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New York City Phases Out Gifted and Talented Programs in Elementary Schools Because Too Few Non-Whites Admitted to the Program
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Previously on SBPDL: Dallas Public Schools Will No Longer Suspend Students Because Too Few White Students Are Suspended….

Regression to the Negro Mean…[De Blasio to Phase Out N.Y.C. Gifted and Talented Program, New York Times, October 8, 2021]:

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday unveiled a plan to overhaul gifted and talented education in New York City elementary schools, calling for sweeping changes to a highly selective program that has been widely criticized for exacerbating segregation in the nation’s largest school system.

Under Mr. de Blasio’s plan — released when he has just three months left in office — elementary school students who are currently enrolled in gifted classes would become the final cohort in the existing program.

The system would be replaced by a program that offers the possibility of accelerated learning to students in the later years of elementary school. And the test given to kindergarten students to screen for the gifted program, already suspended in part because the city’s advisory school board refused to renew it last year, would be permanently ended.

“I bet you a lot of parents are going to look at this plan and say this is a reason to stay” in public schools, Mr. de Blasio said in a radio interview on Friday, adding that far more children would have the opportunity to receive some accelerated learning than under the existing system. But some families and elected officials who support keeping aspects of the current gifted system sharply disagreed.

Mr. de Blasio has been criticized for not taking forceful action to fulfill his promise of tackling inequality in public schools. The announcement comes just three months before he must leave office because of term limits, putting the fate of the plan in the hands of his successor. Mr. de Blasio, who is weighing a run for governor next year, has also said the plan could change as the city seeks comment from the public.

Eric Adams, the Democratic nominee for mayor and the prohibitive favorite to win next month’s election, has rejected calls to get rid of gifted classes, and has instead said he favors an expansion of the programs into low-income neighborhoods. Experts have said that plan would do little to integrate the programs without more direct changes to admissions.

“Eric will assess the plan and reserves his right to implement policies based on the needs of students and parents, should he become mayor,” said Evan Thies, a spokesman for Mr. Adams’s campaign. “Clearly the Department of Education must improve outcomes for children from lower-income areas.”

The mayor’s action attempts to address what the city has known for decades: Its gifted and talented program has contributed to racially segregated classrooms and schools for thousands of students citywide.


Though about 70 percent of the roughly 1 million public school students in New York are Black and Latino, about 75 percent of the roughly 16,000 students in gifted elementary school classes are white or Asian American. For years, rising kindergarten students have gained access to the program via a high-stakes exam that some families pay tutors to help their children prepare for.

How dare white people (and Asians) populate the gifted elementary school classes, when 70 percent of the public school students are non-white!

Welcome to post-America America, where the standards once governing white America are entirely abandoned, because non-white America no longer represents America.

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  1. Retards, mutants, half-breeds and stupid niggers are our future. A third world country we will soon be. Glad I am old and probably won’t see it.

    • Agree: DMZABO, Mrwolf
  2. High IQ societies like Mensa and Triple Nine Society have become woke, to a large extent. Bongino would call them stupid gifted people.

    If the gifted people cannot defend special education that fits gifted people, who can? Promoting bored and desperate kids amidst mediocrity was one main purpose of mensa. Helping them out of totally backward inner city schools is even more pressing

    Mensa gets very embarrassed by questions like:
    What should be the Mensa Admission criteria in Black nations like Somalia? IQ 100 with is 2 standard deviations above the Somali mean of 70? or IQ 130, the standard of white countries?

    Also they don’t like to hear questions why Arabs, Pakistanis and Blacks are underrepresented.

    • Replies: @Currahee
  3. A_p_e aside, taxpayers should NOT be on-the-hook for G&T classes. The least worst compromise is for the government to provide basic skills to desperately poor kids; done by 8th grade or so. As an alternative to those unfortunates receiving no formal education whatsoever. (In fact, it fails miserably at that simple task, despite spending, in NYC’s case, > \$30K per kid each year.)

    Big picture, when the government sets up an exclusionary system, even by competitive entrance exam, it stigmatizes those who either can’t meet the standard, or else don’t care to try. Laws that punish the innocent (those of you who have been screwed by AA policies can relate) is trial by legislature, i.e. an unconstitutional attainder.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
    , @mike99588
  4. It’s obvious from looking at his “fambly” that de Blasio (birth name:  Warren Wilhelm Jr.) hates America and hates Whites.

    Depriving White children of their only opportunity for a decent education in a school that isn’t a racial war zone is exactly the sort of thing he’s about.

  5. Happy Columbus Day Everybody!!!!!

    • Agree: DMZABO
    • Thanks: Augustus
  6. Course curriculum for the disparaged students of color, car jacking 101, drug dealing, running from cops (accelerated course), AP gang banging, sexual assault (advanced placement) etc. Bilions wasted on trying to educate the negro when 95% are IQ and common sense deficient. Open the windows New York and throw more money away.

  7. loren says:

    Gifted children need guidance at home.
    The family that studies together buddies forever.

    School, public, well…..

    MENSA…whats going on there?

  8. Alfa158 says:

    How many White students are even left in NY public schools?
    “about 75 percent of the roughly 16,000 students in gifted elementary school classes are white or Asian American”. What’s the racial breakdown? “75%” could theoretically mean that 74% are Asian and 1% are White.
    That’s certainly not the case, since there are more than enough Jewish Whites NYC to provide plenty of White kids in gifted classes, but the NYT as usual resorts to Talmudic dishonesty in order to convey the impression that the gifted classes has lots of little blond kids who might as well be wearing their swastikas on armbands.

    • Agree: DMZABO
    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
  9. @Abolish_public_education

    taxpayers should NOT be on-the-hook for G&T classes.

    If taxpayers are on the hook for regular and SPED classes, the gifted & talented should also be provided an education appropriate to their abilities.

    Given that G&T children tend to have G&T parents, if the parents weren’t paying taxes for inappropriate schooling they could probably buy better schooling on their own.

    The least worst compromise is for the government to provide basic skills to desperately poor kids

    How about making sure that desperately poor people don’t become parents?  Why allow the dysfunctions to be passed down to a new generation?

  10. usNthem says:

    Everything must be brought down to the sub-intellectual level of the negro, and of course nothing good will ever come of it. Just further degradation, but it won’t stop the lunatics from continuing down the highway to hell.

  11. mike99588 says:

    How about every kid deserves near equal resources.
    Truly gifted and talented kids get gypped in ordinary classes.
    Dump underpopulated G&T classes and parasitic untalented administrators ? fine with me.
    So how about, at least, just give them their tuition and let mom and dad haul the rest of the load?

  12. As someone in Mensa (as well as Triple Nine and Intertel) leadership, I can confirm this. I posted a link a few weeks ago how a black member raped multiple people, is in jail for 30 years, yet is still an active member. There was an effort to fund a BIPOC scholarship, and also the board released a Fentanyl Floyd statement last year.

    However, it seems to be pissing off the rank-and-file, which was reflected in the recent board of directors election. The black rapist is in the process of being booted out, and the BIPOC scholarship donations have yielded a negligible amount. Members are fighting back at attempts to dumb down entrance scores.

  13. As a parent who had 2 kids in a G&T program (pre-K through high school), I can tell you 3 things:
    1) the classes ARE diverse – kids from every background were tested and were accepted into the program;
    2) love of learning must come from the home, and must be supported every step of the way. The racism coming from Mayor Wilheim, Rev. Al, BLM and others all come from jealousy and resentment. Yes, G&T classes are Asian-heavy, but why? Is it because there are “learning centers” on every block in Asian neighborhoods where kids go after school and on weekends to learn and prep for tests? If you feel you’re under-represented, why not leverage what many Asians do for their kids?
    3) much of this complaining is to destroy our educational system. As a native New Yorker I can tell you I’ve seen the decline for decades. Homeschooling is gaining in popularity, as is school choice. Stop the destruction – be an active PTA parent and run for School Boards!

    • Agree: NY Girl
  14. Dan Hayes says:
    @Mr. Rational

    FYI: de Blasio’s mother was a frothing-at-the-mouth Boston-area leftist. Once again the trope about the apple never falling far from the tree!

    • Replies: @Lancelot_Link
  15. Currahee says:

    Again, allow me to say that HBD has totally failed to gain traction with America’s smart fraction.
    So the Negro Delusion Bubble continues to expand: vast, deep and impenetrable.

  16. Dan Hayes says:

    Many Ashkenazi Jews have left (actually fled) NYC proper. The self-contained Brooklyn ultra-Orthodox seemed to be cushioned off.

  17. G&T is just another, public education gimmick. Its main goal is not academic prep but rather to build popular, political support for the system. To maintain the illusion that the schools can be all things for all people.

    • AP courses? We got it.
    • Vocational training? Check.
    • Financial literacy? 2nd door on the left.
    • Sports leagues? Why go anywhere else? (I must admit that the schools do a pretty good job of teaching football.)
    • “If you like your current doctor, you can keep him.”

    Of course, non-leftists are not supposed to care that the schools also throw-in:

    • Sekz-ed for 1st graders (see WA Question #90)
    • Ethnic Studies (a new requirement in CA, beginning in a few years)
    • Gender-neutral locker rooms
    • Indigenous People’s Day.

    • Agree: NY Girl
    • Replies: @Rooster111
  18. @Mr. Rational

    It’s obvious from looking at his “fambly” that de Blasio (birth name: Warren Wilhelm Jr.) hates America and hates Whites.

    Maybe he should re focus some of his time and attention toward helping his daughter overcome her heroin problem.

  19. @Abolish_public_education

    You also can add tampons in boys bathrooms (California) to the list. Honestly, has their ever been a society that’s had more idiotic beliefs than the ones we’re seeing now? At least when Indians did rain dances, there wasn’t definitive evidence that it didn’t work… yet we have people today believing that a male can give birth to a baby!

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  20. Bite Moi says:

    Anybody else here read “Harrison Bergeron”. This is the “woke” edition.

    • Agree: NY Girl
    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  21. aandrews says:

    A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it ‘kindergarten level’
    Bill Bostock 18 hours ago
    Business Insider

    Speaking to the Financial Times in his first interview since leaving, Chaillan said China was far ahead of the US.

    “We have no competing fighting chance against China in fifteen to twenty years. Right now, it’s already a done deal; it is already over in my opinion,” he said.

    Chaillan went on to say that the AI capabilities and cyber defenses of some government departments were at “kindergarten level,” the FT said.


    China is aiming to becoming the leading AI superpower by 2030, and a March report from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence said the US was “not prepared to defend the United States in the coming artificial intelligence (AI) era.”

  22. @Dan Hayes

    And the mayor changed his name due to his inability to be like a mayor to his family due to his nasty hatred for his own dad.

    Oh, and Mayor Provolone went to private schools all his damned life. A manchild of privelige!

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
  23. Truth says:

    You mean…

    Because too many Asians and not enough whites are represented in the program.

    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  24. loren says:

    news from the front

    a Florida daycare worker was arrested and charged with child abuse after she was caught dropping and hitting a one-year-old child.

    51-year-old Yamirka Menendez took the one-year-old out of a mechanical swing, lifted him off the ground and dropped him onto the floor, according to Florida authorities. The woman was then seen hitting the victim with the mechanical swing.

    never trust a yamirka.

    as for brian golsby goes, his trial can be seen online and his rap sheet, gawd.

  25. @Truth

    That’s it! You nailed it. You finally caught us red handed.

    Now you can leave.

    • Replies: @Truth
  26. @Bite Moi

    Ages ago.  Probably my favorite dystopian story.

  27. @Rooster111

    The worst part is most of the ones who believe that bullshit are college educated and look down their noses at the people who actually do real work for a living and keep this country running. They think anyone who doesn’t buy into the bullshit like men can have periods/babies, are small minded, racist redneck LGBTQXYZ-phobe bigots. Yet most of them wouldn’t know what end of a hammer to use.

    I’ve tuned people like that out for years, and refuse to deal with or tolerate their stupidity. Which seems to know no limits, grows in leaps and bounds, becomes more bizarre & absurd each week to where it seems like parody at this point. The scary part is the amount of people who believe it, promote it, and will happily ruin anyone’s life/career/reputation who doesn’t.

  28. @Sick 'n Tired

    Spot on! Funny thing about them not knowing which end of a hammer to use. I used to have a liberal college professor as a neighbor, and he literally could not pound a nail. He called me over one day to help reattach a piece of trim that had fallen off, I wondered why he needed me until I saw him attempt to use the hammer…

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
    , @Bite Moi
  29. @Rooster111

    That’s just pathetic and weak.
    You should’ve done the work and taken his balls with you as payment.

    • Replies: @Mr. Rational
  30. @Detroit Refugee

    You’re assuming that his balls weren’t in his wife’s purse.

  31. Bite Moi says:

    Rooster111——-Credentialed,aka “educated” is not the same thing as intelligent.

  32. @Sick 'n Tired

    I’ve tuned people like that out for years, and refuse to deal with or tolerate their stupidity. Which seems to know no limits, grows in leaps and bounds, becomes more bizarre & absurd each week ….

    I use them for entertainment until I grow tired of them. Cheaper than cable TV.

  33. @aandrews

    Chaillan went on to say that the AI capabilities and cyber defenses of some government departments were at “kindergarten level,” the FT said.

    China designs their AI so that it…. Works. US designed AI is twisted into a pretzel with priority #1 being that black people are not confused with a pes.

    • Agree: Mr. Rational
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