction workers and cab drivers on the next block, and he disappeared somewhere into the ghetto.
    This could more likely be just another psychotic Dindu who hates pretty blonde white women. Or if this is the “Duck Walk Killer”, remember he committed his second attack a short time later last time. So stay tuned…

  159. D-FENS says:
    @Richard B

    “Well, that, as much as I value this site, the articles, comments and commenters, and the excellent TUR library, I can’t help but wonder whether TUR is at bottom an information gathering site.”

    I would like to think not but reality has a way of not being what we’d like it to be.

  160. Sbaker says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    This is a hoax. The pictures of the perps are white people in blackface.

    • LOL: Love Street
  161. D-FENS says:
    @Icy Blast

    “There are large “portions” of Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are even better than “pretty nice.” Does that mean that the 19 million “white people” in California should stay there? Things are changing fast. But people who are addicted to TV tend to be ignorant and complacent.”

    I live in central Orange County CA which is still “nice” unlike the northern parts of the county which are now totally mestizo. But the handwriting (actually graffiti) is on the wall. As immigration of third worlders increases, both poor and wealthy, I am seeing more trash, graffiti, traffic, crime and….negroes. I used to doubt posters here claiming that there are more negroes than the census indicates. I don’t anymore. I am seeing them everywhere. They are not African refugees. Is it Trump’s “record low black unemployment”? Section 8? This is an area where a 2BR apartment rents for almost $2000/month. The neighboring town has a school that suddenly went to 7% negro. So far it is an outlier as the others are around 2%. Yesterday, I went for a hike in the nearby canyon and there was a congregation of high school aged negroes that looked to be part of some cross country team. Many of the hikers these days are obese mestizo women playing their Tejano music so loudly I can hear it 20 feet away.

    • Replies: @Love Street
    , @Alden
  162. @D-FENS

    D-Embrace the adversity,
    I mean ..diversity.
    I’ve never been west of kerrville Tx.
    I have no interest to go to CA anymore.
    Big cities in TX are 💩too

  163. @Anon

    It suprized me too.
    My guess is you got a lot of cousins etc. bumming off the relatives high pay AA government jobs .
    Thank God I’m 60m away from there. It reminds me of a smaller Houston or dfw .
    It’s probably the crime capital of central Tx.

    • Replies: @Blip Blop
  164. I told you so! That’s what I said to a friend who called me from MPLS. a while back.I had worked and lived in the Dinky town area of Cedar Riverside with my girlfriend for a while 35 years ago. I could see this happening back then due to the Uof MN importing blacks from African countries that could care less about our laws.I,being from down south, knew how it would it would go if the cops wouldn’t get a handle on it right away, but the libtards even back then thought that I was just another redneck racist from down South. I tried to explain that even the good black people didn’t condone this type of action from the lower IQ youths.It’s been a while but all their chickens are coming home to roost. Most of the white people in MN. are from Sweden so go figure.

  165. Teapot says: • Website
    @Ex New Yorker

    Negropolitan hell holes — love that term! You’re right — these creatures have no life. I’d be surprised if their combined IQ topped 100. Yet our corrupted government keeps on keeping on. So sad. Be prepared; lock and load!

  166. Gene Su says:
    @Ex New Yorker

    I live in New Jersey. I hate going to New York City. Minority crime is, ironically, one of the lesser reasons. More than the crime, I hate the overdevelopment, the bad architecture, the filth, the crowded-ness, the concrete, the homelessness (predominantly but not exclusively minorities).

    Fred Reed has noted this several times before: Non-black punks such as white trash and Hispanic thugs commit their fair share of crime as well. The thing is that their crime is not motivated by hate. If you live in a trailer park, you might have your bike stolen if you leave it outside. If you live in a ghetto, you might be swarmed by a dozen blacks if you go out after dark. That won’t happen in Fish-town.

    • Replies: @loren
  167. Realist says:
    @Mr. Rational

    You would think so, if you underestimate the influence of a directed love/hate mob cheering on those expressing approved opinions and dog-piling those who dare to dissent.

    Yes, it takes strength.

  168. @PO'd in PG County

    My guess is she’s faking the hate. I remember back when that area was solidly white/redneck. Having grown up further north in PG I didn’t go down that way much.

  169. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    What is a 130 IQ white guy going to do on a farm when he could be designing buildings as an architect or being a lawyer or a doctor?

    Good question.

    Designing buildings as an architect can be a real chore when you don’t get design freedom. Last I heard, so many architects were being graduated that the field as a whole had no bargaining power [1].

    Being a physician has serious problems: overwork, an endless cascade of patients you see for just a few minutes, serious conflicts with hyper-aggressive colleagues, being treated rather badly by hospital administration, having to cope with federal laws / insurance companies [2].

    And so on.

    I’m alive myself because I was taught early in life never to walk into an ambush, and never to abandon my friends (also that I don’t have any friends who are trying to kill me). Harsh lessons, and sometimes I’ve avoided quite lucrative possibilities because they meant breaking the above three rules. OTH, I’m still breathing, still married, and the kids are doing well enough.

    Cities, right now, are ambushes waiting to be popped. Metaphorically, of course.




    • Replies: @St. Thomas Awhineass
  170. @streamfortyseven

    No, it wasn’t a “hate crime”,

    It’s not clear that running over the victim with a bicycle was entirely necessary for a simple robbery. Much of the action appeared to be showing off to other gang members, rather like the North American Indians torturing captives.

    Your account does seem consistent with the “aggressive but not brave” description of Black behavior.


  171. loren says:
    @Gene Su

    Homeless in LA seem to be mostly White.
    Those Whites were middle or working poor, once.
    some still have jobs and live in cars.

    • Replies: @Gene Su
  172. Augustus says:

    Many years ago, Murray Rothbard looked at legislation developing educational preference, set asides, affirmative action, etc., and named the beneficiaries as most-favored-citizens.
    The implication is that the rest of us are least, if ever favored. Now, due to leftist media control, we are called deplorables with white privilege. The left twists the language into Newspeak for it’s nefarious reasons.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  173. Augustus says:
    @Eddie Blake

    “America is impaired because of blacks.”

    Way back 4 decades ago, I read where a Japanese businessman said, “Americans are not collectively as smart as Japanese.”

    He paused and thought, then added, “Of course America has a lot of blacks.”

    The Japanese have never believed the multi-culti, diverse society is a strength.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  174. @Alden

    You’re right on all counts, Alden. It’s a shame to see Ms. Coulter burning the coal, but at least she’s burning show business coal with Mr. Dyno-miiiiiiiiiiiite, Jimmie “JJ” Walker. It just goes to show that despite her high I.Q. and exceptional oratory and writing skills, deep down she’s a racially-confused, insecure tween.

    • Replies: @ShermanFan
    , @loren
    , @By-tor
  175. Augustus says:
    @Lancelot Link

    So those guys beating white people are in their 40s and 50s, having been vetted by Reagan and his people?

    • Replies: @Lancelot Link
  176. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    Designing buildings as an architect, being a lawyer or a doctor is quite a lofty profession. But those titles mean nothing if you’re paralyzed from the waist down from being shot, or permanent brain damage from being beat down by a pack of feral negroes.

    If you lived out in the country, you could use that 130 IQ and open up a fresh produce/fruit stand with locally grown fruits and vegetables to sell to your white neighbors who could use the healthy food.

    I dunno, maybe raise some money and set up a state of the art health/dental/vision wellness clinic for those white poor folks who can’t afford ObamaCare or private insurance?

    A lot of small white towns have their own theaters that do quite well. They employ local people to set up shop for the upcoming shows.

    As a white man, your obligation to society and your volk/kith/kin is to make white children, marry a white woman and help your race to be better people.

    As an older white woman, it’s my obligation and moral duty to help poor young white families and children with wisdom, knowledge and money to help them on their journey, like my white ancestors helped me.

    You can’t get that in the shitties.

  177. @anon

    Couldn’t agree more, although I wouldn’t limit it to only white “liberals”…

  178. @Ex New Yorker

    Isn’t part of the solution to return to building walled cities? This time it would be to keep the ferals in.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
  179. AnalogMan says:

    Thank you for that link. Purely by coincidence, I was just wondering this morning what had happened about that case. At the time of the murder, I wondered how people could be so blind. Because, at that time, no media reports that I saw so much as hinted that Guede could have been involved, let alone that he had been charged in the murder.

    To me, it was obvious that he had done it. Pure prejudice? Maybe. But, being from Africa myself, I know what that species is capable of. They can be smiling and friendly one moment, and if you frustrate them in any way, the next instant in a murderous rage. It’s as if somebody died of poison, and nobody thought to wonder if the rattlesnake had anything to do with it.

    But this is just another instance of media malfeasance. So it turns out he was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced with no mention in the newspapers.

    At the time, I doubted that Knox was guilty, but she stepped in crap and reaped the rewards of her lifestyle and her associations – chiefly Guede. If only she had known Rule 1: Avoid the Groid. But then, she appears to have made a point of breaking all the rules.

    Never knew that Coulter had sided with him. But it is true that she has unsanitary associations with the creatures.

  180. AnalogMan says:
    @flashlight joe

    Blacks should be looking for their next Martin Luther King. A great man who brought people together to work peacefully for change and make society more tolerant and fair to improve their lives.

    That’s a joke, right?

    • Replies: @redmudhooch
  181. Gene Su says:

    Like I said, they might defecate on the sidewalk but they would beat you half to death because you are the wrong race.

  182. @AnalogMan

    Nope, not a joke.
    His name is Louis Farrakhan.
    You should check him out, cool cat, Mr. Unz used to post his stuff back in the good ol days.

    • Replies: @Love Street
  183. @Sean O'Farrell

    One must remember the differences between a Conservative and a Republican.
    The lines are often blurred because the media lumps the two together, but chain smoking, Democrat loving Anne just loves getting pounded by the opposition.
    Great mind and skills or not, she’s got some demons in her personal life that are kept hidden.

    Never vote for the GOP just cuz, vote for candidates that believe in the Constitution, States Rights, the right of the people to keep and bear arm, and balanced spending with a low-tax rate budget.

    GOP and Democrats voted time and time again to facilitate sending jobs overseas. Learn to code they said.
    Hey, now we have a shortage of qualified tradesmen (and women for you PC people). Well thanks Obama, but we need people that can work skilled trades and illegal immigrants aren’t them.

    That illegal who murdered Mollie Tibbets in Iowa, well he worked on the Farm of a major GOP donor. No charges. E-verify works, but you gotta use it.

    You want an answer? There isn’t one. These politicians, even if they mean well and want to do the right thing, will be isolated, shunned, their bills will get no cosponsorship, they rapidly become ineffectual. So, we get duplicitous politicians that are only out for one thing: the enrichment of themselves.

    Think of our two party system as described in South Park: Giant Douche and Turd Sandwhich.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Sean O'Farrell
  184. @Augustus

    The implication is that the rest of us are least, if ever favored. Now, due to leftist media control, we are called deplorables with white privilege. The left twists the language into Newspeak for it’s nefarious reasons.

    OK. Cities need a pretext to tax. They have to provide a “service”, preferably to meet an “immediate need” to some constitutency and are prone to defer maintenance of basic infrastructure to meet these “immediate needs”. “Somebody is dying of exposure” beats “the electrical grid is about to fail”. Given such a pretex, government can tax and expand. “There’s money in poverty.” Expansion is good because it opens more patronage jobs for the otherwise unemployable members of the coalition supporting the current / permanent government. In short, the “costs” are, from the city government’s perspective, income.

    OK. Each “homeless person” “costs” (to one figure accuracy) 10,000 USD/year [1]. That’s 10^4 dollars/year. Ten thousand (10^4) them would bring in 10^8 dollars/year, 0.8 billion USD/year. And that’s not taxable income, that’s money put directly into the urban government’s bureaucracy.

    How many people with jobs can put a ten thousand USD/yr into the city bureaucracy? How many groups can be used as a pretext to tax 0.8 billion dollars/year? Is it any real wonder that the CATO4321 people are given the freedom of the city to work their magic on city income? Nothing else works so well. Example: PG&E infrastructure is at end of service life. Within the past week San Francisco peninsula has had a blackout that affected 60,000 people. Sparks on over-age high voltage transmission lines are starting forest fires. The electorate’s response has been to loot what remains of the company, apparently as punishment for “not supplying electricity”. _Nothing_ is as good for tax income as demonstrated misery and want.

    This is a direct consequence of the cities turning to tax money in the late 1960s to replace their lost income from light manufacturing and cargo transshipment. Once the cities started turning themselves into sort of beggar’s guild, and misery/want turned into a money making tax justification, the cities were obviously going to produce more want and misery.

    Again, for the classic reference on political thought, see Plunkitt’s interviews [5].


    1] Cost is computed from Seattle example, and is probably not accurate beyond one digit. [2] says about 12,500 (about 1*10^5) homeless in Seattle, [2] says a billi0n (1*10^9) USD/year, giving about 10^4, or 10,000 “cost’ per homeless person per year. Source of these funds is given in [4]. (note differences in USD/year assumed between [3] and [4].
    5] _Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: a series of very plain talks on very practical politics_.
    Entertaining book; Plunkitt sees himself as a good guy. But note the games he’s playing. Given the situation of the late 1960s, the abstract games he was playing have created the current situation in the cities.

    • Replies: @Alden
  185. Alden says:

    It’s probably Los Angeles blacks shoved out of South Los Angeles moving to Orange County because Hispanics have taken over the old black sections of Los Angeles.

  186. @TheMediumIsTheMassage

    “What is a 130 IQ white guy going to do on a farm when he could be designing buildings as an architect or being a lawyer or a doctor?”

    Designing buildings for dindus to live in.

    Being a lawyer for dindus under arrest.

    Sewing up projectile-perforated dindus in the ER.

    I live in the middle of nowhere. I’ve got an online business with customers in over 80 countries and multiple real estate to work on and develop–and a pomegranate farm of sorts.

    I don’t get to sit around with stuffy pretentious people eating and drinking and going to the ever-banal museums and watching boring plays and operas and movies and dropping names. Boo hoo.

    Going to the big city next week. Will be looking out for the purple hair.

  187. @Counterinsurgency

    In college they wanted me to go to med school to become a shrink. I studied professions, and doctors had not only highest suicide rates, but highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse and divorce. Hence I passed on being a doctor.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  188. @DESERT FOX

    Trump is doing it. He just deposed Bibi, sections of border wall are going up, pollos are slated for return to Salvador, etc. Meantime the spoken wheels of Qanon continue to slowly turn.

    The swamp will take many years to drain.

    • Replies: @DESERT FOX
  189. @Annie Oakley

    I believe there are compromise places for those inclined. Small towns 30-60 minutes from a city. Close enough to access city benefits (ie museums etc) but far enough for safety & benefits of small town community.

  190. @Jake

    “Thank God for true-blue Yank WASPs who created Abolitionism and then gave us Reconstruction”

    Yes but they (WASPS) never realized that the African population would grow to 40 million. And they probably never realized that they would move north in such great numbers.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  191. Bothered says:
    @Annie Oakley

    That right there IS the problem. They are following us. Everywhere.

    Also, “someone” makes sure these small towns with limited opportunity are flooded with heavy drugs.

    It’s a tough environment to raise kids. On the surface sounds idyllic, but there is now an underbelly in these rural areas.

    I have a vacation house out in rural, rural Colorado (extremely rural, I have to drive 30 minutes to get milk). I have had it for 15 years. There is an elementary school just up the road. Every year, for 15 years, they do “Meth Awareness Night”. Just last year, they’ve added “Opiate Awareness Night”.

    Not that those evils aren’t just as bad in the suburbs. They are. But they burn through rural areas like a forest fire.

  192. loren says:
    @Sean O'Farrell

    and she has a column favoring Rudy over Amanda Know.

  193. @St. Thomas Awhineass

    I stand by what I said, Trump is a zionist puppet and he did not depose Netanyahu as Netanyahu will be replaced by another zionist warmonger and so nothing has changed and the zionists still rule the zio/US gov and the immigration flood will continue.

    Q is a deep state psyops, and is like the Pied Piper leading Americans to destruction!

  194. @St. Thomas Awhineass

    Gotta be agile to survive, and all that glitters isn’t gold. Sometimes, like “harem guard”,the glitter offers a unique experience.


  195. @Jake

    Thank God for true-blue Yank WASPs who created Abolitionism and then gave us Reconstruction.

    And on top of that learned nothing from the experience.


  196. @Augustus

    It’s their kids.

    That President Ray-Gun was happy to have them should speak to the real politics of the old fool. Oh, and they make a LOT OF MONEY squeezing them out. Squeezing them out and raising them, too.

  197. @Annie Oakley

    Annie, I feel your frustration about comments that do not get posted. I have two now in succession that haven’t made it, neither of which would be considered over the top.
    A short explanation as to why this happens – whether it’s a technical glitch or that possibly PK is overloaded at times – would be helpful, since many other commenters have experienced the same problem. Some to the point where they’ve quit posting.
    Ah, well, I’m glad you’re still at the keyboard. You’re too good of a commenter to lose.

  198. anarchyst says:

    I think it’s more insidious than that.

    Most politicians who call themselves “Republicans” do not have the “courage of their convictions”.

    As odious as most Democrat “goals” are, the Democrats are out there. They want your guns, and they are not afraid to say so. They might not get them all at once, but they are using incrementalism to get what they want, chipping away at the Second Amendment a little at a time..

    Most Republicans are lazy, without strong convictions, and “going along to get along”. THAT is a major defect of Republicans and the conservative movement in general.

    Republicans are too “milquetoast” to get out there and FIGHT with the courage of their convictions.

    The “perks” of public office are the same, whether one takes on political fights or just “kicks back” and “let things happen”.

    As to the jews, they have their hands in BOTH major political parties, using the Democrats to push their leftist communist goals and the Republicans as an ATM.

    • Replies: @Sean O'Farrell
  199. @redmudhooch

    I don’t agree with LFs opinion on mlk but he’s right about the chosenites.

  200. @ShermanFan

    All valid points, SF. Well said.

  201. @anarchyst

    Right, right, and right again, anarchyst. Much respect, brother.

  202. I live in Texas where it’s quite common for a citizen of any race, sex, sexual identity, creed, age or religion to carry a concealed weapon (about 25% of the population).

    We very rarely seen anything remotely resembling this carnage. I suspect the two things are related.

  203. @Lancelot Link

    Lancelot Link———Ronald Reagan did make a few bad calls. However,most of the blame falls on Ted Kennedy. Tidal River Ted lost 2 brothers to “gun violence”. Perhaps that’s why old Teddy decided to shoot the country in the head with his immigration bill.

    • Replies: @Alden
  204. Alden says:

    Great post. It’s not just the city governments either. It’s the churches Jewish social services and the numerous NGOs that get federal state and county money to help the poor of the cities.

    The more poor the more money. Worse the schools the more money. More homeless the more money for counselors for the homeless. Maxine Waters district the biggest employer is government social services. Probably that way in most non White districts.

    Universities now offer MAs and PHDs in Social Justice Entrepreneurship. Essentially grant hustling like SPLC and the rest.

    • Agree: DESERT FOX
  205. Alden says:
    @Not Woke--Not Broke

    Immigration bill was 65. RFK killed 1968. By then RFK was an extreme anti White radical. No loss. Didn’t matter who became president in 68. Nixon was the affirmative action president. RFK would have been as bad but with more blatant radical anti White rhetoric.

  206. Alden says:
    @Annie Oakley

    15 miles south west of the San Francisco city line there are farm stands where you can buy produce just out of the fields and orchards. The fruit is real fruit sweet and ripe. Those farms were planted 200 years ago. San Mateo county directly south of the San Francisco city line even has a thriving 4 H club. You can stop at the orchid growers and buy orchid plants that sell for $12 to $50 dollars for $5 to $20.

    And many of the little towns have no blacks at all or 1 percent. What joy, a public K-8 a thousand kids and only 1 -3 blacks. And a small herd of deer on the lawn ignoring what goes on. Of course deer are vermin that devour gardens. But there’s mountain lions and coyotes that keep them away from the residential districts.

    And you can paddle your kayak out into the ocean and haul up the crabs in your pots or catch a fish big enough to fed 5 people in an hour. And be home in 10 minutes.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  207. Alden says:
    @Magic Dirt Resident

    I’m shocked they even mentioned the beating. Maybe one sentence. Robbery at bar closing time.

  208. By-tor says:
    @Sean O'Farrell

    Norman Lear- the uber-liberal activist- is who spread Walker-Coulter dating rumour. Seems somewhat unlikely that these two ever ‘dated’ in a romantic sense perhaps other than a few PR appearances, because Walker is an old man in his 70’s.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  209. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:


  210. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    Norman Lear the creator of All in the Family? That guy is still alive?

    Makes sense. Archie Bunker was the first real media attack on the white male and the middle-American normal way of life.

  211. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    They probably didn’t because these same New Englanders imported the Irish-Catholics and Italians and Slavs to work in their mills and factories.

    Clearly, they preferred recruiting labor from Europe than US blacks from the South.

  212. anarchyst says:

    We have the same thing in rural Michigan.

    Quite often, fruit and vegetable stands are unattended with prices posted.

    The “honor system” prevails, with a weighted coffee can or jar used to accept payment sans humans. Take your fruit or vegetables and put your payment in the can or jar.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  213. MarkinLA says:

    “Teens” again and no mention of race. Haven’t they caught on that everybody in America already knows?

    • Agree: Love Street
    • Replies: @AR in Illinois
  214. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    Where is this? Iron Mountain? UP somewhere?

  215. @Jeff Stryker

    Every US state has wonderful rural areas.

    I could even show you some in tiny Rhode Island!

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  216. @MarkinLA

    Sad and disgusting and makes me mad as hell. Those 2 fn savages need to be charged as adults and put away for life. Also sickening is the media refusing to state that this “game” is, as far as I know, a totally black on white crime. I’ve yet to see any video or other evidence that “white people do it too”. This country needs a re-set. I just hope I live long enough to participate in it when it happens.

  217. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    Sir. In my opinion this is the one fallback of whites because blacks and other urban minorities don’t really adapt well to the rugged dimensions of rural living. If you are black and virtually penniless and you are better in an area with public transport and free medical care and liquor stores on every corner.

    You cannot really lead a life of crime and drugs in a small rural community where the police know everyone’s name.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  218. anarchyst says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    No, just about every rural area that is absent blacks has unattended fruit and vegetable stands.

  219. WhatThe says:

    I thought since Prince died there were only 12 blacks left in Minnesota.

  220. @Ex New Yorker

    Could you provide a short list of towns that my wife and I could move to? Thanks.

  221. Blip Blop says:
    @Love Street

    Killeen is a pitiful place. I call it the Mulatto Capitol of Texas. The city is a good example of the “best case scenario” for what a Brazilified America looks like. Federal dollars make it inhabitable. It’s probably 30% mystery meat, with blacks, asians, mexicans making up most of the rest, with a smattering of fancy GoodWhites and poor white trash. There are plenty of white Chadish officers with gook wives.

    The city is reasonably safe during the day. The minorities are fairly jolly because they have an enormous influx of government cash to keep the wolves away. Good luck getting into a restaurant on an Army pay-day. Killeen supports far greater retail choices than its demographics would indicate, due to the Federal dollars.

    Ft. Hood is a cavalry base, which is why the human capital is so pitiful. Cavalry requires an enormous amount of support personnel, the sort of menial crap jobs that attract minorities. The soldiers at the front gate stare at you blankly while they monotonically recite “Welcome to the Great Place.”

    Overall, it’s a depressing and stupid location.

  222. @Jeff Stryker

    We also have big dogs here–every single house has at least one.

    (Actually had a break-in here years ago when nobody was home. The perp didn’t last more than thirty seconds inside and stole minimal stuff before fleeing–chow chows don’t bark–they just bite. 😉 )

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  223. Watching the growth of these animals in each liberal enclave makes one wonder, what will Liberals do when they finally get out of control.

  224. buckwheat says:

    Keep coddling these animals and this is the result.

  225. Jeff Stryker [AKA "madman marz"] says:

    Actually, people who have never been to a real hood like Detroit have no idea that packs of pits and doberman and other dangerous dogs run free on the streets.

    You are in as much danger in a ghetto from wild feral dogs as you are from wild feral humans.

    At any rate, living in rural locations is difficult for urban whites depending upon their skill set. If every urban white could easily relocate to rural small towns and get their kids out of a public school full of drugs and gangs and into a public school with a 4-H Club they would.
    But the economy of small towns is finite.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  226. @Jeff Stryker

    You claim to be from Michigan and you don’t know this?  It’s true:  this is a regular sight anywhere that populations are thin and the paperwork-Americans aren’t.

    I found a self-serve stand with postcards and hats and things on Stuart Island, in Puget Sound.  They even gave out envelopes to mail in your payment later!  I still have the oilskin hat somewhere.  There are plenty of transients coming through all the time, people sailing and kayaking in with new groups every few days, but apparently the honor system works because it’s a Whitopia.

  227. Mr. Rational——-Whitopia sounds like heaven.I am 200 miles to the closest one.

  228. JMcG says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    For years now, certain areas of Philadelphia have been inundated with packs of youths riding stolen dirt bikes anywhere they choose. It’s surreal to an outsider. You’ll see packs of 60 or 70 taking over streets and parks, riding wherever they like. The cops don’t raise a finger to stop them.
    I call it Mad Blax.

  229. Sunshine says:

    Why would any white person want to be any of those things? What does it benefit them? Sure, be a doctor, and help a bunch of foreigners and blacks that are there to replace you and your fellow whites. Be a lawyer, help your dusky replacements get off from their crimes. Design buildings for the new diverse and vibrant population that is going to replace you! I have no desire to spend my life working myself to death to provide them with whatever they feel entitled to, as the government robs me of my income to give them more, while I pay exorbitant amounts of money to live in a so called “safe” area (which isn’t safe at all).

    Do you really think that the amount of money a person makes, makes them a “better” person? Do you vet your friends by their income? What happens if you accidentally meet a person making below your acceptable threshold?

    I grew up outside of DC and I spent a lot of time with the moneyed elite class. You’d be hard pressed to find a nastier nest of vipers anywhere. I’d take my poor Appalachian hillbilly relatives ANY DAY. And I love my mini farm. I’d like to think that my intelligence helped me realize, at an early age, that society certainly wasn’t interested in doing anything for me other than demonizing me because I’m white, so spending my life in pursuit of hollow “accomplishments” that aren’t actually accomplishments, is a waste of my time. I have zero interest in showing off to a cadre of obnoxious status seeking arrivistes, and I’ve been to museums and plays and all of that stuff. It isn’t worth fearing for my life or raising my children in a hostile hellhole. But hey, you choose what’s best for you.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @TheMediumIsTheMassage
  230. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

    When you were 27 years old, does anyone remember hanging out socially with 15 year olds?

    When I was 15, I hung out with guys that old. But I sure as Hell didn’t hang out with guys that young, when I reached that age. I was always a smart guy who could make older dudes laugh, so I grew up with a lot of older friends…some of them had friends older than they were, that I would often eventually meet, and the upshot is I knew guys in my 30s when I was teenager. But the reverse definitely did not occur.

  231. elcid says:
    @John Johnson

    The problem is when White people leave uninhabitable areas they do not change their political or social views. As soon as they become a majority in the new area, they enact the same laws and try to enforce the same political correctness that caused their former homes to be uninhabitable. I am formerly from New Jersey and now live in Florida, so I know what I am talking about. My area of Florida is full of Norther refugees. They have not learned a thing.

  232. @Lancelot Link

    Lancelot Link- please show us where the proof is that Reagan let in Somalis. I was in Somalia in 1992 and after. Ilhan Omar’s parents were let in in 1992 supposedly as political refugees. Bill Clinton took over and then let in tens of thousands.
    Where did you get your information?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  233. @Lost american

    Refugees come with war and the Somalian war and BLACK HAWK DOWN era took place in the early nineties.

  234. Luwanee says:

    This will continue to happen in all the urban (liberal) areas until strong pro 2nd amendment and stand your ground laws are passed. “Remember an armed society is a polite society, manners matter when one must backup his acts with his life.”

  235. @Sunshine

    I go to museums, have a fulfilling career, live close to all my friends, and have zero fear for my life walking around at 3AM. Because I live in a city with less than 1% black people. 10/10, would highly recommend!

  236. There is a shortage of cops in many of the major cities. They don’t want to try and do their jobs with a target on their backs. They don’t want to put their lives on the line for people who hate them and don’t respect them. You’re better off living in a smaller town than a major metropolis. You can go on and find the racial makeup of almost every city and town in America. The higher the white population, the safer the town.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  237. @Hugh Monguss

    What is working class urban white going to do in the sticks? How are you going to be a gentleman farmer when you live from paycheck to paycheck.

    Become a taxidermist for hunting season? Open a tattoo parlor?

    Most small-town whites flock to cities after college graduation. There are very few options in rural towns.

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