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Major White Pill: After Going All-In on Black Lives Matter Insanity, NBA Finals Ratings Were Lowest in Nearly 40 Years
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At a time when the Commissioner of the NBA has admitted the nearly 80% black league will abandon Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warrior messaging in the upcoming season, the consequences of wokeness during the Summer of George Floyd have been immense.

As Clay Travis noted, the NBA has lost close to 80 percent of its television audience in the span of 25 years.

Does this correlate to the decline of the white fan as the league went all-in on matters of blackness? The answer is obviously “yes,” and the disastrous ratings for the NBA Finals – during a time of extreme social distancing across America – are a huge white pill for those wondering the direction of the nation.

A rejection of Black Lives Matter/SJW mindset is not so quietly underway, with the NBA’s embracing of these ideas a total ratings nonstarter. [NBA Finals Ratings Were Officially the Lowest in Modern History,, October 13, 2020]:

LeBron James won his NBA fourth championship on Sunday, with the NBA’s marquee franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers. However, the spectacle of this event was not enough to curb the downward viewership trends for the NBA Finals. Here is a look at the six games this year versus the six games last year (viewership in millions):

The last time LeBron James played in the NBA Finals, in 2018 Cavs-Warriors, the games averaged 17.56 million viewers. This year represents a 57.6% drop from that.

Yes, there are a number of variables affecting the numbers. The NBA played out of season. There were no fans at the games, making the viewing experience feel less communal. There is a glut of live sports and only so many hours in the week with which to watch them, even if leagues are not in direct competition.

I also want to be fair and give Adam Silver and the NBA tremendous credit for pulling off the bubble. There were zero positive tests and the quality of play was consistently excellent. It would be revisionist history to say everyone thought this would succeed. Read these stories from USA Today and CNBC if you want to remember the profound skepticism about plans for the NBA.

However, Game 6 of the NBA Finals went up against the NFL Sunday Night Football game between the Vikings and Seahawks, which averaged 15.1 million viewers. You read that right: regular season NFL in primetime nearly doubled Game 6 of the NBA Finals featuring LeBron and the Lakers.

But it warrants mentioning that a per-game average of 7.45 million viewers is the lowest as far as the public numbers go back, which is to 1986. The next-lowest was in 2007, when the Spurs swept the Cavs. Those four games averaged 9.29 million viewers. There are also more people at home now than normal due the pandemic, and the NBA and all sports are for the first time benefitting from out-of-home viewership getting counted immediately.

Undoubtedly, the factors cited above contributed to the drop. But, let’s say the NFL or SEC or Big Ten football were happening in the spring instead of the fall. Would they be down by half?

It is my opinion that there are also a number of viewers out there who do not want social justice messaging directly embedded into sporting events like it was in the NBA bubble.


NBA commissioner Adam Silver tacitly acknowledged this, in saying that he expects the messaging to disappear from the court in future seasons. “I understand those people who are saying ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,’” Silver told Rachel Nichols last week. It later came out in the New York Post that Silver was surprised by the low viewership for the NBA Finals.

Turn off the NBA/NFL/NCAA/MLB/NASCAR and professional sports for good. Cut the cord and abandon streaming services, too. Life is to short to stay plugged into network/cable/streaming television, and the beauty of the NBA’s ratings decline – at a moment the league merged with the BLM insanity (even postponing games to honor Jacob Blake..) – is a major, major white pill.



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  1. loren says:

    and who owns much of NFL?

    who owns media?

    who owns banks?

    80-90 dual citizenships and in congress-senate.

    and SCOTUS ‘judges’

    • Replies: @botazefa
    , @Pop Warner
  2. They want to continue BLM messaging until the end of the season, change only next season? They should change it TODAY! Show they are sorry!

    They have enough money to buy new shirts

    Of course, the foundational error is that white teams and white leagues are patently prohibited. No, I am not a white Supremacist, I just wish equal rights instead of Black privilege.

    We should fight for white human rights and constitutional rights to have purely or mostly white teams. Tell the truth about freedom of association. There are countries in Asia where apartment buildings are off limits for Muslim buyers and tenants. Why do Asians have more human rights than we have?

    I think nowadays most people are not even aware that this is a theoretical possibility. And that white teams are officially prohibited and too white teams are shunned.

    Also we should demand truthful information about felonies committed by the National Felons League, and the fake school records of school players.

    Also truthful information that it is unsafe for white boys to join school sports teams dominated by Black thugs.

    An easier possibility would be to watch European basketball and become fan of Croatia, or other mostly white teams.

    • Replies: @Hannah Katz
  3. usNthem says:

    In my opinion, most sports, especially at the professional level are quickly moving towards life support – code red. The trashing of the economy with the hysterical over reaction to the virus has yet to play out in its entirety, but the entertainment industry in all its various permutations is in heap big trouble. It’ll be a fine sight to see all these overpaid douchebags start sucking heinie as increasing multitudes tune the turds out once and for all.

  4. Charles says:

    I stopped giving much attention to the NBA after Dr. J retired, the year I turned 18. The ’80s NBA was literally a different sport than it is now. Because I was a teenager – AND because there were players who were good, decent men (Bobby Jones of the 76ers chief among them; he gave a $10,000 end-of-season award to a Christian charity) – I don’t have to apologize for being a fan back in the day. But that was then, this is now; the entire edifice of pro sports is overdue for a financial day of reckoning and it can’t happen soon enough.

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  5. Wake up says:

    Why would anyone support LeBron James, Adam Silver or Mark Cuban? I hope the league goes bankrupt, along with the NFL & ESPN.

  6. “At a time when the Commissioner of the NBA has admitted the nearly 80% black league will abandon Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warrior messaging in the upcoming season, the consequences of wokeness during the Summer of George Floyd have been immense.”

    Adam Silver knows which side his bagel is spread with lox.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  7. “I also want to be fair and give Adam Silver and the NBA tremendous credit for pulling off the bubble. There were zero positive tests and the quality of play was consistently excellent. It would be revisionist history to say everyone thought this would succeed.”

    Bubbles – 0, NBA athletes – 1

    Bubbles nationwide are outraged and vow a more combative and spirited fight in their next outing. I do agree with it being revisionist history to say everyone thought this would succeed. My history with African-Americans makes me wonder why they were ever brought here. There were zero positive results and the quality of life has been consistently poorer. Who the hell thought this would succeed?

    • Agree: Augustus
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. I was scanning the commentary in freeperville to see what they thought of sports (something they would know about a lot more than me) and came across a couple of knee slappers:

    ” So I’m watching the NBA finals and during a break some BLM spokesperson comes on with a tirade that white people have no right to watch black people entertain them because of all they have done to black people in the past…. I agreed with him and turned off the TV. It hasn’t been on since.”

    ” With the NFL having their TV ratings down 60% they must have had a meeting where the head guy said we’re doing good but can anybody come up with an idea whereby we could lose more viewership and alienate more fans? Then some Harvard MBA type must have said ‘ I know, why don’t we a Coming Out Day for NFL players at half-time? ‘ And so it was.

    On related news, there is serious discussion up here in Absurdistan (Canada) where it is discussed that the Ontario Hockey League can only survive in the future if body checking is banned! Yes you read that correctly, body checking not fighting.

    How long before someone will propose not hitting a tennis ball too hard because tennis balls have feelings also? How about some technology placed in the ball that measures a hit and emits a sound? “Owwwwwwwww! was clearly heard from the ball after that last Nadal forehand and a point will be deducted after Nadal takes a knee in front of the ball”.

    If anyone thinks that we are going back to ‘normal’ after some bullshit vaccine give your head a shake and remember that ‘normal’ wasn’t very normal in the first place. Unless of course you are thinking about being teleported back to Mayberry.


  9. I just don’t have enough mustard for all those big hot dogs. I quit the NBA and NFL some time ago.

    Probably watched my last Longhorn game Saturday after the 4 OT loss to Oklahoma where most of the team walked out on The Eyes Of Texas after the game, leaving a lonely Sam Ehlinger by himself to sing the song while saluting the fans. He played inspired football all season. His team, not so much. They are great at protesting and making demands, but do not play as a team and it shows.

  10. Bite Moi says:

    Lancelot Link———Woke and Broke. Not every player is a mega star.Next season’s salaries are gonna tank to the “Whar muh monay?” level for average players.

  11. I think the NBA is in the latter stages of a shift to being a sport for mainly minorities. I hope and pray those tv ratings are gone for good. White men have no business lumping themselves with the POC trash.
    Never underestimate the power of a cuck,though. And good riddance to Kobe!

  12. You don’t need to watch any more shows, either.

    Here’s a rundown of all of them:

    Heroic POC or woman + heroic POC sidekicks

    Wise wammen teacher/leader

    Weak, effeminate White man helper/orbiter

    Raysiss White villain(s)

    Greedy capitalist

    Stilted, correct dialogue (but anti-White)

    Numbing computer-made action

    Plot solved by “working together”

    An hour you’ll never get back.

    • LOL: Augustus
    • Replies: @NoobSpyBot
    , @Alden
  13. kikz says:

    i’d love to see all the ‘dribblers’ and ‘ball bubbas’ out of work. and if i never see Kalpernick’s or LeBron’s fugly visage in my news feeds again, it’ll be too soon.

  14. Rich says:

    Probably the best thing I ever did, giving up watching sports. I was a sports fanatic as a kid and got together with friends for a beer and to watch a game often as an adult, all over now. I don’t watch movies or TV shows that denigrate Whitey, and I won’t watch sports that do, either. And now, they all do.

  15. Meh. I think it’s a) seasonal issues, b) no live crowd, and c) people learned to live without tv sports during the summer. The us open golf got its lowest tv ratings in decades as well. The blm show didn’t help anything but this is NOT due primarily to some white backlash.

  16. botazefa says:

    The answer to all your questions is white people.

    This internecine warfare you promote prevents strategic cohesion and is counterproductive.

    It’s a pointless distraction.

    A house divided must fall.


    • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
  17. HT says:

    Once again, blacks destroy everything they take over. They have destroyed public education, numerous cities, and now they are working on the NBA and NFL. Basketball itself has been changed to accommodate blacks and their self serving characteristics. Rules like traveling and fouls are no longer called and games at both the NBA and college level are are almost unwatchable. Team play has been forgotten so blacks can do their individual thing. Now China has its tentacles into the NBA. I am glad to say I have not watched a game in several years and you know what? I have not missed a thing.

    • Agree: Rich, europeasant
  18. m. says:

    don’t support blm/communist/dindu/ebonics/kneeler/nike/pimp/traitor ball, round or pointed

    • Agree: Lancelot_Link
  19. @Timur The Lame

    blockquote>So I’m watching the NBA finals and during a break some BLM spokesperson comes on with a tirade that white people have no right to watch black people entertain them because of all they have done to black people in the past…

    Black America: An aggrieved minority too busy looking back to move forward.

    • Thanks: ThreeCranes
    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  20. A game for minorities and people who love them. I knew a teacher with a masters degree that tried to explain multiple intelligence’s by saying that watching basketball showed a different view of IQ.

    Nobody evolved to play basketball. This “teacher” grew up in Whitopia, in a town less than 4% black in a county less than 3% black. And this “educator” started his career far from home in small town Midwest, far from blacks and far from his ailing father. He could be with family regularly but would have to take a job in a city near home with off-the-chart basketball intelligence.

  21. Bite Moi says:

    Feedsackroad——-I go out of my way to avoid watching black people.I avoid black sports.I wouldn’t be caught dead eating at McDonalds or Popeyes. I avoid shopping except for groceries.I vacation in Whitopias.We home school. I don’t want to culturally appropriate anything black.Fortunately ,since White Men invented the modern world,that isn’t hard to do.

    • Agree: SIMP simp
    • Thanks: AnalogMan
  22. @loren

    40% of NBA owners
    25% of NFL owners
    Commissioners of the NBA, MLB, and NHL
    Owners and major employees at all sports media outlets

    Stop supporting these bread and circuses. Working class Whites are enriching people that hate them and want them dead, all the while distracting Whites from real issues and pushing this myth of “Black excellence” in the form of thug athletes who are plastered all over advertisements and shilled as role models to White children. Boycott all of their industries without exception

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  23. @Father O'Hara

    I openly told someone for the first time that wasting time watching pro-sports is r**arded. Since we’re living in a world of forthright bluntness, these last five months, why continue to hide the truth?

  24. “I understand those people who are saying ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game’”.
    No, Adam, they are the ones who are still watching the game. Try “I understand those people who are saying ‘I’m not on your side, I jjust want to watch a basketball game’’

    • Replies: @anon
  25. This is the first I heard the Lakers won. Who were they playing? Miami? I can name one guy on the Heat: Dragic and he isn’t their best player any more. They have a guy who is much better, one of the top six players in the league and I don’t have the faintest idea what he looks like or what position he plays.

    And I am a fan!

  26. Professional sports used to be inspiring, especially to young athletes. I can remember watching the old NFL Films on tv and, thanks to some dramatic editing and suspenseful soundtracks, feeling a great reverence for those old pros. You could relate in some way; their struggles on the field were like yours – only more significant of course. Hard work, dedication and execution led to triumph, and every player knew his role in the bigger picture. It was a simpler time indeed, and that wasn’t so long ago for me. That was, however, back when excessive post-TD celebrations were discouraged. And all players stood for the anthem; some even got misty-eyed. Things have really changed, and now even white players resort to show-boating and look-at-me-ism. And most players now are tatted up like the freaks of a generation ago.

    Of course, the NBA has always been more “black” than the NFL, in demographics and in style. I remember an NBA fashion show some years ago. Maybe they still have them. It was cringe-worthy, with egomaniacal pros preening in their skinny jeans and sunglasses to admiring fans. On the court, the players try so hard to cause fouls that they ought to have their own acting awards show. There is nothing honorable about trying to cause fouls; that is typical of those who are predisposed to “pimping the system”. There really is absolutely nothing conservative about the NBA, and thus I find none of my conservative acquaintances are fans anymore. Coaches like Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich seem to relish in the liberal political atmosphere of the NBA, and innumerable players have stumbled upon the bully pulpit that American media provides to professional athletes. I hate to think that this kind of behavior will filter down to colleges and high schools, but it most likely will.

    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  27. Ken2 says:

    NFL “Football” is anything but a sport. It’s nothing more than a staged event; in fact, most of the time is eaten up with commercials and the “players” standing around doing nothing. Reminds me of being a federal worker. I too long ago gave up sportsball. For those that still watch this garbage, tune out. Instead of sitting on a couch for hours on a Sunday afternoon, do some exercise; go on a long walk.

  28. Trinity says:

    The last time I watched an NBA game was back in 1992, and I am proud to say that I haven’t watched the NFL in 3 years. Hell, I didn’t even watch one single MLB game this year, I will admit I checked the standings and my Orioles sucked as usual. Any White person, male or female, gay or straight, leftist or right winger, who watches the NBA or NFL is a traitor to their own race IMO. I will let them slide with MLB for now.


    • Agree: Gunga Din
    • Replies: @Truth
  29. The Chinese have a saying “kill the chicken to scare the monkey.”
    Every couple of years a corporation needs to be given a Dixie Chicks treatment and bankrupted.
    It will keep them from losing touch with reality.
    NBA is a very good target.

    • Agree: Father O'Hara
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
  30. Who cares about watching that NBA-rubbish anymore? Watching a bunch of overpaid halfwits taking a knee before the National Anthem, and then playing run of the mill basketball seen on TV hundreds of times before. That’s the very definition of boring…

    Anybody seriously interested in the game as such can just watch it being played by quick and talented local boys in the yard of any inner city housing complex… Them local boys are way more entertaining than LeBron and the rest. You see, if the game gets a bit slow they may even spice it up with a drive by shooting just for the heck of it…

    • Agree: Pat Kittle
    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
    , @Father O'Hara
  31. @botazefa

    It’s a pointless distraction

    Maybe the point is just lost on you.

    You seem thoroughly willing to divide your house while you spout Warnings to the contrary.

    This ‘enemy of my enemy’ nonsense has gotten us into waaaaay too many unnecessary situations and made some very strange, very dangerous bedfellows.

    So no, not white men.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  32. This is a genuine white-pill. Some of Kersey’s other “white-pills” are what amounts to campaign promises by Trump. They’re arguably better than nothing, but it remains to be seen whether or not critical race theory is truly and genuinely destroyed in both the government workplace and its ban is truly enforced upon those who do business with the Rotten Banana Empire. Trump makes many tweets and says many things. Such threats are rarely, if ever, actually carried out. Time will tell.

    This one is real. Let’s pick up the ball and run with it please! The best thing that could possibly happen to white people in America would be for all pro sports and college sports to go bankrupt and shut down altogether. Even in the “good old days”, it was a needless distraction while the usual bloodsuckers were busy picking everyone’s pockets. I hated having to ditch baseball when they decided to bend the knee to Burn, Loot and Murder and I ditched football long ago. Get rid of your television if it’s too much temptation. You’ll be glad you did.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  33. @NoobSpyBot

    I hate to think that this kind of behavior will filter down to colleges and high schools, but it most likely will.

    It already has. High school football games are full of the same rot. JonTavious takes to the field at halftime for a balloon release in memory of his mama or cousin. Look-at-me-ism – Nice way to describe it. You can’t escape it.

  34. @usNthem

    It’ll be a fine sight to see all these overpaid douchebags start sucking heinie as increasing multitudes tune the turds out once and for all.

    Not a problem. Don’t most of them have college degrees? LeBron will have to use his math, English language, or other skills to make a living.

    • LOL: AR in Illinois
  35. @Timur The Lame

    On related news, there is serious discussion up here in Absurdistan (Canada) where it is discussed that the Ontario Hockey League can only survive in the future if body checking is banned!

    TWMNBM will probably insist that body checking be replaced with checking out bodies.

  36. AceDeuce says:

    Has anyone seen those recent commercials for, I think, FanDuel, the sports betting site? They feature NFL negro players manhandling and humiliating wimpy White men in the White mens’ own homes. One features a pale wimpy cuck sitting watching sports. The negro player, the voiceover states, has appointed himself “food safety inspector” and is sitting in front of the White man’s dining room table, piled high with sub sandwiches and other goodies. He’s eating one of the sandwiches and glowering at the White man. The White is whining that he’s hungry, and begs the negro for a sandwich–it’s the White man’s food, in his house, but the negro doesn’t respond to his pathetic pleas.

    Totally disgusting. The two other ones are just as bad.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
    , @Feedsackroad
  37. AceDeuce says:
    @Undocumented Shopper

    Begging for an

    • LOL: Trinity
  38. Jameson says:

    Given what has happened to professional sports, once a beloved pastime for many Americans, really, think back in history just what a part of our culture it was, it is worth noting, and it is not unfair to say, that blacks have ruined it for everyone. Whether one believes this is really the fault of whites or due to the ungratefulness and never-ending grievances of blacks, it is nevertheless the reality. So given that this same sort of damage has been done to many other institutions in America, for essentially the same reasons, who exactly are those people who continue to claim, let alone actually believe, that diversity is our strength?

  39. Well, I’m gonna sit out again for a while.

    Not sure what’s going on here but I have four or five comments that have never seen the light of day. Comments are getting posted at a rate of one or two every few hours. Like now, I Just read two new posts since dinner time.

    Still the most interesting blog on the web but I’ve wasted a whole lot of time writing comments that never see the light of day.

    So I’ll switch over to ‘browse’ mode for awhile.

    Be well.

  40. botazefa says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    So no, not white men.

    So who then? Africans? Asians?

  41. @Jim in Jersey

    “Well, I’m gonna sit out again for a while.”

    Jim, I’m sure there are many others like me who would appreciate it if you didn’t sit out. We enjoy reading your comments.

    • Agree: Non PC Infidel, Augustus

    I saw a news headline saying that the political ranting by the athletes is not the reason for the sharp drop in TV ratings. The did a poll in black bars or something. Anyway they say blacks are more likely to watch sports because of the racist lecturing by the athletes.

    The real reason that interest in these sports has fallen off a cliff? No one knows. Really. Boy they are desperate.

  43. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    Abe Lincoln had a place set up in Central American to send them. Then he was assassinated and plan not carried out by Johnson.

  44. Gunga Din says:
    @Jim in Jersey

    Agree. There’s no rhyme or reason to comments being published. What gives PK?

  45. Bite Moi says:
    @Pop Warner

    Pop Warner—- Avoiding funding the “Elites” that are trying to crush average White people is smart. I help support a local farm family. The farmer couple is trying to transition away from pesticides and herbicides.Doing a pretty good job.It’s a very small mixed farm.I get vegetables,fruit,eggs,etc. I just bought a freezer and got a side of quality beef.Aside from underwear and socks,much of our clothing is from local thrift stores. Don’t fund the Global Beast.Save money,and get out of debt.

  46. anon[166] • Disclaimer says:
    @james wilson

    If you want to just watch a basketball game, watch Euroleague. The quality of basketball is excellent, defense is intense, and it’s a very physical team game with sophisticated strategy, unlike in the NBA. Sure, the athleticism isn’t as high as in the NBA (they’re mostly white guys, after all), but the product is better. As a long-time NBA fan and basketball junkie who quit the NBA in disgust, I couldn’t be happier about switching.
    And while there are some blacks on on every team, some have very few and they certainly don’t run the show – they are let go very quickly when they act up or don’t perform. The blacks on Euroleague teams tend to be picked very, very carefully with regard to character for the well-run teams, most of whom have coaches or GMs with NBA/NCAA experience so they know what the deal is.

  47. Bite Moi says:

    AceDeuce—–Never invite this shyte into your home.I watch pre-1970s movies on dvds. I just bought a hundred.leather bound, classics for 20 bucks total at an estate sale.Couple hundred cds for music.Talk radio and a computer for news and opinion.Short wave radio as a just in case backup.Kindle for prepper and zombie entertainment.Totally tuned out,yet still tuned in. PS Just returned to a smaller Baptist church who fired the new pastor. Turned out they wanted an actual bible preacher, rather than a woke pastor.

    • Agree: AnalogMan
  48. Truth says:

    YEAH! get your daily quota of salty, fat laden snacks and alcoholic beverages watching ruskies and frenchies play hockey, and guys your age hit a golf ball off a tee.

  49. @Morosamguten

    Why,I am going right down to the South Side of Chicago,perhaps a nice playground on MLK Drive,and watch these young men play basketball.

    Nice shot,Dayquan! Cover your man,there,DeShawn! Oooh, my man Marquis goin’ downtown!

    Great game,guys. Uh guys,why are you all gathered around ME? Guys? We good?

    • LOL: AR in Illinois, WSG
  50. @AceDeuce

    He’s eating one of the sandwiches and glowering at the White man. The White is whining that he’s hungry, and begs the negro for a sandwich–it’s the White man’s food, in his house, but the negro doesn’t respond to his pathetic pleas.

    This subtle indoctrination and thought reform plays out in an endless loop from cradle to grave. Ostensibly seeking equality the ultimate goal is domination and subservience. The White race is being castrated compliments of the gadget in their living rooms.

    • Agree: AnalogMan
    • Replies: @europeasant
  51. @Jim in Jersey

    Did Unz hire Khazar Thought Police ?
    Is Unz controlled opposition ?
    What ethnicity is the surname “Unz” ?
    “Paul Kersey” is Charles Bronson’s character’s name in the “Death Wish” movie franchise.
    That character mercilessly wasted violent criminal scum.
    Is the Paul Kersey here much less merciless, and possessed of tender feels ?
    What IS actually happening to and with this blog ?
    Is the time for discussion and venting over, and The Time For Action now at hand ?
    Do The Ruling Swine and their lackeys believe themselves to be immortal ?
    Let’s test that belief, Pass or Fail…very soon.

  52. Stopped watching all sports in 2009. Got tired of seeing a bunch of narcissistic tatted-up thug-life monkeys flexing for the cameras. Once (((David Stern))) decided to allow the embracing of the gangsta ethos, the sport quickly devolved. He then handed it off to (((Adam Silver))) who disgraced it further.

    For every Steve Nash or Dirk Nowitzki, there are about a thousand Allen Iversons whining that “We talkin’ ’bout practice” while being unable to hit the broadside of a mountain range. Yes, Allen, we ARE talking about practice; something your anemic 39%-shooting self needed a LOT of.

  53. Trinity says:

    Hmm, I have been trying hockey the last few years and a sport that is like hockey but played on a field called, lacrosse. I really find lacrosse entertaining. Never cared for basketball anyway. IMO, basketball is a stupid ass game, and if it were up to me, it would have never been part of the Big 3 with the NFL and MLB. Some people claim baseball is too boring, well, basketball has always been a boring sport to me. Football? Could care less about ever watching a game again, and that includes college football. Golf? No thanks, that is even more boring than the NBA.

  54. @Lancelot_Link

    Nobody evolved to play basketball.

    Reminds me of a pes picking coconuts from the trees.

    Sorry for my poor typing.

  55. SC Rebel says:

    For me, sports peaked when the US hockey team beat the USSR in Lake Placid. No sports moment has even come close to that since.

  56. @Feedsackroad

    ((They)) plus their street soldiers (blacks) won’t be happy until they have a whip at your back. That’s probably the end game of their revolution.
    Their message is “Hey come on White man living in America, try Communism. It failed in Russia, Cuba, North Korea but it can succeed here in a rich country”.

    What we’re seeing here is close to what happened in Russia in 1917.

    • Agree: Feedsackroad
    • Replies: @Feedsackroad
  57. @Truth

    Itz true that too many men and women in America are overfed and under exercised, under worked. The solution is individual responsibility. That’s hard to do when we are constantly bombarded by food and restaurant commercials. The laboratories in America are concocting new flavors to tempt us.
    I suggest getting a barbell/dumbbell set and start on a weight training regimen. If you are old then stick to high reps/sets and plenty of variety.

    Get in shape and join a rifle range instead of watching NBA/NFL/MLB.

    I suggest watching the movie “Wall-e” to get a view of a possible dystopian vision of our human future if we don’t get off our asses and start moving. I’m referring to the scenes on board the giant space/cruise ship.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  58. Bite Moi says:

    Truth——-Better to go for a nice walk than veg out in front of a TV watching sports.I have a safe area to walk.I still carry concealed Every Time.

  59. Bite Moi says:

    europeasant——-Wall-e is prophecy. In the age of obese “body positivity”,i am amazed that this movie was made.Oink,oink.

  60. @europeasant

    What we’re seeing here is close to what happened in Russia in 1917.

    These modern day Bolsheviks are Diversheviks in my book. The 1970’s saw the discrimination court cases. Then came the consent decrees. Then came the posters on my workplace walls extolling the virtues of diversity followed closely by an avalanche of BS from the HR department supporting the Divershevik cause.

    Divershevik (dəˈvərSHəˌvik dīˈvərSHəˌvik)

    The Diversheviks are a revolutionary party, ostensibly committed to the ideas of racial diversity and inclusion; however, in reality the ultimate goal is the annihilation of White race. Diversheviks believe that the working classes of ‘people of color’ will, at some point, liberate themselves from the economic and political control of the ruling White eglitarian classes. Once they have achieved the subjugation of the White class, a genuine black socialist society based on equality, will be established.

    • Agree: europeasant, Alden
  61. Commissioner Silver took Gold and turned it into Lead.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    • Replies: @Bite Moi
  62. Alden says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Turner Classics is now showing a lot of not old classic movies, but recent black movies.
    The movies are girly intellectual movies not rap and violence and obnoxious young thugs. Sensitive children Uncle Remus grandpa The kind of movies blacks don’t watch.

    About 6 times a day they show the same lecture. Black women who teach college black film studies jabbering about black movie makers no one ever heard of. Apparently tap dancing is racist now. Because Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire tap danced.

  63. Bite Moi says:

    Justvisiting———Commissioner Silver may have turned the goy’s gold into lead,but trust me,he made out just fine.

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