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London Has Fallen: Muslim Population in England Increases 6900% from 1939 to 2017
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In Muslim Population in Europe: 1950 – 2020 by Houssain Kettani, we learn the England had a Muslim population of .1 percent in 1939:

United Kingdom

Estimates for the Muslim population increased from 50,000 or 0.1% in 1939, to 100,000 or 0.2% in 1951, to 750,000 or 1.2% in 1971, to 1.25 million or 2.2% in 1981, to 1.5 million or 2.6% in 1991.
According to the 2001 census, the total population was 58,789,187, out of which 1,591,000 or 2.71% were Muslims. [International Journal of Environmental Science and Development, Vol. 1, No. 2, June 2010 ISSN:2010-0264]

Terror attack after terror attack after terror attack in England… and the flow of Muslim immigration to the island remains unabated
Terror attack after terror attack after terror attack in England… and the flow of Muslim immigration to the island remains unabated

In England today, there are more than 3 million Muslims, with the greater London area boasting more than 1 million Muslims. [Muslims in UK top 3 million for first time… with over 50% born outside Britain: Number in country doubles in a decade as immigration and birth rates soar, Daily Mail, 1-30-2016]:

– In some parts of London, close to half of the population are now Muslims

  • – On current trends they will be the majority in those areas within a decade
  • – More are under ten years old than any other age group, indicating future generations

Just a 6900% increase in the Muslim population of England from 1939 to 2017.

Demography is destiny.

(Republished from SBPDL by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity 
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  1. After the news from London Saturday evening (6 killed, 3 terrorists killed) and
    the number one name in London is Mohammad, you gotta wonder.
    The snowflakes still just don't get it.

  2. Marc B says: • Website

    This is always framed as a Muslim issue even though the problem is an invasion of Arab and other non-whites from the Middle East and Southern Hemisphere into Europe. That's the real problem. They would be nuisance populations with high levels of violence regardless of their religion. Their repressive and blood-soaked religion just happens to fit them like a glove.

  3. Inshallah! Demography is indeed destiny! By Allah's will, the followers will breed out the infidel in mere decades. Incidents such as these will become more and more frequent, and as Sadiq Khan (London's Lord Mayor) said in September 2016, such rare and unfortunate events are "part and parcel" of living in a large modern city.

    When will we see the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon?

    by Rudyard Kipling

    "It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate."

  4. Coming to a city near you…unless White men rediscover their balls.

  5. In England today, there are more than 3 million Muslims, with the greater London area boasting more than 1 million muslims.
    That's nothing to brag about. Wake. The F*ck. Up, England.

  6. Democracy is a numbers game, and I'm beginning to lose faith in western-style democracy.

    Corruption is a problem in China because people can't vote their representatives out, but at the same time, China is still Chinese, and has the firepower and will to clear out problems like Little Africa in Canton Province. I no longer hope that China would ever become a democracy like America or even Canada, I don't want it to. It's too dangerous now that there are Africans who have acquired citizenship by marrying the dumbest Chinese and using the women to spread the virus. The One Child Policy only applied to Hans Chinese, because there are so many of us, minorities were exempted because there weren't much of them. Not only should that change, but Africans in China should be confined to a One Child Policy (while Hans Chinese have been just switched to a Two Child Policy). A democracy can't do that.

    Hopefully, China in the future could become like British Hong Kong. We never had the vote but we had lots of civil liberties – though BHK is a special situation, because even though we never had the vote, our government was shipped in by a democracy of bleeding hearts and actually cared about our welfare, and that state didn't last, and couldn't have. He who gives too freely would soon have nothing left to give.

    I'm terrified of what the future will bring. I've said before, that sometimes I long for the zombie apocalypse – well maybe the only thing that will save civilization is another culling plague. Civilization was once cut down to 8 human woman. Even if civilized human beings were also cut down to a small party by the plague, that the mahogany mob would also be cut down greatly as well means there will be more space on earth to stay on the run from the ghouls and rebuild.

  7. It is truly amazing to watch these countries open their borders to third world garbage, US included.
    Female in FL

  8. War.
    Whether they know it or not… like it or not

  9. Something about this attack "feels" different than the others. Perhaps it is because it is on the heels of the Arianda Grande bombing?

    I am not seeing the usual virtue signalling from the left. The apologists and sympathizers can no longer posture as holding the moral high ground — so they are silent instead. I think somewhere deep inside it is now undeniable to all but the most delusional that European civilization is not compatible with alien, hostile races.

    These people are paralyzed by reaching this realization, primarily because it means their fundamental assumptions about humanity are entirely wrong and that "racists" are correct — and have been all along. Secondarily, it means aside from being unable to posture as morally superior, they also cannot reassure themselves as courageous by "keeping calm and carrying on" in contrast to the contemptible racists ruled by "fear of the other."

    They are simply cowards trying to justify not confronting this issue head on, because in their gut they too recognize it will require extreme tribal/racial violence to correct as the only viable response and remediation. This realization makes them queasy, because it completely removes them from their safety and comfort zone where everything in their civilization is effortless and fun – and requires no maintenance or defense from outsiders.

    I had written once about the verse in Henry VI — "the smallest worm will turn being trodden on, and doves will peck in defense of their brood."

    All organisms, even those with limited offensive weaponry, will fight when escape is denied. Once the invisible chains of false and self-imposed morality no longer confine us, fury will be unleashed. We approach that moment in a very near manner because there are many unshackling themselves daily mainly because of things like this.

  10. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    @ A Chinese in Canada:

    You are right on the mark. Democracy is a numbers game, and more civilized and educated people tend to follow a K strategy- raise a few children but do it incredibly well. White countries subsidize the r strategy of the 3rd world peoples and once those people are grown they head off to white countries for "their share" of the welfare, jobs, and white women. So in essence we feed them so that they can breed and become a bigger anchor around all of our necks- just like we do with blacks here in America.

    It's not like the strategy and goals of these 3rd world (mostly young male) filth aren't hard to discover. F*ck like rabbits and have someone else pay for their needs, as what kind of horrible white person would allow another human being to go without? Even if it were legal to "shoot" these invaders, you would quickly run out of energy and ammo. There are too many of them, and they are continuing to breed. A plague that white people would be immune to and also carriers of would definitely be a better way to go. Mass sterilization would probably be easier, and just to be equitable we could throw a bunch of liberal whites into the mix.

  11. Africans in China should be confined to a One Child Policy

    A zero-child policy, if they actually want to deal with the problem.  A required Depo-Provera injection when the travel visa is granted is a good start.  Vasectomy if they're going to stay long.  If you are trying to get rid of mosquitoes, you eliminate stagnant water.

    Civilization was once cut down to 8 human woman.

    Couldn't have been.  No species recovers from that kind of genetic bottleneck; inbreeding destroys it afterward.  Such impossible claims prove that a religion is false.  (Among other things, the rate of mutation required to produce today's level of genetic diversity from such a bottleneck is orders of magnitude higher than anything observed.)

    Whether they know it or not… like it or not

    You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.

  12. Even if it were legal to "shoot" these invaders, you would quickly run out of energy and ammo.

    There are something like 80 million American gun owners, and on the order of 1 trillion rounds of ammo stockpiled by civilians.  Figuring 40 million Blacks and 60 million Hispanics, that's 10,000 rounds of ammo for each target and just 1.25 targets per gun owner.  (Most of which won't need to be used; when food, fuel and electricity are cut off most of the vibrants will die of disease or by killing each other.)

    The only thing missing is the will, and that will come with the growing rage.

  13. England is fucked. I doubt the country as we know it will last another 2 generations. Stockpile, prepare.

  14. The terrorism is the tip of the iceberg.

    The havoc wrought by terrorism is only a fraction of that from the crime committed by third worlders in first world cities: the assaults in public places, the rioting which burns out neighborhoods, the Rotherham style sex slavery rings, and etc. On top of all that is the displacement of White people from their homelands. Third world mass migration pushes White people from cities which their ancestors built.

    As always, you have to look at the politics behind it. The terror works to keep the White middle paralyzed and incapable of resistance. And it plays third worlders off against Whites in the streets of London, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Malmo and etc. The old ruling elite game of divide-and-conquer.

    It gets back to those hostile elites. The terrorists, the third world gangs, the "refugees," these are the fronts, the muscle used by the system. The endgame is the destruction of White nations and their replacement with a New World Order globalized state. The strategic dilemma for Whites is in defeating the hostile elites which are selling us all out.

    Something to think about in the coming chaos.

    And in the meantime:

    Stay Armed
    Stay Alert

  15. They all love the queen and William and Harry and Kate. Monarchy and Muslims. They truly love themselves.

  16. The English got cucked right out of their White heritage then their country. It's a damned shame. I think it's already too late for them now even if they stopped every muzzy from here on out.

  17. Descendants of some of the most ferocious warriors the world has ever known brought to their knees by a word. Racism.

  18. Africans in China should be confined to a One Child Policy
    Africans in all countries should be confined to Africa.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Notice how their "leaders" advised them to "run and hide"- I wanted to run n hide when I heard that! Now we're hearing the same "we will not let them defeat us" and "now's the time for all of us to unite" next will come the huge trashy looking displays of flowers, candles, notes, pictures and balloons at the site of the massacre! You know the muslums are laughing their asses off at the shear stupidity/cowardice of the leaders and a large sector of the people – same as here. I still predict that one day the muslums will stage HUNDREDS of attacks at the SAME TIME throughout Great Britain but mainly in and around London – what then?

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So many Whites are ethno-masochistic, so many terror attacks and still countries that are mostly white continue to vote for Politicians who want as many immigrantsa from 3rd world countries, example in France Macron beat Le Pen, in the Netherlands the candidate who wanted to put a limit immigration from 3rd World/Muslim countries lost, In Germany Merkel is heavily favored in the next election, We dodged a bullet in the USA as Trump won the electoral college, but more people voted for the open borders candidate Clinton, but Judges (mostly White have blocked the travel ban, hopefully the Supreme Court votes different) The college administrator almost always cave to students Anti-White demands, Evergreen College has been in the news, but it's everywhere, Anti-White speech in the USA is encouraged (even by many Whites) examples Oscars too White, Trump's cabinet is too white, you never hear NBA is too Black how do we change this? (I doubt it), This neighborhood is too white it needs diversity, In Japan do they say Tokyo is too Japanese, how can we increase the diversity (I doubt it) I read on messageboards White South Africans,(who are Well Educated and High Skilled) are not able to immigrate to Europe or the USA or Canada, yet Muslims who are very uneducated and low skilled (65% can't even read or write in their OWN language) and have a history of causing trouble wherever they go in large numbers, besides terroristic attacks, Sexual crimes like rape are through the roof whenever Muslims are in large numbers, everyone knows what they do, so my problem is with the politicians (mostly White) who let this happen and act extremely Anti-white in their policies, like caving in and taking down Statues of Historical people, and Teachers/Professors (again mostly White) who villainize our Historical heroes from Columbus, To Thomas Jefferson to George Washington etc. History used to be taught in a way that would Inspire Students and give them Patriotism, now they villainize our heroes, talk about our Country (USA) as if it is an oppressive Country that has no good things to it, (although everyone wants to come here and no one wants to leave, even though no one stops anyone from leaving). Lets love the USA and to really Love the USA it has to be Lovely (I think Pat Buchanan said that) and a way to make it lovely is to only let in people who can contribute to the country in a positive way, and do not let in people who are likely to commit terroristic acts, rape, murder, drug dealers etc, It is beyond stupid to import problems,

  21. I have a simple policy notion that would solve a lot of problems. My idea is for America, but Britain would do well to adopt it too.

    Declare that Islam is not a religion.

    That's it. Nothing much else is required. Right now we have assorted federal judges opposing Trump's exclusion of dangerous aliens on the grounds that to do so would be an offense against 'freedom of religion'. So we simply make Islam no longer a religion.

    This seems radical to most Americans today but the ability for the secular authorities to define what is and what isn't a religion is a very ancient practice. For example Christianity was a minor Near Eastern cult until Rome under Constantine declared it the state religion. Roman censors decided which books of the Bible were accepted doctrine and which were apocrypha.

    Republican Rome had accepted many different religions. Religious tolerance was a central feature of polytheism. The Roman Senate at that time didn't care which set of Gods anyone believed in. Even when the Republic fell and the Empire began, the Emperor and his allies didn't much care what anyone believed as long as they accepted the official cult of the Emperor.

    But after the Antonines Rome was under increasing external pressure. Various religions like Mithratism were popular with the army. But Constantine had his dream of Christianity leading Roman legions to victory, and soon everyone was expected to be a soldier for Christ. This makes very little theological sense as Christ was always "The Prince of Peace" but it was good politics at the time.

    All nations for the next two millennia until around the time of the Peace of Westphalia in the seventeenth century and the doctrine of Cuius regio, eius religio had official authorized state religions. That doctrine held that the religion of the Prince was the religion of the state and all of its inhabitants. Also around this time Henry the Eighth in England didn't like Catholic doctrine on divorce so be outlawed it and created his own state religion with him at its head.

    The idea of the separation of church and state is not in the Constitution. It stems from a private letter that Jefferson once wrote. If we wanted to, it would be trivial to declare Islam a non-religion – at least in terms of procedures. There would no doubt be a spirited public debate.

    Outlaw Islam in America (and Britain) and we soon would have more peace.


  22. As it happens I was married to my second wife by my friend Donald who was then a Bishop in the Universal Life Church. I seem to remember that it cost $25 to become a bishop. I had paid one dollar to simply join the church.

    The Universal Life Church was a scam to avoid the draft and federal income taxes. The IRS declared that it wasn't a 'real' religion. So presumably the IRS could similarly declare Islam is not a 'real' religion.

    Mormons had had to have a whole divine revelation when the federal government had objected to polygamy. So at least the Mormon God respects the US government's right to regulate religion.

    If you think that religion and its beliefs are above the law, try to found your own religion on the idea that the races should be kept separate because they are so different. If God appears to you and tells you to ignore the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – good luck with that defense in court.


  23. Here's another link from that story about the medical costs to take care of these idiots. $5million so far for one teenager who caught a bullet in the head, can't talk, and is a quadriplegic. Our tax dollars at work.

  24. There`s nothing we can do to help England, because they wont help themselves. And I`m afraid a lot more people there will die before we see any kind of radical shift in their policies of bringing in hordes of third world garbage.

    The political correctness has a grip on the British people like nothing I`ve ever seen.

    Before long your average Brit will be living in a state of siege. I hope they can turn this around. Hopefully its not to late, but I fear the worst for them.

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  25. Anonymous said…
    It is truly amazing to watch these countries open their borders to third world garbage, US included.
    Female in FL
    June 4, 2017 at 5:02 AM

    "It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre."-Enoch Powell, 1968

    Stay alert, stay alive.

  26. Gwoobus Harmon said…These people are paralyzed by reaching this realization, primarily because it means their fundamental assumptions about humanity are entirely wrong and that "racists" are correct — and have been all along.

    This is so. They have the evidence before them, whether it's the genetic works of Rushton, Shockley, Watson or any number of thoughtcriminals on race; or the trashing of entire cities by third worlders. Often it takes a Black Swan level shock to kickstart people into reality. This may be playing out in London even now.

    Secondarily, it means aside from being unable to posture as morally superior, they also cannot reassure themselves as courageous by "keeping calm and carrying on" in contrast to the contemptible racists ruled by "fear of the other."

    One suspect that underneath the moralistic posturing DWL facade there is a "racist" just screaming to get out. Go back to the late 19th century. It was the progressives — many of them former abolitionists — who got the most fed up with African-in-America dysfunction and ended up leading the charge for segregation.

    The thing about emotionally based ideologies (like post-modern liberalism) is that the hysteria can switch on a dime. Orwell points this out in 1984 where mobs of goodthinkers transfer their war fever over Eurasia against Eastasia at the drop of a slogan. This is why it is vital we continue with the Internet based insurgency to keep telling the truth.

    Meanwhile here in Oceania:

    Stay Sane
    Stay Alert
    Stay Armed

  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I have a simple policy notion that would solve a lot of problems. My idea is for America, but Britain would do well to adopt it too.

    Declare that Islam is not a religion.

    There is a considerable case to be made that Islam is not just a religion but also a political and social system. According to doctrine, a Muslim is not going to separate religion and politics, mosque and state. A properly run government will be in accordance with the principles of the Koran. Hence, the rise of "Islamic States" in recent decades.

    Back during the Cold War, there were governments in Islamic countries which moved towards secularism. These governments have been largely overthrown, thanks to the Arab Spring and its cousins. We see the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS) on the march. And one manifestation is in the terror attacks taking place in Europe.

    Regardless, one can not view Islam in the same way one does, say, Presbyterianism, Buddhism, Brahmanism, etc.

  28. Declare that Islam is not a religion.

    The big irony is that most DWLs show nothing but contempt for religion, at least of the traditional Christian type. But since Muslims are now a "victim" group, DWLs are lining up as dhimmis.

  29. 310 —- the number one name in London is Mohammad, –No, that is for newborn male babies.

    The Universal Life Church was a scam to federal income taxes.
    —-No, ministers pay taxes [a ULC 'Bishop' told me that]–BUT HIS CHURCH DIDNT PAY TAXES.

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I have this months 'National Geographic' and it is a PC hoot.
    'Climate Change Deniers'

    'THE PERILS OF PALE ' [being white in afreeka aint easy, with witch doctors]
    'Albinos' page 7o–a hideous fashion model that is albino–guess her race?
    'worlds first high fashion model who is albino'

    horrifying pics of those in tanzania, missing a limb, 'magical body part severed by black witch doctors'.


    check this stunning fashion model—-

  31. What context was that written in? What was Kipling's perceived target of said looming hate? If the muslim population was 0.1% in 1939, it's a stretch to conclude he foresaw them as the target.

  32. What Grosse Isle did during the '67 Detroit Riot was impressive.

  33. re South African Whites:

    SA Whites are: 1. numerically a minority; 2. legally discriminated against; 3. not represented in government even though they are 50% of the tax base ; 4.

    They should be let in as refugees, but since the government isn't doing anything about it, it's up to private individuals. If you are a single white person who is looking into online dating, consider an SA white. If you are childless and looking to start a family, than you should be picky, one should always be picky over who to tie one's life to by children. If you only want companionship because you know you won't be ready for a decade, or you are older and already have your children or decide you won't – why not marry an SA white and make it a legally recognized fling? Seven years in America, three to four years in Canada.

    A marriage to an SA white single parent (divorced, widow) could bring over that SA and his/her children, a marriage to an SA white grandparent could open the door for her children and grandchildren, for family reunification as well as humanitarian times when that grandparent is older and need family care.

    Yesterday at Value Village, I saw this old white woman with this young black buck that appears to be her boyfriend. This is just gross. Eurasian x Black is cross species. Huge age difference is also kinda gross, what could they have in common?

    If you are a lonely single person in North America or Europe, consider online dating an SA white and marrying one. If you are in college, see if you can find an exchange student you get along with – 50% of marriage ends in divorce anyways. If you are a man who is paranoid about someone taking Half Your Stuff and More, just don't have children with her – continued spousal support is given in recognition of the long-term consequences of taking time out to have kids.

  34. bernicegreenbaum [AKA "...Formerly Miss Greenbaum..."] says: • Website

    It is truly amazing to watch these countries open their borders to third world garbage, US included.
    Female in FL

    If you have a neighbor who has a habit of dumping poisonous snakes in your yard, do you get mad at the snakes or the neighbor?

  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Hey, British Men…. I mean we love you guys, but letting all these attacks happen on your women and children proves you're really just a bunch of pussies. I mean, come on. These invaders are destroying your country and culture before your eyes and you're just pissing about watching soccer in the pubs.

    Maybe one last chance, but I think I'm giving up on you. And I really like the Brits.

    Get your fucking acts together. Study some history. Take action. Beat the Nazis but succumbed to Islam?! For fuck's sake…!

  36. bernicegreenbaum [AKA "...Formerly Miss Greenbaum..."] says: • Website

    Michael Dean Miller said…
    Whether they know it or not… like it or not

    That's what I've been thinking, too. Most fools out there roaming about, even in London, Manchester, Paris, Stokholm, et. al., still have no idea why their Muslim friends continue to bite their hands. After these horrific events, they just gather hand in a big circle, ala "Whoville", and sing and pray for a One World Government without borders – where we are all equal and love each other.

    There will be a tremendous culling in this war. There are just THAT many stupid, clueless, weak, namby-pamby whites. Darwin has his work cut out for him on this one.

  37. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It never ceases to amaze me to see those pictures in the "Daily Mail" of those poor English citizens running like scared rabbits. Is this the same country that fought Hitler in the Battle of Britain? Those gutsy pilots of the RAF are turning in their graves.And this is the same country that shreds Americans as being "nuts" about guns?? Thank G-d for the founding fathers having the insight for the 2nd Amendment, we may damn well need it.

  38. When I got my Degree In Survival while studying at the USNY (University of the Streets of New York) the first lesson I learned was if you hang out with people who are stupid you may end up dead.

    We all understand the horror and dangers of evil. To me the other danger is stupidity. Evil feeds on stupidity. Only stupid people would allow their country to be over run with religious fanatics who believe the pathway to Nirvana is by removing the heads of nonbelievers.

    Who in their right mind would allow such stupid shit. The new narrative is if you want the glory of diversity you must get use to having your citizens killed and your women raped. To criticize any members of the RELIGION OF PEACE you can be called a racist and bigot.

    The other important lesson I learned at the USNY was that people get what they deserve. Stupidity is rampant in America and Europe. I don't give a shit anymore about what happens. Gosh golly gee, another terrorist attack. YAWN.

  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    In 1939, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89, 99 we didn't have weak-kneed people, "white privilege" or white women with low self esteem as now, didn't have LIB schools/professors downing white people in white self hatred, dumbed down masses, more than I can think of. So now, the dumbed down is a racist, of course, if they don't mollycoddle every possible minority group o the earth.
    I grew up in a different generation, taught differently. Today…..oh, forget it.
    This whole Western civilization should wake up, but I fear they are too stupid!

  40. ANONYMOUS wrote:

    "Descendants of some of the most ferocious warriors the world has ever known brought to their knees by a word. Racism."

    What a true and enlightening statement!

    I'm definitely going to copy that and post it on my FACEBOOK page and my own personal web site, "OUR ETERNAL STRUGGLE".

  41. It's a good thing (((we))) won WW2. Imagine in England, France, and Germany were speaking German today….instead of Arabic, Farsi, and Swahili.

    The sooner Europe burns the better, perhaps the complete fall of a few countries will be enough to wake up enough fence sitters to take the necessary steps to preserve our civilization.

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    "That's it. Nothing much else is required. Right now we have assorted federal judges opposing Trump's exclusion of dangerous aliens on the grounds that to do so would be an offense against 'freedom of religion"

    Islam is not just a religion but a legal, social and educational system that governs every aspect of life. Furthermore, freedom of religion is misinterpreted. Freedom of religion means that people living in America can practice whatever religion they want or not be religious. It does not apply to people living outside of America as the Constitution ends at US borders. Muslims or anyone living outside the US are not covered by the US Constitution and have no right to immigrate or enter the US so we are not violating the constitution by not allowing Muslims in.

  43. All of this reminds me of the Ayn Rand quote which sums up this situation perfectly.
    "You can ignore reality but you can't ignore the consequences of reality".

  44. re South African Whites II:

    Sorry for the abrupt cut off to 4

    4. Was the target of racially motivated genocide in the Farm Murders, something officially acknowledged during the changeover in power, and continued without official acknowledgement.

    As for #3, on taxation without representation, I got it from this amren article:

    An African Planet? – American Renaissance
    Jul 10, 2015 – Africa has become an unprecedented biological, environmental, and socio-political experiment: It is the scene of the biggest population …
    "If this sounds outlandish, I have just described contemporary South Africa. Whites are 9.1 percent of the population and still pay at least half of all taxes, but they have no government representation–not even at the local level. Major global corporations advertise their products in the slots between episodes of Muvhango, a black soap opera broadcast in several African languages, and where the influence of dead ancestors is discussed in business meetings as naturally as getting the next government contract. This could be the “brave new world” at the end of this century if Africa’s young, mobile population settles the globe, displacing elderly Europeans."

  45. @Gwoobus Harmon

    you back so much a rat in a corner he's going to come out fighting. I hope that's within us fellow YT's.

  46. Britainistan is done.
    The *evul* Nazis couldn't do it with their puny two engined bombers but the suicide cult known as multiculturalism and vibrant diversity are the heavy four engined bombers to get the job done.

  47. Its the elites there bragging about the demigraphics just as its the elites here. Triumphant stories detailing Whites on the decline and soon gone!! Diversity equality government control over what will be utopia of belonging and prosperity.
    We have the 2a and guns and must keep them always for our defense of our white selves families brothers and sisters and our america. I could cry a bunch of false flag massacres led to gun confiscation for the uk/s cambodia bokshevik soviet union…

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